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PMC Grande Gardens 16km, Start From Zero

Please read the background idea for our farm sim stories so you understand what is this all about.

2019-07-15T1910 Started PMC Grande Gardens 16km New Farmer game-mode and saved career. Then edited savegame for PMC Start From Zero mode Smiley :)

The goal of this start from zero was to test how this terrain works in such career mode, well it was immediately clear that there is no good starter contract because either they are way too large or too small. The quickest / smallest harvest contract was for 4 hectare field which paid 7.6k and took away 0.8k for leased vehicles. The next larger was huge 302 hectare field which paid whopping 545k, but that is such an insane workload for starter harvest that it would take me with one leased combine for days to make, no joke.

All other contracts were even larger, like one 1 million harvest or suitable sizes but they didn't offer borrowed / leased vehicles. There simple was no contract I could take and spend few hours (or hopefully less) to do and get enough cash to be ready to lease my own rubicon, buy fertilize pallets and start to do fertilizing contracts which are the big money.

So right off the bat I decided to time accelerate some and wait for better contracts as that 7k just aint enough to get started.

1949 Got harvest for potatoes on F89 for 23.9k which was nice for the money but still not sure how terrible is 4ha potatoes hmm.
1954 Accepted contract for harvesting potatoes F89, for 23.9k reward.

Yep after quick consideration decided to take this contract as there was so many lucrative fertilizing contracts available, that if I miss this opportunity I might have to sit in time acceleration for days until the next batch of fert contracts appear. Lets hope this was not a big mistake to do potato harvest Smiley :)

2006 Started harvesting potatoes F89

And I was right on my initial thought that do not take potato or sugar beet/cane contracts as those are pure horror to harvest hehe. Even though 4ha is a tiny tiny field, it is still quite large for this type of harvest. But hey, it was the only small/quick harvest as I definitely would not have taken the crazy 300ha wheat harvest.

2026 First trailer load of potatoes is full, time to start driving to selling point 7 and back, oh my...
2310 Still going and was quite frustrated how tedious and slow this potato contract actually was.

I should have just aborted the contract when realizing how stupid it was, but I'm a stubborn guy that if I decided to do something I'll do it. But let this mistake be the last time I'll do one of these root crops as I KNOW they suck. That 724 vario tractor was also extremely frustrating as the TAW 30 trailer weighed so much that it pulled the tractor from left to right constatly, you could not drive straight on a road, it was constant left/right steering back and forth.

Sure this is the point of start from zero to suffer in the beginning, that the nice large equipment and your own large fields feel so much better then when you get the big money, but man... this is terrible, hehe. Hopefully these various start from zero stories also teach me how to avoid these time wasting pitfalls in the future.

2019-07-16T0001 Checking out contracts I saw there was now oat harvest of 46ha field, yes that is quite big field for such contract and then you have to drive the grain to the selling point too, but a bit more, literally few hours in-game time waiting I could have gotten better, more interesting harvest contract heh.

It probably took more time to drive this 53kph tractor to selling point 7 several times than the actual potato harvest itself. I never timed how many minutes it is one way but felt like 10-15mins heh.

While this potato harvest was terrible, it gave me so valuable information about terrain design, that if you have only massive or tiny fields... you get equally priced contracts and that the selling point location plays important part too. I'm going to edit this terrain so that there are more small to medium sized fields for these start from zero careers. I'm personally obviously doing it just this once, but if any other player out there wishes to do it when this terrain is released, now they have much better field setup.

Doing this potato harvest was even more worse because the tractor kept steering left/right and I wasnt using courseplay in the tradition of start from zero career early beginnings.

0033 Finished harvesting potatoes F89, contract. This happened while I was dumping the potatoes to selling point 7, got 5.2k to my own pocket too. I decided to suffer some more driving boredom and go harvest the little thats left on the field and come one more time to selling point 7 to sell them, I bet it gets me another fertilizer pallet from the vehicle shop.
0050 Finished the actual harvest of the field, now we just haul the last load of 11.7k liters of potatoes to selling point 7.
0105 Collected F89 potato contract reward 23.1k. Budget now 37.2k Smiley :)

Now I had enough money to lease rubicon 9000 sprayer and few thousands left over to buy fertilizer, but the problem is that I still missed the fertilizing contract window as there are only two of them left now, both are massive 560ha field contracts for million each, I don't have enough money to buy that much fertilizer to get the job done, ouch Smiley :(

So I decided to time accelerate again and wait for smaller fertilizing contract to which I have enough money for to buy the actual fertilizer product. This was one of those painful waiting periods, when you got the harvest season going on it will take a lot of time accelerating to get into next batch of fertilizing contracts again. Its much better let the contracts flow naturally without time skipping, they come when they come, if you sit and wait it really tests your patience heh.

Did I mention the 120 time acceleration wait for contracts is boring?

0337 Still time accelerating and hammering map view and contracts pages, no fertilizing contracts or anykind which would be doable. Now also weather forecast shows rain coming, well I'm not harvesting so I don't care but its the first rain of this career. In-game time 0540hrs it started to rain.

Continued to time accelerate and doing other stuff on the background while waiting, endlessly.. then got so tired that went to sleep, didn't even remember to write down what time that was.

1335 Back at PMC Gaming and starting FS19 up, lets continue Start From Zero!
1350 Time accelerating and now fields started to be harvested, a lot of cultivating contracts appeared, few seeding ones as well. Fertilizing contracts cant be far away now. But yeah this waiting is killing me, it feels like I've been sitting in time acceleration in-game time for DAYS.
1428 FINALLY one spraying (herbicide) contract appeared and by miracle it was s small 20.9ha 33.5k reward one. This is something I can do easily.
1430 Accepted contract for fertilizing F64, with borrowed rubicon 9000.
1443 Started fertilizing F64, contract.
1457 Finished fertilizing F64, contract, did not collect the reward yet.

My first herbicide contract was done with no GPS or courseplay, like it should be Smiley :) I then drove the rubicon 9000 back to the shop and unloaded the remaining 4 or so thousand liters of herbicide to pallets so I can use it later.

1507 Collected contract reward 23.9k and therefore returned the borrowed sprayer. Budget now 59.4k

I was looking at the many cultivating contracts which would easily pass the time waiting for fertilizing contracts, but I want to keep the tradition of no courseplay use before I have my own vehicles. Yes I know this is silly "rules for no reason" stuff, but if you don't have any rules why not just money cheat and win the game instantly? Right heh. Anyways once I start to use courseplay then such cultivating contracts would be nice fillers as the only effect they have on your game-play is that you cant or at least shouldnt time accelerate when youre doing those (there must be some timeout when the contract expires, even if youre doing it).

1550 At in-game time 1146hrs, no idea how many days this is now, it started to rain. Weather overall has been very nice overcast which looks interesting instead of the empty sunny sky. Still no fertilizing contracts, I'm still waiting with time acceleration...
1620 First fertilizing contract appeared, whohoo! Smiley :)
1621 Accepted contract for fertilizing F68
1622 Leased rubicon 9000 with guidance steering for 25.7k

Felt really good to get first fertilizing contract after all this stupid waiting in time acceleration. When I was waiting it was 120 time and usually ALT-TABbing to do some other stuff, like can you believe it I was reading the Iowa Garden City Start From Zero story (yesterday I read the FS17 Cornbelt one) hehe.

This first fertilizing contract is for 56.4ha field which gives 111.4k reward, pretty nice starter contract. Hopefully there will be plenty of more when I finish this one. This 56ha is no big deal for rubicon, it will be done quick. I'm planning on using guidance steering here even though this is not my first owned vehicle yet, its just too cumbersome to steer manually, I do not use courseplay until I own my own vehicles.

1634 Started fertilizing F68, contract.
1704 Finished fertilizing F68, contract, collected contract reward 111.4k. Budget now 129.2k

No fertilizing or spraying contracts, I got leased vehicle, hmm wonder if I start to lose too much money with the hourly lease if I time accelerate when waiting for the contracts to appear. I bet if I return this sprayer there will be more contracts like minute later heh. I drove rubicon to the shop, refilled that one half pallet and then decided to time accelerate some more, the other fertilizing contracts cant be that much far out now...

1729 At in-game time 0145hrs it stopped raining.
1756 At in-game time 0000hrs daily vehicle maintenance costs were like 5k or so, this is the leasing stuff. Not too bad actually, well relatively speaking (obviously if you only time accelerate through the whole day for 5k then that sucks). Oh weather forecast is for rain, again, wow.
1800 At in-game time around before 0400hrs it started to rain.
1807 Finally next contract appeared which I'm interested at.
1809 Accepted contract for spraying F62
1818 Started spraying F62, contract.
1831 Finished spraying F62, contract, collected contract reward 33.5k. Budget now 142.1k

I drove rubicon 9000 back to the vehicle shop and while doing that was thinking that okay lets lease truck and low boy because this driving around is just huge waste of time, it takes a really long time to drive half across the terrain in this 16km beast Smiley :)

1913 At in-game time around before 1655hrs stopped raining.
1917 At in-game time 0000hrs 15.6k of vehicle leasing costs, so yeah thats quite a lot for one day especially thinking that I got 33.5k reward from the last contract, measily 15k for the whole day then. Yesterdays profit was 17.9k hmm I'm going to return this leased rubicon before midnight tonight so I don't have to pay another lease cost with the daily payment thing. Unless of course those fertilizing contracts appear.

I'm really finding it weird how the fertilizing contracts appear, unless I'm mistaken on previous iowa garden city I received new fertilizing missions every game day, now I blast through days with time acceleration like there is no tomorrow (no pun intended). Hmm wonder if its the crop growth control mod that causes some havoc on the crop stages that they take crazy long to switch or something.

This is a huge 16km x 16km terrain so I bet all these long crop growth stage etc switching issues are because of the insane terrain size (insane for FS19 crap engine).

1937 Started to see seeding contracts appear, so fertilizing contracts are still far away, returned rubicon 9000 as I'm not going to pay more lease while waiting.
1947 At in-game time 0000hrs no costs were deducted, good.
1952 Decided to remove crop growth control mod, I had no evidence of it causing any issues but I just felt uneasy with it as also it doesn't actually do anything for me now with the default settings unless I'm mistaken. So its just my piece of mind that field stages work as base game sets them (and 16km monster terrain).
2001 At in-game time about 1400hrs it started to rain, oh didn't even notice the weather forecast unless I got lost ALT-TABbing too long heh. It definitely does rain a lot around here.
2009 At in-game time before 0500hrs stopped raining, but weather forecast shows more rain coming (now its sunny skies), regular monsoon season hah.
2012 Switched plant growth to fast, maybe that helps to speed up the harvests and gets me some fertilizing contracts quicker.
2015 At in-game time before 1500hrs it started raining, again.

Still no fertilizing contracts, its almost like the game can smell a contract horny farmer hehe. I am pretty sure on the garden city story there was more than enough fertilizing contracts, now it seems like actual real life hours pass by with me sitting here in x120 time acceleration fiddling my thumbs. I am getting really frustrated, almost feel like stop playing right about now.

I'm getting paranoid, already start to think that even the x120 time acceleration is too fast to screw up the crop growth stage switching same as x300 or higher does.

2025 Shut down FS19 as I was getting physically tired and so frustrated about the current state of game-play, I want to PLAY, not time accelerate. I'll take a nap or something, more farming later.
2331 Back at PMC Gaming, lets continue farming. I had plans to take a nap but instead I watched a movie and after that felt great, wanted to get back to farming and here we are, lets continue time accelerating waiting for those rare fertilizing contracts hehe.
2336 At in-game time 1235hrs stopped raining.

2019-07-17T0001 Finally fertilizing contract appeared! Yeah!
0002 Accepted contract for fertilizing F12
0003 Leased rubicon 9000 with guidance steering, purchased few more fertilizer pallets, loaded the baby up and off I go.
0010 Started fertilizing F12, contract.
0036 Finished fertilizing F12, contract, collected contract reward 101.1k. Budget now 202.9k.

And then again no more fertilizing contracts. The lease price for the vehicle is pretty steep if you do like one contract per lease, but lets hope this time I get bunch of these contracts, but if nothing shows up before in-game midnight (its now 1140hrs) I will return this vehicle because it hasnt been very promising so far...

0043 Forecast had rain AGAIN.
0046 Time accelerated almost until in-game midnight and no contracts, so I returned rubicon 9000.

That contract did not take long to complete, it was fairly easy task, but with the lease price I only profited 65.8k from it. The charges were already deducted I did not get any fees at midnight, odd, I though there was hourly usage thing, at least there is daily but guess I already paid it at the time of leasing.

0050 At in-game 0030hrs it started to rain. How many rain is this already, feels like it rains every other day hehe.
0054 Time accelerated to in-game morning and still no fertilizing contracts.

I'm starting to get more and more frustrated with the lack of fertilizing contracts. There was them back when I had no money for fertilizer product, great ones like two one million contracts which I'd kill for right about now, but yeah... how many frigging in-game days do I have to fast forward to get some, hrr...

Can you believe a thought actually crossed my mind that maybe I should give up on this career savegame and it is just impossible to get this stuff started like this. Obviously the hard life of farmer is the great thing in zero starts, that once you get onto your feet then it feels SO MUCH better when you know you've earned all the lands and big buds and cool toys. But I don't know man, this is pretty ridiculous of how many in-game days have I time accelerated, even real life hours played I have spend several hours just doing that, no joke.

0115 At in-game time 2330hrs stopped raining.

Decided that I'm waiting until in-game morning and if there are no fertilizing contracts by then (oh wow, ultimatum) I'm going to start a career without mods in ravenport to check how often fertilizing contracts appear there. I am still not sure if my own understanding of their frequency is incomplete, I just feel like there should be more as I have thoroughly explained above.

0120 In-game morning arrived and guess what, no fertilizing contracts. Saved and exited, I need to test contracts on giants terrain to get a solid reference point.
? didn't write down what time I started back up and just hit x120 time acceleration and started to watch youtube farming videos, I'm so sick and tired of waiting.
0223 Just after writing the above got fertilizing contract for one of the 4ha fields so it was useless and spraying contract for 81.9k reward, however its not worth to lease sprayer because I would only get about fifty grand out of that. Oh and it was raining again heh.
0233 Rain had stopped, still no contracts, blah...
0303 I give up...

Still no darn fertilizing contracts, this is insane. Why the hell am I playing a game of time accelerating so that I can play a game? I have played two days now and so far done like what, four contracts? Come on man, are you crazy or what. Enough is enough, I'm done with this shit.

There must be something bugging in PMC Grande Gardens 16km terrain as there are no contracts when you x120 time accelerate. I'm giving it a one last chance by not time accelerating anymore, I'm just taking few contracts I can do with courseplay and relax by generally ALT-TABbing doing something else. If in few hours of real life time there is no changes on the contracts list... then its clear that something is bugging with this terrain (or rather giants engine on 16km terrains).

0308 Accepted contract for cultivating F57. In-game time is now 0655hrs.
0316 Started cultivating F57
0547 At in-game time 0933hrs still no change in contracts list.
0605 Shut the game down, been up more than 16hrs its time to call it a night... but honestly, dunno what I'm going to do tomorrow with this contract issue...

1401 Back at PMC Gaming, against my better judgement I'm giving this career/terrain one more try today. If I don't get any fertilizing contracts to get that old iowa garden city type of fertilizing action going on... then I have to call it quits, probably take a full bank loan and start to grow my farm like that. Dunno what I would do, but lets not get ahead of ourselves.
1406 Back in the cultivating contract, courseplay started and tractor running, duration 40min.

1410 Accepted contract for cultivating F31
1413 Started cultivating F31, contract.
1420 Accepted contract for cultivating F28
1436 Started cultivating F28, contract.

Three vehicles were cultivating under courseplay (which uses hired workers) and got 30 FPS performance, it wasnt too bad still felt smooth enough but yeah this is the thing with courseplay in FS19, performance goes away.

Oh btw, still no fertilizing contracts... in fact I'll stop talking about them now until the next one shows up that I accept.

1444 Finished cultivating F57, contract, collected contract reward 37.9k.
1459 Accepted contract for cultivating F32
1502 Started cultivating F32, contract.
1617 Finished cultivating F31, contract, collected contract reward 26.4k.
1658 Finished cultivating F32, contract, collected contract reward 22.7k. Budget now 288.1k

Decided that what the heck this career is pretty bad as it is so lets do something I normally wouldn't do, lets take some harvest contracts and use courseplay to drive both vehicles where I'm only doing the combine unloading manually.

1722 Accepted contract for harvesting F52
1730 Accepted contract for harvesting F55
1740 Finished cultivating F28, contract, collected contract reward 55.1k. Budget now 343.3k
1743 Started harvesting canola F55, contract. Courseplay duration 27 HOURS 22min ! Smiley :D
1744 Started harvesting barley F52, contract. Courseplay duration 19 HOURS 1min !
1948 Accepted contract for cultivating F54
1959 Started cultivating F54, contract. Courseplay duration 11h 15min.

2000 Finally a fertilizing contract appeared, F25 which is 74.1ha and reward 146.5k, its about damn time...
2002 Accepted contract for fertilizing F25

Leased semi truck and low boy so I can transport the rubicon quicker. Then leased rubicon 9000 for usual 25k something. After a short while I decided to save the courseplay courses for harvesters, well big mistake as F55's course which was 51k waypoints caused FS19 to, well not technically crash but yeah basically it crashed. Even loading the last savegame with that 5mb xml course file in the dir caused FS19 to freeze, had to delete it. I learned long time ago with FS17 that you do not save a very large courseplay courses, why I tried to do that now is beyond understanding. Oh well. Fixed it and back to farming.

2054 Started fertilizing F25, contract.
? Finished fertilizing F25, contract, collected contract reward 146.5k. Budget now 448k.

I was on the background when fertilizing contract finished, also now there is one weeding contract, no relation for fert/spray stuff but anyways regarding weeds.

Anyways seems like now I have moment to breathe and must say those harvesting contracts with courseplay duration are pretty crazy, I mean 27 hours is ... wow heh. More than one day straight and thats assuming the harvester would move forward constantly which it obviously is not going to do, it will stop each time it gets full because I cant be there with a trailer to unload it all the time.

2222 Drove leased vehicles back to vehicle shop and returned them, no contracts so lets not waste money.
2339 Leased krone zx 560 gd loading wagon and valtra t234 tractor so I can pickup straw from F52 harvest.

No idea how worth the effort is it to pickup the straw, especially with leased vehicles. But I know that there will be so much straw that I probably lose interest before anything heh. So if the straw market prices is like 100-150 or maybe a bit more, dunno, we'll see if I can even get the money back for these leased equipment.

2348 Started to collect straw from F52... except I got the you have no access to this land display, uh oh forgot all about that, oh well guess I'm not going to be doing any straw stuff.

2019-07-18T0105 Its been now well over 12hrs in-game time without time acceleration (so, same as real time? hehe) and still no changes on how contracts are generated, so much for the idea of time acceleration bugging the large terrain setup. Oh well was worth the shot.
0249 Accepted contract for fertilizing F72, F74 and F79

Finally batch of three smallish fertilizing contracts. Leased the same setup, a semi truck, low boy and rubicon. Time to get to work.

0302 Started fertilizing F72, contract.
0307 Accepted contract for cultivating F40

F40 contract was a joke, it will probably crash courseplay or take DAYS to cultivate, but who cares haha. In fact I'm not even going to bother trying to generate courseplay course, I'm going to drive small outlines areas and do the field in several pieces, courseplay would never work with single course for 2873ha field, never. Also the case ih will run out of fuel before the field is cultivated. However when I accepted the contract FS19 froze for close to 10min which was odd, previously I accepted fertilizing contract just fine.

BTW interesting that when I tried to accept F40 contract FS19 froze, I had to kill it and restore game from savegame. Just before that happened I got fertilizing contract for F48 which I accepted, however after loading the savegame... F48 contract did not come up. Hmm odd.

0341 Accepted contract for weeding F11, hey it was just next to the vehicle shop and with courseplay just hands free money in the bank.
0350 Leased mahindra retriever limited edition so I can do the F40 courseplay outlines.
0348 Started weeding F11, contract.
0408 Started cultivating F40 south 1. Courseplay duration 8h and this is only about less than 10 percent of the southern area hehe
0410 Finished fertilizing F72, contract, collected contract reward 109k.
0417 Started fertilizing F74, contract.
0500 Finished fertilizing F74, contract, collected contract reward 109k. Budget now 568.5k
0509 Started fertilizing F79, contract.
0541 Finished fertilizing F79, contract, collected contract reward 108k. Budget now 676.6k

Had FS19 freeze on me, was really thankful that I just minutes earlier done savegame. When I restarted the game courseplay field scanner got stuck on F40 for very long time, several minutes. wonder whats going on with F40 now and does it have to do something with that running contract.

0638 Finished weeding F11, contract, collected contract reward 13.1k. Wow all that work and 13k hehe (yeah not work at all, just courseplay).
0639 Dead tired, it was time to call it a night. More farming tomorrow.

1417 Back at PMC Gaming, lets continue the large harvest.
1459 Returned leased semi truck, low boy and rubicon 9000.

Because of the lack of fertilizing contracts and me wasting so much time trying to get this Start From Zero to gain some momentum, I decided to try something else I normally would not do on top of these crazy harvest contracts, that is so called land flipping. That is me checking out what land lot contains a lucrative crop field ready to harvest like canola or soybeans, buy the land, harvest the field and then sell the land. I have seen some people call this an exploit, I don't like it in general because that is not simulating farming, you would not do that in real life. But now I'm going to try it out, just to see how it works, is it like huge amount of money or just equal to average fertilizing contract.

1621 Purchased land lot with 284.1k, leased trailer 3.9k, truck 6k, combine 20.4k, header 4.1k
1651 Started harvesting exploit canola F34 Smiley :)
1725 Finished cultivating F54, contract, collected contract reward 114.8k. Budget now 485.8k

When the time came to sell first canola load from F34 the market price in selling point 8 had plummeted, it was actually the second lowest in the market. I really didn't want to start driving all the way to the other side of the terrain for best price, which even that wasn't too good, so I decided to just go to selling point 8 which is the closest one. And as you can see below, exploit canola even with the low low price gets me over one hundred grand per load and I imagine there will be a few loads from 55ha field even with it being poorly grown crop (no fert or lime and weeds growing).

1802 Sold canola for 102.5k
1846 Sold canola for 92.8k, oh wow now selling point 8 IS the lowest market price of them all. Hmm maybe I need to drive to the best price after all...
1934 Sold canola for 85k
2017 Fertilizing contracts appeared, still cant believe how few of them there have been.
2019 Accepted contract for fertilizing F71 and F76
2021 Purchased rubicon 9000 with guidance steering, lizard roadrunner truck, low boy. Budget now 47.3k
2030 Accepted contract for fertilizing F46

So finally managed to buy my very own first vehicle, got the low boy to carry that beast rubicon to the lucrative fertilizing contracts. All I need now is the tanker trailer so I can haul some fertilizer as well. That have to wait until few contracts have been done, or well, looking at the rewards... just one Smiley :)

Feeling good now that this career has taken off that there are no more time acceleration boring to death waiting. Sure there still could be if I want to get those specific contracts, but what money I get from these contracts I can already buy my first own land, I really need a fuel station and liquid fertilizer refill point. Maybe, just maybe with leased vehicles I could seed my first own field too, we'll see.

2043 Started fertilizing F46, contract.
2047 Another load from exploit canola field was ready for sale, but uh oh selling point 8 market price had completely went bad, it was mere 656 right now when the best price in selling point 2 is 2113. Yeah, guess where I'm driving huh.
2100 Sold canola for 124.6k
2113 Accepted contract for fertilizing F39
2114 Finished cultivating F40 south 1. Now I have to record new outline for south 2 heh.
2132 Started cultivating F40 south 2.
2145 Purchased UTTS-32000 tanker trailer for 58k
2207 Accepted contract for fertilizing F07 and F25
2209 Accepted contract for spraying F41, F43 and F48
2246 Switched plant growth to slow, just in case it would help to slow the contracts rotation.
2319 Sold canola for 120.4k
2320 Finished fertilizing F46, contract, collected contract reward 262.4k.

2019-07-19T0012 Started fertilizing F76, contract.
0052 Leased second rubicon 9000.
0105 Started fertilizing F71, contract.
0116 Sold canola for 96.8k
0120 Purchased FST 990 fuel trailer for 8.5k and fuel tank for 5.9k.
0158 Purchased pickup truck for 30k, returned leased mahindra retriever limited edition.
0223 Finished harvesting exploit canola F34 Smiley ;)
0226 Sold back the land flipping land, budget now 646k.
0232 Purchased liquid fertilizer tank for 8.5k
0236 Sold canola for 99.1k

So the total exploit from the land flipping purchase and canola harvest was 721.2k in sold canola. Then you need to deduct the lease price for lizard warrior truck, krampe trailer, john deere S790 and macdon fd75 header, dunno actually how much those are total with the hourly fees and such.

I was considering keeping the leased vehicles but sort of wanted to get rid of the exploit evidence and returned those right away hehe Smiley :)

0241 Returned leased harvest equipment.
0317 Finished fertilizing F76, contract, collected contract reward 613.8k. Budget now 1.286m, I'm a millionaire, yeah buddy! Smiley :)
0348 Joined to fertilize F71 with the first rubicon. Driving myself with GPS.
0353 Finished fertilizing F71, contract, collected contract reward 479k. Budget now 1.765m
0414 Started fertilizing F07, contract. Courseplay duration 1h 35min for TWO rubicon 9000s.
0600 Finished fertilizing F07, contract, collected contract reward 598k. Budget now 2.301m
0621 Started fertilizing F39, contract.
0718 Started fertilizing F25, contract.
0743 Dead tired, been up way more than 16hrs today (16hrs timer went off like ages ago heh), time for shut eye, more farming tomorrow...

1738 Back to farming, lets see what great stuff we can do today.
1754 Courseplay field scanner takes more than 10min to do F40 now that it has active contract (whatever that means).

When I checked contracts menu first time today, three of my spraying contracts were completed, one was even huge over 300k one. Now the odd thing is that... I did not complete them, heck I didn't even start them yet! Hmm bug in the v1.4.1 engine or in my terrain or whats going on? Could that be the contract expiring and some new v1.4.1 engine feature to just give the money for the player anyways?

I have suffered so much with the non existant fertilizing contracts that while this money I got now (like close to half a million) is due to some sort of a bug, I will not refuse the money because I didn't cheat anything, if the game contract system wants to give me money from the contracts without me even starting them, hey I'll thank kindly and move on hehe Smiley ;)

1821 Finished fertilizing F39, contract, collected contract reward 262.7k.
1851 Finished fertilizing F25, contract, collected contract reward 146.5k. Budget now 3.150m
1854 Returned the another leased rubicon 9000 as there are no more fertilizing contracts.
1937 Finished cultivating F40 south 2.
1953 Recorded F40 outline south 3 course.
1954 Started cultivating F40 south 3.

As an experiement I took one spraying contract for F79, I am not going to do it as it only pays 87.5k and I'm too lazy to drive my huge fertilizer rig down there and especially as I would need to buy some herbicide (I don't have dedicated herbicide sprayer rubicon yet). Now its interesting to see when hours pass by that will this contract also be awarded to me for no reason other than me taking it. I'm hoping it just gets cancelled, but wouldnt be surprised if I get the reward again. Lets see what happens.

I decided to try another unusual thing, unplanned rather, I leased another truck, trailer, tractor, auger wagon and two combines. These I'm going to use to help speed up the two harvest contracts. I drove them to F55 first as its higher reward, drove a new courseplay course for the truck to selling point 5, then started the combines from south end of the field as multiple tools mode. I didn't write play-by-play with times (its now 2056hrs) because I wasn't sure my own leased vehicles work on contract field which already has "borrowed" vehicles. Edit: they work fine, just checking.

2019-07-20T0158 Accepted contract for fertilizing F36 and F37
0212 Started fertilizing F36, contract.

36 and 37 werent the biggest fields, moderate amount of reward for those contracts, but the nice thing was that they were right next to each other. With the crazy fertilizing contract mayhem its funny how 100k reward one feels insignificant heh.

0248 Finished fertilizing F36, contract, collected contract reward 110.3k. Started fertilizing F37, contract.
0332 Finished fertilizing F37, contract, collected contract reward 110.3k. Budget now 3.101m

F55 was getting done nicely, then the 3d world green display indicator on top right corner of the screen shows 100 percent complete after which I started to receive the cash... BUT the contracts menu still shows like 95 percent done and increasing on every load dump, heh odd, but I'll take the money Smiley :)

Also the normal harvest contract method is to do the field to the last piece of crop and sell them to the highest bidder, so makes no difference to me really.

0554 Dumped yet another load to selling point 5 from F55, and STILL the contract progress said 99 percent heh. The progress seem to lag behind what happens in 3D world, I also got some setShaderParameter errors in the log, been running the game all day so it might be pretty bogged down, FPS is still normal etc.
0559 Now finally got the green notification text about F55 contract being finished, heh. So now harvest continues and I'll sell the grain for my own pocked.
0613 Sold canola in selling point 8 for 134.2k
0647 Sold canola in selling point 8 for 134.2k
0648 Sold canola in selling point 8 for 134.2k
0706 Finished harvesting canola F55, contract. Sold canola in selling point 8 for 134.2k
0713 Sold canola in selling point 8 for 134.2k then 15min later sold the last few thousand liters, budget now 4.002m

Drove all the vehicles to F52 north west corner, plan is to use them and get this barley harvest contract done as quick as possible.

0745 Accepted contract for fertilizing F31, F92 and F97
0818 Accepted contract for fertilizing F96, F84, F39, F76, F87, F89 and F77

Jackpot! Smiley :D

0832 Started fertilizing F39, contract.
0833 Accepted contract for fertilizing F46, F17, F53 and F95, oh my!
0840 Finished cultivating F40 south 3.
0906 Dead tired and even though I have exciting times in-game, had to call it a night, cant keep my eyes open, Zzz...

1443 Back at PMC Gaming computer, its time to fertilize fields and make a ton of money.
1450 First time after loading a savegame checked contracts and sure enough the spraying contract had expired and I got the money from it.

Already felt the pressure to do these fertilizing contracts so that they will not expire, nothing worse than doing some useless stuff (like barley harvest heh) and when you finally get to that hundreds of thousands paying contract... its expired. I'm going to stop harvesting barley in F52 contract, purchase another fertilizing rig and get to work.

1621 Purchased lizard roadrunner truck, low boy, UTTS-32000 tanker trailer, dolly and rubicon 9000 with guidance steering. And the next thing after that FS19 locked up so that audio was playing but game was frozen, I've had that happen once before so this is troubling trend...

Then restarted the game and had to wait frigging 15min or so for the courseplay field scanner to get bogged down on F40. All I can hope that my last savegame wasn't very far before this lockup. I have saves disabled due the annoying save and delay especially when capturing a video, people like nothing more than several "saving game ..." displays to watch on videos. Guess its time to activate the 15min autosave again if there will be more of these lockups.

1647 Back in-game, savegame is fairly recent probably not more that few minutes old, so we're good.
1655 Had purchased the above mentioned set, once again, this time also saved game after so if there is another lockup we don't need to do this the third time heh
1701 Finished fertilizing F39, contract, collected contract reward 262.7k. Budget now 3.449m
1707 Attempted to fertilize F53 contract but game kept saying I have no access to this land, same issue I saw months ago with Iowa Garden City 8km, hmm hmm.
1714 Started fertilizing F76, contract.
1737 Started fertilizing F46, contract.

Got another 100k fertilizing contract but I didn't take it yet, as with F53 I suspect there might be some sort of bug or whatever issue with multiple missions mod and contracts that if you spam too many of them, then you start to get those you have no access to this land. Also I'm not sure taking all those contracts in any way guarantees that they wont disappear on you over time, so you might as well just take them one by one for each vehicle you have available.

1854 Finished fertilizing F46, contract, collected contract reward 262.4k. Budget now 3.679m
1902 Started fertilizing F87, contract.
1904 Finished fertilizing F87, contract, collected contract reward 8k.
1921 Started fertilizing F92, contract.
1924 Finished fertilizing F92, contract, collected contract reward 8.3k.
1925 Started fertilizing F89, contract.
1928 Finished fertilizing F89, contract, collected contract reward 8.2k.
1929 F17 gave me the you have no access to this land again.
1938 Started fertilizing F31, contract.
2004 Finished fertilizing F31, contract, collected contract reward 93.5k. Budget now 3.717m
2009 Finished fertilizing F76, contract, collected contract reward 613.8k.
2011 Started fertilizing F77, contract.
2012 Accepted contract for fertilizing F23
2031 Started fertilizing F84, contract.
2034 Finished fertilizing F84, contract, collected contract reward 8.2k.
2037 Started fertilizing F23, contract.
2044 Finished fertilizing F77, contract, collected contract reward 110.6k.
2054 Accepted contract for fertilizing F94
2057 Started fertilizing F94, contract.
2100 Finished fertilizing F94, contract, collected contract reward 8.2k.
2101 Attempted to fertilize F95 but got you have no access to this land.
2103 Accepted contract for fertilizing F66
2106 Finished fertilizing F23, contract, collected contract reward 101.1k.
2107 Accepted contract for fertilizing F34
2109 Started fertilizing F34, contract.
2126 Started fertilizing F66, contract.
2154 Finished fertilizing F34, contract, collected contract reward 110.3k.
2159 Finished fertilizing F66, contract, collected contract reward 109.3k. Budget now 4.664m
2200 Started fertilizing F96, contract.
2203 Finished fertilizing F96, contract, collected contract reward 8.2k.
2205 Started fertilizing F97, contract.
2207 Finished fertilizing F97, contract, collected contract reward 8k.
2209 Accepted contract for fertilizing F79

2219 Due to outside real life interference had to restart my game. Now I have to reboot everything back up and suffer through that 15min courseplay F40 field scan again, SIGH.

2251 FS19 started up again, lets get all the courseplay courses running, hrr...
2252 Accepted spraying F56, contract and intend to let it expire again. And one for fertilizing F32
2309 Started fertilizing F32, contract.
2317 Started fertilizing F79, contract.
2344 Finished fertilizing F32, contract, collected contract reward 86.2k.
2347 Finished fertilizing F79, contract, collected contract reward 108k. Budget now 4.856m

2019-07-21T0007 Game locked up again, damn, what is going on here...
0027 Savegame loaded back up, actually took one just less than a minute before the freeze so that was good. Reverted to yesterdays courseplay version, no indication that these freezes are caused by it but just had a hunch gut feeling so decided to give it a try.
0037 With this game start and savegame load the 849.3k spraying contract was rewarded to me. Yep, another bug and exploit discovered.
0153 Harvesting F52 contract was done, now its time to sell the grain to my own pocked in best market price Smiley :)
0207 Sold barley in selling point 7 for 73.7k
0217 Two truck loads went to selling point 7 and I didn't even notice the stupid small green right corner notification text hehe, budget now 5.883m
0223 Sold barley in selling point 7 for 73.7k
0234 Sold barley in selling point 7 for 73.7k
0240 Finished harvesting barley F52, contract.
0243 Sold barley in selling point 7 for 73.7k
0246 Barley harvest on F52 collected contract reward 353.4k. Canola harvest on F55 collected contract reward 548.7k. Budget now 6.984m Smiley :)

So there you go, the two huge harvest contracts are now complete. I started with 27hrs and 19hrs courseplay durations with single combines, then lateron the next day or something brought in more vehicles to speed the process up. Here we are now, both contracts done, also all fertilizing contracts done.

I got hmm total of three spraying contract rewards for nothing as they are buggy, also flipped that one land canola harvest so this Start From Zero is not exactly by the book, I don't feel especially proud of the land flipping and the third spraying contract I took knowingly and just to assure that yes it is bugged.

But we cant forget the endless darkness madness that was in the early days when time accelerating waiting for lucrative contracts, so its not like I went and used money cheats here.

0253 Right now I'm going to take a break for today, I could go on but I rather take a nice break in such good situation on the savegame and tomorrow I'll see how I feel about continuing.

2037 Back to farming. Added new farmer_schubi (class name fixes by me) production mods and some fast peterbilt truck. Lets see what happens.
2038 Purchased peterbilt 379 freedom for 160k
2049 Started cultivating F40 outline south 4.
2103 Purchased land lot with F39 in it for 709.8k
2110 Purchased PMC Farm Bin Large 10m liters and landscaped a bit, budget now 5.925m
2158 Restarted game because forgot to add all production mods in.
2201 Purchased diesel, fertilizer and seed production for 225k each. Purchased liquid fertilizer production for 125k
2216 Purchased water station for 5k
2221 Another restart for missing manure and slurry placeables.
2224 Purchased manure shop for 7.5k and slurry shops for 15k
2226 Purchased trailer krampe for 78k
2228 Purchased ideal 9t combine with guidance steering and engine upgrade for 534k
2229 Purchased header 13.7m macdon FD75 for 82k
2253 Purchased trailer full of manure for 2.5k to be used in production.
2337 Purchased lizard mks 32 tanker trailer for 68k
2356 Refilled 32k liters of water for free, then loaded liquid fertilizer production factory Smiley :)

2019-07-22T0009 Filled lime production factory with water Smiley :)

When playing on FS17 Cornbelt on its Start From Scratch (it was called scratch back then) career I just absolutely loved the fuel, fertilizer and seed factory stuff (along with the railroads to do logistic stuff). Now when I got these farmer_schubi production placeables in action I felt similar excitement when my own products were produced.

I feel that the lime production is a bit too fast, you can barely go pickup water tanker full of water when the previous load has already been produced into lime, but maybe its just me. Also fertilizer production in Cornbelt required two components which was manure and slurry, now you can do it with only manure. And of course we are still missing herbicide factory, but hopefully someone comes up with that.

Oh right farmer_schubi as so many other modders did these nice mods with german language, sigh, so I went and translated the display table textures to english (wont be releasing that fix as got no permissions and someone else already did a translation).

0352 Game restart to load my display table texture edits mentioned above.

Combine harvester and truck trailer was already bought for the upcoming harvest, but after that I'm lacking equipment so here is a shopping list I plan to get:

- plow 400hp 15m john deere 2623 5-section disc 95k
- cultivator 400hp 20m john deere 2410 5 section 75k
- tractor to pull cultivator big bud 450 with gps and twin wheels 252k
- tractor to pull auger wagon fendt 1050 with twin wheels and engine upgrade 378.4k
- auger wagon 400hp elmer haulmaster 70k liter with extension 105.8k
- seeder 640hp 25.6m vaderstad seed hawk xl toolbar 84ft 290k
- seeder air cart seed hawk 980 air cart with twin rear wheels 190k
- tractor big bud 747 with gps and twin wheels 432k
- spreader bredal k165 with extension and 6m spreading unit for 76k

0442 Started to purchase that long list of new toys.
0501 All purchased and slowly moving them to the farm. Budget now 2.159m
0515 Accepted contract for fertilizing F66
0536 Started fertilizing F66, contract.
0608 Finished fertilizing F66, contract, collected contract reward 109.3k.
0614 Purchased another ideal 9t combine with macdon fd75 header. Budget now 1.635m
0738 Fertilizer and lime factories are full of resource material heh

Now that fertilizer and lime factories are humming, I wonder how long it will take to expend all that product to my fields, I mean one million liters is respectable amount of stuff Smiley :)

Not that I have much fields yet but eventually when the farm grows as more hectares get added, I cant estimate but a wild guess is that one million liters lasts a very long time. Not to mention the factory always produces more as long as I remember to dump some resource material there. This is really the large scale farming stuff, especially when I install those fertilizer/lime/seed bins into strategic locations around the terrain which act like remote outposts for refills.

0830 At in-game time 0416hrs F39 became harvest ready, time to cut that soybeans off my first own field Smiley :)
0832 Started harvesting soybeans F39
0933 So tired had to call it a night, more farming tomorrow.

1724 Back at PMC Gaming fired up FS19, lets continue farming.
1729 When I loaded savegame today the F40 contract shows 0 percent complete, hmm... thats not good. But luckily the progress bar was just lagging behind as it very quickly increased the number and kept increasing until it was on the correct number again. Anyways still odd.
2113 Had to take a break for a quick nap, could not keep my eyes open...

2019-07-23T0023 Woke up, had a meal and now started FS19 back up. Lets continue harvesting.

This Start From Zero had a rocky start, then some guestionable business practices (heh) but now we are here and I realized... I skipped all the starter vehicles and went straight to the biggest tractors and implements. Hmm this is not how from zero stuff should work...

Well true but also I have no desire to do some crazy 6 hrs harvesting session with that bizon tiny 2m header harvester either. I just cant seem to be satisfied no matter what I do; get the best vehicles right away and its too easy, have to use starter kit and its too hard haha Smiley ;)

Oh well. But yeah the scenario I'm right now almost feels like the starting moment of normal Farm Manager mode where you get no vehicles but 1.5 million in cash (including the loan you can take yourself). Dunno man I really love this from zero idea, it really gives you sense of satisfaction when you know that everything you own is by your hard work, nothing has been given to you.

But still I'm thinking deep thoughts here... is this from zero stuff too insane regarding wasted time in a game that already is such an time sink. Hmm maybe the adjustment for this game mode would be in order, that you start with nothing and have the ability to take 1 million loan, which would obviously mean that you'd take all of the money and start working on your farm right away buying land etc, then just pay the loan off later. This would be interesting and enjoyable game-play right from the beginning instead of sitting in time acceleration waiting for specific contracts which bring you the best money.

