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HOWTO Create mapUS 4km Source Files Tutorial FS19

2021-12-24T19:40:00Z updated.

This tutorial walks you through HOWTO create 4km x 4km mapUS sample terrain source files for FS19.

You need to have GraphicsMagick downloaded, installed and working before proceeding. Also you need Giants Software grleConverter v7.0.1 which you can download from: FS17 Downloads.

First read and follow Create Sample Terrain tutorial. Use mapUS source.

Once the base source files for mapUS has been saved we start to copy some extra files which we need to handle the images. Download FS19.Terrain.GraphicsMagick.Batch.Files.2021-12-22.7z image handling batch files from: Batch.Files.And.Scripts.2024-03-18 Torrent Magnet. Unpack the 7-zip archive and copy the files into maps/mapUS/ directory.

For maps/mapUS/ directory, copy:


Note that _run_convert_gdm_grle_to_png_and_delete_gdm_grle.bat file has hard disk path for grleConverter set to our drive setup, you need to edit and change the path to where you unpacked grleConverter.

Use _run_convert_gdm_grle_to_png_and_delete_gdm_grle.bat

Then _run_graphicsmagick_FS19_weight_images_to_all_black_blank.bat

And finally _run_graphicsmagick_FS19_weight_density_to_standard_8km.bat

Now all *_density and weight_* images are properly sized for large terrains. It doesnt matter if you use 4km, 5km or 9km or even 16.3km terrain, these image resolutions work just fine.

Then either PowerGrep mass replace mapUS.i3d of GDM/GRLE to PNG, or use proper text editor to change them manually. Note: you do NOT need powergrep, just use Notepad++ its free software.

Edit maps/mapUS.xml and change map width="2048" height="2048" to 4096

Edit mapUS_farmlands.xml and delete all lines, like this:

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8" standalone="no" ?>
    <farmlands densityMapFilename="maps/mapUS/mapUS_farmland.grle" numChannels="6" pricePerHa="9500">

Open _density images in GIMP and paint all black RGB 0,0,0 color. Do the same for mapUS_dem.png and tipColInfoLayer.png images. Next paint mapUS_farmland.png with RGB 63,63,63 color.

Next open mapUS_dem.png in GIMP, use image -> scale image, input size 2049 x 2049 and use interpolation: NONE. Save and close mapUS_dem.png image.

GE open mapUS.i3d, then use scripts -> fs19 -> map -> create ground collision map. Then paint ground detail textures with grass, the whole terrain, use 1000 meter brush to paint it in few clicks.

Save and exit GE.

Then mapUS.i3d replace PNG back to GDM/GRLE.

Use _run_delete_gdm_and_grle_png_equivalents.bat

Edit defaultItems.xml and remove everything between "items" properties, it should look like this:

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8" standalone="no" ?>

Do the same for defaultvehicles.xml, like this:

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8" standalone="no" ?>

Edit modDesc.xml to change <map id="SampleModMap" to class name of your terrain, lets call it <map id="My_4km_Sample_Terrain" also change title and description so you find this terrain easier.

Finally just copy the terrain project dir to FS19 mods dir and start the game.

You can confirm the terrain is 4km x 4km by running into the south east corner and check minimap, coordinates should show pretty close to "4096, 4096".