PMC Tactical Farming Simulator 19 Map Making Tutorial


2019-05-04 This page is work in progress, will be updated later.

Please read Farming Simulator 17 (FS17) Map Making Tutorial first because what you see below assumes you know all of that FS17 stuff. Also PMC youtube FS19 playlist has some Giants Editor (GE) videos.

File Structure

Create Sample Terrain

Porting Farming Simulator 17 Terrain

Farmland and Farmland Painting Gimp


Field Definitions

General Editing Tips

Sale Points

User Interface

Common Errors


Giants Editor (GE)

Real World Data Terrain

Density and Weight Images

Object View Distance


Vehicle Shop

LUA Scripts

Environmental Sounds

Global Mapper Painted Roads

Gimp Paint fruit_density Image

Gimp Paint cultivator_density Image

Heightmap Smoothing

AI Planted Crop Types

Terrain Edge Block

Traffic System

Train System

Placeable Objects

Custom Crop Icons

Giants Game Mode Review

Savegame Update

HOWTO Create 16.3km Terrain