Indeed deep thoughts man...

Anyways lets get back to everyday business. I need to start making money and buying fields, the end goal here is to buy all the lands and harvest all the fields. So right now I'm looking for my next land to buy. Not cheating, but still searching for soybean or canola fields on the land so when I buy there is lucrative crop waiting for me to harvest, often times the money got from the harvested crop already comes close to the paying price of the land (havent done extensive comparisons but roughly its like that).

I'm thinking of just looking for closest canola or soybean field not necessarily buy land around my F39 farm symmetrically like spreading out evenly. Obviously I'm not going to buy soybean field from other side of the terrain I have no desire to relocate my harvest fleet there, but closest ones yes.

0123 Finished harvesting soybeans F39, aayeah my first very own field! Smiley :)
0133 All the grain dumped into farm bin silo, total amount 1.107.419 liters from F39, I believe it was fully fertilized and no lime/plow requirements.
0147 Started fertilizing F39, courseplay duration 1h 19min
0153 Purchased land lot which has F38 for 756.4k, budget now 850.1k

F38 is right next to my farm, actually right next to my existing F39, its also harvest ready oats which I can use for my seed factory. I really want to kick off making my own seeds. I bought this field for the crops to be used in seed factory, no other reason. Next lands I'll try to buy with most profitable crops growing like canola or soybeans.

0207 Started harvesting oats F38
0208 Finished cultivating F40 outline south 4.
0224 Started cultivating F40 outline north 1.
0303 Seed factory already had 15.5k liters of seed produced, pretty much enough for one seeding with seed hawk.
0309 Finished fertilizing F39
0639 Finished harvesting oats F38

Felt pretty good getting that oat field harvested and seed factory humming, already got a good load of seeds I cannot imagine running out of them anytime soon, the real problem will be how to haul that stuff to the fields across the terrain, but lets worry about that when we actually get those remote fields hehe Smiley :)

0705 Started lime spreading F38, courseplay duration 3h 1min
0735 Sold soybeans in selling point 1 for 181.6k
0758 Sold soybeans in selling point 1 for 181.6k
0814 Sold soybeans in selling point 1 for 181.6k
0830 Sold soybeans in selling point 1 for 181.6k
0845 Sold soybeans in selling point 1 for 181.6k
0902 Sold soybeans in selling point 1 for 181.6k
0918 Sold soybeans in selling point 1 for 181.6k
0933 Sold soybeans in selling point 1 for 181.6k, budget now 2.291m
0946 Took a quick break, wanted to check something out in recently released FS19 Cornbelt.
1045 Quick break turned into one hour investigation, at that point I was really tired and didn't feel like continuing, more farming tomorrow...

2020 Back at PMC Gaming, hey what else am I gonna do, lets continuing growing our farm.
2022 Sold soybeans in selling point 1 for 181.6k
2038 Sold soybeans in selling point 1 for 181.6k
2059 Sold soybeans in selling point 1 for 181.6k
2115 Sold soybeans in selling point 1 for 181.6k
2131 Sold soybeans in selling point 1 for 181.6k
2140 Finished lime spreading F38
2147 Sold soybeans in selling point 1 for 181.6k, budget now 3.380m
2151 Started fertilizing F38
2156 Started seeding canola F39
2202 Soybeans market price in selling point 8 is now the highest, 3078 vs 3094 and increasing, so I switched my transport grain route accordingly.

I sold a lot of soybeans before selling point 8 price started to increase, at the time of writing this its already 3138 which is really good (my high score record is 3304). Hopefully the price increases to record high again, still have about two hundred thousand liters to sell.

2251 Finished fertilizing F38

I made a list of growing or harvest ready soybean fields: 15, 30, 31, 41, 48, 72 and 79. I can basically rule out 72 and 79 as they are other side of the terrain, way too long distance to relocate my harvesting fleet. 30 is monster size and I don't have money for it. Rest... well 15 is nice, relatively big and pretty close, 48 is also big but at the east side of the terrain. So all in all, I would most probably buy F15.

For canola; 27, 11, 21, 55 and 81. Lets rule out 81 straight off the bat as its almost the other side of the terrain, 55 unfortunaely is on a bad farmland ID painting land lot which costs huge 10.9m (my bad, will be fixed in the future). That leaves us with a big 21 as the two others are pretty small.

We can't forget that this is very short sighted thing, choosing a land to purchase only of what its growing is only worth for one harvest, so its not very smart to purchase land lot in the other side of the terrain if you only benefit for it one time, you probably waste more money on fuel costs driving your vehicles back and forth there not to mention the wasted time in the long run heh.

Hmm but I'm lazy, I just want to get farming... so I'm thinking of buying land next to my farm as there is this nice group of land/fields which would only cost total of 2.4m so I even had a bit buffer money left. Hmm. Except... here are sunflowers and corn fields then all rest of them are crap potatoes, ugh. That would mean a lot of plowing stuff under.

2347 Selling point 8 soybean prices stalled at 3174, its time to sell! Gimme all them moneys! Smiley :)
2348 Sold soybeans in selling point 8 for 187.3k
2353 Sold soybeans in selling point 8 for 187.3k
2358 Sold soybeans in selling point 8 for 187.3k

2019-07-24T0002 Sold soybeans in selling point 8 for 187.3k. That was the last full load, now I only got 45k liters left.
0008 Sold soybeans in selling point 8 for 144.1k, budget now 4.269m
0135 Finished seeding canola F39. Was great to seed my first own field with seeds produced in my own factory Smiley :)
0140 Started fertilizing F39
0149 Started seeding soybeans F38, courseplay duration 2h 27min.
0205 Purchased F37 for 269.4k, F36 for 248k, F35 for 246.2k, F34 for 284.1k and F33 for 1.361m, budget now 1.854m
0210 Started ploughing F37, courseplay duration 2h 45min.
0231 Purchased 2x corn header quasar hs16 for 90k (each).
0258 Finished cultivating F40 outline north 1.
0307 Finished fertilizing F39
0312 Started cultivating F40 outline north 2.
0344 Felt really exhausted of playing even though I've only been at it for like what, 7-8hrs now, had to call it a night.

1925 FS19 started up, lets continue growing our farm.
1931 Started harvesting corn F36, courseplay ETA 2h 27min.
2001 Finished seeding soybeans F38
2032 Finished ploughing F37
2037 Started ploughing F35
2049 Started fertilizing F38
2150 Finished fertilizing F38

Seed hawk is sitting by the field ready to go, except I don't want to start it off because it doesn't have enough seeds and my seed tender haulmaster auger wagon is tied up with the corn harvest. I need to buy another tractor and haulmaster just to take care of the seed hawk (in the future seed hawkS plural, once I get some more money).

2252 Finished harvesting corn F36
2309 Saved and exited game, got to try one mod out quickly before continuing.

PMC Grande Gardens 16km v0.1.3 Upgrade

2019-10-22T1605 After a months long break I'm back at PMC Grande Gardens 16km Start From Zero career Smiley :)

Terrain itself was upgraded to v0.1.3 which includes trains, five of them I think and train grain depots. Each train has hmm dunno how many cars with 143k liter capacity per car. Each train depot holds 10 million liters of grain per crop type, including fertilizer, lime and seeds.

It took me a long time to fiddle with the career savegame XML files to port the old savegame over to new terrain with trains and train depots.

Another extremely important news is that I upgraded this savegame to Seasons v1.0.1.8 beta ie build 34 from yesterday. So now the whole game-play has changed as we work with seasons. This causes a lot of grief porting over the old savegame but I managed to do it more or less properly.

What I'm planning on doing is using dev console cheat commands to set F34, F38 and F39 to their growth and fertilization etc stages, other fields can be just resetted to simple harvested state by Seasons mod.

Only bummer was that there was no easy way (way that it would be worth it) to port over the F40 cultivation contract, I just simply cancelled it. In theory I could have restored the cultivator_density.gdm but that is way beyond whats wort bothering to.

1621 Alright launched the career savegame in purpose of actually starting to play. There still are few things I need to wrap up in the porting, but almost there.

Seasons is configured as 24 day season. I have previously played on another savegame in PMC Grande Gardens 16km using 24 day season and it worked well, in that savegame progress I did not run out of time/days when doing fieldwork. There sure are a lot of time accelerating going on, but its better to have more time than you need as you never know when something comes up.

1700 Started fertilizing F36, courseplay ETA 36min
1735 Finished fertilizing F36
1737 Started fertilizing F35, courseplay ETA 34min
1812 Finished fertilizing F35
1814 Started fertilizing F33, courseplay ETA 1h 59min, two hours of fertilizing hehe
1858 Had to refill UTTS-32000 tanker with liquid fertilizer, rubicon is running low
2014 Finished fertilizing F33

2017 Getting really tired been up more than 16hrs, time for some shut eye but more farming tomorrow thats for sure, cant wait.

2019-10-23T0406 Back in FS19, lets farm this sucka.

0407 Started lime spreading F33, courseplay ETA 6h 43min, whoah six almost seven hours heh wow
0426 Started cultivating F35, courseplay ETA 1h 47min

That lime spreading is crazy, I need more vehicles to split the time so going to buy at least one more bredal and dedicated medium tractor for it (or such jobs).

- spreader bredal k165 with extension and 6m spreading unit for 76k
- tractor case 240 with guidance steering and twin wheels 231.5k

0450 Purchased the above setup, budget now 1.460m.

Drove the case 240 cvx to the "farm", topped up with lime and then drove to F33. Started to help courseplay AI driver by using gps on the north end of the field working my way down south.

Big Bud 450 with John Deere 2410 5 section cultivator courseplay finished the course, but for some odd reason courseplay left small patches at each end of the field which I had to fix manually driving. Maybe its the new settings behind advanced options.

0623 Finished cultivating F35

Was driving case 240 cvx with bredal k165 spreader using GPS, then had to step outside for about half an hour (might have been longer from keyboard perspective) so I copied courseplay course from the main lime spreader and set off my tractor from the other end of the course.

0809 Finished lime spreading F33

Finally done lime spreading, wow it took a long time with two tractors (one at the beginning). Man I've almost forgotten what madness PMC Grande Gardens 16km terrain field sizes field work is hehe.

0810 As soon as I wrote the above and drove lime spreading tractor off the field, tried to change into rubicon 9000... FS19 froze, ZOC! Smiley :(

Reloaded the game from savegame and uh oh still had several rows of lime spreading to do in that save Smiley :(

This could be one of the things that makes me ultimately stop playing on (PMC Grande Gardens) 16km terrain as how could you enjoy game-play when it could freeze at any moment?

During my other career savegame I tried to track down the issue but had no luck, I don't know what causes the freeze. Logical conclusion is some sort of memory limit or performance whatever bogging that 16km terrain is just too large for this piece of crap FS19 engine to handle.

For this savegame and most likely to all other 16km terrain saves, I set the auto-safe frequency to 5min. Its painful with 16km terrain file sizes when it saves that stuff often and causes delay on ESC menu, but its more annoying when you lose a lot of progress due game freeze for no reason.

0834 Started fertilizing F33, courseplay ETA 2h 6min

While the lone rubicon is spraying I decided to go pick up the lowboy trailer with another rubicon from other side of the terrain, I sold the crap mod freedom truck because it gave errors. I guess there is need for a new truck but I'm in cheapo mode and decided to go pick up the lowboy rig with my existing one, its not like this truck has anything better to do while rubicon is working two hours on F33.

0912 Arrived with the truck and lowboy, but when unloading rubicon and switching to it FS19 froze, again. Luckily this time I had neurotic savegame frequency.
0918 Restored savegame, started first rubicon on courseplay, switched to second and started to refill from LSFM universal tank fertilizer... and ZOC, freeze.
0928 Finally got both rubicons under one courseplay course, now I'll just let them run without touching the keyboard to get some progress done.
1016 Finished fertilizing F33

01/early-spring in-game 1800hrs it started to become dark, after parking rubicons next to F35 it was time acceleration time until next morning daylight.

1025 Started fertilizing F35, courseplay ETA 19min, 2x tools
1047 Finished fertilizing F35

Looks like everything is done that I can do with these fields owned. Next thing to happen is weather ground temperature needs to increase so I can cheat command plant the canola, sunflowers and soybeans that were lost in savegame / seasons porting.

Also regular seeding of canola and corn need more temperature. Weather forecast predicts very cold weather even several days from now which is fine, 24 day season so I got all the time in the world (with these fields).

1131 Took a small break
1337 Back, lets continue farming.

So now we time accelerate until weather is warm enough for us to cheat-seed and properly seed Smiley :)

03/early-spring in-game 0712hrs some weed patches start to appear in my fields, have to keep an eye on those if they need spraying.
08/early-spring in-game 1526hrs weather forecast now shows above +6C even minimum temperatures so once the soil warms up to that, then it shouldn't drop below anymore so I'm good to go with canola seeding and cheat cmd planting.
09/early-spring in-game 0320hrs soil temperature hit +6C, alright.

Fast forwarded to the morning daylight, checked weather forecast and it looks good, lowest temperature is for today right now in fact +8C and it just gets warmer from here. Okay lets plant those cheat cmd canolas and break out Big Bud 747 with Seed Hawk for some canola seeding.

1409 Dev console cheat command planted germinated, 100% fertilized, weeded, limed and plowed canola to F39 just as it was before savegame porting.
1412 Started seeding canola F33, courseplay ETA 5h 18min

Five hours of seeding hehe, wonder how many refills does it take, better get that fendt 1050 with elmers haulmaster stocked up with seeds.

My budget is 1.460m so there is plenty of money to buy another seed hawk setup to speed up seeding, but as said I'm still on the cheapo mode here and I want to be cautious with my investments. Once the next harvest is done I'll be rolling in money heh. Hopefully this is last of such extremely long field works, I mean 5hrs is a lifetime gaming wise... its just ridiculous time to sit and wait tractor driving back and forth in a field...

The important thing to remember is that I cant do anything else, the cheat cmd plants for soybeans and sunflowers are not possible due soil temperature, same goes for the corn proper seeding for the other fields. Yeah I guess I could herbicide spray... but honestly dunno if thats even necessary yet. All I can really do is sit, wait and watch seed hawk going around and around... for five hours.

I really should have just bought two more seed hawk setups to cut this time, its just not sane to play video game like this where you cannot do anything but watch and honestly the watching after first about 10-15min... is for nothing, yeah big bud driving around in a field, so? hehe

Anyways I have been ranting about farmsim being a huge time sink and especially a waste of my valuable editing time, so this is nothing new. Okay, back to watching big bud drive around...

1619 First refill of seed hawk seeds
1748 Took a quick break to watch Adventures of Ford Fairlane 1080p bluray movie Smiley :)
1824 Second refill of seed hawk seeds
1937 Finished seeding canola F33

Finally the five hour seeding was done, uuh. It was time for me to call it a night, assuming and hoping I'll continue tomorrow enthusiastically.

2019-10-24T0515 FS19 started up, lets do some farming.

0519 Time accelerated and soil temp got to +7C, cheat command planted sunflowers to F34 just as it was before savegame porting.
0532 Started seeding canola F37, courseplay ETA 1h 21min
0535 Purchased herbicide refill tank for 8.5k
0548 Started spraying F33, courseplay ETA 1h 6min, 2x tools
0659 Finished seeding canola F37
0708 Finished spraying F33
0717 Started spraying F35, courseplay ETA 16min, 2x tools
0740 Finished spraying F35
0743 Started spraying F36, courseplay ETA 17min, 2x tools
0804 Finished spraying F36
0805 Started spraying F37, courseplay ETA 18min, 2x tools
0827 Finished spraying F37
0832 FS19 froze the second time today

16/mid-spring over night soil temperature warmed up to +10C, I'm ready for corn and soybeans seeding.

0904 Cheat command planted soybeans to F38 just as it was before savegame porting.
0906 Purchased seeder 325hp 27m john deere db90 322.1k

That DB90 planter was pretty expensive, budget now 1.053m. After filling it up I realized its capacity is only 3523 liters for seeds, not sure if I'm ruined by seed hawk but that amount feels ridiculously low, I bet it will be dozen refills even for 50ha field hehe. Of course no laughing matter if corn planting will be so painful but yeah.

I'm going to check out the DB120 planter after next harvest maybe it has more capacity, it should but who knows. Of course down the line when my operations grow larger, I'm going to get maybe fleet of 4 of these planters, that gives you some high capacity.

0926 Started seeding corn F36, courseplay ETA 1h 34min
0940 Headland was done and 91 liters of seeds left, haha

0946 Was pissed off, went and loaded up elmers haulmaster with 70k liters of seeds, should be enough for these two fields.

1017 DB90 had done like two rows and already had to refill it twice, I was extremely frustrated and already googled "the best" corn planter.

1104 Uuh I'm dying here, the hell if I'm gonna do the other field with this garbage planter haha, I'm going to try DB120 next and it it sucks then I'll just get two maybe even four default giants great plains planters which has 5800 liter capacity so they have a lot of endurance for courseplay use.

1159 Finished seeding corn F36

1206 Started to seed corn to F35 because there was still 2700 liters of seeds left in this DB90 crap. Plan is to go swap this to DB120.

1224 Purchased seeder john deere db120 for 472k, sold john deere for 255.8k, budget now 837.3k

Damn where have my millions gone? heh, yep if you buy a planter and use it a bit, the price drops dramatically. If you need to test out vehicles; LEASE.

1236 Started seeding corn F35, courseplay ETA 49min
1359 Finished seeding corn F35
1400 Sold john deere db120 for 376.2k, budget now 1.213m

All fields are now seeded, next is some fertilizing and keeping an eye on any possible weeds on F38 and F39.

1405 Started fertilizing F36, courseplay ETA 19min, 2x tools
1429 Finished fertilizing F36
1430 Started fertilizing F35, courseplay ETA 18min, 2x tools
? Finished fertilizing F35
1501 Started fertilizing F37, courseplay ETA 17min, 2x tools
1521 Finished fertilizing F37

All the field work is done (assuming no weeds appear). Now we just time accelerate until our crops grow Smiley :)

17/late-spring in-game 0707hrs field crop growth stage switched, we have plants growing now, nice.

I was walking around my fields (ok running as the fields are so large), got into one high spot where I can see three fields at once, I was in north east corner of F36 with nice small corn plants growing. It was so nice to stand there in those fully fertilized fields after all that work I put in them. Those who know the feeling are the true farmsim fanatics Smiley :)

1639 It was time for a break, did not know how long it will be so shut down PMC Gaming computer just in case.

2019-10-25T0335 Started up FS19, I think today is harvest day Smiley :)

0338 Fendt 1050 with elmers haulmaster 2000 has 31k liters of seeds in it, lets go dump those back to seed factory so we have room for grain.
0422 Time accelerating 21/late-spring in-game 0659hrs and F38 is still in germinated state, not growing yet. I'm afraid we're gonna have a problem with F38.
0442 In-game 01/early-summer 0616hrs and field stages are still the same, today is the first day of canola harvest season.
0447 Next time acceleration in-game day 02/early-summer 0635hrs switched growth stage for all fields, F38 growing soybeans, we're all good.
0536 In-game 07/early-summer 1503hrs corn sell price in sell point 1 (very close) is 1512 which is very nice.

I think its time to make a courseplay route to sell grain in sell point 1, to make some money out of that 880.5k liters of corn I have in the farm bin silo. Crops are growing so have nothing better to do.

0548 Sold corn to sell point 1 for 89.2k
0610 Sold corn to sell point 1 for 89.2k
0611 Quick exit from FS19 ...

Tested BsM trailer tipper 70000/6 on PMC Farm Lab, no errors so I added it to this savegame.

0621 Sold krampe SB II 30/1070 trailer for 57.4k
0623 Purchased trailer semi-tipper 70000/6 with oversize load option for 69.1k
0636 Sold corn to sell point 1 for 105.8k, gotta love 70k liters of trailer capacity heh
0650 Sold corn to sell point 1 for 105.9k, market price now 1513
0704 Sold corn to sell point 1 for 105.9k (actually just missed this being ALT-TABbed heh)
0719 Sold corn to sell point 1 for 105.9k
0732 Sold corn to sell point 1 for 105.9k
0746 Sold corn to sell point 1 for 106k, market price now 1514
0800 Sold corn to sell point 1 for 106k
0814 Sold corn to sell point 1 for 106k
0828 Sold corn to sell point 1 for 106k
0842 Sold corn to sell point 1 for 106k, this was the last full trailer load
0850 Loaded up 62.5k liters of corn, farm bin silo is now empty
0856 Sold corn to sell point 1 for 94.8k

That is it, all of the 880k liters of corn sold. Budget now 2.530m

Then it was more time acceleration waiting for my crops to grow.

08/early-summer in-game 0604hrs no weeds in sight, good. Crops are growing nicely, cant wait to start some harvesting.

0909 Accepted contract for fertilizing F03
0921 Started fertilizing F03, contract. Courseplay ETA 1h 16min
1015 While I was refilling the rubicon FS19 froze up on me again
1049 Finished fertilizing F03, contract, collected contract reward 272.8k

Budget now 2.803m

Brought the fertilizing rig back to farm HQ and refilled UTTS, then... well exited from FS19, will need to take a break at least lunch break maybe even more. I'm not exactly bored, but just the "driving passion" to play right now is not there, my mind is on linux media center software and tv stuff heh.

1910 Back in FS19, upgraded courseplay which includes major upgrade to some turning stuff, lets hope its a good upgrade.

09/mid-summer in-game 0616hrs doing some time acceleration until crops grow to harvest ready stage. Need to get this harvest started.

1919 Alright F33, F37 and F39 canola are now harvest ready, lets get started! Smiley :)

And of course I need to go switch corn headers at my farm first heh, nice little drive with combines Smiley :)

Decided to start with F39 as the regular headers were right next to the field and also its by my farm where I will be traveling back and forth many times so better to get it cleared out from the way.

1934 Started harvesting canola F39, courseplay ETA 5h 7min, 2x tools

Man it felt great to be back in harvesting after all that hard work I put into these fields. This is the first harvest using seasons on PMC Grande Gardens 16km Start From Zero savegame.

2020 Dumped first 70k trailer load of canola into farm bin silo
2019-10-26T0107 Had to go to sleep, too tired...

0821 Back at PMC Gaming, FS19 started up, lets wrap up this F39 harvest!
0909 Finished harvesting canola F39

F39 is 131.058 ha in size so its no small field, harvesting it was fun it didn't feel tedious grind at all, I enjoyed it greatly. I'm sure once I finish all my current fields... I wont be feeling the same enjoy hehe

So F39 was ported over from older savegame before terrain v0.1.3 and Seasons, this is why I had to use dev console cheat commands (cheat is a dirty word, its just dev console tools to me) to port/restore the field to the stage it was in the old savegame.

This field was plowed, limed, 0% weeds and 100% fertilization. The size was as just said 131ha and I harvested this "perfect" canola total of 1,373,611 liters!

That is a crazy amount of canola. Now think about that I still have F37 (54.919 ha) and the monster F33 (218.068 ha) left, imagine what my farm bin silo total amount of canola is when all of it will be harvested. Oh wow, I told you I'll be rolling in money Smiley :)

PMC Grande Gardens 16km v0.1.3 still do not have train track connection to a sell point so I need to decide if I'm going to haul this insane amount of grain using trucks or will I edit the terrain to add these train sell point connections and then again port over the savegame (which is not easy with seasons). I'm most likely just be lazy, play it safe and haul the grain with trucks.

0927 Taking a quick break to cook and eat food now, usually I don't shut down FS19 for such small breaks but now I will.
1054 Food cooked and eaten, FS19 launched back up, lets continue farming.

I started fresh new save with v0.1.3, then copied over terrain.heightmap.png from Start From Zero savegame, loaded fresh save up and with cheat money bought all the lands around my farm and the shop, then terrain landscape sculpted smoothed and leveled all the train track road crossings which were giving me a lot of trouble passing. Saved and copied edited smoothed terrain.heightmap.png back over to Start From Zero savegame.

Took 70k liters of canola from the farm bin silo and dumped it to fuel factory, we need fuel. Farm bin silo canola now 1.303 million liters. Too bad the fuel factory counts as bin silo so when I dumped there my canola owned liter count went back up to original number. This means I cant accurately count how many liters of harvest do I get from the other fields, oh well its not that important anyways.

Refilled FST 990 with 1200 liter of diesel and drove to refill the combines in F39. Topped off first one but ran out of diesel just before second combine was full.

Then drive all the vehicles to F37, drove grain truck route to farm bin silo and we were ready to harvest this field. Had to make combine course with headland because the train tracks are so close by in the north end, combines would collide with train otherwise.

1121 Started harvesting canola F37, courseplay ETA 2h 19min, 2x tools
1415 Finished harvesting canola F37

Time to take another cooking food lunch break here while shutting down FS19 for the duration (just want to relax and do the chore, then come back).

1625 Food got cooked and eaten, now its time to farm. First I need to dump all the harvested canola.

Finished dumping all the canola and farm bin silo has now 2,029,000 liters of canola.

Next field to harvest is the monster F33 (218.068 ha), that will take me rest of the day and most likely cant finish it before going to sleep tonight. This is also tricky field because grain truck trailer needs to across train tracks and I'm sure it will collide with the train sooner or later, no idea how bad that will end up for the truck and I rather not find out.

Decided to test how railroad silo 3 works as its right next to F33 its easy and safe to dump there. So I did dump 25.3k liters there and that grain shows up under "Silos (Other)" tab, nice. I don't actually remember how large the individual railroad silo is but they are very large, probably like ten million liters. Now I can to use the train to haul that grain or just truck to pick it up from the silo itself.

1642 Started harvesting canola F33, courseplay ETA 8h 27min, 2x tools

Oh man eight and a half hours of straight up harvesting and that's assuming the combines never stop, also I believe the turns are not calculated only the driving part, so that time is much longer (not sure). Anyways clearly this will continue long into tomorrow, if not more depending how bored I get.

My combines need an upgrade too, midwest durus 16.5m headers and at least one more combine probably two.

1755 My fridge gave electric spike and messed up windows 7, mouse didn't work. Had to exit and even cold reboot whole computer.
1920 Had to call it quits, something TV related came up so gotta go, more farming tomorrow.

2019-10-27T0651 Back at PMC Gaming, FS19 booted up, lets continue harvesting F33.

2x ACGO Ideal 9t combines with macdon FD75 13.7m headers gives me as grain cart driver a lot of downtime, currently as often it is I'm watching youtube farming videos while the combines are filling up. I have more than two million money so I could have easily upgraded my combine fleet but decided to do this field/harvest(?) with these existing ones.

I'm undecided if in the upgrade I'm going with Platinum Edition (Claas DLC) lexion 8900 combines with their 18k liter grain tanks, not sure if I can hook up midwest durus 16.5m headers or even the macdons to them, I have not seen any upgrades to those header mods so either they work as-is or ... don't. One thing is for sure, I need the midwest durus wide headers.

0841 Had to actually wait for grain truck in my grain cart tractor while two combines were waiting for me. It took a while but grain truck finally got bogged down, need to buy another one to keep the crops flowing to the bin nice and smooth.
0925 Night has fallen, 10/mid-summer in-game 2145hrs, had to turn on lights its getting very dark now, planning on skipping the night when its pitch black.
0932 Cant see combines or grain truck from distance anymore, okay its night skip time. Also will refuel my vehicles while I'll stop them.

This is what I love about large terrains and large scale farming, refueling logistics come into play.

0940 All done, 11/mid-summer in-game 0629hrs skipped the night and refueled all the vehicles, we are good to go.
1303 Lunch break, decided to exit from FS19 while feeding.
1332 Lunch break over, lets continue farming.
1703 Finished harvesting canola F33

I was doing all kind of small stuff on the background while combines were getting full, I will change this setup now by purchasing two more combines with midwest durus monster headers, another grain truck and even the coolamon montherbin to buffer.

While F33 harvest was not really painful it still was quite tedious in the end, if I didn't have something to do on the background, like the last two hours or so I was text editing so I could see FS19 screen on the background so that went pretty ok, without it I would have been bored to death.

Now I have F38 which is soybeans, that yield is much less than canola, but then F35 and F36 are corn and oh my that will yield like crazy.

Refueled all the vehicles again after driving them SW corner of F38. Then I checked how much canola we have in railroad silo 3 and its 2.873 million liters Smiley :)

I am scared to even think how much farm bin silo 2m and railroad silo 2.8m liters will sell for heh, that is going to be so much money whoah Smiley :)

1718 Time to take a small break, hopefully wont end playing for today but it just might be, the upcoming soybean harvest is not crazy but I wonder if I could finish it tonight before snoozing off, so we'll see...

1832 Started FS19 with Platinum Edition so I can use the Claas DLC vehicles.
1833 Sold macdon FD75 header for 55.7k and 55.5k, sold agco ideal 9t for 400.9k and 400.6k

- harvester claas lexion 8900 18k liter with guidance steering 504.5k
- header 18m midwest durus with colors 169.4k

1837 Purchased 4x the above, budget now 1.009m

- header 12m corn capello quasar hs16 with color 91.2k

1928 Purchased the above times two

Leased claas scorpion 1033 telehandler for 4.8k and magsi bale fork for 61, so I can lift the corn headers to low boy in order to transport them to our farm. But that idea failed badly, the telehandler was no way capable of lifting those huge headers haha.

Leased rostselmash combine for 15.2k, used it to lift the headers into low boy. Returned the combine right away. Drove the truck with low boy headers into our farm.

1951 Sold fuel tank for 2.8k
1952 Purchased coolamon mother bin 100t for 117k
2014 Claas Lexion 8900's and coolamon mother bin are parked next to F38, now we time accelerate for crops to grow.

Something weird happened with the leased vehicles, I returned all my leased menu was EMPTY, but I still keep getting 1200 vehicle running costs nightly, I don't get it.

Restarted FS19 and now 01/early-autumn in-game 0939hrs fields are ready to harvest, alright.

2133 Started harvesting soybeans F38, courseplay ETA 1h 14min, 4x tools
2325 So tired that I'm snoozing off, gotta call it a night here, more farming tomorrow.

2019-10-28T0535 Started FS19 already some time ago but forgot to write it down heh, anyways back to farming, lets get these harvests done.
0605 Finished harvesting soybeans F38

First field harvested with new Claas Lexion 8900 with Midwest Durus 18m header on it, I love it. Excellent combine setup Smiley :)

Why did I harvest F33 with only two combines using 13.7m headers, I do not know... hehe. It is so much nicer with four and with these monster headers which cut half the field in one pass heh.

Now we have three corn header fields left.

Dumped last load of soybeans, got 837.8k liters total. Nice harvest from one field.

0627 Lunch break, exited from FS19 for enjoyable meal...
0649 Okay fed myself a days first meal, time to continue farming.

0722 Started harvesting corn F36, courseplay ETA 1h 24min, 4x tools
0956 Finished harvesting corn F36

Then relocating coolamon mother bin and grain truck courseplay route to the side of the next field.

1018 Started harvesting corn F35, courseplay ETA 1h 23min, 4x tools
1325 Finished harvesting corn F35

Got really exhausted playing, already knew before this field was completed that will stop playing for today when its done.

1327 Shut down FS19 for today, way too exhausted, more farming tomorrow...

2019-10-29T1056 FS19 started up, lets continue harvesting.

Moved coolamon mother bin into position east of F34. Recorded new grain truck courseplay course. Unloaded all combines from corn, sent grain truck with the last remaining corn to dump into farm bin silo.

Corn harvest was 2.179m liters, quite nice haul, will take a while to sell that as well unless I'll get that train track sell point added heh.

Refueled all the vehicles again, got to love large scale farming logistics Smiley :)

01/early-autumn in-game 1956hrs night is quickly falling, I'm not going to harvest in a night so its time acceleration to skip the night.

1154 Started harvesting sunflowers F34, courseplay ETA 1h 24min, 4x tools
1342 Finished harvesting sunflowers F34

That's it all the harvest have been completed for this season (unless double cropping that is).

Sunflowers harvest got me 647.4k liters of grain.

Felt great accomplishment by preparing and harvesting all these existing fields when looking at the huge amount of grain in our farm bin silo plus in the railroad silo 3. But at the same time while I was not bored or exhausted... I did feel a bit overwhelmed to start all of this over again because I'm either going to time accelerate for better market prices and sell grain or start the field work loop all over again.

It was funny that I was just sitting there looking at the mapview wondering what should I do next heh, obviously I need to do something because just watching gets me nowhere (fast heh) Smiley :)

Its not that I don't want to farm, I do, but the amount of work in real life 16hrs DAYS is a lot if I would now start to prepare the fields for the next planting season.

I would like to sell the grain to get millions of money so I could buy more land and possibly even upgrade some vehicles for example plowing two times 55ha with only one 15m plow doesn't sound very appealing to me, also only one seed hawk setup is not enough for these existing fields. But for selling the grain I need to buy at least another truck and more likely edit PMC Grange Gardens 16km terrain itself to include train track sell point so I can capture that amazing feeling of truly large scale farming logistics grain sell events like in FS17 Cornbelt using the train.

1438 Decided to take a little break, not from PMC Gaming but just to check out some other FS19 terrain stuff while I let the idea what to do next marinate a bit.

Was looking into adding train selling points but because of seasons savegame... its not going to be easy without creating a new savegame and I really don't want to do that right now. So I decided to just keep continue playing like this, time accelerating not doing any double cropping. Lets see how the crop sell prices change and which selling point they lead to. If its something silly like other side of the terrain... then dunno maybe I could do that train edit hehe

1655 Back in PMC Grande Gardens 16km, time acceleration continues...

23/late-autumn in-game 0801hrs canola market price is 2287 on selling point 10, its time to sell some grain Smiley :)

First I need to upgrade my equipment, going to buy another semi-tipper 70k liter trailer, this time with dolly and another trailer which gives me 140k combined carrying capacity in single load. Thats pretty nice for a semi truck.

- 2x trailer semi-tipper 70000/6 69k
- trailer semi-tipper 70000/6 with oversize load option 69.1k
- 2x dolly 10l 9k

1820 Purchased above list, budget now 415k

Budget sidenote, I get charged vehicle running costs about 1k - 1.5k every night, I don't know why. It started when I purchased the claas lexion 8900s and I suspect there was some bug with the leased telehandler and combine, I returned those, my leased menu is empty yet I get charge for fees.

1842 Sold canola in selling point 10 for 160.1k + 160.1k
1859 Sold canola in selling point 10 for 160.1k + 160.1k

Went and picked up the other semi-tipper 70k trailer with dolly from the shop using my other semi truck. Next I'm going to transfer all the canola from railroad silo 3 to farm bin silo. Yes tedious, I will get around to add the train connections and selling points one day heh.

1918 Sold canola in selling point 10 for 160.1k + 160.1k

When I had two semi trucks using 140k trailer capacity hauling grain from railroad silo 3 to farm bin silo... I felt like come on man, ANYTHING would be faster than this, I should have just gone and edited the terrain to add train depot connectivity with selling points, but no... I wanted to continue this same save to maintain the seasons save stuff hehe.

Oh well I'm definitely doing those edits ASAP and the next game-play harvest wise will be on the new terrain edits with proper train connectivity.

2046 Sold canola in selling point 10 for 160.2k + 160.2k
2048 Sold canola in selling point 10 for 160.2k + 160.2k
2103 Sold canola in selling point 10 for 160.2k + 160.2k
2105 Sold canola in selling point 10 for 160.2k + 160.2k
2121 Sold canola in selling point 10 for 160.3k + 160.3k
2124 Sold canola in selling point 10 for 160.3k + 160.2k
2140 Sold canola in selling point 10 for 160.2k + 160.2k
2142 Sold canola in selling point 10 for 160.2k + 160.2k
2157 Sold canola in selling point 10 for 160.2k + 160.2k
2159 Sold canola in selling point 10 for 160.2k + 160.2k
2215 Sold canola in selling point 10 for 160.3k + 160.3k
2217 Sold canola in selling point 10 for 160.3k + 160.3k

Canola market prices were increasing in selling point 6 so once they hit 2321 and stabilized there, I switched courseplay course to that location. Had to record a new course. Because of the train system being incomplete I drove my trucks unrealistically straight line across AI owned fields etc.

I was even considering cheating by looking at the market prices and how many liters I have grain, then edit savegame and just replace the grain with equal amount of money completely skipping the trucking... but that was just a quick thought nothing serious, if you are lazy enough not to edit the terrain for train selling points then shut the hell up and drive the trucks! Smiley :)

But yeah it all comes down to the crazy time sink that farmsim is, I really do not need my own terrain editing decisions (laziness) to cause any extra time wasted with this game heh. Anyways.

2234 Sold canola in selling point 6 for 162.5k + 162.5k
2254 Sold canola in selling point 6 for 162.5k + 162.5k
2255 Sold canola in selling point 6 for 162.5k + 162.5k
2314 Sold canola in selling point 6 for 162.5k + 162.5k
2316 Sold canola in selling point 6 for 162.5k + 162.5k
2336 Sold canola in selling point 6 for 162.6k + 162.6k
2338 Sold canola in selling point 6 for 162.6k + 162.6k
2358 Sold canola in selling point 6 for 162.6k + 162.6k
2359 Sold canola in selling point 6 for 162.6k + 162.6k

2019-10-30T0019 Sold canola in selling point 6 for 162.6k + 162.6k
0021 Sold canola in selling point 6 for 162.6k + 162.6k
0038 Sold canola in selling point 6 for 162.6k + 162.6k
0040 Sold canola in selling point 6 for 162.6k + 162.6k
0058 Sold canola in selling point 6 for 162.6k + 162.6k
0100 Sold canola in selling point 6 for 162.6k + 162.6k

This latest sell broke 10 million money limit, very cool. I told ya the harvest of all those fields will produce so much money I will be rolling in it Smiley :)

0118 Sold canola in selling point 6 for 162.6k + 162.6k
0120 Sold canola in selling point 6 for 162.6k + 162.6k

And with that sell it was time for me to call it a night, dead tired yawning like crazy here. More farming tomorrow, maybe some land purchases Smiley :)

0844 FS19 fired up, lets wrap up the grain selling and get them moneys Smiley :)

0906 Sold canola in selling point 6 for 162.7k + 162.7k
0907 Sold canola in selling point 6 for 162.7k + 162.7k
0916 Loaded up last of the canola
0927 Sold canola in selling point 6 for 162.7k + 109.3k

Okay last load of canola has been sold, budget now 11.662m Smiley :D

24/late-autumn in-game 0740hrs, time accelerated into the morning while planning on some purchases.

1018 Made some great land purchases, purchased land lot with:
F23 and F24 for 647.2k
F26 for 833.8k
F25 and F27 for 674k
F28 and F29 for 1.103m
F04 for 4.603m

And some vehicle upgrades, gotta put some power to the ground quicker.

- 4x planter 280hp 18.2m 5800 liter great plains yp-2425a 142k
- 4x tractor case 300 optum with guidance steering, twin wheels and engine upgrade 277.5k
- seeder 640hp 25.6m vaderstad seed hawk xl toolbar 84ft 290k
- seeder air cart seed hawk 980 air cart with twin rear wheels 190k
- tractor big bud 747 with gps and twin wheels 432k
- spreader bredal k165 with extension and 6m spreading unit for 76k
- 2x tractor case 240 with guidance steering and twin wheels 231.5k
- plow 400hp 15m john deere 2623 5-section disc 95k
- tractor to pull cultivator big bud 450 with gps and twin wheels 252k

1028 Purchased the above list, budget now 248.2k Smiley :)

Shopping! Shopping! Smiley ;)

Well this massive upgrade to our farm land lots and equipment should last us for couple of harvests maybe. I think our plowing and cultivating strenght is a bit weak so we'll see how it goes.

I was thinking of doing one harvest with PMC Grande Gardens 16km v0.1.3 and once I have mega amounts of crops in farm bin silo and possibly in some railroad silos, I can then do the terrain edits and upgrade terrain plus seasons savegame which definitely is not going to be easy.

- cultivator 400hp 20m john deere 2410 5 section 75k

1059 Purchased above as my fleet was one short.

1126 Started fertilizing F39, courseplay ETA 40min, 2x tools

In some odd way after all that time spent harvesting... it felt refreshing, really good to be back in "regular" field work like fertilizing, heh sounds strange I know. I bet this mood quickly passes when we get into those 2hrs+ courseplay ETA's haha

For crop rotation I made a field info list of all my fields now, but still trying to learn to memorize all that legume, oilseed, nightshade and fallow stuff so I can just take a glance at the mapview and right away know what to seed/plant next or if I need to leave the field fallow.

I'm not sure if seasons crop rotation is just the extra layer of fertilization, or do I get yield penalty even with 100% fertilized, limed, plowed and 0% weeds when I spam the same crop type over and over again. Seasons manual does not state anything regarding this, I think it assumes users "get it" fully from the crop rotation planner menu tool. Edit: yes crop rotation gives you penalty even with everything 100% ok if you just keep spamming like soybeans every year.

1215 Finished fertilizing F39
1217 The game froze when started refilling rubicon 9000 from utts-32000 tanker, as usual
1223 Once again finished fertilizing F39 Smiley ;)
1225 Unbelievable! Drove rubicons and tanker truck next to F38, saved game, started to refill first rubicon and ZZZZUP, freeze Smiley :(
1228 Started fertilizing F38, courseplay ETA 30min, 2x tools
1308 Finished fertilizing F38
1319 Started lime spreading F39, courseplay ETA 1h 25min, 3x tools

Three lime spreader vehicles and still it takes movie duration to do this medium sized field, heck I consider this to be small field.

