PMC Farming Simulator Terrain Selling Points

Adding Selling Points

2021-01-12 Updated

- GE file -> import -> FS19_root -> data -> placeables -> mapDE -> sellingstationgeneric
- create dir to your terrain maps\placeables\sellingpoints\
- copy from the game placeables dir sellingStationGeneric.xml and sellingStationPort01.xml to your sellingpoints dir
- edit the xml stationName to your liking, like PMC Grain Selling INC
- rename xml to like PMC_sellingStationGrain.xml and PMC_sellingStationPoorMans.xml
- edit PMC_sellingStationPoorMans.xml, copy paste milk line and rename it to "cotton", now this sellpoint accepts cotton too
- edit YourTerrain\defaultItems.xml and add mapBoundId for names of your xml files without the file extension
- move the sellingstationgeneric object in GE where you want first selling point, then check the attributes -> transform -> translate
- copy paste translate coordinates to defaultitems.xml position= part, also check rotation if you want
- once done for both objects, delete the objects from GE as you dont need them anymore
- edit defaultitems.xml filename part to say $mapdir$/maps/Placeables/Sellingpoints/PMC_sellingStationGrain.xml and the poormans as well

Above example uses PMC_ tagging for the file names, that is not really necessary but it helps a lot to identify the files you're edited. You should use your own tag if you so choose.