Terrain PDA Map Image RGB Colors Farming Simulator 19

What RGB Colors Does PDA Map Image Use

2022-01-10T16:33:00Z updated. Game engine v1.7.1 used.

Farming Simulator 19 default terrain Ravenport or technically mapUS.

PMC Farming Simulator 19 Screenshot

Asphalt RGB 120,120,120 (outline stroke is black)

Background grass RGB 104,107,79 (there are few shades but in average its this RGB)

Building roof tops RGB 200,200,200 (outline is dark grey in west side and RGB 8,8,8 "black" in eastside re-presenting shadow)

Dirt/gravel RGB 162,144,120 (there are few shades but in average its this RGB. no outline stroke)

Fields RGB 142,119,101

Mountain rock RGB 132,125,115 (its dark gray with several shades)

Palm trees RGB 99,125,66 (outline stroke is black)

Railroad tracks RGB 68,68,60 (there are few shades but in average its this RGB, "dark" outline stroke)

Trees RGB 51,77,49 (outline stroke is black)

Water RGB 90,114,156 (near coast/shore there are shades, deep water is this RGB)

Using the above RGB colors to paint your own pda_map_H.dds image in GIMP and you'll get similar look as Giants FS19 default terrains Felsbrunn and Ravenport.