1320 Started fertilizing F37, courseplay ETA 20min, 2x tools
1343 Finished fertilizing F37
1345 Started fertilizing F36, courseplay ETA 17min, 2x tools
1407 Finished fertilizing F36
1414 Started fertilizing F35, courseplay ETA 17min, 2x tools
1416 Started ploughing F36, courseplay ETA 1h 25min, 2x tools

Surprising how relatively little time it takes to plow this field, I was expecting my first 2hrs+ ETA. Well not to worry, those are coming soon hehe.

Then performance went to crap, had 7 vehicles running under courseplay courses (so hired AI) and 20 FPS, oh man it was awful to play a game with such performance Smiley :(

Don't want to sound overly dramatic but everytime this 20 FPS crap performance happens I get the immediate feeling of just shutting down and uninstalling FS19 because why would you play a game with well, unplayable performance. 20 FPS is like vic-20 in the early 80's Smiley :(

1437 Finished fertilizing F35
1438 Started fertilizing F34, courseplay ETA 17min, 2x tools
1501 Finished fertilizing F34
1505 Started fertilizing F33, courseplay ETA 1h 5min, 2x tools
1517 Finished lime spreading F39
1519 Started lime spreading F38, courseplay ETA 1h 5min, 3x tools
1550 Finished ploughing F36
1552 Started ploughing F35, courseplay ETA 1h 25min, 2x tools
1618 Finished fertilizing F33
1634 Finished lime spreading F38
1636 Started lime spreading F37, courseplay ETA 39min, 3x tools
1641 Started fertilizing F04, courseplay ETA 4h 2min, 2x tools
1721 Finished lime spreading F37
1727 Finished ploughing F35

Seems like lime spreading and plowing tasks ended within minutes of each other and now I have a long wait because I need fertilizing but the rubicons are tied up on F04 like close to four hours heh. I could of course go load bredals with solid fertilizer and continue, hmm we'll see.

Took Big Bud 450 and went to fix small plow line on south edge of F33. It makes no difference in yields but pisses me off as there is nasty red line for no reason, this will fix it. Also fixed couple of missed spots and corners on F34-F36 and eastern edge line on F34.

1816 Started lime spreading F34, courseplay ETA 37min, 3x tools
1858 Finished lime spreading F34

At this point the rubicons on F04 still had 2hrs to go and I decided to go watch some TV in the mean time. Yes I know I know, courseplay playing the game for your while you leave the computer is... no way of farming, but I literally have nothing to do here except watch rubicons drive back and forth especially when there is the constant fear of game freezes if I would start go goof around something. So TV it is at least for this time.

2105 Finished fertilizing F04, well still have to fix SE corner but...
2127 Lunch break and tv watching over, 24/late-autumn in-game 1902hrs its dark, time acceleration until morning

Took a few moments but the SE corner was finished.

2157 Started fertilizing F23, courseplay ETA 17min, 2x tools
2216 Finished fertilizing F23
2218 Started fertilizing F35, courseplay ETA 20min, 2x tools
2240 Finished fertilizing F35
2241 Started fertilizing F36, courseplay ETA 17min, 2x tools
2246 Started lime spreading F35, courseplay ETA 39min, 3x tools
2301 Finished fertilizing F36
2305 Started fertilizing F37, courseplay ETA 17min, 2x tools
2326 Finished fertilizing F37
2328 Finished lime spreading F35
2335 Started lime spreading F36, courseplay ETA 37min, 3x tools
2340 Started fertilizing F39, courseplay ETA 41min, 2x tools

2019-10-31T0016 Finished lime spreading F36
0024 Finished fertilizing F39
0026 Started fertilizing F38, courseplay ETA 32min, 2x tools
0043 Started cultivating F39, courseplay ETA 2h 8min, 2x tools
0101 Finished fertilizing F38

0106 Getting dead tired, its been a long farming day, gotta get some shut eye. More farming tomorrow, maybe we can get this first round of field work wrapped up heh.

0848 Back at PMC Gaming, FS19 booted up, we continue...

0900 Started fertilizing F34, courseplay ETA 19min, 2x tools
0922 Finished fertilizing F34
1009 Started fertilizing F26, courseplay ETA 44min, 2x tools
1054 Courseplay was not configured properly and big bud 450 with john deere 2410 cultivator left nasty patches at the end of the field, so GPS manual fixing
1101 Finished fertilizing F26
1105 Finished cultivating F39

Took a 20min break to refresh myself.

1129 Started spraying F26, courseplay ETA 43min, 2x tools
1147 Started cultivating F36, courseplay ETA 55min, 2x tools
1214 Finished spraying F26
1232 Started fertilizing F24, courseplay ETA 23min, 2x tools
1255 Finished fertilizing F24
1256 Finished cultivating F36
1258 Started cultivating F35, courseplay ETA 55min, 2x tools
1302 Started fertilizing F28, courseplay ETA 31min, 2x tools

1330 Way too tired and mind going blank (bored?), time to take a nap...

1615 Nap over, now we work some ground
1623 Finished fertilizing F28
1638 Started lime spreading F24, courseplay ETA 48min, 3x tools
1645 Finished cultivating F35
1737 Finished lime spreading F24

01/early-winter in-game 1730hrs (heh almost same as in real life), night has fallen going to time accelerate until morning daylight.

1740 Started cultivating F34, courseplay ETA 55min, 2x tools
1748 Started fertilizing F25, courseplay ETA 24min, 2x tools
1819 Finished fertilizing F25
1841 Finished cultivating F34
1843 Started cultivating F33, courseplay ETA 3h 22min, 2x tools

2013 FS19 froze twice while refilling liquid fertilizer to rubicon 9000. My patience is running real thin here...

2015 Started fertilizing F34, courseplay ETA 19min, 2x tools
2038 Finished fertilizing F34

It was lunch time but I was so bored or... lack of farming enthusiasm that while going to eat I decided to leave F33 cultivating running alone. I almost always eat while playing but now I'm planning on watching some tv or something, otherwise I would just shut down PMC Gaming and probably not play anymore today. Hey at least I get the cultivating done today.

2235 Finished cultivating F33
2237 Started fertilizing F35, courseplay ETA 19min, 2x tools
2259 Finished fertilizing F35
2301 Started fertilizing F36, courseplay ETA 17min, 2x tools
2320 Finished fertilizing F36

2321 Its time to call it a night, even with lunch and tv breaks I cant keep enthusiam up it has just become a chore... we'll continue when we get the enthusiasm back...

2019-11-01T1454 Aand back at PMC Gaming as I have nothing better to do, firing up FS19 and off to farm.

Was really fed up playing yesterday. Today did my monthly chores and then just realized that nothing interests me editing wise, so as I had nothing else to do... I falled back to what I know, farming heh.

First I'm gonna take Fendt 1050 with john deere 2623 plow and go fix the edges on several fields which has annoying red plow line.

1512 Plow fixed edge in F04 east side
1516 Started fertilizing F33, courseplay ETA 1h 2min, 2x tools
1527 Plow fixed edge in F25 south and east sides
1531 Plow fixed edge in F29 south west side
1535 Plow fixed edge in F28 east side
1540 Started cultivating F04, courseplay ETA 13h 18min, 2x tools

Haha hilarious 13hrs field work Smiley :D

F04 is about 880 hectares so its a big boy. Was considering splitting it to two maybe even four sections, but decided to go as is. Courseplay generated 43,691 waypoint course heh.

PMC Grande Gardens 16km has about 5 fields of this size and then the monstrous biggest field in history. Interesting to see that courseplay did work on such field size, I have even seen over 50k waypoint courses but cant remember if this was back in FS17 hmm anyways.

This field work will not be finished today because I fall a sleep before this is done. Not only that but I get bored to DEATH if I'd sit here for 13hrs while big bud 450's are pulling john deere 2410 5 section cultivators around. But we will keep going and dunno most likely I watch some tv etc while this is running. Lets see how far we get today.

Oh and imagine once this field is seeded with canola, the amount of liters we get out of this will be insane Smiley :)

1628 Finished fertilizing F33
1705 Started ploughing F27, courseplay ETA 2h 32min
1717 Started fertilizing F39, courseplay ETA 41min, 2x tools
1812 Finished fertilizing F39
1951 Finished ploughing F27

2037 Bored out of my mind, F04 cultivating course still has 8h 15min left heh, I'm going to watch tv and idle on the background Smiley :)

2358 Started fertilizing F27, courseplay ETA 16min, 2x tools

2019-11-02T0015 Finished fertilizing F27
0047 Started ploughing F29, courseplay ETA 4h 59min

0445 Getting tired, time to get some shut eye. Hopefully can finish F04 tomorrow and in overall this season is pretty much over.

1229 Back at PMC Gaming, FS19 booted up, lets wrap up this field work prep for next season.

Courseplay with the 43k waypoint F04 course (and F29 plow course as well) really bogged down FS19 startup, it took over 10 minutes to parse through the existing saved courses before savegame was loaded. As always you should not save huge courses, but I rather save it and continue just by loading it than generating a brand new course after each startup and then try to align the vehicles to it.

1245 All three courseplay courses up and running, we continue...
1253 Update; plow courseplay ETA 56min, cultivator ETA 13min. We are slowly getting there
1314 Courseplay portion of F04 cultivating was done, now just have to GPS manually fix the SE corner (field definition issue)
1357 Finished cultivating F04
1405 Finished ploughing F29

Uuaah finally those life sucking practically day long field work tasks were done. Now still got two fields to cultivate and fertilize, then we are done for this season.

1421 Started cultivating F23, courseplay ETA 49min, 2x tools
1428 Started fertilizing F29, courseplay ETA 34min, 2x tools
1507 Finished fertilizing F29
1518 Finished cultivating F23
1523 Started cultivating F28, courseplay ETA 1h 36min, 2x tools
1532 Started fertilizing F23, courseplay ETA 17min, 2x tools
1552 Finished fertilizing F23
1707 Finished cultivating F28

03/early-winter in-game 1809hrs, its dark so time acceleration until the morning daylight.

1718 Started fertilizing F28, courseplay ETA 32min, 2x tools
1752 Finished fertilizing F28

All done for this season! Smiley :)

Here is the list for field states as of now, as you can see we have few fields which need to be fallow on next year and rest are ready for seeding/planting:

F04 seed canola
F23 seed corn
F24 seed soybeans
F25 seed soybeans
F26 all done, barley growing Smiley ;)
F27 seed corn, fert
F28 fallow?
F29 seed soybeans
F33 seed corn, fert
F34 seed corn
F35 fallow
F36 fallow
F37 seed corn, fert
F38 seed canola, fert
F39 fallow

There was few lucrative fertilizing contracts but I had so much work to do already that I really do not need any more haha. So next we are going to time accelerate until we pass the winter and arrive to spring when we are able to start seeding canola and then later corn and soybeans.

08/early-winter in-game 1535hrs corn market price hit record high (for me) 1556 and guess what... it was on selling point 8 which is basically IN my farm Smiley :)

So obviously I'll load up rubicons to low boy tailers and drive my trucks to the farm HQ and get ready for to sell my corn from the farm bin silo. Aayeah gimme that money!

1842 Sold corn in selling point 8 for 109k + 109k

Right after that first selling my hardware glitched so that mouse started to make windows beep noise every time I pressed LMB, so that mean I needed to reboot my machine.

1935 Computer restarted, FS19 back up, lets continue. Corn market price on selling point 8 is now 1561 and increasing.

1937 Sold corn in selling point 8 for 109.3k + 109.3k
1944 Time accelerated one hour and price stabilized at 1566, ok lets sell
1945 Sold corn in selling point 8 for 109.6k + 109.6k
1948 Sold corn in selling point 8 for 109.6k + 109.6k
1952 Sold corn in selling point 8 for 109.6k + 109.6k
1954 Sold corn in selling point 8 for 109.6k + 109.6k
1958 Sold corn in selling point 8 for 109.6k + 109.6k
2000 Sold corn in selling point 8 for 109.6k + 109.6k
2005 Sold corn in selling point 8 for 109.6k + 109.6k
2007 Sold corn in selling point 8 for 109.6k + 109.6k
2012 Sold corn in selling point 8 for 109.6k + 109.6k
2013 Sold corn in selling point 8 for 109.8k + 109.8k

Oh market price increased to 1569

2018 Sold corn in selling point 8 for 109.8k + 109.8k
2020 Sold corn in selling point 8 for 109.8k + 109.8k
2022 Loading last load, only 79k liters left in the bin silo
2024 Sold corn in selling point 8 for 109.8k + 109.8k, this was the last full truck load
2026 Sold corn in selling point 8 for 109.8k + 15.3k, thats it, all corn sold

Budget now 3.558m which is pretty nice amount, didn't even expect anything cool from the corn sales and almost forgot them for this season. I don't have any plans on purchasing anything, but definitely need to improve that cultivator and plough equipment as it takes forever to do those tasks now.

FS19 is such an crappy engine that once you have more than 5-6 vehicles running under courseplay (so hired AI) the performance goes to the dogs, when I was doing this seasons cultivating it was pretty constant 20 FPS performance which is atrociously bad. So if I buy more equipment it just means more lag, but yeah if two big bud 450's pulling john deere 2410's already cause at least 30 FPS maybe even less performance... when it sucks what difference it makes how much it sucks.

08/early-winter in-game 1940hrs started to time accelerate in small increments, corn market price topped at 1581.

09/mid-winter in-game 0153hrs it started to snow, at in-game 0835hrs there was snow in the ground even though the snowfall had ended hours before Smiley :)

Snow stayed in the ground for couple of in-game days.

22/late-winter sunflowers market price peaked at 2522 in selling point 7 (not that I care but I have 647k liters what needs to be sold).

It was 24/late-winter, I saved the game, backupped the saves, upgraded to Seasons v1.0.1.8-beta build 35 from 2019-10-31 and started the game back up again. We are ready for another year Smiley :)

01/early-spring sunflowers market price peaked 2551 in selling point 10. The price was good so decided to go sell the 647k liters I got.

2247 Sold sunflowers in selling point 10 for 178.4k + 178.4k
2248 Sold sunflowers in selling point 10 for 178.4k + 178.4k
2306 Sold sunflowers in selling point 10 for 178.4k + 178.4k
2307 Sold sunflowers in selling point 10 for 178.4k + 178.4k
2313 Loading up last of the sunflowers
2322 Sold sunflowers in selling point 10 for 178.4k + 44.3k

All the sunflowers are sold, budget now 5.169m

Was looking at the nearby fields and only thing right next to my farm are the monster sized fields to which I don't have enough money now and well F40 I would be save for last anyways as its the crown jewel of this terrain hehe.

So I'm going to purchase some vehicles, not sure what yet. My harvesters are good they are actually the best, the mentioned cultivating / ploughing equipment does need an upgrade for example the john deere 2410 to flexicoil st820 and just more plows and tractors.

Fertilizing... well two rubicon 9000's work pretty nice but I could of course get some more, but if my fields now take about 15-40min average to spray that is pretty ok. Having more sprayers is just more work to low boy them around I think. Sure at some point I do increase the sprayer number to four definitely but don't feel like doing it now.

Fertilizing tankers I could use more or rather dedicated fertilizing and herbicide UTTS-32000 tanker trailer so I don't have to swap that liquid back and forth every time.

Hmm what else... two seed hawks is fine and four great plains corn planters... dunno how many planters do we need for the big fields, still needs to be tested.

Actually to think of it more the vehicles and equipment are pretty decent already, just minor tweaks there to improve our fleet.

09/mid-spring in-game 0737hrs weather is now +6/+6C so I could seed canola but I'm in no hurry because four days from now weather forecast predicts minimum temperature of +3C which is deadly for new seeds. Not that the soil would cool down so much overnight but still, why risk it. With 24 day season there is so much days to time accelerate so lets not start too soon.

And hardware glitch again (its a long story and I wont be telling it here), had to cold reset the whole computer, luckily didn't lose any progress because I was just time accelerating waiting for seeding season weather.

11/mid-spring weather forecast predicts lowest temperature from now on is +8C (day after tomorrow), so guess I'll start seeding canola then. Planting season has started aayeah! Smiley :)

I am really excited about this planting season, so much work went into getting the fields ready so it feels very good now to start putting seed into the ground. It feels like I spent real life days to prepare these fields.

This is not yet the largest farmsim operation I have played, the seasons test on this same terrain was a bit bigger, but that was just test so it don't really count. I'm enthusiastic to grow my farm in this savegame which is legit, no cheating, no crap (ie placeable money making cheat mods like that other savegame I mentioned), cant wait until this savegame gets so big as the other one and yeah bigger of course as the goal is to purchase all the fields in this megalodon terrain Smiley :)

2019-11-03T0135 Started seeding canola F38, courseplay ETA 1h 11min, 2x tools

Oh man it felt so good to be running big bud 747 with seed hawk putting some seed to the ground, it feels like forever since I was seeding the last time, it definitely is real life days ago heh.

Headland wasnt even done yet when I was already thinking that hmm, maybe the seeding fleet does need an upgrade, four seed hawks doesn't sound that bad Smiley ;)

0251 Finished seeding canola F38

Ah first field in this second year seeded, great. Next on the list is that F04 my biggest field in this savegame which is monstrous 880 hectares... yeah I think we need to buy couple more seed hawk setups hehe.

But first I topped off these two guys with seeds.

0323 Purchased 2x big bud 747 and 2x seed hawk Smiley :)

Had to record courseplay course around F04 to get that nice outline for it, otherwise the generated course looks bad because terrains field definition is bugged somehow.

0351 Started seeding canola F04, courseplay ETA 5h 10min, 4x tools

Well five hours and ten minutes of seeding with FOUR seed hawks hehe. This is large scale farming, you knew we do things big so stop being shocked by these field work times hehe. But man imagine if I had started this with only two tools, over ten hours duration and surely they would have ran out of seeds couple of times Smiley :)

When we get to harvest this 880ha field, that will be fun day of game-play that's for sure heh Smiley ;)

0532 Third hardware glitch of today, that is a new record for me and sucks big time. I was already pretty tired on borrowed time so with this cold reset required to the computer I decided to call it a night. More farming tomorrow, refilling seed hawks is coming up.

1335 Back at PMC Gaming FS19 booted up, lets get those Big Bud 747's with Seed Hawk's rolling again, we got canola to seed! Smiley :)

1410 Refilled seed hawk seeds with 33k liters what I had left in elmers haulmaster, then sent haulmaster to pickup some more seeds
1510 Refilled seed hawk seeds
1641 Started fertilizing F38, courseplay ETA 29min, 2x tools
1713 Finished fertilizing F38
1725 Refilled seed hawk seeds

Four seed hawks seeding 880ha field require FOUR refills, that is pretty crazy. Also worth to mention that the fourth refill became just before last row, in the last row I needed only two big buds because how the courseplay course was generated, but yes 880ha == 4x seed hawk refill.

1749 Finished seeding canola F04
1801 Started seeding soybeans F25, courseplay ETA 30min, 4x tools

This F25 is 73.146 ha in size and its almost too small for four seed hawks. Well, almost... 30mins is nice time to seed and imagine multiplying that by four if we would be using only one tool. But yes with small fields you quickly can run into traffic jams and confusion on your own part that "which tool was going where again???" and that is no fun. Huge fields are much more simpler.

1850 Finished seeding soybeans F25
1905 Started seeding soybeans F29, courseplay ETA 41min, 4x tools
1956 Finished seeding soybeans F29
2008 Started seeding soybeans F24, courseplay ETA 31min, 4x tools
2048 Finished seeding soybeans F24

2049 Shut down FS19 as I needed a break...

2019-11-04T0103 Back in PMC Gaming and we continue farming

Corn planting weather has not arrived, we need to time accelerate but in the mean time I'll refill seed hawks and park them somewhere.

0111 Ran out of seeds in elmers haulmaster, need to go pickup some more
0126 Seed hawks refilled with seeds
0144 Big Bud 747's diesel refilled (well ok except lead vehicle its about 90% full)

Now we time accelerate until weather and soil is ready for corn planting.

The soybean planting I just did... was a complete mistake, in my seed hawk excitement after the canola seeding I just went and proceeded with soybeans... paying no attention that while canola is seeded with +6C soil temperature soybeans require +10C. Uh oh!

This is such a major mistake that I immediately thought about restoring a backupped savegame, but I haven't taken any and dunno how FS19 itself handles those. Yes restoring a backupped savegame is kind of cheat, well in some ways.

With seasons and planting failing due soil temperature... not sure what I can or need to do next, do I need to cultivate the fields over the badly failed soybean seeds or can I just use seed hawk and seed again? No idea.

I went through the FS19 backupped (not me) savegames, there was only recent ones and one where I had just started seeding canola on F04. This means there is no way for me to restore the savegame between F04 seeding completed and the huge mistake soybean +6C seeding started.

What is done is done, I'll face the music with the soybean seeding. I bet it requires cultivation before re-seeding at best, or worst... the whole field is "lost" for this season.

The soybean fields show growth: planted, before previous and previous: fallow. Interesting. So if its fallow then I can continue my normal crop rotation planting on them (which would be soybeans by coincidence). The question remains, how and when, do I need to cultivate these seeds under or what...

This is heart breaking to see my soybean seeds going to waste, I mean those fields werent actually huge but they still took a while to seed and definitely took a bunch of seeds which are precious commodity in the farm, they are not to be wasted.

Well now I have this experience with seasons, never thought I'd make such lame mistake of seeding when soil temperature is not suitable heh, oh well.

16/mid-spring in-game 0658hrs, +11/+9C, weather forecast shows no minimum temperatures below +10C anymore so its just matter of time (acceleration) until we are in corn/soybean planting season. F24, F25 and F29 show planted and fallow.

17/late-spring in-game 0658hrs (yes exactly same as yesterday hehe) overnight soil temperature hit +10C. F24, F25 and F29 show planted and fallow.

I tried to seed F24 with a seed hawk, but nothing happened the seeder acted like usual when trying to seed over already seeded field; no seeds get expended. So yeah I need to cultivate the fields first, sigh. Oh well, better get to it then...

- tractor big bud 450 with gps and twin wheels 252k
- cultivator 500hp 24m flexicoil st820 186k

0322 Purchased the above tractors twice and cultivators four times, budget now 2.006m.

Cultivated F24, F25 and F29, heck if I know when..
0631 I'm so done...

1755 Back at PMC Gaming with FS19 started up, yesterday was a big failure but the show must go on.

Small explanation for yesterday is in place... I was really disappointed by my soybean seeding mistake, then some real life stuff annoyed me on top of that, plus all the usual farmsim 20FPS performance burnout boredom etc that I almost rage quit. I did the cultivating but I was literally red in the face angry pretty much ready to start slamming furniture around, luckily I never do such things and its extremely rare for me to get angry in the first place. When the cultivating was done I just saved the game and exited as it also was late at night for me already. I didn't write down play-by-play because just didn't feel like it. Honestly I still don't so below the re-seeding of soybean fields will be just cold three oneliners heh.

I am clearly in a very dark place, I have completely lost the will and enthusiasm to play FS19 now, what begun as complete obsession to play Start From Zero, to grow our farm (in both Midwest Horizon and here), its gone now, bye bye, adios! I am now simply playing because I don't have anything else to do, as sad as that sounds.

I'm not complaining don't get me wrong, I just want to be totally honest in these Start From Zero stories because as much as its about playing farmsim its also a lot to do how I feel while I play farmsim.

1833 Finished seeding soybeans F24
1924 Finished seeding soybeans F29
2008 Finished seeding soybeans F25

Well, done seeding now, finally.

Corn planting season has begun, now we are using four great plains YP-2425A planters pulled by Case IH Optum 300 CVX tractors.

Tried to start planting corn to F37 but nothing happened... then I realized that doh, great plains YP-2425A planter is not capable of cultivating itself and our field of course is NOT cultivated, its on plain harvested state heh.

The joys of corn planting or using non seed hawk equipment hehe.

Oh well lets go pickup Big Bud 450's with Flexicoil ST820 cultivators and get this field cultivated hehe. Luckily our other corn planting fields seem to be cultivated so not much field work to do.

2029 Started cultivating F37, courseplay ETA 32min, 4x tools
2113 Finished cultivating F37
2114 Started seeding corn F37, courseplay ETA 37min, 4x tools
2158 Finished seeding corn F37

When this planting finished I was almost out of seeds in the corn planters, lead vehicle had only 81 liters left and last one had 688 liters (as trailing vehicles travel less distance). This F37 size is 55.88ha so that is pretty rough estimate the 4x great plains corn planters get emptied on 55ha field.

I'm still not sure which tool is the best, the john deere db90 and db120 are extremely wide planters but their seed tank size is laughable. So no idea if lets say four db 120's could get this field seeded without refilling, I don't think so as the seed usage is standard and db 120 would just have 1400 liters less seeds per planter.

2211 Started seeding corn F33, courseplay ETA 2h 19min, 4x tools
2317 Herbicide sprayed F38 by cherry picking current weed patches
2322 Started fertilizing F37, courseplay ETA 34min, 1x tools
2357 Finished fertilizing F37

2019-11-05T0059 Finished seeding corn F33

Planting corn to 220ha field wasnt too bad with this 4x great plains YP-2425A equipment setup. I was expecting something very painful but this was pretty ok. In some way it was nice refreshing change for all that seed hawk canola/soybeans seeding, I mean sure of course I have planted a lot of corn in my time but still planting corn is far more foreign to me than seed hawk use.

Also I'm already sweating about how many millions of liters corn do I get to harvest from 220ha field hehe.

0103 Started seeding corn F34, courseplay ETA 37min, 4x tools
0151 Finished seeding corn F34
0219 Started seeding corn F23, courseplay ETA 32min, 4x tools
0257 Finished seeding corn F23
0313 Started seeding corn F27, courseplay ETA 32min, 4x tools
0351 Finished seeding corn F27

All the seeding/planting has been done, all that remains is fertilizing F27 and F33, then just keeping an eye on weeds.

0353 Going to take a break by looking at the time most likely call it a night. This went pretty well today, satisfied feeling after getting all the seeding done.

1432 New farming day has started, FS19 booted up, lets wrap up the planting season.

1444 Herbicide spray cherry picking weed patches F04

My general thought is that its better to just blanket spray the whole field (using courseplay) and be done with it, no need to worry and check the fields every so often for weeds, stressing out what is too much weeds and what is not. But I really don't have enough experience to make that judgement yet, sure I have been playing with seasons since 2019-07-24 day after its release but still haven't put my finger on the weed randomness.

Manual states that first year is easier, cant really say I like that approach because it really gives false impression on every savegame you start, especially if you do those terrain upgrades and have to revert back to year 1 constantly. Read somewhere else that weeds get more aggressive on every harvest.

1511 Started fertilizing F33, courseplay ETA 1h 2min, 2x tools
1534 FS19 froze up ZOC!
1618 Finished fertilizing F33
1714 FS19 froze up ZOC!
1715 Started fertilizing F27, courseplay ETA 17min, 2x tools
1742 Finished fertilizing F27
1759 FS19 froze up ZOC!
1853 Herbicide spray cherry picked weed patches F24

18/late-spring in-game 1028hrs, all fields seeded/planted, fertilized (mostly last year already) and weeds sprayed so far. All fields germinated and growing.

Now its just time accelerating waiting for possible weeds to grow and then finally crops are ready to harvest. Can't wait for harvest season Smiley :)

21/late-spring in-game 0723hrs, weeds are very slowly growing back to my fields. No weeds yet for F23, F25, F27 and F34, dunno why.

24/late-spring in-game 0634hrs, weeds have grown quite a bit now, almost feels like it would have been simpler just blanket spray everything after harvest to be done with this guessing game. Right now I need to go cherry pick spraying total of 5 fields. Then I'm not sure if the weeds still grow but today is the last day before earliest canola harvest days, so gotta get it done now.

1933 Started herbicide spray cherry picking weed patches F24
1938 Finished spraying F24
1951 Started herbicide spray cherry picking weed patches F29
1954 Finished spraying F29
? Started and finished herbicide spray cherry picking weed patches F04
? Started and finished herbicide spray cherry picking weed patches F33
2021 Started herbicide spray cherry picking weed patches F37
2024 Finished spraying F37
2026 Started herbicide spray cherry picking weed patches F38
2029 Finished spraying F38

Depending on the field it really doesn't take long to spray cherry picking the weed patches. This method also consumes bare minimum amount of herbicide. But you run the risk of whack-a-mole, you spray the field then fast forward and then more weed patches pop up and you start again, that gets old real fast.

What is really frustrating is the driving around especially on these large terrains. You load sprayer to a low boy, drive to the field, unload the sprayer and spray the field, if you have to repeat this many times due cherry picking it REALLY gets old fast.

With cherry picking it is already too much to return into same field the second time. When you do that you realize it would have been simpler just blanket spray the whole field after harvest and be done with it...

Its also worth to consider that if you have a huge field like F04 which is 880ha and it gets about 10 or even less patches... is it worth to go spray them?

01/early-summer in-game 0653hrs, so finished spraying then time accelerated to this moment and new weeds have popped up in F04 and F24. That is it, I'm going to purchase dedicated herbicide sprayer vehicle setup and pre-emptively blanket spray every field after the harvest. This kind of whack-a-mole mickey mouse game is waste of my time. Lesson learned.

I'm going to wait few more days until the crops grow or it seems no more weeds pop up, then go YET AGAIN spray these fields, for one last time. Just have to be careful that the fields wont switch to harvest ready stage before I get to them. Although no big loss, there are very few weed patches currently, would not be a big yield loss for them.

Hmm actually I'm going to time accelerate until the growth stages get to dark green which is the last one before they switch to harvest ready, that is a good sign to go spray a field.

Oh and the soybean selling date is coming up soon, still days away but have to be careful not to miss it as I have 837k liters to sell.

2043 After time accelerating F04 is dark green with weed patches
2049 Decided to take a lunch break, just wanted to take hands off keyboard for a while
2203 Back at FS19, lets spray some fields
2209 Started herbicide spray cherry picking weed patches F04
2214 Finished spraying F04

F04 was growing canola which was flowering state, it was impossible to see the new weeds which were in the small green plant stage. I had to look mapview to guide my sprayer on the weeds.

This is another reason which makes pre-emptive blanket spraying the best option.

Alright so F26 is harvest ready barley, this was the field that I bought already seeded. Lets get to it. First I need to drive a truck grain haul line somewhere, then get combines and go pickup regular headers.

Dumped seeds from elmers haulmaster into railroad silo 4, no idea if these silos are meant to store seeds at least I cant see them on the ESC selling points menu heh, hopefully I can load the seeds back from train.

Then drive the combines with corn headers into the railroad silo where the normal headers were stored. Hmm I really need to buy header trailers for the midwest durus monster headers, its waste of time driving these combines around for no reason other than to go pickup headers from where ever.

- trailer for header midwest durus 18m 22.5k

2300 Purchased above times four, budget now 1.892m

Recorded courseplay course from F37 NE to F26 NE and send lexion combines on their way. Man it takes forever to move these slow girls.

Back in FS17 I split my vehicles to four sectors, NW, NE, SW and SE. It was easy to switch into different regions vehicles using deckers vehicle group switcher, this way I didn't have to drive slow big buds across the terrain every time when I change fields, each vehicle group had their assigned sector where they always stayed. Not the most efficient way to use vehicles, like having EIGHT big buds instead of just two, but yeah it is just crazy to drive any vehicle let alone slow big ones across the terrain.

And in FS17 I mostly played in North West Texas and Parker's Prairie, in my Cornbelt savegame I didn't manage to get that far to split my vehicles into four sectors before FS19 was released. So far I have not had large enough operations (relatively) in FS19 to split my vehicles up. Time will come, soon Smiley ;)

In FS19 we have vehicle explorer mod which feels much more comfortable to use than FS17's vehicle group switcher. I'm very happy checking out info and switching to my other vehicles in vehicle explorer now. Yes it does not have labels for vehicle groups its actually one huge long list, which kind of sounds bad but in practice its very easy to use and I at least so far can easily see which vehicle is in which region of the terrain etc. I really love how you can see the statistics of the vehicle like wear, dirt, fuel and fill levels if available.

2339 Started harvesting barley F36, courseplay ETA 2h 10min, 4x tools

2019-11-06T0113 It started to rain in-game 01/early-summer 1851hrs even though weather forecast predicted it to 2100hrs

Then night fell and had to time accelerate until the morning daylight, in-game 02/early-summer 0610hrs crops are wet... more time accelerating and in-game 1831hrs crops are dry, lets continue harvesting.

0213 Another lunch break, the barley harvest was really tedious heh, I don't like barley
0315 Lunch break over, lets continue this damn barley harvest
0418 In-game 2020hrs it started to rain, forecasted raining for next 24hrs ! whoah!

So time accelerating until the weather improves and crops dry up...

More weeds to F04 hehe, oh well like said I am going to blanket spray the fields from now on. Weather forecast shows clear skies for tonight 2100hrs, lets see if by tomorrow morning the crops were dry to harvest.

0428 In-game 04/early-summer 1440hrs crops are dry, lets harvest
0614 Finished harvesting barley F36

F26 is 135.571 ha in size, it did not look that big on the map, heh. Harvesting this field took a really long time, courseplay ETA was 2h 10min and that was ridiculously LOW number in comparison as in real time it took more than TWICE that long. This was mainly because barley yielded so crazy amounts that combines got full twice in one pass and had to constantly stop because single grain cart could not keep up.

For next time when you purchase a field which is lets say larger than 50ha and barley... just plow it under man, its not worth wasting your time harvesting that crazy yielding worthless barley. Save your time to canola/corn/soybeans.

F26 barley (not even fully fertilized) yielded 2.362 million liters haha.

0627 It was getting late and started to be a bit exhausted so decided to call it a night here, this harvest was nice accomplishment for today.

1820 New farming day has started, FS19 is up, time to prepare for the big harvests.

1826 Cherry picked herbicide spraying for F29, it only had three patches of weeds
1831 Cherry picked herbicide spraying for F24
1839 Cherry picked herbicide spraying for F04, yes... one more time, wonder if this will be the last?
1845 Cherry picked herbicide spraying for F33
1846 Cherry picked herbicide spraying for F38
1850 Cherry picked herbicide spraying for F37

And again all weeds have been sprayed from the fields that are growing crops currently (other fallow fields do have weeds but they do not concern me).

In this round of spraying I did not see one single patch of flowery weeds, they were all young green plants which could not be spotted from the growing canola/corn/soybean greenery. Again why pre-emptive blanket weed spraying is the way to go.

05/early-summer in-game 0642hrs, more weeds popped up on F04, F24 and F29... yeah I give up, let them grow I'm done with this whack-a-mole mickey mouse game of chasing weeds, next year its all blanket spraying with dedicated herbicide sprayer equipment.

In-game 1142hrs barley is on high demand in selling point 10. I'm going to take the NW train, load it up with barley and transfer it as close to selling point as currently possible, then using trucks go sell several loads of it (but I leave some for seed factory). This is my first time using trains in PMC terrain Smiley :)

Looks like with PMC Grande Gardens 16km v0.1.3 I can use the NW train tracks to pickup grain from railroad silo 4, dump it on railroad silo 1 which is the main hub (kinda, for now), then use NE train to pick it up from railroad silo 1 and dump to railroad silo 5 which is literally on top of selling point 10 Smiley :)

1906 Started loading the NW train in railroad silo 4
1907 First car loaded with 143k liters of barley, whee my first train use in PMC terrain! Smiley :)

THIS is what I've been waiting for in FS19, huge terrain and massive logistic operations just like in FS17 Cornbelt using trains, except just... BIGGER Smiley :D

I mean this really felt like magical loading my first ever PMC terrain massive grain train car setup in order the haul it logistics style to the other side of the terrain. It just... this is just so damn cool man! Smiley :)

1937 All 2.362m liters of barley loaded from railroad silo 4
1949 Unfortunately v0.1.3 was bugged and I could not overload / dump into railroad silo 3 from the train
2001 Uh oh same goes for railroad silo 1 and 4 as well

PMC Grande Gardens 16km v0.1.3 is bugged, NW train cannot unload/dump at any of the connected railroad silos, damnit. I need to fix that but... for this seasons savegame in middle of the season with all my hard work seeding and caring those fields... I need to do some XML editing magic and transfer the grain into my farm bin silo which would otherwise be cheating but the terrain is bugged I tried to play normally but I cannot, its not my fault (as a player) so yes I'm going to savegame XML edit fix this.

First I removed all the 2.362m liters of barley from the train vehicles.xml, then I added 1.0m liters directly to the farmer_schubi's seed factory. Then I put 181,055 liters into farm bin silo. And finally I put 1.181m liters to railroad silo 5 which is next to selling point 10.

2114 Back in-game after editing XML for barley train bug, in truck heading to railroad silo 5
2124 Sold barley to selling point 10 for 75.9k + 75.9k
2128 Sold barley to selling point 10 for 75.9k + 75.9k

Soybeans went on high demand on selling point 2 for 4,586 ! wow that is some big money! Smiley :)

2133 Sold barley to selling point 10 for 75.9k + 75.9k
2139 Sold barley to selling point 10 for 75.9k + 75.9k
2142 Sold barley to selling point 10 for 75.9k + 75.9k
2147 Sold barley to selling point 10 for 75.9k + 75.9k
2152 Sold barley to selling point 10 for 75.9k + 75.9k
2156 Sold barley to selling point 10 for 75.9k + 75.9k
2200 Sold barley to selling point 10 for 66.2k

That was all the barley I wanted to sell, budget now 3.167m. Exited the game for some planning on the soybean selling.

Edited items.xml and magically moved the soybeans from railroad silo 4 to railroad silo 10. Then drove truck from F26 down to railroad silo 10.

2236 Sold soybeans in selling point 2 for 322k + 322k
2243 Sold soybeans in selling point 2 for 322k + 322k
2250 Sold soybeans in selling point 2 for 322.2k + 322.2k, market price 4604 now
2257 Sold soybeans in selling point 2 for 322.2k + 322.2k
2305 Sold soybeans in selling point 2 for 322.2k + 322.2k
2308 Loading up the last of the soybeans, almost a full load, 137.8k liters
2312 Sold soybeans in selling point 2 for 322.2k + 312.4k

All the soybeans have been sold with special high demand market price (4604 in the end), budget now 7.023m Smiley :)

2314 Its time for me to take a quick break...

2019-11-07T0037 Back in FS19, how about some harvesting...

Just driving the trucks back from the railroad silos, both basically in the opposite ends of the terrain heh. But then I'm pretty much ready for some harvesting action so hopefully with time acceleration first field is ready soon (and not too much combine driving to that field).

07/early-summer in-game 0623hrs, few more weeds have popped up but I wont be bothered with those. Soybean market price 3705.

08/early-summer in-game 0618hrs, soybean market price 3841. Today with annual statistics is the seasons second best soybean selling day.

09/mid-summer in-game 0556hrs, soybean market price 3806. Today with annual statistics is the seasons best soybean selling day, which oddly at least in the morning now is less than yesterday. I guess the seasons market price fluctuations arent exact science in that sense. Not that less than 40 would be a big difference in grand scheme of things, but obviously you want to squeeze every last bit out of it, especially when you reach millions of liters volume.

10/mid-summer in-game 0050hrs yep that was the day, now soybeans market price is dropping again. And F04 and F38 are ready to harvest, aayeah!

0120 Exited from Start From Zero, started new career with pickup truck and going to record courseplay outline for 4 corners of F04 so its more manageable to harvest.
0158 Done, courses saved and now I'm ready to harvest.

0217 Courseplay caused some sort of bug, had to kill FS19 task, decided to revert to the last stable courseplay version.

Ready to start harvesting canola on F04 but crops are too wet, so time acceleration while they dry up.

0245 Time accelerated to in-game 1709hrs and it just started to rain again hehe

0247 Started harvesting canola F04 SE, courseplay ETA 3h 10min, 4x tools
0624 Time to call it a night, have some chores to do before bedtime.

1853 Back at PMC Gaming, FS19 fired up, we continue harvesting F04 SE corner...

Canola harvest with 4x claas lexion 8900s with midwest durus 18m headers and one grain cart is so hectic that you don't have a moment of downtime. One grain cart is not enough for this setup, but I'll rather have few waiting combines than me waiting for combines while watching youtube farming videos. Lunch break was coming up so I decided to just relax and shutdown FS19 while I eat, its just impossible to play and eat at the same time I would be just stressing myself out. The field will still be there after the lunch break Smiley ;)

1951 Exited FS19 for a lunch break...
2024 Lunch break is over, F04 SE harvest continues

2245 Finished harvesting canola F04 SE

It was a long harvest, courseplay duration wont mean much with 3h 10min estimated time because all the stops combines make when full are caused by my grain cart driving as one cart just cannot keep up with such volume of grain. The practical real life hours spent playing this harvest took probably TWICE as long, I'd say it was 6-7hrs (too lazy to do minute accurate calculation from the above hehe)

So lets say 7, hell round it up to 8hrs per one corner of this field, I'm still looking at least 24hrs of continuous harvesting game-play to finish the three corners. Heh that is some hard core harvesting for sure Smiley :)

F04 SE harvest of canola, which was in pretty good shape btw, got me 2.910m liters of grain. That's what I got now in railroad silo 4 and I'll continue to dump there until the capacity is full. If one corner gets 2.9m liters then the remaining three corners gets additional 8.7m liters and railroad silo 4 will run out of space (railroad silos are now 10m liter capacity) Smiley :)

Well we figure that out once we get there in three or so days from now haha Smiley ;)

Anyways. I drove new grain truck routes to F04 SW corner which goes again to railroad silo 4.

2322 Started harvesting canola F04 SW, courseplay ETA 3h 14min, 4x tools

2019-11-08T0113 Needed to take a lunch break again...
0216 Lunch break over, lets get back to harvesting. Need to refuel all those vehicles again heh.

Sold farmer_schubi's diesel fueld production factory as its useless, well ok not useless but WAY too expensive. It simply makes no sense, the placeable itself costs sickening 225k, then from 70k liters of canola you get like 20k liters of diesel fuel. Vertex design fuel tank placeable costs 5000 and sells you diesel super cheap compared to what the 70k liters of canola would profit if you sold it.

Got like 110k or something from the diesel fuel factory when I sold it. Bought the vertex design fuel tank for 5000 or some moneys.

0313 Vehicles fueled and good to go, harvest continues
0331 In-game 1610hrs weather forecast shows 60% chance of rain for midnight, uh, lets hope not...
0708 Lunch break, exited from FS19
0739 Okay lunch break is over, back to work

However immediately upon entering the game it started to rain, I have long suspected there is just slight difference between long running game session and whats written in the savegame XML files and saving & restarting the game might sometimes cause issues like this.

11/mid-summer in-game 1944hrs and the predicted rain was for midnight, but now all of the sudden seasons weather menu shows 1800hrs with 90% chance of rain and same for 2100hrs, mignight now is just overcast weather. Oh well, we start to time accelerate...

12/mid-summer in-game 0608hrs it rained bit during the night, soil and crops are now wet. Just a tad of time acceleration and 0715hrs soil and crop is dry, combines rolling out.

0818 Railroad silo 4 has now 5.220m liters of canola! Smiley ;)
0947 Finished harvesting canola F04 SW

Alright second corner of this 880ha F04 harvested, still another half of field size to go hehe. With todays harvest railroad silo 4 has now 5.960m liters of canola. If we do wild guesstimate calculation of how much money that makes with the best market price, its something around 13.8m and I still have half of the field to harvest, hehe crazy! that is just so crazy stuff! Smiley :)

I wasnt tired or exhausted just so bored for the continuous harvest grain cart driving back and forth without moments of peace. Also the two more days of same harvesting grind is kind of depressing hehe. Decided to call it a night here, there is plenty of more harvesting for tomorrow no need to start next F04 corner tonight, better to end it here with good feeling of accomplishment when SW corner just got finished.

1002 Shut down FS19, more farming tomorrow.

1904 New farming day has started, so same old F04 harvesting hehe

First order of business today is to drive a new grain truck courseplay courses for F04 NW south side and refuel all the vehicles. You gotta love large scale farming, day starts by refueling heh.

Took a while to get those refuel and truck routes sorted out this time heh.

1953 Started harvesting canola F04 NW, courseplay ETA 3h 26min, 4x tools
2118 Exited from FS19 for lunch break...
2142 OK lunch break over, we continue the harvest
2235 Need to take a quick half an hour or so break here
2312 Break is over, lets get back to farming

2019-11-09T0330 Finished harvesting canola F04 NW

F04 NW harvest felt like it went a little bit easier boredom wise than previous, but yes sure actually I'm going to take another relaxed lunch break right here as feeling good accomplishment for getting this corner done, only one more to go.

I am in pretty good (surprisingly good actually) spirits right now after that long harvest, but obviously this kind of farm sim playing is totally nuts I mean who harvests 880ha single field for three days straight 16hrs a day? Smiley :)

Dumped last grain truck loads to railroad silo 4 and now our canola deposit there is 9.031m liters! Smiley ;)

0343 It is time for a relaxed lunch break, I'll try to start NE last corner after but we will see
0427 Lunch break over

Railroad silo 4 is just about full, next grain truck route need to be... well to railroad silo 3 or perhaps directly to farm bin silo, man that is sure is long way for trucks to drive.

I could of course load that canola into the train grain wagons, those are 143k liters each and there are twenty of them. That would be 2.860m liters... nice amount but in grand scheme of things still quite low.

Decided to record courseplay course from F04 east edge to farm bin silo and back. Then refueled all the vehicles again hehe always the same thing at the beginning of each F04 corner Smiley ;)

0532 Started harvesting canola F04 NE, courseplay ETA 3h 18min, 4x tools

Here we go again, courseplay shows over three hours duration which I know will be twice as more in real life hours. I'm in a good mood, perhaps even enthusiastic to get this field done althrough I do realize it most likely wont happen on this gaming session. But all in all, lets enjoy the harvest and see how this last corner starts to shape up.

0803 Was getting kind of bored again, its been a long day of harvesting F04, time to call it a night. We continue tomorrow.

2038 Back in PMC Gaming and FS19 booted up, lets finish this F04 canola harvest! Smiley :)

Feeling enthusiastic for today because the F04 will definitely be finished. As said many times F04 is 880ha big boy, so when I have gotten used to harvesting one field for THREE days straight, going back to those puny less than 200ha fields is like a cake walk, like stealing candy from a baby Smiley :)

I mean lets say I would harvest one of those tiny 55ha or even smaller fields next, it would feel like "WHOAH what happened? we finished already!?" type of thing heh. Its all about how you adapt into new standards and norm. When 880ha field harvest for three days becomes a norm, doing tiny fields is ridiculously easy.

But still, man what a beast that 880ha has been, that is for today (2019-11-09) I have never ever before harvested field this big. In FS17 Cornbelt did the 600ha field and in FS19 PMC Grande Gardens 16km I did F56 (527.960 ha) and F22 (611.811 ha).

History will be made tonight! Smiley :D

2137 In-game 2142hrs (pretty close heh) night is falling, need to time accelerate until morning daylight
2145 Recorded new grain truck courseplay course for F04 NE center

2019-11-10T0047 Finished harvesting canola F04 NE

It was awesome feeling getting this 880ha beast of a field done. History was made, now I can say I have prepared, seeded and harvested 880ha field.

F04 NE corner harvest was dumped into farm bin silo, there are now 2.757m liters of canola, railroad silo 4 has the existing 9.031m liters (total 11,789,746).

0125 Started harvesting canola F38, courseplay ETA 1h 30min, 4x tools
0252 Was getting bored so lunch break came to excatly the right time
0319 Lunch break over, we push on for F38 harvest

Just noticed that F05 AI owner is seeding soybeans currently Smiley :)

The field cost 5.218m and has been on my purchase list for quite some time now, in fact I have been holding on to my money right now waiting for this harvest season to be over before committing into new land purchases. Now that this field is going to be soybeans I am most definitely going to buy it as harvesting that field I'm getting my money invested to the land back for sure Smiley :)

0455 Finished harvesting canola F38

Farm bin silo has now 4.120m liters of canola.

Did some chores, transferred fertilizer from fert factory to seed factory and seeds from seed factory to farm bin silo, so the factory can produce more seeds. More is good, yes?

Refueled and repaired combines and auger wagon tractor. Then there was nothing for me to do, well not really. I got 3 fields fallow, 3 growing soybeans and 5 growing corn. Sure I could go herbicide spray cherry pick style some more but I decided against the whack-a-mole game, I could blanket spray these newly harvested fields but nah don't feel like it right now.

Time acceleration until next field is ready to harvest.

0535 Another hardware glitch (electric) and had to reset whole computer.

Something funky going on with F05 soybeans, HALF of the field is growing soybeans and other half is just cultivated, umm wonder what happened there. Hmm even half of the field is still good, but I must say this kind of put me off a bit, we'll see about purchasing this field hmm.

After short consideration I decided to buy the field as you just cant ignore such huge deal. The amount of soybeans I get from that field even its in half seeded poor condition will still be insane amount of liters and that sold... wow that pile of money I'm going to get.

0618 Purchased land lot with F05 in it for 5.218m

My new F05 is 1205.61ha according to in-game field info (land area 1304.56ha). The soybeans are not fertilized and they are growing some weeds too, but I am not going to bother taking care of these issues as this is just free money for me now, no reason to put in extra work on it.

17/late-summer, soybean and corn planting season is over. Now we just wait and time accelerate until we get to harvest our crops.

Weeds were growing pretty nasty especially in F24, but because I tried the cherry picking earlier I'm going to wait until the next seasons before I start to blanket spray all the fields. Sure its dumb to care for your fields... except not spray them properly, but yeah, like said...

01/early-autumn alright we are in soybean and corn harvest season now, crops are still growing, we are waiting.

02/early-autumn in-game 0727hrs soybean fields are harvest ready, aayeah!

Because F05 is some odd/bugged I need to manually drive courseplay outlines just for this harvest. First need to cut lines so I can drive like pickup truck recording that course.

0727 Started harvesting soybeans F05 by GPS driving cutting a line
0748 Finished cutting the line
0752 Lunch break, exited from FS19 as really need to take a break heh
0845 Done cooking and eating, lunch break over

0848 Started cutting second line
0908 Finished cutting the line

Next used pickup truck to record three courseplay courses for north, center and south outlines. That took a while, funny to think how long combining the contents of the outlines will take heh.

0958 Started harvesting soybeans F05 N, courseplay ETA 3h 5min, 4x tools

So I bought F05 for 5.2 million, then I split the soybeans to three sections and being harvested the first section not even half... I already had half of the field price in my farm bin silo as soybean grain ready to sell. Hehe I am going to make so much money of this soybeans on top of owning this huge piece of land it is simply insane.

1214 Getting tired, been up and playing over 16hrs straight... time to call it a night

2330 New farming day has started, PMC Gaming up, FS19 up, we are ready for soybean harvest!

Today I was in good mood as usual and very enthusiastic of farming PMC Grande Gardens 16km. I could not wait to get into harvesting. Obviously this is now just early morning enthusiasm as I cannot finish F05 harvest today, its almost the same size as previous F04 and that took me what three days to harvest. My enthusiasm is to finish all the soybeans and corn, all harvest for this year/season, but obviously that will be far into next week before its done if I play every day Smiley :)

I'm just having a great time harvesting soybeans now, its not even bothering me to know that this field will not be finished today, I'm enjoying every minute one at the time Smiley :)

2019-11-11T0138 Finished harvesting soybeans F05 N

0154 Started harvesting soybeans F05 Center, courseplay ETA 3h 33min, 4x tools
0442 Lunch break, but this time the soybean harvest is a bit slower pace so I'm trying to eat while play...
0508 All feeded up, lets get back to the farming with both hands

Both hands? Well when you're driving a grain cart auger wagon tractor and eating at the same time its quite difficult. When playing singleplayer with courseplay its often much of boring waiting, like those tv episode or even movie length field works where you need to do nothing, for example cultivating, plowing or fertilizer spraying with big enough tank etc. Then you can relax and eat multiple times during one of these field works.

However harvesting with my current setup, 4x claas lexion 8900s with midwest durus 18m header, two grain trucks under courseplay course and me driving manually fendt 1050 with elmers haulmaster 70k liter auger wagon to empty the combines into trucks... that is hands on job constantly.

There are few downtimes of literally less than 30sec or so which is used to ALT-TAB unless I want to be bored staring at the screen waiting for combines to fill up, which I almost never do I always ALT-TAB to check out something in the background, for example writing THIS text heh.

So to sum it up, the massive harvest operations in F04 kept me really busy hands on all the time, that is why I wanted to take a clean break for eating so I don't have to stress over my combines getting full and me losing precious harvesting time heh.

0721 Finished harvesting soybeans F05 Center

0726 Short break
0824 Okay almost one hour break is now over

02/early-autumn in-game 1934hrs night is quickly falling, lets time accelerate until the morning light.

Refueled combines, they were getting a bit low. Auger wagon and trucks are fine. Oddly enough my todays starter enthusiasm, is all but gone, don't feel like playing much but its one of those things that if I stop playing now... what else would I do heh.

0845 Started harvesting soybeans F05 S, courseplay ETA 3h 33min, 4x tools

After harvesting a while I checked farm bin silo contents for soybeans, it was 3.893m liters which is quite crazy amount just from this land purchase "bonus". So I calculated how much profit do I get now even though the field is not finished yet, I almost fell outta my chair when I saw it was fifteen million! I'm getting my money back what I paid for this land lot and extra TEN million! haha I love this stuff Smiley :D

1036 Its been a long day, decided to call it a night. More farming tomorrow.

2159 Back at PMC Gaming, FS19 started up, lets wrap up F05 harvest.

I was really excited and enthusiastic to start play today, as usual. Cannot wait to get this F05 soybean harvest wrapped up and then to move on my own seeded fields.

2019-11-12T0124 Finished harvesting soybeans F05 S

That F05 (half+) was quite the harvest, but really strange that it didn't feel too overwhelming. Its difficult to say how many hectares of soybeans did I harvest the field is 1205ha but it was only half way seeded like maybe 60% seeded for unknown reason.

Then it was time to relocate my harvesting fleet to east at F29. Also the usual maintenance repairs, refueling etc chores for the farmer heh.

0159 Harvesting fleet relocated and refueled

F05 soybean harvest got me 5.451m liters, oh wow that converted with best market price to cash comes to 21.215m yes twenty one million hehe. So if we deduct the cost of the initial land purchase we get 15.997 million of profit, now is that crazy or what? WHOAH! Smiley :)

I'm going to haul soybeans from F29 into railroad silo 4 which is right next to the field. I kind of wanted to put the soybeans in farm bin silo, but its way too far away.

0220 Started harvesting soybeans F29, courseplay ETA 1h 32min, 4x tools

Felt good to be harvesting my own field work seeded soybeans, yes sure F05 is my field too but its just not the same if you get such bonus crop when purchasing a land lot. All the work hours and effort I put into F29 really makes the soybean harvest so much more rewarding.

0242 Lunch break, this time again shutting down FS19 for the duration...
0313 Alright feeding done, lets get back to farming
0316 It started to rain, except not... rain icon and combines stopped but no rain in 3D anywhere in sight. Hmm

Time accelerated over the rain, in-game 1853hrs crops were wet so have to wait.

Canola went into high demand on selling point 4, the price was 2622 which is like three hundred better than what I've normally seen the highest.

Now comes in a problem... PMC Grande Gardens 16km v0.1.3 train network and train unloading is broken, so I cannot transfer crops using trains before I fix the terrain. This high demand would be awesome to sell but I cannot now... unless I edit the savegame XML files and magically just sell the canola by removing it from my bins and translating it to money.

This is borderline cheating because you not only skip the train hauling but also truck hauling (hey no way I'm going to haul 10+ million liters in a truck!), but as said... terrain is buggy, its not my fault (err) that I cannot sell my crops.

Currently I have canola in farm bin silo 4,120,196 liters and in railroad silo 4 whopping 9,031,805 liters.

After some consideration I decided to do it. Going to edit savegame XMLs and transfer canola to money. Don't call me a cheater when the frigging terrain is bugged, fix your terrain or shut the hell up! Smiley :D

Farm bin silo had 4120196 liters railroad silo 4 9031805 liters == 13,152,001 liters. 13152 x 2622 == 34,484,544 for crying out loud. My current money is 1,764,402 so I simply removed all of the canola and incremented my money with that sick 34.4 million, total cash now 36,248,946 haha, uuuh! Smiley :D

I really must say that feels so much cheating that its 50/50 flip of a coin for me how I see it, but it was explained and I made my decision, good or bad, it is done.

0353 Back in-game with 36.245m in cash MUHAHAH! ok ok, harvest continues Smiley ;)
0604 Finished harvesting soybeans F29

F29 soybean harvest was 1.120m liters, pretty nice haul.

0635 Need to take another lunch break here...
0742 Okay break is over, hmm what next

Money was burning hole in my pocket, I cant resist the urge to go shopping! shopping! Smiley ;)

0743 Purchased land lot with:
F30 in it for 6.310m
F12-F14 in it for 976.9k
F15 in it for 612k
F16-F18 in it for 1.056m
F03, F89-F92 in it for 4.126m
F10 in it for 266.9k
F11 in it for 291.2k
F19 in it for 269.7k
F01, F02, F31 and F32 in it for 1.555m
F20 in it for 1.298m
F21 in it for 1.308m
F22 in it for 2.609m
F50 in it for 964.9k
F49 in it for 1.133m
F48 in it for 1.119m
F09 in it for 440.5k
F46 in it for 594k
F45 in it for 411.3k
F44 in it for 618.5k
F43 in it for 245.7k
F42 in it for 236.4k
F41 in it for 247.1k
F51 in it for 1.818m
F52 in it for 1.096m
F83 and F84 in it for 712.9k
F86 in it for 104.6k
F85 in it for 95.5k
F87 and F88 in it for 573.9k

Budget now 5.148m heh. That is a whole lotta land! Smiley :)

I could have bought one more land lot from the southern edge of the terrain but why bother. Its good to leave some buffer money for vehicles like herbicide sprayers and low boy trucks are necessary, dunno if I expand my vehicle fleet into the NW and NE regions already, we'll see, well not with this 5 million anyway (I think).

Yeah this land purchase frenzy felt so gooooood! Heh its bizarre but I love shopping for hardware or some other such stuff in real life so this virtual land shopping spree was really nice too hehe.

On quick look we have few fields that have been seeded or even harvest ready, few of those fields were soybeans and canola, rest some useless time waste like wheat, oats not to mention garbage like sugar beets and potatoes which I'm going to plow under for sure.

Now I own HALF of this terrain, pretty accurately even as the field lines go nicely along the center axis too. Well half minus F40 the megalodon. Future field purchases has to be made after I tweak the _farmland image because remaining land lots are just huge with ten or so million price tags. Its not so much about the money but it is just lazy and ugly to have those huge _farmland image areas.

New fields with growing or harvest ready soybeans are F02, F46, F51 and canola F32, F44. Rest are as said trashy crops, I might take a nibble out of wheat field for seed factory but I most certainly wont be wasting my time any longer than necessary.

Its difficult to explain but these purchases are very exciting, getting the progress on the savegame but also I now have the old fields I got familiar with in my previous career savegames, so its kind of like returning home heh.

Also I'm excited to have this many fields what I have never ever have until now (FS19). How does such massive amount of fields effect my field work time, like do I start to run out of seasons 24 days duration to get fields prepared and seeded, who knows.

Thinking about it more now, I think its fairly certain I need to make my current vehicles as NW region and start purchasing vehicle fleet NE slowly, its just crazy to drive your vehicles back and forth with 16km terrain distances, you need vehicles which are dedicated to their own assigned area.

Anyways, exciting times indeed farmer Smiley ;)

0818 Started harvesting soybeans F24, courseplay ETA 1h 14min, 4x tools
1006 Finished harvesting soybeans F24

Railroad silo 4 has 1.915m liters of soybeans, so F24 harvest was about 795k liters.

1024 Decided to call it a night, have few chores to do before bed time. More farming tomorrow.

2019-11-13T0033 New farming day has begun. Harvesting continues!

Immediately after entering the game it started to rain but it was not raining when I saved game last night, hmm. Even the soil moisture icon was not there and appeared after like 10-20 seconds. Sky was totally clear not a cloud in sight. This feels like buggy game or seasons behavior to me. Not a big deal of course, but if such thing as weather is buggy upon game restart... wonder what else.

I was very excited to play again which is weird as I just played last night, sure I ended it up a bit early and watched some TV to finish the day off, but still. Always nice to be fresh for new days of farming heh. Today I have one more soybean left from my old fields, then the still growing corn fields. The new soybean fields are far away so after this harvest I'm going to decide about buying first vehicles for the NE region fleet.

First need to time accelerate a bit to get over the rain and wet soil so we can get started with F25 soybean harvest. When its underway it should go by quickly, small 70 some-hectare field, piece of cake.

0049 Started harvesting soybeans F25, courseplay ETA 1h 13min, 4x tools
0321 Finished harvesting soybeans F25

That concludes my own existing fields soybean harvest. Now I still have few of the new canola and soybean fields to do.

0328 Need to take a break for planning what to harvest next, also lunch break I think...
0633 Break if over!

Purchased some real life hardware which took a while. Now back to farming, lets see how we are going to deal with those new fields, should we wait until our own corn fields are ready to harvest or what hmm hmm.

Decided to go harvest F02 soybeans first. Honestly I pretty much forgot about the plans to buy vehicles for NE sector fleet, so I just sent my existing harvester fleet towards F02 heh.

Refueling becomes a problem now, these beast's drink so much fuel and the thundercreek trailer while its great... its just not capable enough to provide fuel for this many vehicles and driving that pesky pickup 1978 truck back and forth seems silly. I need some 32k liter truck tanker trailer. I downloaded one but it was that kind of dumb european looking and haven't even tested it yet if its any good, zero error policy and all.

I was planning on buying another PMC Farm Bin Silo large and place it to the same coordinates I had it on my other savegame (seasons test) which allows me to use the existing courseplay courses. Dunno how to place it though, I cant remember the exact spot and while I have to edit items.xml for coords, dunno how the terrain sculpting thing does it leave ugly mark on the initial test spot heh.

Actually I want to buy all the vehicle shelters too which I used in the other save, kind of like recreating the mood from that save into this save, heh cooky.

Purchased another PMC Farm Bin Silo large and silo extension, two vehicle shelter 2 types and four vehicle shelter 3 types. Then saved game and edited items.xml to place them to the exact coordinates they were in my seasons test savegame. Had to do some landscaping painting but it was fine, on the next terrain upgrade I lose these landscaping edits anyways.

Now I have 22 million liters of farm bin silo capacity. Divided by the original farm by the F39 and this new one by F19. Good luck keeping tabs which silo has how much and what grains haha, oh well.

Budget now 4.681m

0909 Time for a lunch break...

Well one chore lead to another after cooking food and feeding myself that I ran out of time to properly continue playing, I had like hour and a half time left before bed time so decided its not worth to start up PMC Gaming and FS19 for such a quick gaming session.

2019-11-14T0139 New farming day has begun, PMC Gaming up, FS19 up, lets get to it.

04/early-autumn in-game 2000hrs, night is falling so we need to time accelerate until the morning light. Then we get to commence harvesting F02 soybeans.

0150 Started harvesting soybeans F02, courseplay ETA 1h 26min, 4x tools

Again it felt great to be back farming as it feels on most mornings heh. Another great farming day has started, cant wait to see what we can accomplish today.

0411 Finished harvesting soybeans F02

Alright another soybean field done. Soybean farm bin silos are now 6.306m liters and railroad silo 4 2.672m liters. I cant tell how much is on the farm 1 bin and in farm 2 bin.

Next field to go is F51 harvest ready soybeans. Nice 360ha size field heh, it will take a few hours to harvest. Need to dump grain into railroad silo 6 which is right next to the field, will be quick single truck operation.

- harvester claas lexion 8900 18k liter with guidance steering 504.5k
- header 18m midwest durus with colors 169.4k
- header 12m corn capello quasar hs16 90k
- trailer for header midwest durus 18m 22.5k

0509 Purchased the above list times four, budget now 1.472m

- dolly krampe 10l 9k
- truck lizard roadrunner with paint 165k

0514 Purchased the above list times two, budget now 1.115m

- trailer semi-tipper 70000/6 with design 69.1k

0516 Purchased the above list times four, budget now 832.6k

- auger wagon 400hp elmer haulmaster 70k liter with extension 105.8k
- tractor fendt 1050 with twin wheels, guidance steering and engine upgrade 393.4k

051 Purchased the above list, budget now 325.8kk

Then had to transfer all my vehicles into F51 which was quite the ordeal, slow combines 42kph driving even through stupid sugar beet fields were just taking so long time to get there.

Idea was to try eight (8) combines in one field, I don't think it will be practical or even work maybe the crap FS19 engine loses all FPS performance to the courseplay hired workers we'll see. But at least I want to try it out so I can be able to say I did it.

0607 Started harvesting soybeans F51, courseplay ETA 2h 47min, 8x tools
0810 Lunch break...
0833 Feeding done, harvest continues
1223 Finished harvesting soybeans F51

Whoah that was some harvest with 8x claas lexion 8900s with midwest durus 18m headers! Smiley :)

Total soybeans in the railroad silos 4 and now 6 is 5.372m heh and the same as before for farm bin silo 6.306m which is total of 11.678 damn million liters! Smiley :D

How about if we don't calculate how much money that will makes us heh, have to keep it as surprise, but yeah it will be decent amount Smiley :)

1248 Anyways its been a long day, time to call it a night.

2019-11-15T0407 New farming day has started, wonder what we get to harvest today Smiley :)

Brought pickup truck 1978 to F51 and refueled almost 4 lexion 8900s, ran out of fuel in FST990, damn I need a bigger boat diesel fuel transport vehicle. Used the pickup to record courseplay courses from F51 to F46 which will be my next harvest destination.

Need to figure out some farm location in the NE where I can house my NE vehicle fleet.

Took a long time driving pickup truck 1978 from shop to F51 when bringing those midwest durus header trailers as I had a slight mishap with store delivery mod location when buying the trailers heh.

0547 Purchased diesel fuel placeable for 5.9k, placed it to farm 2 (in the center or so terrain)
0627 Relocated vehicle fleet NE to F88 which is harvest ready sunflowers

Night time had fallen so time accelerated to morning daylight, its now 06/early-autumn in-game 0725hrs.

F88 was so ridiculously small 4ha so I decided to harvest the sunflowers with single combine me driving using GPS.

0632 Started harvesting sunflowers F88, using GPS

After that megalomaniac 8x lexion 8900s monster harvest of 360ha it was actually nice to do such a small field and drive the combine myself. Now obviously this is just a nice change once in a while, I would never start to harvest larger field than single digit (even 9ha might be quite big already) like this, we have courseplay with multiple tools for a reason.

When I have been playing arma3, elite or edited for weeks or months its always nice to get back to farmsim again. When this happens I often like to start small like "appreciate the little things" for example just small terrain with small starter vehicles. I loath the tiny terrains and especially those gamey console loser giants "maps" but then again great 4km terrains like Midwest Horizon or even PMC's own north dakota greendale... they are already too big for starter type appreciation of the little things, for my returning to farmsim purpose. Uhm difficult to explain.

Most of the time with massive large scale farming I'm in 3rd person view and often quite high camera zoomed out too so I can monitor the combines etc going around the field. So thats why I sometimes miss these down to earth small scale stuff you sitting in the combines cab right next to the ground and crops Smiley :)

0659 Finished harvesting sunflowers F88
0711 Started harvesting barley F87, using GPS
0735 Finished harvesting barley F87

Dumped the sunflowers and barley into railroad silo 2, wonder if I ever remember I did that and just always wonder "why is there sunflowers in my bin but I cant find which one!?" hehe.

06/early-autumn in-game 0923hrs it was raining, weather forecast shows raining at noon. Time accelerated until rain ended.

06/early-autumn in-game 1822hrs soil is dry, we are ready to start harvesting F85 and F46, but uh oh its early evening and not many hours of daylight left, but hopefully can at least get small 4ha F85 done before the dark.

1014 Started harvesting soybeans F85, using GPS
? Finished harvesting soybeans F85

1038 Purchased PMC farm bin silo large, placed it east side of F85. Budget now 131.1k

Was looking around where to dump the grain from upcoming F46 harvest and realized this NE sector does need its own farm bin silo because there is so many big fields around this area. So placed one next to F85 which had a nice flat terrain. This will be now my NE sector main farm and bin.

The goal is to have four sectors NW, NE, SW and SE where I purchase individual vehicle fleets. These vehicles of course need a farm headquarters even though I'm not much into the role play of parking vehicles into shelters when done not to mention the useless silly washing of vehicles, so some kind of location with vehicle shelter or two near the bin silo would be nice. Hell if nothing else they are a nice landmark to navigate towards Smiley :)

1043 Purchased two CBJ vehicle shelters 72x150 white shed for 35k each, budget now 61.1k

1102 Need to take a break, to go pickup my hardware delivery Smiley :)
1222 Alright hardware picked up as well as groceries for the weekend, now we continue farming.

Recorded courseplay courses for grain truck F46, also generated combine harvester field work course for F46, all good to go for the medium size harvest. But before that I need to skip the night and at the same time going to take a quick break to unbox my hardware, I want to get new headphones in use Smiley :)

1348 Break over, harvest will commence. In-game 1930hrs and still some daylight, decided to go as long as it gets dark
1350 Started harvesting soybeans F46, courseplay ETA 2h 4min, 4x tools
1459 Night had fallen, in-game 2039hrs I cant see the combines, lets time accelerate to the morning daylight
1700 Lunch break...
1739 Break is over, lets finish F46!
1803 Finished harvesting soybeans F46

Soybean storage farm bin silo 7.345m and railroad silos 5.372m liters (total 12.717m). Now we wait until NW corn or NE canola is harvest ready.

10/mid-autumn in-game 0759hrs all corn fields are ready to harvest.

1849 Purchased diesel fuel placeable for 5.9k, placed it next to CBJ vehicle shelter in NE.

1919 Started harvesting corn F43, courseplay ETA 1h 5min, 4x tools
1945 My eyes are shutting down, cant keep myself awake, time to call it a night, we'll finish F43 tomorrow

2019-11-16T0236 New farming day has started, we continue F43 corn harvest!

0403 Finished harvesting corn F43

Took a quick lunch break here. Next is to switch back to NW vehicle fleet sector for those harvest ready corn fields. So I recorded courseplay course from F51 to Farm 1 using semi truck (fast), then sent other truck, auger wagon and combines behind it.

Used semi truck to put some barley into seed factory, then few loads of seeds from the factory to farm bin silo so that there is empty space in the factory to produce more seeds. Logistics baby, all about large scale farming.

Too bad PMC Farm Bin Large does not show fertilizer and seed in the crop market prices menu, wonder if that has something to do with the actual selling points not accepting it, hmm?

0607 Rubicon 9000 started to refill from farmer_schubi's liquid fertilizer factory and ZZZZUP, game froze up. sigh
0610 Rubicon 9000 started to refill from farmer_schubi's liquid fertilizer factory and ZZZZUP, game froze up. sigh!

0641 Started fertilizing F32, courseplay ETA 15min, 2x tools
0656 Finished fertilizing F32
0700 FS19 froze up, ZZZZUP!

When switching from roadrunner truck to another truck with vehicle explorer, froze upon entering the second truck cab. Both trucks were nearby rubicon 9000 sprayers.

0726 Started fertilizing F44, courseplay ETA 43min, 2x tools
0810 Finished fertilizing F44

0844 Needed to take a break to do some hardware configurations.
1116 All done, now its corn harvest time!

1117 Started harvesting corn F37, courseplay ETA 1h 18min, 4x tools
1143 I'm hungry, lunch break...
1223 Feeding done, now we eat corn
1331 Didn't feel like playing longer today

2019-11-17T0142 Back at PMC Gaming, FS19 started up, lets get this F37 corn harvest done.

0145 Weather forecast predicts in-game 0600hrs 90% change of rain. Hope not
0400 Finished harvesting corn F37
0410 Started harvesting corn F33, courseplay ETA 4h 47min, 4x tools
0546 Night had fallen, in-game 1955hrs time to skip the night again

It rained in the night, so 11/mid-autumn in-game 0855hrs crops were wet. Okay lets wait until they dry up, at least weather forecast have no more rain now. In-game 1308hrs soil/crops are dry, harvest continues.

0746 Lunch break...
0829 Break is over, lets harvest some corn
1234 Lunch break, need to cook food...
1328 Feeding time over, now its CORN TIME!

Loading the savegame career after this break it was 400hrs played, heh nice. Many people don't play farmsim that much in their life and I clock it on one single savegame hehe.

1449 Night is falling, again. So we time accelerate until morning daylight
1801 Weather forecast shows rain for RIGHT NOW, actual weather status is cloudy and rain coming soon...
1819 Finished harvesting corn F33

Whoah that was some corn harvest day! More than 15hrs straight! Smiley :)

1834 Alright time to call it a night, not sure if I continue tomorrow somehow I feel exhausted and want to do some editing soon... hmm...

2019-11-18T0509 New farming day has started, PMC Gaming and FS19 is up. Corn harvest time!

The plan was to start terrain editing today (well I am downloading terra incognita satellite imagery as we speak) but after waking up with enthusiasm and then reading what the idiots on the internet are saying again... I decided to go to my happy place and that is PMC Grande Gardens 16km corn harvest Smiley :)

Now we have 2x 50ha and 55ha fields of corn left. My goal is to finish at least F34 (55ha) and F23 (50ha) today, if I cannot do that for whatever reason then I'm disappointed. I'm hoping to finish the whole corn harvest today so also F27, but we'll see how it goes.

Once the corn harvest is done, then we still have two fields of canola F32 and F44 which are larger and other side of the terrain. I definitely do not expect to get those done and I doubt I even get started with F32 today. Oh well too much speculation, lets get started with the corn harvest and go one field at the time, shall we.

Something has been bugging in this savegame since I activated platinum edition claas DLC and leased some telehandler or something for just a few minutes, ever since that I have gotten nightly vehicle running costs, which just seem to increase by the time goes on. I do not have any leased vehicles, yes I have checked.

As listed above I have sickening amount of grain in my various bin silos, millions and millions worth... but due the nightly costs I actually ran out of CASH money now. I was setupping my vehicles for F34 corn harvest and when refueling thundercreek FST990 I ran out of money heh.

I could take a truck and sell one load of corn to the selling point 8 which is the closest, but I am so lazy that I just loan 5k so at least I can fill up the thundercreek with one set of fuel now. Start From Zero is about not taking loan yes I know that, but this is just silly as I have probably 30+ million worth of grain in the silos and even driving the truck off from its courseplay course would take too long heh, so taking a quick loan is easier to fill the thundercreek Smiley :)

Going to sell off the first truck load off F34 to selling point 8 to make some cash money for daily operations. And damn I need to fix that nightly vehicle running costs it is bleeding me dry and its a bug in the first place.

0607 All vehicles refueled, we are good to go
0608 Started harvesting corn F34, courseplay ETA 1h 18min, 4x tools
0637 Sold corn in selling point 8 for 49.5k + 49.5k. This was done to get some money because I got none
0711 Paid the loan off, budget now 91.3k
0919 Finished harvesting corn F34

Need to take a lunch break here. At 1005hrs lunch break over, time to get back to harvesting, two more fields to go.

Recorded courseplay course for grain truck from F23 to railroad silo 4 which is just nearby. I was shocked to see farm 1 bin silo already having 7.5 million liters of corn so surely we are not going to dump anymore there, also its pretty far away so no reason to drive that much.

1020 Started harvesting corn F23, courseplay ETA 1h 12min, 4x tools
1229 Made the decision to stop playing FS19 for a while

Huh what?

Yeah I have been playing for so long 16hrs/day again that this is just insane, I need to stop and continue arma3 terrain editing and other chores I have queued during this FS19 playing time. Oh and I also edit FS19 but I just have to stop playing it as playing is waste of (perfectly good editing) time.

I'm afraid to even scroll up to check how many days straight I have been playing now (and I already played several days in Start From Zero Midwest Horizon before this). I have always said farmsim is a time sink and I still keep playing, this must end.

Obviously I won't stop playing for good but at least cut back completely now, do some editing and next year maybe start to look into playing FS19 again.

I am going to finish this corn harvest which is this F23 and then F27, after that its two canola fields F32 (near farm 2) and F44 which is bigger by farm 3. There is no doubt I am going to finish corn harvest today or die trying heh. Not sure about the canola fields, I'm sort of hoping it would last me no longer than HALF day tomorrow... remains to be seen, canola is somewhat quick to harvest with 4x 18m headers.

F32 is 46.5ha and F44 is 142.2ha in size. Yeah that fourtyfour will take a few hours to harvest thats for sure. But it will be done. Anyways lets continue the task in hand, corn harvest...

1255 Finished harvesting corn F23
1304 Started harvesting corn F27, courseplay ETA 1h 12min, 4x tools
1347 Time accelerated through the night, it was raining and then had to wait until soil/crops are dry
1504 Lunch break...
1541 Feeding done, now its time to finish this corn harvest!
1618 Finished harvesting corn F27

Uuaah corn harvest for this year/season is done! Smiley :)

Corn harvest got me 7.591m liters in farm bin silo and 2.388m liters in railroad silo, man those are crazy amounts of grain heh. I really need to bump up these PMC Grande Gardens 16km silo capacitys because ten million liter even though it sounds cool on paper... its nothing when you really start to rock and roll with harvests Smiley :)

1634 Exited FS19 to take backups of savegame and small breather break, I do not plan on stopping for today but very short break is in order...
1646 Well that was a long break heh, okay lets attack those canola fields...

Then it was just waiting for canola fields to grow, actually I should be able to fertilize them at least once before they are ready to harvest. For F44 that would mean another 45min work and ... well I'm not going to bother driving rubicons down to F32, too lazy for such haul.

Canola fields would need a herbicide spraying as well, but yeah not going to happen. I mean we got now so much grain in the bin silos already that doing for example F32 is completely waste of time, the amount of extra money we got from that field changes nothing because most likely when we sell all the grain we can buy all the remaining land in this terrain, so yeah.. but we'll see I'd like to harvest that as canola is one of the most valuable crops.

Time accelerating 6000 speed and no growth on F32 or F44. Got to 01/early-winter and still nothing. Then it started to snow, in-game morning when seasons was done syncing after fast forward I heard rain sound but sky was clear and there was no weather rain icon. Then after few moments ground turned to snow covered one heh.

Decided to save and restart F19 because I assume there is some sort of desync going on now, lets see what game/seasons wrote into the savegame XMLs...

No real change that I could see, I don't want to jump the gun here but canola seems to be frozen in time, kind of like one crop planting was in my other savegame previously, there was just no growth at all. Why would this happen? No idea, I bought the lands where these fields were growing canola already so maybe the buying caused some issue. Or maybe the excessive time accelerating 6000 speed just desynced seasons operations so badly that it could not recover and crops were frozen in time.

If the canola got bugged for whatever reason its not a big deal, yeah I did fertilize both fields but it was pretty quick and painless field work so I'm not going to cry about it. Hell to be honest... at this point after playing almost one month straight 16hrs/day I'm pretty much ready to take a FS19 break right here right now hehe. But lets keep time accelerating...

One thing though; corn highest market price selling day is quickly approaching, its on around 08/early-winter to 10/mid-winter, I think the best day is 09. If I reach that... then while not necessary I would like to sell my millions liters of corn. But that would require the fixed trains on the new terrain or again kind of cheating by editing the savegame XML. I'm afraid... to save time and agony, its going to be the latter... Smiley :)

Nightly vehicle running costs have increased already from about 1k to 4.7k now and they keep rising. I haven't figured out where do they come from as I have NO leased vehicles. It must have been some goof up with the platinum edition claas dlc leased vehicles several real life days ago. This must be fixed, I just have no idea how. In the long run this will completely bleed me dry.

Corn selling day arrived, 07/early-winter and the price was increasing at 1484. Day after tomorrow historically should be the best day to sell, but on tomorrow might be a good day as well.

08/early-winter after in-game 2100hrs corn 1568.

09/mid-winter which should be the best selling day... had corn market price actually dropping. I assume this is the randomness in seasons. You should monitor the price, not the day. Obviously its the 07-09 winter days but don't wait for too long (for day 09) as if the price is right on 07 or 08 then just sell.

10/mid-winter yep the good sell day was 08 with 1568 price for corn, I did not sell and I lost the opportunity.

Decided to time accelerate until end of the winter, save game and end playing there.

24/late-winter in-game 0717hrs. So here we are end of year dunno is it year two now or first I lost track already heh anyways. As explained many days previously that PMC Grande Gardens 16km v0.1.3 train system is bugged (cant unload from the trains) and there are no train selling points... I cant really continue playing until these issues are fixed. Also I want to edit many more fixes and upgrades. End of the year/season is the safest place to upgrade terrains and season mod itself to avoid any savegame issues.

For the next time playing FS19 I'm going to upgrade into at that time latest seasons mod of course, hopefully then we have new stable version but if not I'll be using the betas. But for now, its time to shut it down and take a break from FS19 for as long as I can Smiley :)

1922 Saved game, exited FS19, backupped savegames plus other settings.

2019-11-22 PMC Grande Gardens 16km v0.1.4 Upgrade!

1728 Was in-game with first intention to play a bit.

So this is what happened: I edited PMC Grande Gardens 16km for two straight days, got in huge number of improvements like seasons mask, trees, utility poles, buildings (player and cosmetic farms), train system updates including railroad depots capacity increase. I was super eager to get to test these edits, so I had to hehe.

Porting the savegame from terrain v0.1.3 to v0.1.4 was a nightmare, I had to basically remake items.xml line by line and also shuffle farmlands.xml through various steps in-game to get the correct IDs I needed. Porting a savegame is no joke thats for sure.

Then it was to port seasons v1.0.1.8 beta build 35 to v1.0.1.15 beta build 41 which was released just hours ago. Actually this one I somewhat skipped, I didn't bother to bring over my crop rotation stuff and just let seasons reset all my fields to harvested state as random crop type. It is my understanding or lack thereof that porting a seasons savegame 1:1 as is... probably is not possible.

The pesky vehicle running costs that were sucking my money dry slowly every night, I found the cause for that; it was midwest durus 18m header + header trailer and coolamon mother bin 100t which had dailyUpKeep property set in the config. I removed that property and no more nightly vehicle running costs. Because of this I decided to add money bulk sum of 100k as I have lost much more than that and currently my account was -50k so I literally needed money before soybean selling day.

I felt a little bit undecided if I should continue playing because I'm looking at complete set of fieldwork to get fields growing. Well obviously, fields don't just start to grow by themselves haha, well yes of course not but the point was that in real life gaming hours it would be absolutely ONE WEEK no less to get all these fields done. I mean F04 and F05 are over TWO THOUSAND HECTARES in total size, imagine cultivating that amount of field, yes it will take literally days just that alone. Plus then all the other stuff, corn fields need to be plowed, some fields lime spread and all the herbicide spraying and fertilizing, ooh my!

Anyways I was a little bit hesitant to begin such huge task just after I promised to take a break from FS19, hell this v0.1.4 test was meant to be just that, A TEST hehe... hmm but my lust for farming draws me in dangerously... uuh Smiley ;)

After giving this some thought I decided to time accelerate to the soybeans selling day, which seems to be also the first corn selling day too. I want to test the railroad system that where are the bottlenecks that can I even transport grain to sell using it, do I need to edit the terrain more.

Most likely this time accelerating means that this game-play is just testing, ie not real Start From Zero which will be saved as progress.

03/early-spring in-game 1340hrs corn went to high deman on selling point 1, decided to try out how the trains move the corn closer to that location and then rest with trucks.

Railroad Silo 4 has 2.672m liters of soybeans and 2.388m liters of corn.

1812 Started to load corn into SE train
1828 Done loading 2.388m liters of corn to train
1832 Started unloading to railroad silo 1
1842 Train unloaded
1853 Semi truck reached railroad silo 1, starting to load corn and record courseplay course
1856 Sold corn in selling point 1 for 116.2k + 116.2k
1903 Sold corn in selling point 1 for 116.2k + 116.2k
1907 Got courseplay course recorded and working, now I'll let truck roll on while I drive another truck to help it out
1915 Sold corn in selling point 1 for 116.2k + 116.2k
1920 Sold corn in selling point 1 for 116.2k + 116.2k
1922 Sold corn in selling point 1 for 116.2k + 116.2k
1927 Sold corn in selling point 1 for 116.2k + 116.2k
1929 Sold corn in selling point 1 for 116.1k + 116.1k

The price is falling. Hmm what kind of high demand is this? Corn price is now 1659, which still is great.

1931 Sold corn in selling point 1 for 116.1k + 116.1k
1933 Sold corn in selling point 1 for 116.1k + 116.1k
1937 Sold corn in selling point 1 for 116.1k + 116.1k
1939 Sold corn in selling point 1 for 116.1k + 116.1k
1941 Sold corn in selling point 1 for 116.1k + 116.1k
1943 Sold corn in selling point 1 for 116.1k + 116.1k
1945 Sold corn in selling point 1 for 116.1k + 116.1k
1947 Sold corn in selling point 1 for 116.1k + 116.1k
1949 Sold corn in selling point 1 for 116.1k + 116.1k
1951 Sold corn in selling point 1 for 116.1k + 116.1k

That was the last corn load form railroad silo 1, now there is only 8k liters left which I put on one truck. Next is 7.591m liters in farm bin silos, I believe most are in farm 1 silo and then rest in farm 4(?). So I'm going to make a truck route to haul farm 1 corn to selling point 1.

It is a long haul, but I don't see how train usage would make it any shorter really, because I cannot fill the train from farm bin silo so I have to use trucks anyways, so might as well do the long haul.

Btw budget now 4.049m heh nice set from corn.

Farm bin silo 1 had 6.839m liters of corn, nice haul, here we go.

2008 Sold corn in selling point 1 for 116.1k + 116.1k
2022 Sold corn in selling point 1 for 116.1k
2026 Sold corn in selling point 1 for 116.1k
2027 Sold corn in selling point 1 for 116.1k
2041 Sold corn in selling point 1 for 116.1k + 116.1k
2046 Sold corn in selling point 1 for 116.1k + 116.1k
2049 Sold corn in selling point 1 for 116.1k + 116.1k
2056 Sold corn in selling point 1 for 116.1k + 116.1k
2101 Sold corn in selling point 1 for 116.1k + 116.1k
2104 Sold corn in selling point 1 for 116.1k + 116.1k
2113 Sold corn in selling point 1 for 116.1k + 116.1k
2115 Sold corn in selling point 1 for 116.1k + 116.1k
2119 Sold corn in selling point 1 for 116.1k + 116.1k, missed this one as I was in the toilet Smiley ;)
2128 Sold corn in selling point 1 for 116.1k + 116.1k
2130 Sold corn in selling point 1 for 116.1k + 116.1k
2133 Sold corn in selling point 1 for 116.1k + 116.1k
2144 Sold corn in selling point 1 for 116.1k + 116.1k
2146 Sold corn in selling point 1 for 116.1k + 116.1k
2147 Sold corn in selling point 1 for 116.1k
2159 Sold corn in selling point 1 for 116.1k + 116.1k
2200 Sold corn in selling point 1 for 116.1k + 116.1k
2202 Sold corn in selling point 1 for 116.1k + 116.1k
2213 Sold corn in selling point 1 for 116.1k + 116.1k
2215 Sold corn in selling point 1 for 116.1k + 116.1k
2218 Sold corn in selling point 1 for 116.1k + 116.1k
2228 Sold corn in selling point 1 for 116.1k + 116.1k
2230 Sold corn in selling point 1 for 116.1k + 116.1k
2233 Sold corn in selling point 1 for 116.1k + 116.1k
2241 Corn is no longer high demand in selling point 1, I was too slow hauling my millions of liters there hehe, oh well it was fun while it lasted

Budget now 9.928m and still 3.959m liters of corn in the farm bin silo 1.

2302 Started to load SE train from railroad silo 6, it has 1.484m liters of soybeans
2312 Done loading
2324 Started unloading to railroad silo 9
2329 Finished unloading to railroad silo 9

Night was falling so time accelerated to morning daylight. 04/early-spring 0633hrs, it was raining. Well rain wont hurt us in the train haulin' business.

2343 Started to load SE train at railroad silo 9, soybeans
2353 Finished loading soybeans from railroad silo 9
2357 Started to unload SE train at railroad silo 1, soybeans

2019-11-23T0003 Finished unloading SE train

0025 Started loading 1.215m liters of soybeans to SE train from railroad silo 7
0035 Finished loading SE train
0037 Started unloading SE train to railroad silo 9, soybeans

Now this train loading, driving and unloading starts to feel like quite tedious already...

0042 Finished unloading SE train
0048 Started loading soybeans to SW train from railroad silo 9
0054 Finished loading SW train

Then I realized that this is just my train logistics enthusiasm speaking that there is no reason for me to haul these crops from silo to silo because I don't know which selling point these are eventually going. Sure best bet is to consolidate the grain into the central hub railroad silo 1 where it can be quickly picked up by NW, NE and SW trains.

0059 Started to unload SE train to railroad silo 1
0103 Finished unloading SE train

And here its time for me to call it a night, dead tired.

0952 New farming day has started, FS19 booted up, what are we going to do today?

Transferred some fertilizer to liquid fertilizer factory. Manure to fertilizer factory.

Then it was just time accelerating to get into the soybean/corn selling days, also monitoring closely for any random high demands, you never know when you might get lucky like we did previously with the corn 1659 sell.

10/mid-spring soil temperature hit +6C and forecast shows no temperatures less anymore so we would be able to seed canola.

I was not interested in field work, just to get my grain sold when the right market price selling day comes along, it kind of felt like a shame to just time accelerate these perfectly good field working days heh. But not to worry, there is plenty of field work to be done lateron Smiley ;)

18/late-spring soil temperature now +10C so could plant corn and soybeans.

Time accelerating with seasons takes a really long time because "synchronizing after the fast-forward" dialog sometimes lasts more than minute, I always ALT-TAB because its waste of time to stare at static waiting screen. As most times I have been watching real life farming youtube videos that got queued up during the few days I edited this terrain. A lot of minutes to watch and some good farming action as its harvest season in real life.

07/early-summer in-game 0646hrs, corn 1498 and soybeans 3689 prices. We are getting close to the high selling day which should be... well actually tomorrow, hmm well that snuck up to me rather quick while watching youtube farming videos. Got to be ready to start hauling some grain in-game tomorrow if not today.

In-game 1008hrs corn is 1502 in selling point 6 which has railroad access.

08/early-summer okay seasons highest corn and soybeans selling day has arrived, in-game 0014hrs corn 1520 in selling point 3 (truck) and soybeans 3734 in selling point 11 (train).

Now comes the risky part, do I start to sell right now as the price is very nice, or do I wait for the highest peak of today for example at least to the 0600hrs or so in the morning daylight because I hate to work in the darkness. Hmm hmm, last time when I was fishing for the highest price it was missed, lets see what happens today I'll continue time accelerating in one hour increments into morning daylight and then we start to sell grain in massive scale.

In-game 0500hrs corn 1536 in selling point 5 (truck), soybeans 3744 in selling point 11 (train).

Then time accelerated just enough for the daylight to break so I can work properly, in-game 0551hrs and prices are the same as above. Lets get to work, first we begin with corn to haul it to railroad silo 11 which is by SW train. Man that will take a while Smiley ;)

I had to save and exit the game, then open items.xml to find out WHERE are my corn and soybeans stored at.

1243 Started to haul 3.208m corn from farm bin silo 1 to railroad silo 3
1311 Started loading NW train with 2.672m liters of soybeans from railroad silo 4

While the train was loading deadly slowly I went and edited the train grain bin silo emptying speed to 15k liters per second. Will savegame and restart after the train is full.

1329 Finished loading NW train
1334 Saved game and exited to upgrade PMC Grande Gardens 16km terrain for experimental train loading speed fix
1340 Upgraded and FS19 booted up, lets see how our trains work now
1341 Started unloading NW train soybeans to railroad silo 1
1347 Finished unloading NW train

That 15k liters per second unloading speed felt pretty balanced, it was very game-play oriented that I had no time to ALT-TAB when unloading the train which is the whole point, if stuff takes so long that you are yawning and watching youtube videos on the background... what the hell is the point of playing anymore?

And it didn't feel like "TOP DOWN BOYZ" 100km/h combine with 1000m header kiddie crap either.

But boy does the truck hauling of corn take forever, uuh... yes I only have a one truck doing it with courseplay now because additional trucks collide with the truck in front of them causing real mayhem, if you want hands free courseplay operation it has to be with one truck. And the unloading takes forever as I have to use "grain door" unloading mode because trailer is tipping and the train grain bin silo building is so low that it would collide with the trailer. I could do this faster by babysitting three trucks, but right now I'm handling the soybean train hauling operation.

1356 Loaded NE train with very low amount of barley and sunflowers (hey it was on my way there)
1401 Started loading NE train with soybeans on railroad silo 1
1409 Finished loading NE train, total of 2.860m liters of soybeans
1416 NE train full of soybeans arrived to selling point 11, budget now 9.907m and starting to sell my very first soybeans 20 car train load Smiley :)
1417 Sold 143k liters of soybeans to selling point 11 for 536k TIMES TWENTY! MUHAHAHAHAA!

Budget now 20.628m Smiley :D

1430 Lunch break...
1525 Food cooked and eaten, lets get back to selling some grain
1526 Started loading NE train with soybeans on railroad silo 1, total of 2.512m liters
1533 Finished loading NE train
1539 Sold 143k liters of soybeans to selling point 11 for 536k times 17, then one car for 306.9k

Budget now 30.048m !

Noticed that soybean market price in selling point 8 is 3728 (selling point 11 the highest now is 3749) so decided to sell from farm bin silo 1 directly using truck to selling point 8.

1604 Sold soybeans in selling point 8 for 260.9k + 260.9k
1611 Sold soybeans in selling point 8 for 260.9k + 260.9k
1625 Sold soybeans in selling point 8 for 260.9k + 260.9k
1628 Sold soybeans in selling point 8 for 260.9k + 260.9k
1630 Sold soybeans in selling point 8 for 260.9k + 260.9k

I had to go toilet here and probably lost track of two sellings heh.

1644 Sold soybeans in selling point 8 for 260.9k + 260.9k
1646 Sold soybeans in selling point 8 for 260.9k + 260.9k
1648 Sold soybeans in selling point 8 for 260.9k + 261.1k market price now 3730
1651 Sold soybeans in selling point 8 for 261.1k + 261.1k
1653 Sold soybeans in selling point 8 for 261.1k + 261.1k
1655 Sold soybeans in selling point 8 for 261.1k + 261.1k
1657 Sold soybeans in selling point 8 for 261.1k + 261.1k
1659 Sold soybeans in selling point 8 for 261.1k + 261.1k
1702 Sold soybeans in selling point 8 for 261.1k + 261.1k
1704 Sold soybeans in selling point 8 for 261.1k + 261.1k
1706 Sold soybeans in selling point 8 for 261.1k + 261.1k
1709 Sold soybeans in selling point 8 for 261.1k + 261.1k
1711 Sold soybeans in selling point 8 for 261.1k + 261.1k
1713 Sold soybeans in selling point 8 for 261.1k + 261.1k
1715 Sold soybeans in selling point 8 for 261.1k + 261.1k
1717 Sold soybeans in selling point 8 for 261.1k + 261.1k
1720 Sold soybeans in selling point 8 for 261.1k + 261.1k
1722 Sold soybeans in selling point 8 for 261.1k + 261.1k
1725 Sold soybeans in selling point 8 for 261.1k + 261.1k
1727 Sold soybeans in selling point 8 for 261.1k + 261.1k
1729 Sold soybeans in selling point 8 for 261.1k + 261.1k
1731 Sold soybeans in selling point 8 for 261.1k + 261.1k
1734 Sold soybeans in selling point 8 for 261.1k + 261.1k
1735 Sold soybeans in selling point 8 for 261.1k + 261.1k
1737 Sold soybeans in selling point 8 for 261.1k + 261.1k
1740 Sold soybeans in selling point 8 for 261.1k + 261.1k
1742 Sold soybeans in selling point 8 for 261.1k + 261.1k
1744 Sold soybeans in selling point 8 for 261.1k + 261.1k
1747 Sold soybeans in selling point 8 for 261.1k + 261.1k
1749 Sold soybeans in selling point 8 for 261.2k + 261.2k market price now 3732, this was the last full load too
1750 Sold soybeans in selling point 8 for 226.1k

Budget now 50.380m haha Smiley ;)

I mean seriously, fifty million in cash! That is some serious coin gentlemen Smiley ;)

Continued corn haul from farm bin silo 1 to railroad silo 3 but on the first load silo ran out of corn already, well good.

1807 Saved game, backupped savegames and restarted FS19, just felt like so much work is done that I want to have backups etc.

Currently grain stocks are soybeans 1.894m liters and corn 751.6k in farm bin silo(s) and 3.208m liters in railroad silo(s). Market for corn is 1541 in selling point 5 (truck) and soybeans 3747 in selling point 10 (truck).

Now that I have this massive wealth of fifty million, I'm going to start buying the remaining land lots in this terrain and I'm hoping the fiddy is enough to purchase them all.

Purchased land lot with:
F06 in it for 7.507m
F07 in it for 1.459m
F61-F64 in it for 409k
F98 in it for 112.9k
F97 in it for 134.7k
F65 in it for 332.1k
F66 in it for 345.5k
F57, F58 and F96 in it for 1.070m
F60 in it for 4.499m
F55 in it for 1.532m
F56 in it for 2.345m
F59 in it for 2.371m
F67 in it for 750.5k
F68 in it for 618.1k
F69 in it for 891k
F70 and F82 in it for 4.208m
F71 in it for 1.153m
F75 in it for 810.4k
F72 in it for 356k
F73 in it for 335.2k
F74 in it for 415.8k
F53 in it for 2.006m
F54 in it for 1.115m
F76 in it for 1.746m
F81 in it for 979.1k
F77 in it for 495.9k
F78 in it for 506.1k
F80 in it for 906.4k
F93 in it for 46.6k
F94 in it for 44.6k
F95 in it for 48.3k
F79 in it for 347.9k
F08 in it for 362.1k

Budget now 10.113m and I purchased all the fields except the crown jewel, the big monster F40 hehe.

I walked (fast 20 times walking speed) around my new lands, they are simply massive. Right now even though I still have the goal to purchase the F40 and harvest all the fields, those feel so distant far away in the horizon that I don't even think of them now. I just don't have the motivation to play so unbelievable amount of hours again to harvest all these fields.

For example cultivating 500ha field takes just forever, I am not sure I want to do such tasks in one sitting. Honestly thinking about it now even lets say spread across many days over a week or even longer playing few hours every now and then... feels stupid, who would want to start FS19, sit in a tractor cultivating a field for 1h 45min and then save game, exit and be done playing for the day, huh? Smiley :)

Overall I feel like I've reached the point that I've wasted enough time with farmsim, meaning nothing has changed I still love to FS19 farm but I don't want to waste WEEKS straight doing it.

I'm sad if I don't play, but if I waste 2-3 months just doing one round of field work on one terrain... sounds pretty damn crazy to me. (OK I don't know how long would it take but in general idea).

Anyways, deep thoughts man.

1847 I was so undecisive about what to do next so I saved the game and exited, going to make latest inventory of my grain for starters but also not waste any precious highest selling day of the season time just for wondering what to do next.

Pulled the grain inventory from items.xml and looks like there is million liters of soybeans and a bit corn in the farm NE, so yeah I'm going to go sell those.

1855 Okay FS19 fired back up, lets continue selling grain.

Hah just realized that the highest market price for soybeans is right next to the farm bin silo where my soybeans are stored Smiley :)

1908 Sold soybeans in selling point 10 for 262.4k + 262.4k
1916 Sold soybeans in selling point 10 for 262.4k + 262.4k
1918 Sold soybeans in selling point 10 for 262.4k + 262.4k

At this point had to go run quick test in modo so missed few soybean sells heh.

1928 Back at PMC Gaming, hands on keyboard, grain trucks still rolling Smiley ;)

1931 Sold soybeans in selling point 10 for 262.4k + 262.4k
1932 Sold soybeans in selling point 10 for 262.4k + 262.4k

Then on the next unload ran out of soybeans in the farm bin silo NE, hmm oh right there is bunch of them in bin by the F19. Hmm.

1937 Sold soybeans in selling point 10 for 220.7k

Okay this farm bin silo NE is now empty of soybeans. Budget now 14.003m hey I can buy the last F40 heh.

1940 Purchased land lot with F40 in it for 12.054m Smiley :D

Budget now 1.949m just barely some buffer money heh.

This is kind of historical moment that I managed to buy all the land lots (with fields on them) in PMC Grange Gardens 16km terrain which is quite achievement with Start From Zero career. Of course the final goal is to harvest all the fields... but as I said above, that is for... well probably for next year Smiley ;)

Actually I'm going to shut down FS19 now, its just what could I achieve today anymore that would give any meaning other than boredom and exhausting feeling, so better to call it quits here and who knows tomorrow or when we return Smiley :)

1944 Time to call it a day, was some good fun today for sure.

2019-11-24T1046 New farming day has begun, wonder whats going to happen today.

Well here we are, one of those things that I didn't know what else to do so I reverted back to my safe zone which is farming simulator Smiley :)

Yes I know its a kind of loser attitude but hey, better to play FS19 than to just stare at the walls I guess. And yes I have desire for some field work because as seen above the last week or more was spent doing nothing but harvesting. Harvesting of course is nice, its kind of the final phase, but I just RIGHT NOW miss the good old cultivating, fertilizing, spraying, etc and then seeding. To make things grow.

And yes as usual, this feeling soon passes when I'm faced with the overwhelming amounts of fields I need to work on. But right now I just want to start doing some nice relaxed field work, make a list of fields I have not yet worked on so I can use this list in the future to slowly chipping away one field at the time in my ultimate goal to achieve all fields harvested.

On more practical terms I'm not sure if I continue working on the fields I have already done in previous years because they are already "done" within this goal in mind, so I'll probably move my vehicle fleets to the fields what I've not yet worked on (in this Start From Zero savegame).

However I still want to finish that grain selling operation because I got 855.5k soybeans and 751.6k + 3.208m corn left.

1050 Started to load NW train with 3.208m liters of corn from railroad silo 3
1058 Finished loading NW train, 2.860m liters of corn, train is full

The best corn selling price is on selling point 5 which is truck accessible 1543, next best is selling point 9 train accessible 1535 and increasing. So I decided to go selling point 9 because its train and not only that but on the same tracks as my current corn load in NW train.

1104 Sold corn in selling point 9 for 219.5k TIMES TWENTY!
1111 Finished selling train load of corn, budget now 6.341m

Going to go pickup the remaining corn from railroad silo 3.

1115 Started loading corn to NW train, mere 348.2k liters
1120 Sold corn in selling point 9 for 2x 219.8k + 95.7k

Budget now 6.877m and now I'm off to grab the remaining grain from the hmm whatever bin they are, heh the hunt of the missing grain Smiley ;)

1134 Started truck hauling 855.5k liters of soybeans from F19 farm bin silo to railroad silo 1
1225 Started truck hauling 750k liters of corn from farm NE bin silo to railroad silo 5
1233 Finished truck hauling soybeans
1236 Loaded NE train with 855.5k liters of soybeans from railroad silo 1
1246 Unloaded NE train soybeans to railroad silo 5

There was some hiccup in courseplay corn hauling course, the truck was running loops empty, I don't get it. One of those days that courseplay pisses me off again.

1259 Started loading NE train with corn
1302 Sold soybeans in selling point 10 for 261.8k + 261.8k
1307 Sold soybeans in selling point 10 for 261.8k + 261.8k
1311 Sold soybeans in selling point 10 for 261.8k + 261.7k
1314 Sold soybeans in selling point 10 for 261.6k + 261.6k
1318 Sold soybeans in selling point 10 for 261.6k + 261.6k
1322 Sold soybeans in selling point 10 for 261.5k + 261.5k
1325 Finished truck hauling corn
1326 Sold soybeans in selling point 10 for 58.1k
1327 Finished loading NE train with corn

Now off to sell the corn in... looks like selling point 9 has the best price, but that means swapping trains again, hmm. Selling point 9 goes for 1547 and selling point 11 which would have been in my current trains route only gives 1471, so off we go to the highest price.

Its not a big deal to swap trains, sort of nice change for all the usual farming simulator field work stuff, but yes obviously it takes several moments until we reach out destination and complete the sell. Who says farming is easy hehe

1334 Unloaded NE train of corn to railroad silo 1
1340 Loaded NW train with corn from railroad silo 1
1346 Sold corn in selling point 9 for 5x 221.2k + 56.6k

Aayeah all the farm bin silos and railroad silos are empty, all the grain from last years harvest season was sold! Budget now 11.237m, thats pretty nice Smiley :)

Now what do I do next? hehe

I did a list of harvested fields in this Start From Zero savegame (I have obviously harvested many fields in my other seasons test savegame but those don't count).

F02, F04, F23-F27, F29, F33-F39, F43, F46, F51, F85, F87 and F88

These fields I wont be bothering to work on now until I reach the ultimate goal of having harvested all the fields and there sure are many of which I havent done any work yet. I haven't even been in the southern side of this terrain yet other than contract work which doesn't count either.

So fields to harvest are below.
F01, F03, F05, F06, F07, F08, F09, F10, F11, F12, F13, F14, F15, F16, F17, F18, F19, F20, F21, F22, F28, F30, F31, F32, F40, F41, F42, F44, F45, F47, F48, F49, F50, F52, F55, F56, F57, F58, F59, F60, F61, F62, F63, F64, F65, F66, F67, F68, F69, F70, F71, F72, F73, F74, F75, F76, F77, F78, F79, F80, F81, F82, F89, F90, F91, F92, F93, F94, F95, F96, F97, F98

That list is just huge even as those numbers in text so just imagine how many real life hours you spend working on those fields it will be insane. I cannot in any way shape or form try to get this done as quickly as possible, it has to be nice and relaxed playing only when you absolutely feel like, not because you just want to get it done for any cost.

I imagine this will take months assuming I don't start to play arma3/elite etc for longer periods of time. Lets say I could play this Start From Zero not every day but how about every week... then it might be done next year? Heh I don't know Smiley ;)

I definitely want to get this done but I refuse to ruin my life because of this goal. It will be interesting to see in the future to read this history back and see what my plan here was and what actually happened, for example I never finished the FS17 Cornbelt Start From Scratch because FS19 was released. When the next game is released, FS21 I assume late next year(?), I can easily port over my own terrain and this savegame so that is not the issue anymore.

Anyways, speculation. Lets get started with the first field Smiley :D

First field to work on is F28.

Going to pickup sprayer equipment from farm NE, then probably buy bare minimum two more rubicon 9000 sprayers with low boy and tanker support vehicles.

As talked thoroughly previously I'm going to herbicide blanket spray all the fields so I need two dedicated herbicide sprayers for sure.

Brought both of the spayer setups from farm NE to farm 1, topped them off with liquid fertilizer, they are now good to go when fertilizing is required.

1501 Lunch break...
1545 Alright all feeded up, lets get back to farming

Added new lizard plus plus truck and bdbssb's liquid storage pack mods.

- truck lizard warrior++ with options 148.4k
- sprayer hardi rubicon 9000 with guidance steering 504k

1549 Purchased above twice

- low loader renegade xl 110mfg with trailer hitch 29.7k

1553 Purchased above twice
1554 FS19 froze up when vehicle explorer switched into warrior++ just behind rubicons
1557 FS19 froze up when driving warrior++ near rubicons

- truck lizard warrior++ with options 148.4k

1601 Purchased above twice

- tanker trailer liquid tank 75 68k
- tanker trailer liquid tank 75D 75k

1603 Purchased above twice

Purchased liquid storage tanks 110k, placed them near railroad silo 4.

Drove the two new liquid tanker trucks to farm 1, topped up with herbicide which was at beginning a bit confusing as the trucks "stole" from each other when side by side heh, probably not often when you have such side by side loading going on. Now I have massive 120k liters PER TRUCK herbicide capacity and when I'll dump this stuff on the liquid storage placeable... oh yeah, very nice stuff.

Herbicide production factory, thats what I need next. Its okay to buy it from the giants placeable refill station, but would be so much nicer to be producing that on my own.

1648 Started herbicide spraying F28, courseplay ETA 31min, 2x tools

As weird as this again sounds, man it felt good to be back in regular field work and running massive rubicons spraying stuff! Smiley :)

Just wondering how many minutes / hours this enthusiasm lasts before I get bored and ultimately burnt out for the endless field work hehe. Oh well, its the circle of life, man.

1722 Finished herbicide spraying F28

Refill of 60k liters of herbicide costs 79.2k ouch, it ain't cheap.

1758 Started herbicide spraying F83, GPS
1804 Finished herbicide spraying F83
1806 Started herbicide spraying F84, GPS
1811 Finished herbicide spraying F84

These two 4ha fields are a joke, but have to do them for the goal.

Next was massive F05 herbicide spraying, I had the money and was thinking about buying two more dedicated herbicide sprayers but decided against it that nah we can do it with just two... but when courseplay shows me duration 4h 53min... I RECONSIDERED hehe!

- sprayer hardi rubicon 9000 with guidance steering 504k

1833 Purchased the above twice

Liquid storage tanks by F26 have now 462k liters of herbicide and 240k liters of liquid fertilizer. Gotta love large scale farming, aayeah Smiley ;)

1845 Started herbicide spraying F05, courseplay ETA 2h 47min, 4x tools
2143 Finished herbicide spraying F05

Spraying this 1200ha field felt surprisingly quick or easy. Compared to the hectic harvesting this was piece of cake to just watch courseplay doing its thing. Sure there was few sprayer refills but that was nothing.

Decided to call it a night here even though I still have a lot of playing energy left, its better to quit with good spirits than to get exhausted.

2153 Shut down FS19.

2019-11-25T2150 New farming day has started, not sure whats going to happen today, its already late in the day too.

2203 Started herbicide spraying F12, courseplay ETA 17min, 2x tools
2226 Finished herbicide spraying F12
2248 Started herbicide spraying F14, courseplay ETA 16min, 2x tools
2306 Finished herbicide spraying F14
2318 Started herbicide spraying F13, courseplay ETA 18min, 4x tools
2344 Finished herbicide spraying F13

2019-11-26T0002 Started herbicide spraying F16, courseplay ETA 31min, 2x tools
0006 Started herbicide spraying F17, courseplay ETA 17min, 2x tools
0025 Finished herbicide spraying F17
0031 Started herbicide spraying F18, courseplay ETA 17min, 2x tools
0040 Finished herbicide spraying F16
0049 Finished herbicide spraying F18

Had to take a short hardware configuration break here, going to test Samsung 970 Evo Plus 1tb with arma3 addons Smiley ;)

2019-11-27T1541 Well back in farming, yesterday was spent on arma3 m.2 nvme ssd DevSurf configurations.

1549 Started herbicide spraying F15, courseplay ETA 38min, 2x tools
1552 Started herbicide spraying F03, courseplay ETA 41min, 2x tools
1634 Finished herbicide spraying F15
1637 Finished herbicide spraying F03

- sprayer hardi rubicon 9000 with guidance steering 504k

1700 Purchased above twice

Needed more spraying capability for fertilizing fleet, so upgraded rubicons to 4x dedicated fertilizer vehicles. Budget now 6.359m

Attempted to fertilize F05 but fert didn't stick, it needs to be cultivated, uuh that is going to be one insane field work even with 4x 24m flexicoils. With the 20FPS performance and probably over 12hrs duration... yeah that field work is going to take several real life gaming sessions to complete, sigh.

That field will be the largest I have ever cultivated. Funny thing is I'm probably looking at one more cultivating after this because now we cultivate, then fertilize, then we could plant corn and then we have to fertilize twice which is time sensitive... so I'd rather cult-fert-cult-fert-plant-fert Smiley :)

Oh my.

1720 Started cultivating F05, courseplay ETA 8h 45min, 4x tools

This was such a huge duration that I sort of cheated, I watched a movie, went grocery shopping and did some other computer stuff on the side before returning to PMC Gaming computer. I did monitor the big bud progress that no issues come up, savegame every hour or so.

2250 Started lime spreading F15, courseplay ETA 1h 25min, 3x tools

Having 7 vehicles under courseplay running the performance was pretty bad again, I could just feel the stutter and FPS indicator were somewhere between 20-25 which is sad really. It is completely crazy to play a game like this, if you want to play obsessively at least you'd expect to have some enjoyable experience... but 20FPS, are you kidding me... heh. But what other way there would be to get this mega 1200ha field done, with only one tractor? Haha yeah NO.

Oh and I made a mistake with lime spreading this field, I should have fertilized it first then after liming it I could have put another fertilizing layer in right away, but no... now I need to cultivate between fertilizing. I have made this mistake few times before and most likely will repeat it many times after as its so easy to get carried away in farming excitement heh.

2019-11-28T0132 Finished lime spreading F15
0251 Finished cultivating F05

Purchased 67.4k worth of diesel fuel Smiley :)

Used fendt 1050 to drive seed hawk to the shop, unloaded seeds, sold the air cart, purchased new fertilization disabled one, refilled seeds back in and finally drove it back to the F03 NW where big bud's and rest of the seed hawks are. I did this four times, for all the seed hawk air carts. I'm using the new optional fertilization mod which turns fertilizer tanks into seed tanks, with seed hawk air cart this gives 34.5k liters of seed capacity. Nice!

Then fendt 1050 got elmers haulmaster load of seeds from our seed factory, refilled seed hawks by F03 until it ran out of seeds (optional fertilization 34.5k liters capacity), picked up another load... and then I was pretty much so tired I had to call it a night.

0416 Too tired, had to call it a night. I'm hoping not to farm tomorrow just some editing, we'll see.

2235 New farming day has started, aayeah!

09/mid-summer in-game 2100hrs, night is falling so have to time accelerate until morning daylight before starting this seeding.

2312 Started seeding soybeans F03, courseplay ETA 55min, 4x tools
2019-11-29T012 Finished seeding soybeans F03

Just when I was about to start fertilizing F05 I noticed it was growing weeds... how is that possible as I JUST blanket herbicide sprayed it? What kind of bullshit is this that you spend better part of three hours spraying a field and few in-game days later that fucking thing is again growing weeds?

Seasons bug, no other explanation, hell I even re-read this story that did I not spray it, yes indeed I did spray the field and yeah... this sucks. Whats the point of playing 20FPS performance buggy piece of shit?

Well I decided to start fertilizing this field as I was using VLC player to watch a movie in the background, but my motivation for FS19 playing was all time low right now...

0017 Started fertilizing F05, courseplay ETA 2h 47min, 4x tools
0320 Finished fertilizing F05

Funny thing that my movie ended just as rubicons finished this very long fertilization field work. As said I was really bummed out by the growing weeds and the oncoing awful 20FPS performance that I stopped playing for tonight here. Right now I don't feel like playing but give it one or two hard editing days and I'm sure I get drawn back here, I just don't know how I can ignore the F05 buggy weed situation...

0324 Shut down FS19.

2019-11-30T0159 New farming day has started, FS19 booted up.

Did not actually plan on playing, I'm already at the last part of this day as I've been arma3 editing for quite some time. Now just felt like doing something else and decided to give hour or two for Start From Zero.

Was going to start fertilizing F12 but it didn't stick, have to cultivate first. Darn new seasons starter year and random field status.

0212 Started cultivating F12, courseplay ETA 30min, 4x tools
? Finished cultivating F12
0308 Started fertilizing F12, courseplay ETA 17min, 2x tools
0332 Finished fertilizing F12
0335 Started cultivating F13, courseplay ETA 52min, 4x tools
0434 Finished cultivating F13

There is now a lone weed patch in F03 which I had pre-emptively blanket herbicide sprayed... seems like seasons weed code is buggy, huh?

0437 Started fertilizing F13, courseplay ETA 33min, 2x tools
0516 Finished fertilizing F13
0522 Started fertilizing F15, courseplay ETA min, 4x tools

Now there is one weed spec in the SE corner of F14 heh. I truly wonder if the weeds will grow back just as I had never sprayed them, that would be really funny.

0549 Finished fertilizing F15
0558 Started cultivating F16, courseplay ETA 50min, 4x tools
0703 Finished cultivating F16

Then it was time to call it a night, dead tired. Again not planning on farming tomorrow... but we'll see how things evolve.

2019-12-01T0020 New farming day has started, did not plan on this but got arma3 edits done and it was time for PMC Gaming.

0026 Started cultivating F17, courseplay ETA 27min, 4x tools
0105 Finished cultivating F17
0107 Started fertilizing F17, courseplay ETA 17min, 2x tools
0124 Started cultivating F17, courseplay ETA 27min, 4x tools
0132 Finished fertilizing F17
0211 Finished cultivating F17
0213 Started fertilizing F17, courseplay ETA 19min, 2x tools

Second weed patch appeared on F03, also F05 I believe has grown even more weeds now. The weed system is broken in seasons or at least in this savegame. I don't know how it could be a bad savegame as two latest seasons versions were upgraded on the last day of the year. Oh well, I did the spraying so once everything else is set I'm going to reset the field to weedless state from dev console. The hell if I'm field working for no reason due bugs.

Just before fertilizing was done it started to rain. No big deal, nothing to harvest anytime soon and in FS19 clinical world any rain wont cause muddy conditions so we continue.

0237 Finished fertilizing F17
0242 Started seeding canola F17, courseplay ETA 21min, 4x tools
0310 Finished seeding canola F17
0311 Started fertilizing F17, courseplay ETA 19min, 2x tools
0337 Finished fertilizing F17

Weeds growing to F16 now heh, oh well, buggy seasons weed system.

0345 Started seeding soybeans F14, courseplay ETA 22min, 4x tools

Courseplay has a big problem especially with bug bud 747's pulling seed hawk setups that if you are using headlands there is a big chance of the tractors to go off course on the corners. Once they reach the inner "back and forth" part then they are good but its the headland which is very problematic.

On this F14 course I had three (3)! tractors go off course, on previous F17 seeding I recall two tractors did that.

It is extremely infuriating to see that happen! It also means with four tools you get into huge problems trying to get them back on course as its sometimes so difficult to see where in the course particular tractor belongs to.

Now I have a streak of soybeans in F12 SE corner coming up about middle of the field (that was when I spotted the off course tractor). Now I need to cultivate that field under before fertilizing (I think).

I was seriously considering rage quitting this time, but calmed myself down that just deal with this courseplay bullshit and move on.

Oh, if you do not use headlands then there are no problems, but then again if you have trees or other obstacles near the field edges... you have to use headland.

It sucks.

0417 Finished seeding soybeans F14

Upon finishing the field... I realized that this streaked tractor was not only off course but it was configured to seed CANOLA in the begin with, haha oh shieet maan what a fuck up this seeding was! Smiley ;)

Decided to cultivate under F12 and F14 next.

0422 Started cultivating F14, courseplay ETA 49min, 2x tools
0425 Started cultivating F12, courseplay ETA 52min, 2x tools

Coming back from first ALT-TAB... F14 trailing big bud 450 pulling flexicoil st820 cultivator was just about to breach motherfucking soybean seeded F03!

0433 I calmly without hesitation saved and exited FS19. I AM FUCKING DONE.

After the 2019 Break

2020-02-17T0017 launched FS19 the first time in 2020! Smiley ;)

Continued the last years attempt to cultivate F12 and F14. Big Bud 450's pulling flexicoil st820s.

0108 Got system booted back up after another hardware electrical glitch (long story).

0125 Finished cultivating F14
0131 Finished cultivating F12

0132 Time for a lunch break...
0210 Lunch break is over, back to farming.

Then it was seeding time, lets put again some soybeans into F12 and F14.

0216 Started seeding soybeans F14, courseplay ETA 14min, 4x tools

Was driving big bud 747 with seed hawk using GPS to fix the headlands (courseplay bug) and forgot to activate GPS stop at end of the field, so while I was ALT-TABbed seed hawk ran out of F14 into F13 from SE corner and seeded some soybeans heh. Oh well it doesn't matter as F13 is queued to be seeded with soybeans.

0309 Finished seeding soybeans F14

10/mid-summer in-game 2125hrs night is falling so 6000 time accelerated into 11/mid-summer 0600hrs morning.

0314 Started seeding soybeans F12, courseplay ETA 45min, 2x tools
0341 Finished seeding soybeans F12

Had a lot of problems with courseplay headlands with big buds so tried headland corner round generation option, it worked fine. Now just need to get more fields done with it to see if it really works. The problem was tractor on headland corner which set off to a random direction and never stopped. Obviously such behavior ruins the use of courseplay completely.

Then it was time to refill seed hawks, that is always fun as they eat full load of elmers haulmaster of seeds Smiley :)

Had to go refill elmers haulmaster from the farm as it ran out of seeds. Kind of wish there was some semi-truck trailer solution for seeds, but dunno I guess realism wise haulmasters 70k capacity is enough.

With this terrain guess the larger logistics comes from rail road network and the train depots which can hold solid fertilizer and seeds. Would perhaps need more of those small fert/seed distribution tanks along the tracks.

0405 Started seeding soybeans F13, courseplay ETA 44min, 4x tools
0452 Finished seeding soybeans F13

In that field work courseplay failed again, two tractors set off to a random direction in headland corner, sigh. Even though it was months ago I recall so clearly how infuriating it was to battle with this random bug.

0458 Started fertilizing F16, courseplay ETA 30min, 2x tools
0546 Finished fertilizing F16

Had another hardware electric glitch, that sucks, gotta fix that issue somehow and soon its no fun to have restart computer every few hours.

Next up was lime spreading and had a nice three tractor round trip to farm for lime refill.

0619 Started lime spreading F16, courseplay ETA 1h 4min, 3x tools

0649 was watching youtube real life farming videos while lime spreading was close to half way done... and I just felt so bored for the time sink farm sim stuff that I had to save and exit immediately.

2020-02-19T0033 back at FS19 and have nothing else interesting to do so we are farming.

0104 Started cultivating F18, courseplay ETA 27min, 4x tools
0115 Finished lime spreading F16
0117 Started fertilizing F16, courseplay ETA 16min, 4x tools

Now that I have all land lots purchased I'm going to concentrate only for the ultimate goal which is to harvest all the fields, which means I will be skipping all that time consuming care you need to put on the fields like three time fertilization, herbicide spraying and crop rotation etc. All I care about now is harvests, put the seed into the ground and harvest the crops as quickly as possible.

Quickest way possible is using seed hawks to seed soybeans, seed hawks cultivate so you can seed any field, then soybeans is one of the worst yielding crop so even the harvest is quicker in the sense that you have less grain cart driving.

Lets call this "careless soybeans" mode Smiley :)

The reason I'm doing this kind of careless farming is that the amount of fields and hectares I have in PMC Grande Gardens 16km is just insane, if I would squeeze out 100% efficiency with crop rotation from each field, it would increase the time needed to finish this start from zero savegame but who knows how much.

To begin with the goal to harvest all the fields is kind of silly, this is not multiplayer, there is nobody else joining in the effort with me, its just me trying to reach my goals, why not make it extra hard for no reason because money doesn't mean anything to me at this point when I have all the fields and equipment I need.

0140 Finished fertilizing F16

Had another electric hardware glitch and had to cold restart PMC Gaming computer. Attempted a temporary fix for this issue, hopefully it got resolved now as these are really pissing me off.

0158 Finished cultivating F18
0205 Started seeding soybeans F05, courseplay ETA 7h 2min, 4x tools

Ridiculous seven hours seeding haha. I did this as full course, not one corner section at the time, course was 22,804 waypoints hehe. Wonder how many elmers haulmaster refills this will take hmm Smiley :)

Seed hawks were not completely full on start, fertilizer tanks were full but seed tanks were about 50% capacity. I'm going to write down all seed refills, will be interesting to see how many do these beasts take.

0403 Refill seed hawks, only got two full and third just few thousand liters, then had to send elmers haulmaster to pickup more seeds

Took second load of seeds from the farms seed factory and it already dropped below 100k liters of seeds left, oh wow I'm going to run out of seeds here hehe. Hmm I would need to seed some barley to some small field close to my farm so it would be easy to harvest and store into the seed factory.

Hmm actually I can just use soybeans for it which I would normally never do as its expensive crop, but because money is not the issue now its fine (edit: except seed factory does not accept soybeans hah). I should scan through the items.xml to see if I have any grain anywhere in my farm bin silos or train depots, who knows maybe I have some leftovers somewhere I could use.

0421 Ran out of seeds in seed factory Smiley :)

Went through items.xml searching for crops or any products and was surprised to find whopping 980k liters of seeds in my main farm bin silo, wow! I stopped playing in december so its been two and a half months now and I completely forgot I had such amount of seeds stored Smiley :)

0544 Started fertilizing F18, courseplay ETA 37min
0621 Finished fertilizing F18
0641 Refill seed hawks with elmers haulmaster refill from farm bin silo
0939 Finished seeding soybeans F05

Well that seven hours went surprisingly quickly as I was watching youtube real life farming videos on the background. Was good to see new courseplay version did not mess up F05 headlands either. All went pretty well.

0941 Lunch break...
1014 All feeded up, lunch break over

Then it was time to mop up two tiny fields before we move our seed hawk fleet more south.

1015 Started seeding soybeans F83, GPS driving
1024 Finished seeding soybeans F83, started seeding soybeans F84, GPS driving
1032 Finished seeding soybeans F84

Another two slow 63km/h drives to farm bin silo to refill some seeds. Those seed thirsty vaderstad air carts (seed hawk 980) are in need.

1113 It was time to call it a night, have some chores to do and then its bed time.

2316 Back at PMC Gaming and FS19 booted up, lets continue farming.

Yesterday got pretty good mood farming so dunno if my obsession is slowly getting back to a full swing. Just had no question today that should I farm or do something else. Now I'll continue soybeans seeding as there is several days left in the seeding season.

2328 Started seeding soybeans F28, courseplay ETA 45min, 4x tools

My good mood was immediately ruined by courseplay which sent the third vehicle in the first headland corner to random direction and because I had to clear that mess the fourth vehicle did not continue on his present waypoints as it skipped to the "headland is finished now" part already. I fucking hate that behavior in courseplay. Whats the point of using automated course generation tool if it doesn't work? Smiley :(

Its hilarious that guy starts off his day with all smiles and jolly good feeling... but after 10min in-game you get reminded of the infuriatingly stupid game-play some aspects of FS19 + mods cause. Heh, oh well...

2020-02-20T0021 Finished seeding soybeans F28

Then I drove seed hawks into F30 which is huge 1475ha field, attempted to do courseplay field edge check for it... and FS19 froze, I waited several minutes but nothing, it was frozen solid. So I killed the task, restarted FS19 and of course the last savegame was probably more than 15min old, still had to finish seeding F28. Sigh Smiley :(

I was thinking that why do I keep playing this shit game with crap mods which cause such headache. My mind was set on farming so I just gringed my teeth and pressed on angrily.

Drove outline for F30 recording a course with courseplay, then generated seeding field work course for seed hawks, it came out as 27,721 waypoints. This field is a beast, so far the largest I've ever worked on. Man this will be pure horror to harvest hehe.

11/mid-summer in-game 2101hrs night is falling quickly, so time accelerated 6000 speed to the morning of 12/mid-summer 0616hrs.

0216 Started seeding soybeans F30, courseplay ETA 8h 30min, 4x tools
0315 Refill seed hawks with elmers haulmaster refill from farm bin silo

Getting seeds to four seed hawks is definitely a new logistics nightmare, one elmers haulmaster capacity is 70k which is not enough for one refill. I need to come up with some new system for this, maybe it just needs another tractor with elmers haulmaster so the capacity would be enough for one refill and then the tractors could go pickup another seed load while seed hawks are doing their thing.

Its quite hilarious that refilling seed hawks has became such a problem Smiley :)

0615 Refill seed hawks with elmers haulmaster refill from farm bin silo

0847 Was really tired kind of just lack of motivation to play further even though the day is not over yet. Decided to call it a night already.

1435 Okay break is over, lets continue farming, nothing else intrests me now.

1502 Diesel fuel refuel for big bud 747's
1509 Refill seed hawks with elmers haulmaster refill from farm bin silo
1711 Finished seeding soybeans F30

Uah finally done Smiley :)

1738 Started seeding soybeans F15, courseplay ETA 51min, 4x tools

Third big bud 747 on the second corner headland set off to a random direction again, I was ready to press rage quit button with furious anger... piece of shit courseplay v6.01.385 Smiley :(

1834 Finished seeding soybeans F15

Somehow F15 felt tiny compared to the F30 monsta Smiley ;)

1857 Started seeding soybeans F16, courseplay ETA 37min, 4x tools
1937 Finished seeding soybeans F16

1939 It was time to shut down FS19 once again, just way too tired of playing right now.

2020-02-21T0221 Heh nice date and time eh? Alright back in PMC Gaming, FS19 booted up, lets put some more soybeans on the ground.

0223 Started seeding soybeans F18, courseplay ETA 20min, 4x tools
0248 Finished seeding soybeans F18

0250 Started seeding soybeans F90, manual GPS driving
0257 Finished seeding soybeans F90
0306 Started seeding soybeans F89, manual GPS driving
0313 Finished seeding soybeans F89
0314 Started seeding soybeans F91, manual GPS driving
0321 Finished seeding soybeans F91
0322 Started seeding soybeans F92, manual GPS driving
0330 Finished seeding soybeans F92
0339 Started seeding soybeans F10, courseplay ETA 12min, 2x tools
0352 Finished seeding soybeans F10
0358 Started seeding soybeans F11, courseplay ETA 16min, 4x tools

Third big bud on last headland corner set off to random direction, sigh.

0418 Finished seeding soybeans F11
0420 Started seeding soybeans F19, courseplay ETA 15min, 4x tools

Took 140k liter truck load of seeds from farm bin silo, its almost empty now, brought the seeds into farm 2 (I think thats whats it labeled heh) by the F19 as I'm going to be doing some heady seeding in this area.

0438 Finished seeding soybeans F19

Night was falling again when I was getting ready to start seeding F31. It was 12/mid-summer in-game 2103hrs so 6000 time accelerated to 13/mid-summer 0613hrs.

0450 Started seeding soybeans F31, courseplay ETA 19min, 4x tools
0511 Finished seeding soybeans F31
0512 Started seeding soybeans F01, courseplay ETA 20min, 4x tools
0535 Finished seeding soybeans F01. Started seeding soybeans F02, courseplay ETA 36min, 4x tools

About 25% done I realized that F02 has already been done and I'm just wasting time seeding it now, so I stopped Smiley :)

0549 Started seeding soybeans F32, courseplay ETA 17min, 4x tools
0609 Finished seeding soybeans F32
0622 Started seeding soybeans F21, courseplay ETA 1h 51min, 4x tools

Third big bud again set off to a random direction on the second headland corner, sigh. This shit is hopeless...

0820 Finished seeding soybeans F21

Ran out of seeds in farm 2 bin silo, only got 11.9k liters out of there. Seed hawks are fairly full now, but I need to go scavenging where can I find more seeds, hopefully I don't have to buy seed buy station just for few fields. I have to admit the demand for seeds caught me by surprise, I can't even think how many hundreds of thousands of liters seeds I've expended to these fields heh.

Obviously its all relative, imagine how many millions of liters crops you'll get from these insane amounts of fields we have seeded now.

0832 Game shutdown for a quick break and to inspect items.xml where I might have some seeds or grain for seed factory. But one thing lead to another and this break turned out to be end of gaming for today.

2020-02-22T0340 Back at PMC Gaming, FS19 booted up, our seeding operations continue.

0343 Started seeding soybeans F20, courseplay ETA 1h 55min, 4x tools

And again, third vehicle in second headland corner sets off to a random direction. Then first vehicle on third corner set off to random dir, this has not happened since I started to track this bug. Then third AND fourth vehicles on third corner did the same, CORNER OF DEATH. SIGH.

I must say that I came "" this close to rage quitting and uninstalling piece of shit FS19 because this retard behavior. One might as well drive all the vehicles using GPS as this shit is not worth it. Or yes use only one vehicle but who knows maybe that does the same dunno as I mostly use multiple vehicles, also it seems to be big bud related as I see most random dirs using 747+seed hawk setup, but I have seen it also with rubicon 9000 sprayers if I recall correctly.

Anyways it sucks, plain and simple fucking sucks Smiley :(

Used semi-truck to go collect those remaining seeds, barley and sunflowers from railroad silos. Brought seeds to farm 2 bin silo and grain to seed factory, lets get some more seeds done.

As soon as some seeders are free near farm 1 they will be used to put down barley so we have plenty to product to put into seed factory. Remaining fields in this terrain which will be seeded soybeans reguire so much seeds its insane.

0525 Sold FST 990 for 5.5k, budget now 5.692m
0541 Finished seeding soybeans F20
0551 Small break (which turned out to be a bit longer than planned) ...

Had to do some chores here before committing to huge seeding operation. I hate to stop vehicles on courseplay course especially if there are multiple vehicles because its so difficult to get them to continue once you restart the game.

0805 Break over, back to farming

Had to record courseplay course for F22 outline, its a huge field and courseplay field edge command will not work. So took a pickup 1978 from F27 and drove it all across the terrain to F22 and recorded outline.

0838 Started seeding soybeans F22, courseplay ETA 3h 37min, 4x tools

With the small amount of barley I had left in the seed factory produced mere 77k liters of seeds. I hauled them using truck to farm 2 bin silo, then picked up full load with elmers haulmaster and drove it to side of F22 waiting until seed hawks run dry.

When those seeds are gone then I'm OUT. I have no raw materials (wheat, barley or oats) left anywhere and it will be one full year before I could harvest my first barley field if I plant such this year.

I hate it... but as temporary measure I'm going to buy giants refill station seed placeable to SE corner of F22 where I can use it as centralized seed location for the surrounding fields which I plan on seeding soybeans before the planting season is over.

These logistics are so great, who would known I ran out of seeds heh that is crazy. Next year I need to do a nice barley harvest on some field to get the raw materials for seed factory, gotta keep those seed hawks topped up so they can do their work uninterrupted.

Decided to make F39 as barley field just to be used as raw material for seed factory.

1037 Started cultivating F39, courseplay ETA 1h 3min, 4x tools
1126 Purchased seed refill tank for 7.5k
1129 Refilled 70k liters of seeds for 69.2k
1144 Refilled almost 70k liters of seeds for 68.5k
1157 Finished cultivating F39
1248 Finished seeding soybeans F22

And now its time for another break, dunno might be calling for the night here, we'll see...

2020-02-23T0257 Alright we're back in FS19, time do put some seed into the ground, yeah!

Today the work continues to seeding soybeans into the central-east region of PMC Grande Gardens 16km terrain. Hopefully get a lot of those fields done, so lets get started.

Still feeling crappy about the giants seed refill station placeable, but hey we ran out of seeds as crazy as that sounds so that is our only option. For next year I'm going to start continuously seed/harvest F39 for barley so we have a plenty of stock in the raw materials for seed factory.

0300 Started seeding soybeans F51, courseplay ETA 2h 13min, 4x tools
0446 Refilled 70k liters of seeds for 69.2k
0530 Finished seeding soybeans F51
0533 Started seeding soybeans F52, courseplay ETA 1h 22min, 4x tools

This field gets seeded just barely before night falls in-game and have to time accelerate again. Technically yes you could generate courseplay field work course in darkness, but it is so easy to lose track what vehicle is where etc especially if you run into any issues, that its just so much simpler and nicer to work in daylight.

Looking at the amount of seeded fields at the moment I wonder if there is enough daylight time to harvest all of them before winter kills the crops off Smiley :)

While checking out my fields I realized F82 is oats and F07 is wheat both harvest ready, those fields are huge and would cover my seed factory raw material needs for years to come heh. But as of now, in order to get seed hawks filled with seeds these fields are a long time away of seed factory producing product. So maybe I do reconsider planting barley to F39 and just come to harvest these two fields or at least parts of one of them, we'll see.

Relocating harvesting fleet to this far south (F82 is at the south edge) would be quite the undertaking. So lets finish F52 seeding and then think about our options again. Anyways the soybean seeding season is coming to an end so most likely the new raw materials would be too late for this season.

0554 Refilled almost 70k liters of seeds for 65.7k
0655 Topped up first seed hawk air cart
0710 Topped up second seed hawk air cart
0711 Topped up third seed hawk air cart
0712 Finished seeding soybeans F52
0713 Topped up fourth seed hawk air cart

Then it was time to take a break, hopefully continue a few hours later...

0959 Back in FS19, we continue farming

13/mid-summer in-game 2054hrs night is falling quick, needed to time accelerate through the dark night until daylight 14/mid-summer 0630hrs.

Was looking at the seasons calendar and decided to stick with soybeans seeding now because I only have two full days (and today) left, after that I have the whole rest of the season time to harvest the wheat and oat fields mentioned earlier.

1004 Started seeding soybeans F54, courseplay ETA 1h 23min, 4x tools

While being bored when big bud 747s were going back and forth on the field I realized... F51 which I just seeded was NOT in the list of to-be-seeded fields, sigh.

Not only that but F53 is not scheduled to be seeded but sure enough I have not harvested it on this Start From Zero savegame so ugh. Wonder if I have goofed up many other fields on the list heh.

1128 Finished seeding soybeans F54
1143 Refilled 70k liters of seeds for 69.2k
1144 Finished topping up seed hawks and refilled elmers haulmaster with 16.1k worth of seeds
1149 Started seeding soybeans F53, courseplay ETA 2h 49min, 4x tools

Third vehicle in the second headland corner set off to random direction, sigh.

1436 Finished seeding soybeans F53
1445 Shut down FS19, I was so bored I could not play any more...

2020-02-24T0354 PMC Gaming up, FS19 running, lets wrap up that soybeans seeding today.

Todays plan is to seed soybeans into F55 and after that I'm done with this planting season, then I'm going to take harvester fleet to F07 wheat field and harvest a bit so I can get seed factory running again.

But first I had to refill seed hawks as they were all pretty much empty, a lot of driving back and forth along F53 which is not that small of a field heh.

0405 Refilled 70k liters of seeds for 69.2k
0424 Refilled almost 70k liters of seeds for 62k
0435 Started seeding soybeans F55, courseplay ETA 2h 4min, 4x tools

Took the pickup 1978 and drove courseplay course from lexion combines to the headers near farm 1 which I previously had left behind heh. Then drove course from there to F07 which is the wheat field. Then finally sent lexions with header trailers towards F07.

With 4 big bud 747s pulling seed hawks and 4 lexion combines in normal traveling route FS19 gave me cool 20FPS performance, sigh.

0643 Finished seeding soybeans F55

Wow that was some massive seeding operation heh, wonder how many hundreds of thousands liters of seeds did I expend Smiley :)

Then I emptied elmers haulmaster into seed hawk air carts so this tractor can return to its normal grain cart duties.

Was funny how much logistic work it was to setup the harvester fleet at F07, it took a while to get every vehicle there, fueled and combines switched from corn to normal grain headers heh. It really makes you feel like big farming when doing stuff like this Smiley :)

0717 Started harvesting wheat F07, courseplay ETA 4h 53min, 4x tools

Felt good to be harvesting again after all that field work (boring seeding really) Smiley :)

Wheat gives pretty crazy yield, this field needs lime and it had NO fertilizer on it, yet still I could not get these 18.5m width header combines even at the end of the field before I had to unload them THREE times hehe.

Just like yesterday I was extremely bored of FS19, this harvest helped a bit to change things up but after doing it 2.5hrs it started to be just another drag. My thoughts were on arma3 editing and how wasted time this FS19 playing is. Nothing new here, been there and figured this shit out many times before. Just wonder when I actually learn my lesson and quit for good.

Quitting is kind of hard as v1.2 patch is scheduled to release on 27th and bourgault DLC on march 10th so its a fantasy to think I could finally quit now when such awesome (seeder/aircart) DLC is about to be released Smiley :)

But I am thinking that any minute now (writing this at 0930hrs) I'll exit the game and go do some arma3 editing until bourgault DLC is released... we'll see.

1023 Just could not play any longer, all I felt was complete waste of time and wanted to be arma3 editing so save and exit...

2020-02-26T0841 After one full day break being absolutely bored, I'm back in FS19 and ready to continue farming.

I could have easily edited me previous paragraphs not to include any predictions how long break will I take, but I want to keep this story truthful because the whole point is not only to list dates and times of when field work or other events were completed but to tell a STORY of specific savegame career I played which includes my moods, thoughts etc.

So day before I was really bored of FS19 playing, I strugged the last hour of F07 harvest before I had to rise the white flag of surrender and stop playing. Yesterday I spent all day watching youtube "Cat Videos" (not literally, but yes I watched random youtube recommendation videos, nothing farming or arma3 related). I could not begin to edit or do anything productive I was so absolutely bored that I was climbing to the walls in my apartment.

So when I woke up today I decided that I'm not going to pretend anymore and just continue playing FS19 because that is something I can do and its much better than youtube "Cat Videos". Hopefully I could play most of the day today, perhaps watch a bit tv at the end of the day.

Also its a bit offtopic but currently chinese coronavirus is spreading across the globe and world health organization is fearing it might become a pandemic, luckily the country I'm living doesn't have a real coronavirus issue currently. I am afraid that if my geo location gets the virus then I really need to go grocery shopping only once a week very quickly wearing gloves etc protection so I don't get infected, this would be perfect farmsim playing time in PMC Bunker. When I'm thinking of riding out coronavirus for the next couple of months... playing FS19 feels like just the thing I could do to spend my time. Anyways, offtopic.

Tomorrow is FS19 v1.2 patch release day so then obviously I join the fun and check it out (hopefully changelog has something useful for me). Then march 3rd the bourgault DLC will be released which definitely is a big thing for me, going to have so much fun seeding with the monster seeder and air cart, so I'm definitely going to play a lot.

Anyways just wanted to be clear on my current state of mind regarding productive computer work being done and me being bored. Now, lets get to farming.

14/mid-summer in-game 2131hrs night is falling, so I did 6000 time acceleration to 15/mid-summer 0622hrs.

1908 Finished harvesting wheat F07

Finally finished the harvest. I was really bored playing FS19 again doing this harvest, constant grain cart driving back and forth... sounds familiar right? hehe. Then I got to watch and listen youtube non farming videos while I played. It was a lot of ALT-TABbing and some time spent watching while combine unloading was finished etc. Probably thats why this took so long time as courseplay duration was 5hrs but this took way more than that.

Wheat yield for F07 was 4.175m liters heh thats crazy Smiley :)

Welp, at least I have now enought raw materials for seed factory haha!

1926 Was a bit exhausted so decided to shut it down here

2020-02-27T0803 New farming day has begun, today is also FS19 v1.2 patch release day!

We begin by taking the SW train, go to railroad silo 11, pickup all the 4.1 some million liters of wheat, bring them to railroad silo 1 which is the central hub. Then we hop into NW train, go to railroad silo 1, pickup the wheat and bring it to railroad silo 3. Then finally we use truck to haul the wheat into seed factory and once that is full 1 million liters, then we haul rest to farm 1 bin silo Smiley :)

I actually need to take two trips like this because the train only holds 2.3m liters. Logistics, man... those frigging logistics Smiley ;)

0818 SW train picked up 2.860m liters of wheat from railroad silo 11

When train was filled with wheat performance was 12 FPS and it really shows, uh oh... unplayable, just simply unplayable Smiley :(

I forgot the train cant hold all the four million liters so decided I'll go do another pickup route because the wheat needs to get into farm 1 bin silo, it has no use to be in elsewhere.

0840 SW train unloaded wheat to railroad silo 1
0854 SW train picked up 1.315m liters of wheat from railroad silo 11
0906 SW train unloaded wheat to railroad silo 1
0920 NW train picked up 2.860m liters of wheat from railroad silo 1
0930 NW train unloaded wheat to railroad silo 3
0937 NW train picked up 1.315m liters of wheat from railroad silo 1
0943 NW train unloaded wheat to railroad silo 3

Whoah that was some hauling. It still felt like a lot of work even though 4.175m liters grain haul is no small task. Guess everything is just so blown out of proportion in PMC Grande Gardens 16km terrain that this kind of hauls feel small scale. Dunno.

I would like to make this train hauling more efficient, but on the other hand I don't want to do any unrealistic trash like the "TOP DOWN BOYZ" with combine headers 100m, 100km/h and one million liter grain tanks heh. Anyways.

Then started the truck hauling from railroad silo 3 to farm 1 seed factory and bin silo. I'm not going to write play-by-play times for that, its just boring truck hauling and not even that long way. I have not written other factory maintenance tasks here either.

First I got the seed factory filled up 1 million liters of grain (wheat), then started to haul into farm 1 bin silo. I was watching tv and youtube on the background (ALT-TAB), it got really boring hauling that wheat as it was just endless loads/unloads. Again it didn't feel that bad as I was ALT-TABbed most of the time watching "tv" so the time passed quite nicely, but boy if I'd have to just stick in FS19 task and watch the truck drive in endless loop... oh my the boredom.

Why didn't I leave courseplay running on the background then? Well because my truck pulls two BsM trailers and courseplay cannot load/unload both of them so I need to babysit it in each end.

1304 Exited from FS19 to just restart it but also take a breather, upgrade to platinum expansion claas DlC v1.2 patch and make a plan what do I farm next
1323 All done, FS19 booted up, we continue farming

Well didn't actually come up with a plan what to do next heh. Guess its just time accelerating until first soybeans field is harvest ready and while doing that I keep seed factory up and running so we have crazy number of seeds for the next year.

Started by hauling fertilizer to seed factory. Got seed factory pretty much topped up, then hauled some manure to fertilizer factory.

1500 Finished hauling manure to fertilizer factory

Now all production factory work is done, soybeans fields are growing... so now we wait (time accelerate).

16/mid-summer in-game 0625hrs, time to haul some seeds from the factory to farm bin silo so we have plenty of free space to keep the factory running hot.

17/late-summer in-game 0645hrs, fast forwarded a day, nothing new on the farm.

Had 783k liters of seeds in the factory so hauled those to farm 1 bin silo so we can produce more seeds. Then hauled wheat to seed factory until it was topped off.

18/late-summer in-game 0636hrs, nothing new on the farm except about 700k liters of seeds got produced in a day again, lets haul those to the farm bin silo then.

After hauling the seeds I dumped some more wheat into seed factory. I realized that its been most of the day game-play now for just some production factory hauling... all day, wow. Sure I have a lot of seeds already and still have so much wheat to go, it will be glorious once next years planting season starts. Especially when on march 10th the bourgault DLC is out with the new monster seeder and air cart Smiley :)

But yeah this time sink waste of time again... spent all day just hustling production factory maintenance back and forth, hmm. Field work is one thing where you actually drive tractor and see the implements work the ground... but this kind of basically doing nothing, just truck driving from one building to another, feels silly.

There should be some more automated production factory to get fertilizer and seeds. Obviously if its just click a button and get product for the rest of your life it would not be any fun, but I am not sure if I ever want to spent ONE DAY just maintaining this kind of production factory stuff.

These production factories are actually not even super realistic, well not in the same sense as harvesting or cultivating etc, so yeah I think I need to redesign these factory things for huge terrains because this shit is just crazy to spend one day caring for factories, this feels like being married with children haha

Hmm maybe some sort of huge factory building where in one side you just unload water, manure and grain after which the other side would fill bins with fertilizer, seeds etc final product. Its just silly to fill up all this crap by yourself wasting one day for it.

Fast forwarded two days to 20/mid-summer in-game 0638hrs, then again hauled seeds from factory to bin silo. Same old.

1829 Shut down FS19, felt not bored or exhausted but just frustrated of one day of game-play and results only bunch of seeds.

2020-02-28T1036 FS19 started up, new day begins.

I did a lot "offline" thinking last night and the production factory stuff seems more stupid the more I think about it. I was thinking to reverting back to normal fertilizer/seed placeable sell stations at least that would not waste my time with futile truck driving.

Anyways, started this day with some more hauling (haha), wheat from farm bin silo to seed factory. This time I tried to record courseplay course for it to help me endure that mind numbingly boring stuff a bit. But as I recalled it, truck with two trailers (or hoppers) only use the first one to reach the triggers. Oh well, better to do this stupid loop with one 70k liter trailer and watch youtube than to babysit it every other minute.

It didn't work, truck just drives through the farm bin silo unloading pipe, eh. Awesome start for this day haha!

1112 Seed factory is full of wheat and 700k of fertilizer, lets skip a day to make some seeds

21/late-summer in-game 0650hrs, skipped the night and now factory has 746k liters of seeds. Then I hauled those seeds into farm bin silo.

1154 Finished hauling wheat from farm bin silo to seed factory, now its all there

So now all the 4.175m liters of wheat has been used, well once seed factory turns them into seeds which happens by the next day. Nothing new on the farm so skipped day to 22/late-summer in-game 1626hrs when wheat ran out of seed factory. Now there is 993k liters of seeds in the factory bin.

I'm leaving the seeds into the factory bin because why haul them anywhere as it makes no difference until you need to pick them up with elmers haulmaster for refills in the fields.

My plan is to let go of the production factories, once I picked up all the product from them then I'm going to sell the placeabled. They do nothing except waste my time, I rather pay money for the refill stations and save my precious time and avoid boredom.

It was really exciting back in the day to have FS17 Cornbelt fert/seed production and even earlier in FS19 but now I realize this is just another layer of waste of time. For example imagine real life farmers, none of them (in youtube) creates their own seeds they all order and buy seeds from third party. Fert/seed making doesn't belong to traditional farm operations.

Then it was time to skip days until my soybeans fields are harvest ready, then we see how many hours my patience lasts to the endless harvests hihi Smiley ;)

01/early-autumn in-game 0756hrs soybeans harvest season has begun, now we just wait until the fields come harvest ready. And by waiting I mean skipping full days at 6000 time acceleration until first soybeans field is ready.

10/mid-autumn in-game 0748hrs overnight time accelerating ALL but F17 turned harvest ready. Uh oh, now the insane harvest begins Smiley ;)

My NW harvest fleet is actually in the SW area now closest fields to them now are F30 and F55. My NE harvest fleet is by the farm 2 (or 3?) in NE and their closest fields are, well F22 and F51 (F20 is pretty close too).

I'm going to take the NW harvest fleet and move it to... hmm lets begin with F55.

1317 Lexion 8900s were driven to NE F07 and headers set to trailers etc, ready to travel into F55

Felt quite excited about soybeans harvest even though I just got bored to death doing the wheat few days ago. But I'm hoping the soybeans without ANY preparations and care to the fields would be quite quick to harvest because the yields would be so small that harvesters could run much further in the field without needing an unload by grain cart which has to be driven by me.

1410 Lexions driven to F55 and ready to go.

What I did was drove lexion 8900s and fendt 1050 elmers haulmaster to F55, then fuel truck and both grain trucks. Then switched headers for lexions and refueled them. Used grain truck to drive transport grain loop route from F55 to farm 2 bin silo.

1413 Was about to start harvesting but crops are too wet, heh okay didn't even notice that, lets wait then Smiley :)

There is not much else to do so time acceleration until crops are dry. At 10/mid-autumn in-game 1028hrs crops are dry and we are good to go!

1416 Started harvesting soybeans F55, courseplay ETA 5h 6min, 4x tools

It has started, that massive soybeans harvest. This will last for WEEKS in real life, especially if you count all breaks because I absolutely cannot play every day as this endless harvesting gets old real fast. In fact I'm already planning on watching two movies today even though I just started this harvest.

1507 Time to call it a night

2020-02-29T1015 New farming day has begun, we continue harvesting soybeans from F55.

Today I have no TV to watch just farming. Have no plans but also I am not going to take any pressure to farm all day even though I slept 9hrs 45min last night which is pretty crazy amount of sleep. In theory... this should be a long farming day, but we proceed one hour at the time, just nice and relaxed farming while watching youtube videos or listening to music, the usual Smiley :)

This F55 is a big one but if I get a good farming day out of this then I see no reason why would this not be finished today, it will take 10+ hours I believe but in theory should be doable.

1534 Harvest of F55 is about 85% done, I'm feeling good but still I decided that once this field is finished I'll save and exit
1729 Finished harvesting soybeans F55

Parked the combines, unloaded them to elmers haulmaster and then that to trucks. And thats it, all field work done for today.

1735 Saved game and exited

2020-03-02T1028 Back at PMC Gaming, FS19 booted up and we are back in PMC Grande Gardens 16km with a new fixed version of courseplay.

Honestly I was not very excited about playing FS19 but this was one of those usual days that I had nothing else to do (or rather nothing else interested me). Yesterday I spent half day just watching youtube "Cat Videos" so made the decision that today I play FS19 as its much better than watching such videos, if I waste my valuable editing time farming then at least these FS19 Stories texts get more content heh. Aanyways...

1050 Started harvesting soybeans F32, courseplay ETA 45min, 4x tools
1159 Finished harvesting soybeans F32

Felt like F32 harvest finished in no time after getting used to those 5+ hour harvests Smiley ;)

10/mid-autumn in-game 2022hrs it was pitch black dark, so 6000 time acceleration until daylight 11/mid-autumn 0759hrs.

Decided to harvest F02 using single combine and courseplay for auger wagon which has never really worked in FS19 courseplay. This field was the mistake which should have not been planted so there is very little crops, its a good quick test for courseplay mode 2 (auger wagon). I'm expecting it to fail miserably but just in case it would work I could perhaps use single combine per field with auger wagon so I wouldn't have to drive grain cart manually which is very boring when you do it 4+ hours straight.

1223 Started to harvest F02 soybeans, the little that got planted into this field

After getting used to the four combines multitool harvesting, having a single lexion 8900 with midwest durus 18m header felt like painfully slow. It was shocking how slow it was and this was very small portion of small perhaps medium size field (F02, probably 25% maybe less was planted). I'm thinking that yes while courseplay hopefully could run this stuff automatically and I could ALT-TAB to watch youtube videos or write web page text (like this one) etc, it still might not be the best option, like if a harvest lasts 4hrs when you have to drive grain cart versus automated harvest would last insane 12hrs or more.

Also while I do appreciate courseplay automation I have no desire to leave it doing all the work while I go watch tv or sleep overnight etc, I mean whats the point of playing if you're not actually... playing, eh Smiley ;)

But yeah those days long harvests just driving grain cart back and forth like a headless chicken is pure horror...

1328 Finally it happened, head on collision between auger wagon and combine, they ended up mangled together in endless tug of war, you know that infuriating rage quit inducing garbage, sigh...
1354 Another collision...
1410 Another collision...
1416 Finished

I was really disappointed about courseplay mode2 still being broken. Dunno why, I haven't seen any commits in github which might indicate otherwise so guess its my fault to get my hopes up. Its just these huge field works take so much time I'm willing to attempt anything to cut back the time used, obviously courseplay mode2 is not it.

Oh well I'm not going to bother trying mode2 out until I see courseplay devs announce/commit a clear fix for it.

What an stupid waste of time F02 harvest was because I have plenty of money, I need no more and any field work I'm doing now must be focused on those fields in this savegame that I have not yet worked, the only thing that matters is harvesting the list of fields.

1419 Started harvesting soybeans F01, courseplay ETA 53min, 4x tools

Then courseplay crashed with attempt to index whatever error, had to save and restart FS19.

1426 New restart...
1512 Had to take a break...
1758 Break if over, back to farming!
1821 Finished harvesting soybeans F01

Well that was painful. Alright off to the next field, lets hope better luck there.

1832 Started harvesting soybeans F31, courseplay ETA 45min, 4x tools
1941 Finished harvesting soybeans F31

Another field done, these small fields are cute Smiley ;)

2000 Started harvesting soybeans F21, courseplay ETA 4h 30min, 4x tools
2049 Cooking food and lunch break...
2150 All feeded up, we continue farming
2329 Got bored somewhat exhausted of harvesting this huge field, just simply had to call it quits for today.

2020-03-03T1312 New farming day started, continuing the F21 soybeans harvest.

1523 Was really bored harvesting, constantly thinking that I'm going to stop playing here or to change for midwest horizon start from zero savegame or maybe even just simply play arma3 or elite, just simply this never ending grain cart driving without progress (all land lots purchased now) was killing my will to live...

What I mean is because there is no monetary goal anymore, I own all the lands all the fields... and this "harvest all the fields" goal is just pure made up in my head, there is no savegame career game "achievement" for harvesting all the fields, its my personal goal. Sure it will be awesome when I reach that one day and then I have this story page for to the end of times to show for, but... I am just so fucking bored right now its amazing, there is ZERO passion and love for this game-play at this moment as its just harvesting for harvestings sake and not because it would gain me some progress.

Why do I have buy all the land lots and harvest all the fields goal then? Well its the ultimate game-play for your own terrain that after you have done that you can finally say that yes I did all I could in this terrain. Its also same for Start From Zero savegames, that is the indictator when the start from zero is completed.

Its very frustrating, you want to achieve the goal you set for yourself but this is sooo boring, ugh Smiley :(

BTW obviously you can continue start from zero endlessly, but the main goal is how I described it above. Remains to be seen in the years and farming simulator game engines to come that will I keep playing this savegame just farming for the joy of field work. I highly doubt I would restart this savegame because honestly if you've done it once its one time too many already Smiley ;)

Would be interesting to see how this savegame would play in the next game engine when PMC Grande Gardens 16km is final etc, to see if I enjoy playing this just for the simulation because obviously money is no longer the goal.

1646 Night is falling in 11/mid-autumn in-game 1938hrs and I cannot see the combines in the field anymore its so dark
1700 Cant see a thing, time accelerated to 12/mid-autumn in-game 0830hrs

But then it was raining. Rain stopped and then crops were wet, more time accelerating and then it started to rain again and then it started to be too late for this day as it was 1821hrs and still raining. Time accelerated to 13/mid-autumn in-game 1044hrs when crops were finally dry to harvest.

1711 So bored cant play any longer

2020-03-05T0850 Back at PMC Gaming, ready to finish this soybeans harvest.

1028 Finished harvesting soybeans F21

Nice to have this field finished but now I have zero interest to continue the next field, as its just one endless never ending harvest.

1036 Shut down FS19

1827 New farming day has started, FS19 back up and ready to go.

I had a good night sleep, woke up and felt like doing some farming. Yes nothing has changed the never ending soybeans harvest scares me but its the same old usual thing, I have nothing else to do and bourgault DLC release is pending next week I need to get these fields harvested before that. Unfortunately there is a slim chance I could get all the harvesting done before that... perhaps I could get close if I did 16hrs real life days, but thats not going to happen.

For example now I want to farm but planning to only harvest the small fields near the dealership which are done quickly. That keeps my motivation up when I finish harvests, I will not even begin to harvest the FOUR DAY monster task of doing F22 which is like 611ha or something around that size.

Most likely I'll call it quits after finishing the three small fields near farm 2, that would be enough to make me happy for todays (well after waking up) farming session.

1842 Started harvesting soybeans F19, courseplay ETA 33min, 4x tools
1926 Finished harvesting soybeans F19
1928 Started harvesting soybeans F11, courseplay ETA 36min, 4x tools

These small to medium sized fields felt really nice to harvest, about half an hour harvest time is nice and compact, keeps you motivated because end is less than a tv show episode time away. Four lexion 8900s with midwest durus 18m headers felt just right about this field size, did not feel overkill yet. Maybe with the next field which is quite small F10 the four tools might start to be too much.

Huge fields are motivation killer when you have to harvest one field 16hrs/day for FOUR DAYS it will get a bit crazy Smiley :)

1950 Short break...
2008 Break is over, lets finish F11 harvest
2038 Finished harvesting soybeans F11
2041 Started harvesting soybeans F10, courseplay ETA 27min, 2x tools

As I recalled F10 is way too small for more than 2 tools of 18m width.

2110 Finished harvesting soybeans F10

Three small cute fields done, nice! Smiley :)

I'm going to start the next massive field (F20) but with intention to stop playing the moment I get bored.

2120 Lunch break...
2150 All done feeding, now back to farming
2151 Started harvesting soybeans F20, courseplay ETA 4h 27min, 4x tools
2325 Way too bored again, time to call it a day

2020-03-06T1900 Fired up FS19 although I'm not super enthusiastic about playing, one of those days that I have nothing better to do. Lets see how many hours I can endure...

2122 Shut down FS19 for today, I got so bored on endless soybean harvest

2020-03-17T1617 Back at PMC Grande Gardens 16km Start From Zero after several days (over one week)!

I was playing on PMC North Dakota Greendale 4km Start From Zero and PMC North Dakota Greendale 4km Farm-Manager savegames. But now I'm back in the big boy terrain hehe!

13/mid-autumn in-game 1928hrs night is falling quickly and cant see much, time accelerated to morning daylight 14/mid-autumn in-game 0820hrs. Thats better, let there be light and soybeans harvesting, aayeah!

1711 Decided to cut F20 to four sections, so savegame and exit, going to drive courseplay outlines in a new savegame
1741 Back from another savegame, courseplay outlines done for four section of F20

Generated new courseplay course for F20 outline SW and continued harvesting with 4 tools as usual.

1941 Finished harvesting soybeans F20... well south west section, still SE to do

Felt good to have that one section of F20 harvested. Splitting 300ha field up to four smaller sections seem to be much nicer overall as you have four smaller tasks to complete instead of one overwhelmingly big. I am definitely going to split up all 200ha+ fields from now on, its just crazy to try to harvest such monster fields in one go.

1946 Shut down FS19, dead tired gotta get some sleep

2020-03-18T0410 Back to soybeans harvest, now I'm going to finish F20, after that we pick a new field, not sure what yet.

First I had to drive new grain truck course for F20 SE section, then move all combines into place before it was time to commence harvesting.

0423 Started harvesting soybeans F20 SE, courseplay ETA 1h 10min, 4x tools
0623 Finished harvesting soybeans F20 SE

Whoah that field was a beast of a harvest! And now the fields are getting just bigger and bigger hehe.

0635 Had to shut down FS19 in order to make North Dakota Regent terrain source files for SinisterSockz Smiley ;)
0812 All done, source files sent, now back to farming

Now I'm looking at F22 harvest and whoah that is massive field. On other savegame I did harvest this field and it was sheer torture heh.

Farm 2 bin silo has 9.797m liters of soybeans hehe. Alright I was looking at the size of F22 different sections and they are pretty huge, was thinking of splitting NW (etc) up to four more sections but dunno that starts to get a little small then. At some point there will be the cost/benefit situation that if you have four combines turning constantly then they lose cutting time on those turns. I have no clue how many hectares each section of F22 split to four are but they are large, there will be a lot of grain cart back and forth driving. Oh and also, this field has significant elevation change so there will be uphill driving too heh. Oh well lets get to work.

0837 Started harvesting soybeans F22 NW, courseplay ETA 2h 22min, 4x tools

Frist time I harvested this field it was barley, don't recall how good crop it was like fertilization etc but man did it yield so much grain it was insane. I harvested F22 for THREE DAYS straight like 9hrs gaming sessions each day or something like that. It was NUTS. And here I am, doing the same stuff all over again but at least this time its un-attended soybeans and larger equipment heh.

Make no mistakes about it, before F22 soybeans harvest is over I have taken maaany breaks from FS19 Smiley ;)

First row in north-south direction on F22 NW section didn't feel so bad, but we'll see how this develops as the combine cut further into the field and the uphill angle gets worse for my grain cart.

1115 Shut down FS19, need to take a break...

2020-03-19T0445 Last nights break turned out to be calling it quits for the night. Now were back to F22 soybeans harvest.

0600 Finished harvesting soybeans F22 NW

That was some harvest and it was only first of the four sections in F22 hehe. We got now 10.917m liters of soybeans in farm (2)? bin silo, I think all of it is on farm 2, which means its basically full now. I'm going to move the grain dumping into railroad silo 6 which is pretty close to F22 and the three other fields we are going to harvest next, that bin has plenty enough space.

Feels a bit off to harvest this much of crops when I have no need for the money it brings me, all the lands owned and have plenty enough vehicles, so money means nothing. Goal here is just to finish the harvest so I can say I did it. Also stuff like slacking by cutting across the field destroying crops, no I wont do that, I'll play just the same as this was regular "I need every bit of money I can get" type of game-play status.

Recorded courseplay course from F22 NE to railroad silo 6. Refueled vehicles and then we were ready to start another F22 section harvest.

0631 Started harvesting soybeans F22 NE, courseplay ETA 2h 33min, 4x tools
0650 Quick break...
0756 Back to farming

14/mid-autumn in-game 1941hrs night has fallen I cannot see where my combines are, time accelerated until 15/mid-autumn in-game 0825hrs. Gooood mooorning GAAAAARDEEENS Smiley ;)

1138 Courseplay course ended, but had to finish one edge streak using GPS
1147 Finished harvesting soybeans F22 NE

Second section of F22 done, nice. Today session has been enjoyable, its been a long but not at all exhausting, yet (heh). Still half of the field to do, this is a big beast let me tell ya Smiley ;)

It always feels a bit overwhelming when you finish something and then you are looking at similar or even larger task to start, then you get the feeling of alright I'm gonna go watch tv or something heh.

1220 Started harvesting soybeans F22 SE, courseplay ETA 2h 23min, 4x tools
1624 Finished harvesting soybeans F22 SE

Another section done, looks like about four hour job.

1628 Decided to call it a night here, nice ending for a long day when got that current section done

2020-03-20T0308 New farming day has started, we continue harvesting F22!

Recorded new courseplay course for grain trucks and refueled all the vehicles. We are good to go on the last section of F22 soybeans harvest.

0337 Started harvesting soybeans F22 SW, courseplay ETA 2h 13min, 4x tools
0530 So tired I'm snoozing in front of the computer, nap time..
0740 Nap time over, all refreshed. Lets finish up this F22 harvest!

15/mid-autumn in-game 1934hrs night had fallen again, cant see a thing, time accelerated until 16/mid-autumn in-game 0843hrs. Now we can see again. NOW lets finish F22 harvest.

0822 Lunch break...
0911 Feeding done, again back to harvesting
1013 Finished harvesting soybeans F22 SW

Oh man it feels great to have this big field finally harvested! Already when I turned into the last row I was virtually cheering here hehe. Having put all this work into the field the feeling you get when the task is complete is just awesome.

Then recorded basic transport grain loop for trucks at F52, did not refuel vehicles as I was hoping combines have enough juice to do this field.

1052 Started harvesting soybeans F52, courseplay ETA 3h 23min, 4x tools
1556 Finished harvesting soybeans F52

Aayeah another soybeans field done! This is great, getting the job done. Soybeans in farm 2 bin silo 10.917m and in railroad silo 6 5.039m liters Smiley :)

1603 Time to take a break and looking at clock... this will be actually it for today, time to call it a night heh.
1654 Nevermind, wasn't tired yet and had nothing else to do, lets begin harvesting the next field hehe!

Recorded another courseplay course from F54 to railroad silo 6 for grain truck. Always need to setup grain truck first before setting off combines so you don't have to panic when first combine gets full.

1731 Started harvesting soybeans F54, courseplay ETA 3h 23min, 4x tools
1928 Time to call it quits for tonight

2020-03-21T???? Back in FS19, lets continue harvesting F54.

My goal now is to enthusiastically chip away soybeans harvest so I can finish the (seed hawk) seeded fields. This will take a long time, many days of game-play unfortunately. When thats done then I'm going to upgrade from this age old seasons version to the latest stable v1.2 on all my savegames (PMC Grande Gardens 16km being the big beast is holding me back now). Then finally I get to purchase Bourgault DLC big seeders and get to seed very large fields. That is my current short term motivation.

Todays goal is to finish F54 and get started with F53, its a quite big field so dunno if I manage to finish it today.

0643 Night has fallen, time accelerated until 17/late-autumn in-game 0852hrs
0744 Quick break...
0814 Break is over, back to farming
0935 Lunch break...
1004 Feeding done, now this was the LAST break, now we are going to finish this damn field haha!
1055 Finished harvesting soybeans F54

Aayeah another field harvested, great. Slow progress but its getting done. Next is the big F53 which is kind of long, it would be great with single courseplay course as combines don't need to turn much, however grain cart needs to drive insane distances so it has to be split to three sections I think.

Going to exit this savegame and record new sections outline courses in another save as I don't want to ruin the crops. Basically it means nothing, I don't need the money, but still it feels wrong to destroy crops, its just a bad habit in general.

Exited from FS19, started new savegame and recorded courseplay outline courses for four sections on F53. Then I returned to Star From Zero savegame and refueled vehicles again... but then I decided to do single harvest course for F53, have auger wagon follow the combines and grain trucks will then drive from the field edge far away into the auger wagon. Will it be playable... dunno, we'll see.

1214 Started harvesting soybeans F53, courseplay ETA 6h 40min, 4x tools
1412 Had to call it quits, felt so bored and restless, have to spend rest of the day watching tv etc

2020-03-22T0638 Was planning on watching tv today as well, but got desire to continue soybeans harvest.

17/late-autumn in-game 1921hrs night has fallen (guess it was good time to call it quits last night), time accelerated until morning daylight to 18/late-autumn in-game 0737hrs.

1051 Lunch break...
1118 Feeding over, harvesting continues

Night is falling, AGAIN haha, so time accelerated to morning daylight... however I decided to keep pressing 6000 speed until the grop moisture dissipates but it didn't until the next night! So then I fast forwarded the next night too, then exactly the same thing happened the next day... then I stopped and thought that ok the crop moisture icon must lag with 6000 time acceleration because it cant be wet crops for two days straight from simple night moisture.

Once that over one minute syncing was done (never seen it so long btw) it was 20/late-autumn in-game 1846hrs and again dark heh. Okay time accelerating until morning, STOP there and then only 600 (six hundred, not thousand) time acceleration until crop is dry enough to harvest again.

21/late-autumn in-game 1249hrs soil moisture dissipated crops are dry enough to harvest, lets continue.

1434 Combine number four ran out of fuel (diesel 5%), have to refuel. A moments later had to refuel rest of them too
1648 Finished harvesting soybeans F53

Aaah finally this large field is done! Night had once again fallen so I time accelerated until morning daylight 22/late-autumn in-game 0748hrs.

Railroad silo 9 has now 11.003m liters of soybeans, too bad I don't need any money so the grain is more like a "trophy" for me hehe. I then used pickup 1978 to drive a courseplay course from F53 NW to F18 SE so I can relocate the harvesting fleet into the next soybeans field.

I'm still not tired so decided to go for this fairly small (heh) F18 right now, it should be done quickly.

1731 Restarted FS19 just in case as its been running a while again.

1736 Started harvesting soybeans F18, courseplay ETA 52min, 4x tools

Courseplay failed on combine #4 the second right track, it just gave some debug error log entry and shoot to 45 degrees direction. Extremely frustrating and this point in the day I really do not need this kind of crap. Decided to drive second right track manually using GPS, I mean what else can I do. Sigh.

1807 Short break...
1838 Break is over, lets finish F18 harvest

Huge problem with courseplay v6.0.1.397 headlands, getting debug errors and combines just shoot off to where ever. Cant use headlands when generating course. Had to eventually give up and restore the last good version which was .386 sigh.

1948 Finished harvesting soybeans F18

2010 Still wasnt tired so decided to go start those very small 4ha fields near F18... but then I checked the time and realized I've just been up for 16hrs so its time to shut PMC Gaming down, more farming tomorrow.

2020-03-23T0416 Back at PMC Gaming, FS19 booted up, we continue the massive soybeans harvest.

0424 Started harvesting soybeans F16, courseplay ETA 1h 29min, 4x tools

I have completely lost the passion for this savegame, I have bought all the lands now and final goal is to harvest every field... this sounds good in paper sure, but in practice I feel as if the soybeans harvest have absolutely no meaning I might as well be mowing grass here. I have now 21 million liters (yes, twenty one million) of soybeans in my farm bins and railroad silos, got 3.286m money and... yeah, whats the point of harvesting these fields as I have all them moneys? Hmm... Smiley :)

Maybe I'm just bored for the never ending harvest. Driving grain cart is painful as it constant same loop over and over and over again. I remember back in FS17 when courseplay actually did have a working overloader mode where you could setup a combine, grain cart and grain truck and they just finished the harvest on their own while you watched, no more in FS19, its not working.

I find it funny that Bourgault DLC got released with huge seeders, so I can do massive fields seeding so much so quick... only to end up being just exhausted by the harvest when I need to drive grain cart tractor to death.

The small scale farming with small vehicles and one or just a few small fields is enjoyable as one field work takes 10min or less. Once you get into huge fields, four largest combines etc... it just starts to be so overwhelming you're simply drowning of the largeness, you do not appreciate the little things in farming simulator anymore, you don't zoom into vehicles not to mention use first person view etc... you just stand back zoomed out with blank look on your pale face.

Heh, dunno man... guess I'm just bored, simply bored...

0639 Had to take a break, nap, whatever just a break...
1207 Okay done napping, cooking food and catching up news, now back to farming
1251 Finished harvesting soybeans F16
1259 Started harvesting soybeans F13, courseplay ETA 1h 36min, 4x tools

Copy pasted harvesting start finish texts to this page for the remaining season, the fields that are now growing. Its a big list and contains those mega monster fields... remains to be seen if I manage to harvest them before the soybeans seasons ends. But at least now I have exit strategy mapped out, all I need to do is to work hard on harvesting and it will be done (or seasons run out heh).

22/late-autumn in-game 1807hrs night has fallen again, I cant see squat, time accelerated to morning daylight 23/late-autumn ... however through the daylight hours soil moisture did not dissipate, it was again night time and I still could not continue harvesting. Weather 5/8C now, no predicted rains so at least that is good.

This night time moisture seems to become a real problem, its going to eat my daylight hours away if I keep have to wait all day for crops to dry. Its really bad at night as you cant see anything but I might have to tough it out because with thousands of hectares to harvest and only 8-9 days left in this harvest season... wonder if I manage to harvest everything hmm.

24/late-autumn in-game 1330hrs finally crops are dry enough to continue harvesting and its already afternoon, oh well I take the hours I can get. Lets continue.

1546 Finished harvesting soybeans F13
1606 Started harvesting soybeans F89, courseplay ETA 19min
1608 Started harvesting soybeans F91, courseplay ETA 19min
1624 Started harvesting soybeans F90, courseplay ETA 19min
1629 Finished harvesting soybeans F89
1630 Started harvesting soybeans F92, courseplay ETA 19min
? Finished harvesting soybeans F92
1641 Finished harvesting soybeans F90
1648 Finished harvesting soybeans F91
1658 Started harvesting soybeans F03, courseplay ETA 2h 8min, 4x tools
1821 four hours ago started twitch live streaming
2057 Finished harvesting soybeans F03
2100 Night was dark, time accelerated to 01/early-winter in-game 0755hrs
2134 Started harvesting soybeans F15, courseplay ETA 2h 9min, 4x tools
2254 Soil got moisture, cannot continue harvesting
2300 Called it a night, stopped streaming and shut down FS19

Was a great day of harvesting and some twitch streaming after all this time. Live stream was according to OBS 8hrs 34min.

2020-03-24T0823 New farming day has started, we continue harvesting F15 and twitch live streaming.

0830 Refueled all vehicles even though they did not really need it

So from last nights game-play the day is 01/early-winter in-game 1715hrs its slowly getting dark and soil is moist, crop is too wet to harvest. Basically I need to fast forward to the next morning and then slower time acceleration to wait until crops are dry enough to harvest.

Finally at 04/early-winter in-game 1508hrs crops were dry, we continue harvesting at least few hours before tonights moisture kicks in again...

1008 Finished harvesting soybeans F15
1032 Started harvesting soybeans F14, courseplay ETA 46min, 4x tools
1146 Finished harvesting soybeans F14
1149 Started harvesting soybeans F12, courseplay ETA 46min, 4x tools
1305 Finished harvesting soybeans F12

Now it was 04/early-winter in-game 1950hrs, dark but still no soil moisture. Next field in queue is the mega monster in current list F30 which is like 1400ha or something nuts, for that I have to record courseplay course outline at least for four sections propably more hmm.

Recorded few courses for outlines but not all, then back to this savegame and drove my harvester fleet in F30 NE corner, then as it was pitch black dark I time accelerated to 05/early-winter in-game 0800hrs, soil is moist cannot harvest right away.

Now lets hope the crop moisture will not be a problem because we are seriously running out of days and especially daylight here, last harvest day is like 4 days away. I could get the harvests done without issue from the soil moisture, but this is my first time I really encounter this seasons feature and have no idea how it turns out, I'm sort of thinking that I wont have enough daylight to get these fields harvested.

05/early-winter in-game 1744hrs its getting dark and soil moisture is still too high. Continuing time accelerating 600 speed to see what happens overnight... 06/early-winter in-game 0741hrs, then 1747hrs soil moisture high. Then skipped night 6000 time acceleration to 07/early-winter in-game 0801hrs and soil moisture too high.

Purchased seasons moisture detector thing heh, F30 soybeans crop moisture is 21% so unless I'm mistaken its ONE PERCENT over the limit hehe.

07/early-winter in-game 1833hrs night has fallen again and no chance of crops to dry up, time accelerated to morning daylight 08/early-winter in-game 1754hrs and soil still moist.

09/mid-winter in-game 0803hrs and soybeans moisture 25% heh. 09/mid-winter in-game 1736hrs night is falling again and crops too wet to harvest... umm okay so now soybeans harvest season has ENDED. Guess this soybeans seeding went to the dogs heh.

10/mid-winter in-game 0015hrs it started to snow and all my soybeans fields WITHERED. Hehe ouuuucch! Smiley ;)

So fields that withered were F05, F28, F30, F83 and F84. Also F17 which was canola, I actually forgot already what happened with that.

There you go, seasons risky planting did not pay off as crops withered. I think this has happened to me once before but certainly not in this scale, I had over two THOUSAND hectares of soybeans die on me heh.

Now I'm going to time accelerate until 24/late-winter and then upgrading into seasons v1.2 before committing the year change.

1551 Restarted FS19 with Seasons v1.2

- seeder 600hp 30.5m bourgault 3420-100 paralink hoe drill 430.5k
- seeder air cart bourgault 71300 331.5k

1610 Purchased above four times, linked Big Bud 747s with these new paralink hoe drills.

Money ran out so I used train to pickup two car fulls of soybeans from railroad silo 1 and sold them to selling point ?. Budget now 654k.

Then fast forwarded to the next year, 01/early-spring. Next is just boring wait until weather warms up so we can seed soybeans with out new Bourgault paralink hoe drills Smiley :)

I did use elmers haulmaster to refill paralink hoe drills with seeds. Then it was time accelerating waiting for soybeans planting temperatures. The synchronizing after the fast forward dialog in seasons on PMC Grande Gardens 16km was up for what felt like few minutes, it was pure torture to wait so long.

Time accelerating felt like it will never end. Still at 15/mid-spring I was time accelerating as soil temperature was only +8C. Normally you would be doing field work like fertilizing, cultivating etc, but now I'm skipping all of that as I'm on the last stretch, all I need to do is seed and harvest, nothing more.

This felt really boring I mean soul suckingly boring to wait in synchronizing dialog for which felt like hours (combined). I really hope I never have to do something like that again in any career savegames.

18/late-spring morning daylight finally soil temperature was +10C so we can start seeding! Smiley :)

1758 Started seeding soybeans F17, courseplay ETA 19min, 4x tools
1820 Finished seeding soybeans F17

1823 Stopped streaming and shut down FS19, felt quite exhausted for todays streaming session (and sure FS19 gaming-session as well). Live stream lasted 9h 52min according to OBS, twich dashboard said 10hrs exact but I rather believe OBS.

I must say live streaming is not for me, its so stressful, I skipped writing so much stuff in this page because I was streaming and could not ALT-TAB every time I get a thought which needed to be written down. I'll stick to youtube video recording and writing these farm stories instead.

2020-03-28T1439 Back in PMC Grande Gardens 16km, how about we do some seeding.

Last time playing I felt really bored and stressed out because of the live streaming and kind of backwards stuff to seed the fields I already had seeded once, I just could not bare to continue seeding the F30 monster size field next as "been there done that" not to mention the soul suckingly exhausting harvesting for days was just so off putting. So I spend few days on Start From Zero Midwest Horizon on some smaller scale stuff, just to relax a abit.

Now I'm back because, well midwest got boring (read the story for details) and honestly I have nothing else to do as I'm not interested of editing right now.

So lets continue seeding with Bourgault monster size seeders. Maybe capture video after a long time of not recording anything, this is kind of awesome sight for the people in youtube to see four big seeders work on 1400ha field, I guarantee there are no other videos like that in youtube heh.

First things first, I drove the big bud 747s with bourgault seeders into F30 NE corner. Then to generate a single course for F30, its a huge field 1480ha according to additional field info mod but with four 30.5m tools its doable, I already did this once using seed hawks and its five meters smaller.

Tried to courseplay calculate field edge path and it froze FS19. I waited for minute or two but yeah, it was frozen hehe. I let it run while making something to eat, it eventually got through it but no course had generated, oh well.

1618 FS19 rebooted back up, now lets load up F30 outline instead of getting courseplay to freeze up heh

1627 Started seeding soybeans F30, courseplay ETA 7h 28min, 4x tools

Continued to capture video for youtube and taking screenshots again. I feel like lacking about that stuff so now it will change, I need to promote PMC terrains because nobody in the community seem to know they exist. All I do every day is play FS19 and never take care of that website/screenshot/video stuff hehe.

2020-03-29T0151 Finished seeding soybeans F30

Captured a lot of video footage of this seeding, 45min + 39min videos. Not sure why I stopped doing videos but now I'm back, hopefully can record a little bit of footage of every days game-play. Nice to have that record in youtube so when the next farm sim engine game is released and familiar, seeing these FS19 videos will definitely bring fond memories.

0224 Started seeding soybeans F28, GPS

Dunno what was I thinking starting to seed 100ha field manually with GPS driving heh. After headland and first row I called up another seeder vehicle and generated courseplay course for these, enough of this manual nonsense heh.

0428 Was dead tired, in the middle of the seeding had to call it a night, seeding will be finished tomorrow

1419 Back at PMC Gaming, soybeans seeding continues. Lets put those bourgault hoe drills to work.

This F28 seeding was a bit messy, first started to single seeder driving manually using GPS because it felt cool, but guess my bearings got a bit lost with that monstrosity 1480ha field that this 100ha field felt like nothing... but its not nothing, it will take a long time to seed even with 30.5m single vehicle Smiley :)

1452 Finished seeding soybeans F28
1458 Started seeding soybeans F83, GPS
1504 Finished seeding soybeans F83
1505 Started seeding soybeans F84, GPS
1512 Finished seeding soybeans F84
1542 Started seeding soybeans F05, courseplay ETA 5h 58min, 4x tools
2327 Finished seeding soybeans F05

Was watching SinisterSockz twitch streaming North Dakota Regent terrain editing so wanted to concentrate watching on that a while, also I don't really want to continue seeding more fields because the harvest gets so long then and running the risk again to not be able to finish before winter.

After 5 Months Break

2020-09-07T1933 Back at this savegame after about five months break! Smiley :)

Just finished huge shuffling to get this savegame loaded, I've already spend like more than hour doing this. First I tried to load it just as is, I had the same terrain version and rest of the mods but courseplay started to cause huge errors in the log and then freeze up the whole game with F40 scanning.

Finally got latest courseplay sorted out and loading OK. Then started to trim down unused mods, just by memory and doing a load/savegame. Then checked vehicles.xml for mods I might use and sorted them out.

Then unloaded lsfm liquid tanker trailers and sold them, then savegame and another load without lsfm liquid tanker mod. Another mod removed.

2005 Realized I'm playing with too new terrain version too, so I restored latest upgrade that this savegame is using which is v0.1.4.

Performance FPS did not improve its still solid 30FPS even on new game load, which is kind of bad. I took backups of this savegame and sold all vehicles leaving just pickup truck... and then FPS went back to 60.

2152 Ported this savegame to multiplayer (MP) and uploaded the whole mod-set to, then invited ncsimfarmer to join me on hosted server.

I want to see if my computer can run hosted server on 16km terrain with huge number of vehicles as it already runs SP game in solid 30FPS. Also it would be fun to play with some player instead of just alone in SP.

2020-09-08T0234 had to call it a night.

2020-09-09T1959 Started PMC Gaming and hosted server, time to start harvesting massive fields.

See todays video for a timeline...

2020-09-10T0024 Harvesting soybeans from F28 continues on dedicated server borrowed from fscommando, thanks buddy! Smiley :)

0512 Shut it down.

2020-09-11T1636 Back in PMC Gaming and continuing playing Start From Zero v0.1.4 savegame.

Yesterday spent all day waiting for player which never show up, while doing that I tried to track down the performance issue in this savegame. When I load this savegame up I get solid 30FPS, something is up with that. I did inventory of my vehicles / implements and was shocked to see this:

4 $pdlcdir$bourgaultPack/vehicles/bourgault/series3420/series3420.xml
4 $pdlcdir$bourgaultPack/vehicles/bourgault/series71300/series71300.xml
8 $pdlcdir$claasPack/vehicles/claas/lexion8000/lexion8000.xml
3 data/vehicles/bredal/K165/K165.xml
8 data/vehicles/capello/quasarHS16/quasarHS16.xml
4 data/vehicles/caseIH/optum/optum.xml
3 data/vehicles/caseIH/puma/puma.xml
2 data/vehicles/elmersMfg/haulMaster/haulMaster.xml
2 data/vehicles/fendt/vario1000/vario1000.xml
4 data/vehicles/flexicoil/st820/st820.xml
4 data/vehicles/greatPlains/yp2425A/yp2425A.xml
8 data/vehicles/hardi/rubicon9000/rubicon9000.xml
6 data/vehicles/krampe/dolly10L/dolly10L.xml
1 data/vehicles/lizard/pickup1978/pickup1978.xml
4 data/vehicles/lizard/truckL/truckL.xml
4 FS19_bigBud450/bigBud450.xml
4 FS19_bigBud747/bigBud747.xml
4 FS19_CM_XL_Specialized_110MFG/lowboyback.xml
3 FS19_CM_XL_Specialized_110MFG/lowboyfront.xml
2 FS19_JD2410_5Section/JohnDeere_5Section.xml
2 FS19_JohnDeere_2623/JD2623.xml
2 FS19_liquidStoragePack/liquidTank.xml
2 FS19_liquidStoragePack/liquidTankDolly.xml
8 FS19_Midwest_Durus_60ft/midwest_trailer60ft.xml
8 FS19_Midwest_Durus_60ft/midwest60ft_lexion780.xml
8 FS19_Trailer_Tipper70000/Tipper70000.xml
4 FS19_WarriorPlusPlus/truckS.xml

That was the vehicle / implement list I owned in this savegame, it clearly was done in the old FS17 SP era vehiclegroup switcher courseplay thinking, I mean who really needs EIGHT combines and rubicon sprayers, that is crazy. In FS17 I split terrain to four sections, NW, NE, SE and SW, then bought vehicles for each of these sections, this way I didn't need to drive my slow vehicles all across the terrain zig zagging around when switching fields, all I do is switch vehicle groups.

My thinking was the same for FS19 in this savegame, however... FS19 engine sucks and it cannot handle this amount of vehicles, just by owning these vehicles, them not even running no hired workers no courseplay no nothing and you get solid 30FPS performance.

So yesterday I sold half of the combines and rubicons, leaving 4 each as I'm kind of hoping some day we get few more players into the server and we get to use these vehicles and of course if I do SP then courseplay runs four combines / sprayers just fine.

Performance went back up to fluctuating 50-60FPS which is nice. I mean the rock solid 30FPS is playable but it just nags me how the performance takes a such nose dive just by owning few extra vehicles. Of course once you start four combines and two grain trucks under courseplay the performance is back to 30FPS at best again so yeah there is that too, but at least in that point there is action going on.

Today this savegame has 692 hours in it.

1747 Preparing vehicles, driving them to the field etc. In-game time is 2041hrs so its already dark, need to time accelerate soon but I'll probably do few more chores in darkness to save precious seasons days.

Current scenario is; field 5 size is 1205ha, got two grain trucks 140,000 liters each, four claas lexion 8900 combines 18,000 liter grain tanks and midwest durus 18m headers. Just wondering how many days it takes to finish this harvest Smiley :)

Was bummed out to start this harvest alone, but other players from PMC discord were no show and history from last year already has shown that nobody can keep up with me so the few hours of playtime I could get with other players is not very much in my weekly statistics. Unfortunate but this is the reality I'm living in, oh well.

1822 Done refueling all vehicles, they are all lined up in SW corner of F05, well except for two fendt 1050 grain cart tractors which are in NE corner but most likely wont be using those, just unload directly to trucks.

1842 Started harvesting soybeans F05 SW, courseplay 4 tools ETA 4hrs 41min.

2020-09-12T0211 Finished harvesting soybeans F05 SW.

Shut down the server and ended twitch live stream, duration 6hrs 34min. Was really happy got SW section harvested, took over 6hrs so if I would have started next section I definitely wouldnt have energy to finish it today, so better call it a night with a good mood than to exhaust yourself to frustration. Time to relax rest of the evening, more farming tomorrow I'm sure.

1749 Back at PMC Gaming, starting server up but I don't expect anyone to join. This savegame now has 701 hours in it heh.

Plan today is to harvest F05 SE section.

1820 Started harvesting soybeans F05 SE, courseplay 4 tools ETA 4h 46min.

2020-09-13T0053 Still had plenty of energy to play, but were just somehow... kind of bored, not exhausted but just bored, wanted to go watch TV, so decided to call it a night. F05 SE harvest was ALMOST done which is kind of funny to think I'm calling it a night so close to this sections finish, oh well.

1628 PMC Gaming booted up, launching FS19, this savegame now has 708 hours in it.
1718 Finished harvesting soybeans F05 SE.

Half of F05 harvested heh. Okay so I recorded grain transport course for the center which unloads into railroad silo 1. Refueled all vehicles and was ready to continue harvesting.

1747 Started harvesting soybeans F05 NE, courseplay 4 tools ETA 4h ?min.
1841 Harvest halted due rain in-game 1226hrs, forecast predicts raining until 1500hrs at least.

I wish there was need for a lunch break, now would be a great time heh.

Rain ended didnt notice what time while time accelerating 600 speed, then crops were wet until night fall at 2040hrs when it was too dark already. So time acceleration until morning daylight in-game 0745hrs and no soil moisture, we are good to continue.

2002 Need to take a break or maybe even call it a day here, just don't feel like harvesting more as of right now.
2329 Been back harvesting for maybe close to half an hour, just forgot to write it down heh.

2020-09-14T0211 Decided to call it a night, F05 NE is almost done few more rows to cut, but that is for later date.

1850 Back at PMC Gaming, FS19 started up, harvest continues. Should take no time to finish F05 NE now. This savegame as 715 hours in it now.
2019 Finished harvesting soybeans F05 NE.
2036 Started harvesting soybeans F05 NW, courseplay 4 tools ETA 4h ?min.

Again forgot to write the precise courseplay duration time down, it was 4hrs 4min when I checked at mid point of the first edge, so perhaps 10 maybe 15min dunno.

2148 Hmm I think something happened to my warrior++ semi-truck which was hauling grain... it... it, disappeared Smiley :o

Decided to take a lunch break and figure this thing out after a meal.

2020-09-15T0046 Was getting bored so before burning myself out for today I decided to call it an early night.

1617 Today I reverted back to single player savegame as I could not get any multiplayer going on. Its just not happening so why bother suffering from the limitations of MP mode.

This savegame now has 720 hours in it.

Felt good to be back in SP using vehicleExplorer mod, it was such an horrific limitation not be able to jump into any vehicle directly, so glad to have vehicleExplorer back.

1952 Finished harvesting soybeans F05 NW.

History was made today, F05 is the largest field I have ever harvested in farming simulator games, it is massive 1205ha in size. Next closest prior to this was some 600ha field I believe F22 is something of that size, now were talking twice the size. Just awesome! Smiley :D

After finishing the field, emptying combines and grain carts to trucks I saved game and exited for little break, probably going to figure out if I want to continue harvesting either small F17 or that massive F30.

2020-09-16T0022 Started FS19 up again, lets see if I can start to harvest the next field, not really feeling enthusiastic.

0059 Started harvesting F30 NE, courseplay ETA 1h 35min.
? Finished harvesting F30 NE

0410 Time to call it a night.

2131 FS19 booted back up, this savegame now has 727 hours in it.
2131 Started harvesting F30 North Central

Last night I finished F30 NE, but again forgot to write it down, not only that but also starting of F30 North Central, I seem to completely forget these writings now as I'm so used to video recording with simple scroll lock key. Well what can you do.

2020-09-17T0035 Finished harvesting F30 North Central
0040 Shut down FS19 or rather this savegame as I was so bored of harvesting soybeans on massive field, need to take a break.

2232 FS19 started, lets get back to harvesting another snippet of F30. This savegame now has 730 hours in it.

2254 Started harvesting soybeans F30 NW, courseplay 4 tools ETA 1h 55min

2020-09-18T0054 New day has started, F30 NW about 80 percent harvested.
0117 Finished harvesting soybeans F30 NW

Again decided to call it a night regarding farming, don't feel like starting center west (or east not sure) section of this big field, that is for another farming day.

2020-09-20T2107 PMC Gaming back up with FS19 starting, this savegame now has 733 hours in it.

Took a couple of days break doing linux stuff, but now it feels like need to continue this harvest.

2111 Started harvesting F30 West Center 2, courseplay 4 tools ETA 2hrs 3min
2317 Too tired time to take a nap, not sure if I continue harvesting when waking up as it got boring real fast this time.

2020-10-29T1212 After a month break from any gaming I'm back at PMC Gaming and want to try some farming.

Its offtopic but I have been real busy with Linux and hardware installations which include editing tools for farming simulator 19 terrains as well. But right now I just felt kind of exhausted of all the command line text based stuff, I need to get back to graphical gaming stuff, so here we are.

Honestly cant even remember in what stage this savegame was, as seen above it was sep 20th the last time I played. I believe F30 is not even half way done yet and one of those small sections under courseplay took like two hours or more.

I have tons of real life farming videos to watch on youtube as well. So there is plenty of stuff to do here no need to go back to linux cmd line anytime soon in that regard heh.

I'm really not enthuasiastic about playing FS19, but hopefully I can easily get back into it and that would also get my editing juices flowing. But again going a bit offtopic. Lets start harvesting, to see how new courseplay version works and if I still remember how to drive a grain cart Smiley ;)

This savegame has now 735 hours in it.

1303 Finished harvesting soybeans... whatever section of F30 this was hehe.

In-game 2005hrs night is falling fast. Going to make a new grain truck courseplay courses and after that time accelerate until morning. Also had a lunch break here.

1455 Started harvesting soybeans F30 central north.
1819 Finished harvesting soybeans F30 central north.

1821 Decided to call it a night, it was a nice start but yeah I started to get a bit bored for to constant pressure of grain cart driving to keep combines running. No idea if I'll continue tomorrow, probably not.

2020-10-30T1245 Back at PMC Gaming and FS19 fired up, this savegame has now 741 hrs.

Not super motivated to harvest today, but thought of doing one small section of F30 soybeans harvest, at least we are that much closer to finishing this historical monster field.

1307 Had grain truck and combine courseplay courses generated, then engaged first combine with "first waypoint" start option... and again courseplay froze FS19 that I had to taskmanager kill the game process, sigh.

Courseplay some recent versions started to do this with multiple tools, not sure what goes wrong in there it depends how the course has been generated but I haven't been able to figure out the pattern/cause of it to be able to avoid such courses. Oh well just need to generate new different starting point course and hope for the best.

1622 Finished harvesting soybeans F30 central east.
1636 Decided to call it a day, was nice time so don't want to burn myself out continuing more today.

2020-11-01T1428 FS19 booted up, savegame has now 745 hours in it.

Plan today is to finish another small section of this field. I'll keep chipping away those one by one, eventually this field gets done heh. Had to start today by recording new courseplay course around small section of F30 which is called center east south (yes, clear naming haha). Also recorded outlines for the remaining three southern sections.

Then did some youtube video upload editing and once that was done I was already hungry and it was time to make some lunch. Todays harvest start seems to take a quite while, but once all chores are done we can press on for hours.

1707 Started harvesting soybeans F30 central east south
1925 Finished harvesting soybeans F30 central east south

And decided to call it a day right here, just don't feel like the enthusiasm to continue on the next section of F30.

2020-11-02T1214 Starting FS19 up, this savegame now has 748 hours in it.

Same plan as yesterday, do one small section of F30 soybeans harvest. At first had some courseplay course generating problems, the usual same old... combine start freezes game at "first waypoint", then number 3 and 4 combines took off to some weird course with high speed, a lot of fun but not so much when you are frustrated and just want to enjoy plain and simple harvesting.

12?? Started harvesting soybeans F30 center south
1646 Finished harvesting soybeans F30 center south

And yesterday repeats itself, I'm calling it a day right here, just don't have the feeling to continue on next section of this field. Was a pretty good day today anyways so nice to end it in a positive mood.

2020-11-03T1131 Getting ready to startup FS19, harvest continues. This savegame has 752 hours in it now.

12?? Started harvesting soybeans F30 central west south (heh)
1520 Finished harvesting soybeans F30 central west south

So now I only have three sections on the bottom of the field left, SW, south central and SE. Have been thinking a lot about these small sections being too small, don't get me wrong its nice to have compact harvest sections but often times I feel like the combines are turning too much and the grain carts cant be even positioned at each end of the fields as its so short.

I decided to try something new, kinda, that I'll record temporary outline courseplay course for the whole three southern sections of this field and try to harvest it. It will be well beyond visual range when combines reach other end so grain carts definitely need to be positioned on the ends of the fields as driving them back and forth would just take way too long. Who knows maybe I'll start to drive semi trucks more to chase combines.

Also I think secretly I wish to finish this field in one go, tonight, as it motivates me more to try to get it all done at once, instead of chipping away one small section at the time.

1554 Lunch break ...
1623 Lunch break is over, lets get back to harvesting.
1626 Started harvesting soybeans F30 south central 3 sections
2109 Took a quick break (forgot to write down starting time), now back and harvest continues.
2157 Lunch break ...
2222 Feeding time is over, back to harvesting.
2020-11-04T0136 Finished harvesting soybeans F30 south central 3 sections

Awesome feeling to finish this harvest which is now my personal highescore of all time farming simulator games of largest field seeded and harvested.

0159 Decided to call it a night, still not tired or exhausted of playing which is kind of odd, but yeah better to continue another day.

1012 New farming day had started, back at PMC Gaming, FS19 booted up, we continue. Currently 765 hours in this savegame.

Last night before calling it quits I already drove semi grain trucks and tanker truck by F17 which is my last field to cut in this harvest season. Now I drove combines and grain carts from F30 SW into F17 as well, then proceeded to refuel them. Then it was one more field to harvest, soybeans too of course, too much soybeans heh.

I had already decided that whenever this Start From Zero savegame continues on the next season, it will be on new terrain version which is already done and I am going to do even more editing before switching seasons. On the next season I will not just blanket seed without care just soybeans like the lazy bugger that I've been on these savegame goals once I bought all the land, this time I will seed/plant various crops, well ok perhaps not barley but still canola, corn, wheat maybe, just to keep it interesting and getting rid of that "reputation" that all I do is soybeans, it gets so boring I'm sick of soybeans.

Was planning on putting a lot of effort editing this terrain before the next season begins, like really trying to finish placing objects on the south side which will be mostly the area what I'm going to field work on. I want it to represent the final product as much as possible, so all farm yards, tree groups, forests even, need to be placed before switching seasons.

But for now, we need to harvest this relatively tiny F17 of soybeans. This wont take long, didn't check how many hectares this is put I assume it will be mere minutes harvest time, would be amazed if its over an hour. That is peanuts compared to the massive 1480ha F30 monstrosity heh.

1106 Started harvesting soybeans F17
123? Finished harvesting soybeans F17

1245 Saved game and exited, we are ready to edit this terrain some more and then switch seasons Smiley :)

Feeling great of having achieved that crazy 1480ha F30 harvest and also this harvest season in general, that F05 was no small one either being just few hundred hectares smaller than field thirty. If I feel this great at this point of the savegame, it most likely will be overwhelmingly emotional moment when I finish this savegame sometime in the future...

But for now some terrain editing for this terrain and also others so it might be several days if not weeks before I return to this savegame, it might even be longer because currently this savegame in such a beautiful stage that there is nothing that can be quickly achieved or something that needs to be urgently finished, I am very happy where this savegame is now so it definitely will be a while before I return to this with new enthusiasm to attack those southern fields Smiley :)

2020-11-08T2112 This is not a start of new farming day, I'm just doing some logistics.

I have a FS19 mapview screenshot with all the fields showing, loaded that in GIMP and marked red circles on all the fields that need to be harvested before this savegame is finished. Today I'm creating a master plan to field work prepare and finally harvest these fields, basically a list of fields in specific order which to work on to optimize vehicles driving from one field to another. Also I want to leave the huge mega fields to last, I want to now continue from "small" compact fields.

Goal is to buy all land and harvest all the fields, this means that I just blanked seed soybeans without any field work to cut back the work needs to be done because money doesn't matter to me anymore all I care about is finishing a harvest any way I can. However now I want to slow down a bit and actually seed other crops than soybeans.

Feels like its been a long while since I last time properly cared about crops, meaning fertilizing, cultivating, herbicide spraying etc. Dunno maybe this mood quickly changes as I tackle these insanely large fields on PMC Grande Gardens 16km, but at least for now I am interested of putting at least one stage of fertilizer before seeding some other crop than soybeans.

Today I feel like while goal is still the same I'm taking it slow, just enjoy the farming instead of trying to get it done fastest way possible.

Anyways Smiley :)

2153 Completed the field list for eastern side of this terrain, basically NE and SE areas as in the middle was many fields I have already harvested.

Used debug camera to fly around those fields and it was shocking to see how much hectares I need to cover. Those fields do not look so intimidating on mapview but once you fly over them at twenty times walking speed, oh my they are huge, well at least all combined together.

Trying to figure out how many seasons daylight days it will take for me to harvest all of them, I dont want to seed more fields than its possible to harvest before winter using 4 lexion 8900s and me driving two grain carts. There is a limit to the harvesting speed with that setup. It would be different if I could have multiplayer going on but we have gone over all that it ain't gonna happen, I have to rely on myself.

On PMC Texas Rowena 8km when using default 9 day seasons I seeded too much and my massive soybeans crop withered when winter came before I managed to harvest all of it. I don't want to repeat the same mistake, seeding too many fields only to have crops wither is just waste of time.

I'm sort of hopeful that this eastern side of terrain (with gap on the middle) might be doable, decided to go for it.

Next what I want to do is to upgrade terrain into v0.1.6 which I just compiled today, then port existing savegame into it and get to work. Savegame porting though... is again pure horror hehe, its one of those things that I really, really, really don't want to do Smiley :)

Loaded up existing old v0.1.4 of this terrain and savegame, checked all vehicles that they are not in such areas which might have new trees, I hope all are clear of them. Had to drive one truck out of a field, not sure it makes any difference as seasons resets fields to harvested stage anyways but still nice to have vehicles out of the fields.

When loaded brand new career savegame with v0.1.6 and ported old savegame over... sure enough big bud 747s and two rubicons were mangled in trees. So had to shuffle those around with old terrain + savegame version first before again porting into new terrain version heh. The joys of terrain upgrades Smiley ;)

Luckily I did not edit any placeables like buildings, bins or trains so I can just copy over the massive items.xml, porting that over would have been way too much effort.

2322 Seems like terrain upgrade and savegame porting is complete. All vehicles are in and not colliding with anything, bins have old grain etc.

2020-11-09T0048 Finally all porting done, season reset to 01/early-spring and already started to play. Moved vehicles to F45 SW corner.

Plan now is to start fertilizing using rubicon 9000s. These first fields are pretty good fertilizing stage but lets see what we can do.

0055 Started fertilizing F45, courseplay ETA 46min, 2x tools
0132 Finished fertilizing F45
0138 Started fertilizing F44, courseplay ETA 55min, 2x tools
0219 Started to lime spread F45 edge only, GPS driving
0237 Finished fertilizing F44
0241 Started fertilizing F41, courseplay ETA 22min, 2x tools
0243 Finished lime spreading F45 edge only
0244 Started to lime spread F44 edge only, GPS driving
0259 Finished lime spreading F44 edge only
0307 Finished fertilizing F41
0316 Started fertilizing F42, courseplay ETA 22min, 2x tools
0318 Started to lime spread F41 edge only, GPS driving
0326 Finished lime spreading F41
0327 Started to lime spread F42 edge only, GPS driving
0335 Finished lime spreading F42
0339 Finished fertilizing F42
0350 Started fertilizing F09, courseplay ETA 30min, 2x tools
0355 Started to lime spread F09 edge only, GPS driving
0406 Finished lime spreading F09
0408 Started to lime spread F47 edge only, GPS driving
042? Finished fertilizing F09
0437 Finished lime spreading F47
0438 Started fertilizing F47, courseplay 2x tools
0444 Started to lime spread F48 edge only, GPS driving
0509 Finished lime spreading F48
0513 Started to lime spread F49 edge only, GPS driving
0534 Finished lime spreading F49
0544 Finished fertilizing F47
0549 Started fertilizing F48, courseplay ETA 1h 28min, 2x tools
0643 Started to lime spread F50 edge only, GPS driving
0704 Finished lime spreading F50
0718 Finished fertilizing F48

And thats for todays farming session, got some arma3 editing to do so need to end here and switch computers. Todays farming was real nice after so long just spending time harvesting soybeans, was really refreshing to fertilize a bit Smiley :)

2016 New farming day has started, lets see what we get to do today. This savegame now has 774 hours in it.

PMC Grande Gardens 16km v0.1.6 is still very much work in progress but man did I like yesterdays farming session on it. The additional trees and I believe some farm buildings as well add so much nice visuals instead of the endless empty areas with fields. I would have liked to add more stuff in, like cosmetics radio / mobile phone transmitter towers and high voltage power lines across fields, but those have to wait for next terrain upgrade.

Overall I'm enjoying v0.1.6 great deal now. My field work plan now includes eastern side of the terrain, so for next terrain upgrade I'll focus on western side, that would be the last upgrade and savegame port before finishing this savegame.

2022 Started fertilizing F49, courseplay ETA 1h 16min, 2x tools
2044 Started to lime spread F78 edge only, GPS driving
2055 Finished lime spreading F78
2110 Started to lime spread F77 edge only, GPS driving
2126 Finished lime spreading F77
2130 Started to lime spread F76 edge only, GPS driving
2149 Finished fertilizing F49
2216 Started fertilizing F50, courseplay ETA 1h 23min, 2x tools
2224 Finished lime spreading F76
2226 Started to lime spread F80 edge only, GPS driving
2248 Finished lime spreading F80
2259 Started to lime spread F81 edge only, GPS driving
2308 Leading rubicon ran out of fertilizer, so it was good time to take a lunch break.

2326 Feeding complete, lunch break is over, we continue.
2340 Finished lime spreading F81
2342 Started to lime spread F93, GPS driving
2350 Finished lime spreading F93
2352 Started to lime spread F94, GPS driving
2020-11-10T0001 Finished lime spreading F94
0003 Finished fertilizing F50

It was 01/early-spring in-game 1900hrs and too dark to see anything. So time accelerated until 02/early-spring in-game 0658hrs daylight.

0013 Started to lime spread F95 edge only, GPS driving
0029 Finished lime spreading F95

Then it was time for a break, had to refreshen up a bit.

0107 Break over, back in-game and we continue working fields.
0109 Started fertilizing F78, courseplay ETA h min, 2x tools
0119 Started to lime spread F08, courseplay ETA 47min, 2x tools
0142 Finished fertilizing F78
0212 Finished lime spreading F08
0215 Started fertilizing F77, courseplay ETA 19min, 2x tools
0220 Started to lime spread F79 edge only, GPS driving
0232 Finished lime spreading F79
0234 Finished fertilizing F77

Decided to call it a night here, I have few chores to do before the day is over so need to get those done. Was pretty enjoybale field work today.

2045 New farming day has started, this savegame now has 780 hours in it.

Todays plan, is the same as two previous days, continue fertilizing and lime spreading to the eastern side fields.

2156 Started fertilizing F76, courseplay ETA 1h 28min, 2x tools
2204 Started to lime spread F82 edge only, GPS driving
2237 Finished lime spreading F82
2240 Started to lime spread F70 edge only, GPS driving
2310 Finished lime spreading F70
2318 Started to lime spread F71 edge only, GPS driving
2338 Finished lime spreading F71
2342 Finished fertilizing F76

Then it was time to call it a day, just don't have more energy to play in this session, but at least got couple of fields done, a little progress.

2020-11-15T2339 Back at PMC Gaming, time to farm some. This savegame now has 782 hours in it.

2347 Started to lime spread F75, courseplay ETA 2h 36min, 2x tools
2358 Started fertilizing F80, courseplay ETA 53min, 2x tools

2020-11-16T0105 Finished fertilizing F80
0114 Started fertilizing F81, courseplay ETA 54min, 2x tools
0214 Finished fertilizing F81
0243 Finished lime spreading F75
0246 Started fertilizing F95, manual GPS driving
0249 Finished fertilizing F95
0249 Started fertilizing F94, manual GPS driving
0251 Finished fertilizing F94
0252 Started fertilizing F93, manual GPS driving
0254 Finished fertilizing F93
0300 Started to lime spread F74, courseplay ETA 54min, 2x tools
0308 Started fertilizing F08, courseplay ETA 25min, 2x tools
0331 Finished fertilizing F08
0334 Started fertilizing F79, courseplay ETA 18min, 2x tools
0357 Finished lime spreading F74
0404 Finished fertilizing F79

Took a short break here. Break was over 0708hrs.

0714 Started fertilizing F82, courseplay ETA 2h 49min, 2x tools
0725 Started to lime spread F73 edge only, GPS driving
0736 Finished lime spreading F73
0739 Started to lime spread F72 edge only, GPS driving
0748 Finished lime spreading F72
1023 Finished fertilizing F82

Had some stuff to do so it was time to call it a night here. Glad I got that big F82 fertilized. There are still few big fields left so definitely day or two more farming work to do.

2020-11-17T0258 Back at farming, this savegame now has 789 hours in it. Today... well we just continue what has been done for the past few days now, fertilizing.

Now we have three medium/big and three small fields left to fertilize. Was thinking of bringing the another two rubicon 9000s from the north down here, but not sure if its worth the trip. Although they are just sitting there now without doing anything, so might as well send them down, they would cut fertilizing time in half.

Night was falling quickly, it was 02/early-spring in-game 1843hrs so decided to time accelerate until morning daylight.

0315 Started fertilizing F70, courseplay ETA 1h 5min, 2x tools
0436 Started fertilizing F71, courseplay ETA 1h 16min, 2x tools
0501 Finished fertilizing F70
0515 Started fertilizing F75, courseplay ETA 47min, 2x tools
0559 Finished fertilizing F71
0605 Finished fertilizing F75

Bought liquid fertilizer selling placeable as the south east sector of this terrain needs one, no point of driving truck liquid tankers into NE and back all the time. Had to refill rubicons and even my liquid fertilizer tanker truck was empty, these fields sure do take lots of fertilizer.

0622 Started fertilizing F72, courseplay ETA 18min, 2x tools
0625 Started fertilizing F73, courseplay ETA 18min, 2x tools
0639 Started fertilizing F74, courseplay ETA 21min, 2x tools
06?? Finished fertilizing F72
0645 Finished fertilizing F73
0702 Finished fertilizing F74

Then it was time to call it a night.

2020-12-18T0609 After a month break from this savegame its time to continue.

Precision farming giants mod was released since my last game-play, I tested it out and its real nice for small terrains, largest I tried in long game-play was on 4km terrain. Today I finally loaded PMC Grande Gardens 16km Start From Zero savegame using precision farming mod, just to test it out. Well turns out that it doesn't really work with huge terrain size like this one, I spread some lime and it got applied to the field with gaps on it, kind of difficult to explain. On minimap and ESC mapview it shows up ok but it looks really bad on 3D field surface as that white lime powder appears with gaps on it.

Then I quickly tested it on PMC Iowa Garden City 8km and there it worked 3D wise a bit better, I could see the lime spreading animation flicker a bit but overall it was steady, the field surface 3D graphics was even, no gaps. So precision farming just barely can handle 8.1km terrain size with its default 1024 x 1024 soilMap grle image size. I bet terrain like 10km is probably already going to cause those gaps.

I made a quick decision that I will not try to implement precision farming to PMC Grande Gardens 16km for now until more testing has been done, I'll just continue playing this savegame now. I should be editing but don't have much motivation for it, playing is not very interesting either but it comes down to... what else would I do then, stare at the walls eh? hehe

So this savegame now has planting season field preparation pretty much done, fertilization and lime spreading is done. Some fields are not 100% fertilized and edges would need some ploughing but I wont be bothered with that now. My enthusiasm from one month ago when I started this new season unfortunately is all but gone, I'm just continuing playing as I cant think of anything else to do, so I wont be putting any more effort to these fields, now its time to plant crops.

In-game its 03/early-spring 1057hrs, weather is +3/+6C so just barely could start to seed canola and wheat but corn and soybeans must wait until proper temperatures. I'm going to wait until ground temp increases at least one degree before starting to put down canola and wheat, just to make sure there wont be any frost damage.

Drove semi trucks with 70k liter grain trailers into farm 1, refilled with seeds from farm bin silo, then drove to F45 SW and finally refilled big bud 747's with bourgault air drills. Next drove pickup truck to the farm, and recorded new courseplay course from there to F45 SW across F40 (heh). Then refueled corn planter Case IH tractors with great plains planters, refilled with seends and send them on their way to F45 SW.

Once there, sent them on their way to F44 NW which is just by F41 where they begin corn planting once soil temperature increases.

Time accelerated until weather +10/+6C on 09/early-spring in-game 0824hrs. Weather forecast predicts above six degrees minimum temperatures from now on, so we are good to go for canola and wheat seeding Smiley :)

0745 Started seeding canola F45, courseplay ETA 1h 4min, 2x tools
0854 Finished seeding canola F45
0909 Started seeding wheat F42, courseplay ETA 38min, 2x tools
1001 Finished seeding wheat F42

I was actually cooking food when this field work finished, big bud number one had already done its work and two had just hundred or so meters to go.

Next it was time to wait until weather is corn and soybeans seeding temperature. F44 is waiting to be seeded soybeans and F41 corn so there is no point driving these big drills over to the next canola/wheat field because once weather gets warmer then we would have to drive all the way back here again.

Had a lunch, then brought semi trucks to the bourgault air drills and refilled them with seeds, all good to go again.

Next was several in-game days worth of time accelerating to reach corn and soybeans seeding soil temperatures. Its been a while since I seeded so dunno if it was that or just random chance, but this felt like really long waiting period to reach the correct weather. It was 17/late-spring in-game 0716hrs when temperature was +11/+10C and forecast predicted no lower than +10C minimum temperatures.

1137 Started seeding soybeans F44, courseplay ETA 1h 28min, 2x tools

Completely forgot that great plains corn planter needs field to be cultivated first, tried to start planting but it didn't obviously work. Then had to go pick up big bud 450s with flexicoil st820 cultivators from farm 1, refueled them and sent them on their way to NE part of the terrain.

1201 Started cultivating F41, courseplay ETA 28min, 4x tools
1234 Finished cultivating F41
1236 Started seeding corn F41, courseplay ETA 32min, 4x tools
1316 Finished seeding soybeans F44
1320 Finished seeding corn F41

Decided to call it a day, was surprised I managed to play this long in the first place.

2020-12-20T1032 New farming day has started, this savegame now has 801hrs in it.

This day has already half way done when I got around of all my other computer chores and now it was time to continue farming. First thing to do is to catch up the current situation, it was 17/late-spring in-game 1222hrs, weather +16/10C and forecast, well doesn't really matter in planting season. Big Bud 747's with Bourgault air drills needed seed refill.

When inspecting Case IH Optum 300 CVX tractors pulling Great Plains YP-2425A planters was shocked to see that one of the planters were set to BARLEY instead of corn. Now F41 is messed up with one row of barley among the corn. Oh well will be interesting to harvest but who cares, harvest is harvest.

Great plains needed seed refill as well. This task requires me to drive elmers haulmaster auger wagons here which are able to refill these seeders from the top down position, semi trailer truck cannot reach that high.

Refilled fist elmers haulmaster with 70k liter of seeds and sent it on her way to F45 area where planting operations are continuing. Next field to plant is F09 all the way in terrains far NE corner, its a small field so we do that as corn. Bourgault air drills start to put canola down on F47.

1121 Started seeding canola F47, courseplay ETA 1h 29min, 2x tools
1127 Started cultivating F09, courseplay ETA 49min, 4x tools
1231 Finished cultivating F09
1235 Started seeding corn F09, courseplay ETA 58min, 4x tools
1300 Finished seeding canola F47
1309 Started seeding soybeans F48, courseplay ETA 2h 35min, 2x tools
1348 Finished seeding corn F09
1440 Started cultivating F77, courseplay ETA 38min, 4x tools
1530 Finished cultivating F77
1532 Started seeding corn F77, courseplay ETA 46min, 4x tools
1552 Finished seeding soybeans F48
1607 Started seeding wheat F49, courseplay ETA 2h 33min, 2x tools
1630 Finished seeding corn F77
1645 Started cultivating F93, courseplay ETA 10min
1647 Started cultivating F94, courseplay ETA 10min
1650 Started cultivating F95, courseplay ETA 10min
1658 Finished cultivating F93
1659 Finished cultivating F94
1702 Finished cultivating F95
1703 Started seeding corn F93, courseplay ETA 12min
1705 Started seeding corn F94, courseplay ETA 12min
1706 Started seeding corn F95, courseplay ETA 12min
1717 Finished seeding corn F93
1718 Finished seeding corn F94
1720 Finished seeding corn F95
1731 Started cultivating F08, courseplay ETA 28min, 4x tools
1807 Finished cultivating F08

Was getting really bored and wanted to go watch tv, so it was time to call it a day.

1825 shut down FS19, was a good day of seeding.

2020-12-21T0549 New farming day has started, this savegame now has 808hrs in it. Todays agenda is... continue seeding canola, corn, soybeans and wheat.

Yesteday got nice batch of seeding done, Big Bud 747s with Bourgault air drills had field seeding when I shut it down so need to get that finished first. Then the SE edge smallish field F08 will be planted corn. After F08 is done then corn planters move somewhat distance towards NW and do the three medium size fields F7x something, once that is done then our corn planting season is over.

Corn is a nasty crop, unless I forgot the specs I think barley is the worst with largest yield, corn is second and I think canola or wheat is right up there after. What I mean is because I own all the land, all the fields and don't need any money, its kind of waste of time to harvest big yielding crops, on the other hand I don't want to be "mr soybeans" by only harvesting bad soybeans crop to avoid excessive harvesting.

One thing I must say, this planting season has progressed quite nicely, surprisingly fast actually. Its already been two(?) full days of seeding and this will be third, field work before that lasted again several days cant even remember as it was month ago by now. And there is still many many hours of seeding to do with bourgault air drills because few fields are huge in the SE sector. But those will get done, no worries Smiley :)

0622 Finished seeding wheat F49

Night was falling fast again, in-game 2044hrs so time accelerated to daylight 18/late-spring in-game 0636hrs.

0633 Started seeding canola F50, courseplay ETA 2h 33min, 2x tools
0636 Started seeding corn F08, courseplay ETA 43min, 4x tools
0727 Finished seeding corn F08
0753 Started cultivating F74, courseplay ETA 27min, 4x tools
0825 Started cultivating F73, courseplay ETA 27min, 4x tools
0838 Finished cultivating F74
0856 Started cultivating F72, courseplay ETA 27min, 4x tools
0912 Finished seeding canola F50
0919 Finished cultivating F73
0954 Finished cultivating F72

Felt good to get that cultivating before corn planting done, unless my calculations are wrong that was the last cultivating field work for this season.

1005 Started seeding soybeans F78, courseplay ETA 58min, 2x tools
1010 Started seeding corn F74, courseplay ETA 31min, 4x tools
1053 Finished seeding corn F74
1056 Started seeding corn F73, courseplay ETA 33min, 4x tools
1110 Finished seeding soybeans F78
1119 Started seeding soybeans F76, courseplay ETA 3h 10min, 2x tools
1138 Finished seeding corn F73
1141 Started seeding corn F72, courseplay ETA 33min, 4x tools
1219 Finished seeding corn F72

So there you go corn planting season is over, now we only have left those huge fields which get done with big bourgault air drills. This field work is very, well boring, I just set them off and it will be probably movie lenght before these monster seeders need a refill, so that's what I'm actually doing, watching TV show episodes while bourgault's are seeding.

There is still at least one day worth of field work, but already feeling good that the hard part of this planting season is over, as I said seeding with these bourgaults is easy, it just takes time. Taking a closer look to the remaining fields and yeah it will definitely be late tomorrow night when those fields are done if I can keep pressing on non-stop. F82 is a huge one, probably over 500ha (I'd have to look it up), and other fields are large too.

1432 Finished cooking food and eating lunch.

Semi grain trucks were hauling seeds from farm 1 bin silo to railroad silo 3, plan is to use train to haul huge loads of seeds to south.

1546 Finished seeding soybeans F76
1554 Started seeding wheat F80, courseplay ETA 1h 58min, 2x tools

But then while editing video on the background windows 7 ran out of memory and both FS19 and avidemux crashed, heh guess I shouldn't do that while FS19 is runs, need to avoid it in the future. Bad thing now is that... I cant recall when my last savegame was, I dont think I saved after F76 was finished, so I might have lost quite a lot of game-play progress. As a sidenote, avidemux uses 11-14gb of RAM, PMC Gaming computer has only 16gb which is fine for basic games but obviously as avidemux hoggs that much and then FS19 should be still running on the side, yeah things go sideways real quick heh.

Had to reboot computer, then did that video editing out of the way first to get free HDD space etc. Then started FS19 back up and... was shocked to see F76 half seeded. I lost all that work for F76 seeding and using trucks to move farm 1 bin silo seeds to railroad silo 3... it must have been probably closer than 2 hours worth of work, all lost Smiley :(

Decided to call it a day here, I just couldn't bare to start reworking all that stuff right now, hopefully tomorrow or soon after I have motivation again to continue.

2020-12-22T1028 Back in FS19, this savegame has now 816hrs in it. Wonder how many was lost on yesterdays crash Smiley :(

Yesterdays crash and lost of farming progress is wound fresh in my memory, however here I am continuing from the last savegame. I'm not too mad about it, just need to move on. Obviously I learned my lesson; don't try to run 14gb RAM eating avidemux while you do anything other than firefox web surf heh.

Todays agenda is just running those bourgault air drills seeding canola, soybeans and wheat to the remaining fields on my planting season ... err plan.

I started by setting bourgaults off to seed, then drove two semi grain trucks into farm 1 bin silo to unload some seeds. Not sure yet if I do that train shuffle I was working on last night before the crash. Not sure which is faster just keep two trucks running in courseplay loop or use trains for one big haul. Weird thing is that semi truck with two trailers is mere 3k liters smaller capacity than one train car... of course one train has 20 cars heh.

Brought two semi truck loads of seeds into the SE sector, this will last me at least couple of fields I hope.

1158 Finished seeding soybeans F76 and then did savegame Smiley :)

Refueled Big Bud 747s and refilled Bourgault air drills. Had to drive diesel semi tanker truck all the way from NE to the liquid site in NW only to discover that no more diesel in there, oh well was nice scenery to drive through heh. I'm still troubled because I want to move the 3 million liters of seeds from farm 1 bin silo to the train network, but at the same time way too lazy to go through all that work to unload from the bin silo into railroad silo.

1221 Started seeding wheat F80, courseplay ETA 1h 58min, 2x tools

Semi truck had hauled about 400k liters of seeds to railroad silo 4, then took a NW train there to unload it onboard. Then switched to SW train and hauled the seeds into railroad silo 9. This last haul was super easy and painless, but still overall I'm thinking that as this was basically three double trailer truck loads... it would have been probably faster to just drive this load using trucks. What I mean is all the hauling time put together. Unfortunately 16km terrain is so small that train logistics dont really come into play, 16km terrain is for children universally, in arma3 I would never play in such tiny terrain nowadays. So yeah. Anyways for FS19 wise, trains do help on such logistics in big picture.

Once that hauling was done I could not think of anything else to do. I wont proceed to SW section of the terrain to field work because that is for next season and terrain upgrade, so now I just need to wait until bourgault air drills get the seeds into ground and we start to fast forward into harvest season. Speaking of harvest, I could drive combines into east side already but as I'm not sure which field is ready to harvest first, I rather not drive them anywhere yet.

Was a bit frustrated of lack of anything to do, was watching tv show episodes with VLC player on the foreground (not ideal TV experience but passes the time), tried to come up something to do but but heh just couldnt find anything. Actually wrote few design idea entries, stuff about train railroad networks, field edges related to road widths etc stuff like that. Its good to get seed in the ground, but frustrating with lack of actually doing anything besides watching courseplay run heh.

Just another day of large scale farming Smiley ;)

1428 Finished seeding wheat F80
1437 Started seeding canola F81, courseplay ETA 1h 42min, 2x tools
1634 Finished seeding canola F81
1644 Started seeding canola F79, courseplay ETA 44min, 2x tools
1736 Finished seeding canola F79

Next field was the biggest in SE sector, F82 which is 636ha in size. Seeding this field will take remaining of this evening and continues tomorrow. Decided to start seeding it in darkness, night was falling fast it was in-game 2037hrs so still daylight but wont be much longer.

1744 Started seeding soybeans F82, courseplay ETA 6h 21min, 2x tools

2227 Bourgault air drills kept seeding, I refilled them two times before it was time to call it a night. F82 was just a bit more than half way done. More farming tomorrow.

2020-12-23T0707 FS19 booted back up, new farming day has started, this savegame now has 828hrs in it.

When savegame loaded and I brought up ESC mapview it defaulted to fruit types, then I noticed... that second bourgault air drill was seeding canola instead of soybeans. Had to go back to captured videos to verify how I started this field, did I choose wrong crop type or forget to choose in the first place. Now this field looks ridiculous with canola and soybeans stripes which will be horror to harvest. Sigh.

Verified from video captures and yes I forgot to choose/change seeders crop type when starting, lame mistake Smiley :(

This is the largest field in this planting season "east side" and would have been glorious to harvest, but now its... not sure what am I going to do with this field as it already takes probably a full day or more to harvest and if you just let combines run under courseplay they leave those canola stripes there at best case scenario, on worst case they pick up whichever crop is by the header when they are empty (or really low in grain tank capacity), which causes real chaos for auger vagon and semi truck grain transport. Its just one big mess.

Driving that field with GPS using one combine... no, lets not even go there hehe. I'm not sure how to handle this, I think after seeding is done I'll use developer console to set field crop type to soybeans which will fix those canola stripes, unfortunately I cant be sure what other things it might mess up under the hood as seasons probably has now recorded that there are canola strips on the field. Oh well I just want to harvest single crop who cares what goes on in the background. BTW I did now switch second bourgault air drill to soybeans too, not that it makes much difference but anyways.

0908 Finished seeding soybeans F82

Refilled Bourgault air drills with seeds, then drove semi grain truck to railroad silo 9 and got a new full load of seeds. It was now 19/late-spring in-game 0333hrs. First I ran the developer console command to set F82 as planted soybeans. That went well so I time accelerated until morning daylight 19/late-spring in-game 0646hrs. Now we are ready to proceed to seed the next field.

0930 Started seeding canola F70, courseplay ETA 1h 52min, 2x tools
1131 Finished seeding canola F70
1135 Started seeding soybeans F71, courseplay ETA 2h 38min, 2x tools

Two and a half hour worth of seeding, oh wow. Dunno how many minutes these bourgault air carts last before they need a refill, guess it depends on seed type and how many turns the tractor has to make (more turns means more time it is not seeding), it is quite a long while. During headland I was already bored again watching tv show episodes on VLC player but wanted to do some actual farming (seeding is not farming? since when? hehe).

1418 Finished seeding soybeans F71
1424 Started seeding wheat F75, courseplay ETA 1h 55min, 2x tools

Last field to seed, feeling good, soon this planting season is over! Smiley :)

With all the time accelerating and preparing of harvesting vehicle fleet not sure if I get to start harvest today, it might be so late in the evening for me that its better to wait until tomorrow before kicking harvest off. I'm hoping it would start from the NE and proceed down south from there.

And this harvest is probably larger than the previous one as there are so many medium to large size fields to harvest. Also those nasty high yielding crops like canola, corn and wheat heh. I bet that once this harvest season is over I'm going to take a long editing break on this savegame Smiley :)

1628 Finished seeding wheat F75

That's it, planting season is over! Aayeah! Smiley :)

So quick recap, I seeded/planted F08, F09, F41-F45, F47-F50, F70-F82 and F93-F95. It was done as canola, corn, soybeans and wheat just to give some variation for field work and especially harvesting, I don't want to be labeled as soybeans only guy.

Now I wont be bothered with fertilizing to max or even herbicide spraying, I'll just time accelerate until its harvest season and we roll out the combines.

But before that I took a quick break to render one video clip so had to shut down FS19. Then took backups of savegame, just in case because earlier I had some time acceleration sync issues where crops got frozen in last green growth stage, I don't expect that to happen now but you have to make sure backups are in order, I don't intend to lose this progress.

1725 FS19 booted back up, lets start time accelerating towards harvest season. In-game 19/late-spring 1359hrs.

10/mid-summer in-game 0700hrs two NE fields are harvest ready. F42 wheat and F45 canola. Okay time to start moving harvest vehicle fleet to NE.

1850 Finally had all four lexion 8900s hooked up with corn headers and midwest durus 18m headers were on trailers, heading to NE.

Its always funny how much logistic work there are with these large scale farming terrains heh. It takes quite a while to relocate this kind of harvest vehicle fleet from one point to the next, this is not across terrain, more like from center to NE, but still it takes a long time.

Actually it took extra time because I made the mistake of leaving corn headers and header trailers behind, combines were somewhat far away from them (at F17 while header equipment was on F55 NW). I recall saying this before but its repeated here again; don't leave corn headers and header trailers behind, always, always take them with you no matter how short distance you travel. Obviously not if you just hop one field over, but once harvest is done you must immediately return to hook up header trailers. Its just so much work and lost time if you have to go pick them up half way across the terrain, especially on these monster terrains like PMC Grande Gardens 16km.

Anyways. I'm already starting to get excited, its mere moments away that we can start harvest season. First field will be canola, I highly doubt it will be completed tonight because F45 while its not large, its still a lot of canola to cut. But we'll start and proceed as long as possible.

Drove grain cart tractors to NE and recorded courseplay course for semi truck grain transport, directly from field to railroad silo 5. Its nice to stock grain to railroad network as most likely they are sold using train(s).

1955 Started harvesting canola F45, courseplay ETA 1h 22min, 4x tools.
2203 Finished harvesting canola F45

Felt great to get first field done in this harvest season Smiley :)

Railroad silo 5 got 1.074m liters of canola now, nice haul. I'm scared how much wheat the next field will yield heh. Was really happy to get harvest season kicked off after already a long day of seeding, decided to call it a night here even though wasnt really tired yet, better to quit while in good mood.

2212 Time to shut down FS19, harvest season continues later.

2020-12-24T0708 ho Ho HO! Merry xmas! Back at PMC Gaming, starting up FS19, lets continue harvesting. This savegame has 842hrs in it.

Today we start by harvesting wheat on the second field which is ready to harvest, F42.

0742 Started harvesting wheat F42, courseplay ETA 43min, 4x tools.
0904 Finished harvesting wheat F42

Great start for a day, first field harvested. Now remaining fields are green or dark green growth stage, so once I get grain trucks unloaded into railroad silo 5 we will time accelerate until the next field is ready to harvest.

Finally at 18/late-summer in-game 0735hrs several fields switched to harvest ready. These are all over the east side, from north to south the list are: F47, F49, F50, F80, F75, F81, F70 and F79. These are all canola and wheat fields as its not yet corn and soybeans harvest season. So now I'm relocating harvest fleet to F47 which is canola, its not too far so I leave corn headers and header trailers here because I will be back to F44 and F41 when they are ready to go.

1014 Started harvesting canola F47, courseplay ETA 2h 16min, 4x tools.

1134 Lunch break, shut down FS19 so I can relax and enjoy my meal without need to hurry.
1210 Done feeding, FS19 booted back up, lets harvest.

1413 Finished harvesting canola F47

Okay so now we have no fields ready to harvest... in this NE corner. F49 is somewhat close, but then if I do F50 as well... then I'm far away from F41 which is still growing. So I'm going to time accelerate until all fields are harvest ready so I can just move directly from field to field.

However that will be for later, maybe today but most likely tomorrow as I feel not exhausted but kind of lazy, so taking a break now.

2020-12-25T0834 New farming day has started, this savegame now has 849hrs in it.

Drove semi trailer grain trucks to by other harvester vehicle fleet, then diesel refuel tanker truck and refueled combines. It was now 18/late-summer in-game 1155hrs.

Going to time accelerate until all fields are harvest ready instead of starting to zip around terrain going after those fields which are now ready. It feels kind of scary to time accelerate several seasons days while your crops are ready to go, but as said before its no good to start driving back and forth in a huge terrain such as this. Its still several seasons days before we are at corn and soybeans harvest season.

Recorded semi truck grain transport courseplay course for F44, decided that this is the first field to do when corn/soybeans is ready to go. Time accelerated to corn/soybeans harvest season, crops are still growing in 01/early-autumn in-game 0923hrs. 03/early-autumn in-game 0801hrs all soybeans fields are ready to harvest, corn is still growing. Alright we start by harvesting F44.

0952 Started harvesting soybeans F44, courseplay ETA 2h 16min, 4x tools.
1300 Finished harvesting soybeans F44

After this field finished I emptied combines, grain carts and grain trucks, then it was time to call it a night, today was a short farming session I just don't feel like continuing to the next field right now. Actually feeling so hmm bored I guess that it just might be few days break who knows.

2020-12-27T1533 Lets see how large and what crop type is the next field. This savegame is 853hrs.

Closest ready to harvest field is F48 soybeans, it is relatively close so decided to go harvest that now, but after that need to time accelerate until the northern most corn fields are ready.

1557 Started harvesting soybeans F48, courseplay ETA 3h 47min, 4x tools.
1850 Small refreshing break ...
? Break is over, back to farming.
2131 Finished harvesting soybeans F48

Even though this was almost four hour (courseplay ETA) harvest session which is quite long for casual game-play, I felt great to have it completed, not yet exhausted but as according to plan I wont be starting next field now as need to wait until the corn fields get ready.

Unloaded combines and grain carts to semi trucks and hauled soybeans to railroad silo 5. Currently railroad silos across the terrain contain 46.5 million liters of soybeans. Heh yes fourty six MILLION liters, all done legit no cheating Smiley ;)

2148 Called it a night, was a good time harvesting soybeans.

2021-01-01T1815 Happy New Year 2021! Smiley :)

Another farming day has started after releasing PMC Texas Rowena 8km, PMC's first FS19 release. This savegame now has 860hrs in it.

Todays plan is to harvest one field, I just want to get some harvesting done after editing terrains and doing that mentioned release. One I believe canola field is good to go where combines are, but I really want to go back to the corn fields, time accelerate for harvest ready and get those done, then come back towards south.

First I drove the full harvest vehicle fleet from F48 to F42, unhooked midwest durus 18m headers from combines and hooked capello quasar hs16 corn headers. Then actually saved game and exited to download and update guidanceSteering (GPS) mod, even though the previous one worked just fine. After starting FS19 back up I refueled lexion 8900s and parked them with grain cart tractors by F41 SE corner, and now I'm ready to time accelerate until corn is harvest ready.

BTW F41 is the one where I goofed up with planters, the fourth vehicle accidentally seeded barley instead of corn, so now I have to use developer console command to restore this field to full corn, I'll do that once the real planted corn is ready to harvest. In-game it was 03/early-autumn 1817hrs now when starting to time accelerate until corn harvest state.

In-game 10/mid-autumn 0936hrs corn was harvest ready. Then I used developer console command to set F41 full corn erasing the barley seeding mistake. For some reason I could not get any fertilization into that command, so now the field is harvest ready corn, plowed, no weeds and 0% fertilization.

1951 Started harvesting corn F41, courseplay ETA 1h 17min, 4x tools.
2115 Lunch break (shut down combines so I can eat in peace)
2141 Break is over, start up the combines, lets finish this field
2205 Finished harvesting corn F41

This field went by quickly, it was fairly small and with bad corn (0% fertilization) it was relatively quick to harvest. Then drove all vehicles to F09 and recorded usual courseplay course for semi truck to haul grain.

2251 Started harvesting corn F09, courseplay ETA 1h 55min, 4x tools.
2021-01-02T0143 Finished harvesting corn F09

It was night in-game so time accelerated to daylight 11/mid-autumn in-game 0750hrs.

0157 Decided to call it a day here, two small fields harvested so was okay day and there is no way I could farm the next large wheat field so.

2021-01-02T2120 New farming day has started, this savegame has 867hrs in it.

Todays plan is to harvest the next big wheat field towards south, F49, that will probably take much longer than four hours as is wheat with crazy yield so grain cart will run constantly.

Then drove the whole harvest vehicle fleet to south side of F49. This is a great location as I have F49 in north side and F50 in south side, on top of that railroad silo 2 is right by F50 where I'm going to unload grain from both of these fields. Next had to refuel all vehicles from liquid tanker truck. Its always so cool to do these logistics in large scale farming operations heh.

2159 Started harvesting wheat F49, courseplay ETA 3h 14min, 4x tools.
2021-01-0T0035 Lunch break, shut down combines but left FS19 running...
0058 Feeding done, now back to harvesting
0427 Finished harvesting wheat F49

0447 Time to call it a night, not tired yet but next field is same >200ha canola field with big yields, nah leave that for the next time.

2021-01-04T2353 New farming day has started, I want to harvest some canola. This savegame now has 874hrs in it.

Courseplay has very promising commits on my todays upgrade, I was eager to try once again if auger wagon grain cart overloader code would work as its supposed to. If I could play FS19 like I did play FS17... then I could in theory leave courseplay playing the game for me on PMC Gaming computer while I'm editing our terrains in PMC DevSurf computer. Yes I know, its kind of cheating if you go away from keyboard, but hey if I'm editing this terrain while courseplay is playing this terrain... I can live with it Smiley ;)

But anyways, I highly doubt courseplay still works. Also if it did... auger wagon overloader is never going to work with multiple tools combines running on the field, it would always collide.

So I decided to give it a try, saved game so I can revert if everything goes bad, then setup overloader path for fendt 1050 with elmers haulmaster and set off a combine. Tested it and verdic is overloader mode still doesn't work, overloader drove to the fruit, then cut off combine colliding with its header. Oh well, back to driving grain cart manually.

2021-01-0T0052 FS19 restarted with the last savegame, lets get to work.

It was getting late in the daylight day, 11/mid-autumn in-game 1826hrs so decided to time accelerate until morning daylight. It was 12/mid-autumn in-game 0753hrs when I was ready to start generating harvest field work course.

0100 Started harvesting canola F50, courseplay ETA 3h 38min, 4x tools.
0734 Finished harvesting canola F50

On this field I used courseplay "lands" mode, don't ask me what that means no clue, but it generated field work course for combines which is kind of like cutting the field so unloading auger pipe is never in the fruit. However that did not work very well, it was weird, difficult to explain, at one point combines moved through already harvested area still harvesting which was huge waste of time and in last quarter something went belly up on the course as combines sort of reversed their order on the convoy, first became last and last became first. Just weird. I think I'll stick with the traditional course generating again, don't have time to fool around with experimental stuff on my valuable savegame.

Looking at mapview shows we only have the very SE section of this terrain left to harvest in this season. A lot of large fields there though so its no small task to accomplish.

0745 Called it a night, enough farming for today

2021-01-07T0000 New day at the Gardens, this savegame now has 882hrs in it.

That's no joke, is 0000hrs as I'm typing this paragraph heh. Okay todays plan is to just harvest the next field towards south. There is a big gap between F50 which I just did yesterday and F78 and F77 which will be the next two fields to harvest.

So first I'm starting by relocating harvest fleet to F78, then to refuel everyone just to make sure we dont run out of fuel in middle of harvest, I just hate when inspector text shows status with fuel low text, so always keep guys topped up.

Got everything refueled and combine courseplay field work generated.

0104 Started harvesting soybeans F78, courseplay ETA 1h 25min, 4x tools.

When first semi truck load of grain reached railroad silo 7 it just ran right through it, there was no trigger, yikes. So I decided to make a new grain truck route directly to selling point 7. I mean... why not. Except while recording it I realized its railroad selling point hehe.

0301 Finished harvesting soybeans F78

Unloaded combines, grain carts and trucks in order to get ready to harvest corn next. Then... I got hungry.

0316 Lunch break...
0345 Feeding time is over, lets start corn harvest
0348 Started harvesting corn F77, courseplay ETA 1h 12min, 4x tools.
0558 Finished harvesting corn F77

Another field harvested, aaah, feels great Smiley :)

Was very nice to harvest two fields in a day especially as this was a late night game-play session for me.

0617 Still no exactly tired but decided to call it a night.

2021-01-09T0233 Back at PMC Gaming, lets see what is our next harvest field. This savegame now has 887hrs in it.

0315 Started harvesting soybeans F76, courseplay ETA 4h 37min, 4x tools.
0505 Lunch break, shut down the whole operation so I can eat without hurry...
0537 Feeding time is over, back to harvesting

Decided to live stream to twitch and youtube, I'm not recording that much of video so why not, also I want to do a bit more live streams again so lets start now.

1008 Finished harvesting soybeans F76

Twitch had no viewers but youtube was quiet at first then over the whole what hmm 4hrs of stream there was peak moment 6 viewers, in the end it remained steady at 4 viewers for quite a while. Couple of guys said hello in the chat, was overall surprising activity considering there was nothing in twitch.

At the end I did terrain tour fly over camera thing, then shut everything down and said goodnight in youtube live stream. I was dead tired as it has been a long day already.

1035 Time to call it a night, was a great harvest day today!

2021-01-11T0119 New farming day has started, I want to harvest one field. This savegame now has 895hrs in it.

0142 Started harvesting wheat F80, courseplay ETA 2h 48min, 4x tools.
0533 Lunch break...
0637 Feeding time over, lets cut some wheat

Night has fallen, its 13/mid-autumn in-game 2136hrs and pitch black dark. So time accelerating until morning daylight 14/mid-autumn ingame 0920hrs. Now we are ready to proceed with second half of this field.

0921 Finished harvesting wheat F80

Okay another field harvested, good stuff, always great feeling when you get a big field done.

During this harvest I watched flyersfan82 twitch live stream as he played on PMC North Dakota Greendale 4km terrain which was just released yesterday. Its funny thing that flyersfan82 said he read THIS start from zero story through (what was online at this date), he said to have enjoyed it heh, I never thought that anyone really reads these stories but was nice to hear someone did Smiley :)

0936 It was time to call it a night, had a great farming day today all around, really enjoyed it.

2021-01-13T0855 Back at PMC Gaming, lets do some farming even as today is already getting late. This savegame has 904hrs in it.

Todays plan, even though this is a short day as I have about 5-6hrs max of gaming time, is to harvest corn fields. I recall from last farming session that those nice small corn fields are next to go.

The usual harvesting routine started, relocated vehicles from F80 SE to F76 NE, then put combine headers into trailers, hooked trailers up and sent everyone to F74 NE which is our current preparation and refueling point. Refueled all vehicles, recorded courseplay course for semi truck to haul grain, generated combine field work course to harvest F74 corn and then we were ready to continue harvesting.

0948 Started harvesting corn F74, courseplay ETA 1h 8min, 4x tools.
1006 Lunch break...
1032 Burb! sorry, lunch break is over, back to farming
1206 Finished harvesting corn F74
1226 Started harvesting corn F73, courseplay ETA 1h 8min, 4x tools.
143? Finished harvesting corn F73

Then it was time to call it a night, dead tired just yawning here, which is a shame because I still have great enthusiasm to harvest... just cant keep my eyes open anymore.

2021-01-14T0535 Got that desire to harvest some more, so lets do it. This savegame now has 909hrs in it.

Todays plan is to harvest F72 which is corn, then most likely have to switch headers to grain again and continue on next canola or soybean or wheat field.

0556 Started harvesting corn F72, courseplay ETA 1h 8min, 4x tools.
0749 Took a short 15min or so break and now I'm back to continue corn harvest
0810 Finished harvesting corn F72

It was pitch black dark again, 14/mid-autumn in-game 2041hrs when I had emptied semi truck to railroad silo 9 and driven all the vehicles into F74 NE corner where header trailers and fuel tanker truck are located. Time accelerated until morning daylight 15/mid-autumn in-game 0829hrs, it started to rain overnight it was still raining.

0824 Shut down FS19 its time to eat some lunch, will continue harvesting next field after chow time
0855 Feeding time over, lets get back to work

Refueled combines, moved vehicles to F75 NE corner, recorded semi truck grain hauling course. Then time accelerated until rain ends, it was the next morning when soil was stil wet, time accelerated some more and then night falls, uh oh.

Time accelerated through the night into 16/mid-autumn in-game 0922hrs, soil is still wet as usual. I always stop time acceleration in daylight even though I probably should just keep going until the soil wet icon disappears, but dunno I like to make full stop and sync on morning daylight.

So more time accelerating this time only 600 speed, finally soil was dry enough to harvest, it was 16/mid-autumn in-game 1330hrs, lets begin.

0932 Started harvesting wheat F75, courseplay ETA 2h 18min, 4x tools.
1322 Finished harvesting wheat F75

Great feeling again getting some harvests done, F72 was semi small corn but F75 was a medium to large size wheat, it was nice set of field work for sure.

Don't get me wrong, but this endless harvesting grain cart driving back and forth back and forth... starts to get a little bit boring now, I cannot wait until this whole harvest season is over.

1335 Called it a night, not really tired yet but the usual story, better quite while you're feeling good than to burn yourself out.

2257 New Farming day has started, well ok starting slowly, decided to do another long twitch / youtube live stream. This savegame has 917hrs in it.

2341 Started harvesting soybeans F71, courseplay ETA 3h 46min, 4x tools.
2021-01-15T0100 Night fell, had to time accelerate until morning daylight, 17/late-autumn in-game 1354hrs

0159 Dead tired eyes are closing, surprised I didn't drive grain cart into crop or anything, gotta take a nap...
? Nap time over, back to harvesting

Yup naturally forgot to write down that time, was watching flyersfan82 play in PMC Texas Rowena 8km I think. When I continued playing I did not twitch live stream anymore, was just watching flyersfan82 and chatting while harvesting soybeans from F71.

0917 Finished harvesting soybeans F71

Took a little while, was twitch/youtube live streaming, napping and then video recording before it was done heh.

Recorded courseplay grain hauling course for semi truck, then drove vehicle fleet where combine header trailers were, shuffled headers and sent combine fleet to F93 which I designated the next shuffle location. Plan was to harvest F81 next with grain headers as its canola, but combines were now by F93 through 95 which are corn... and corn headers are attached, so obviously I'm going to pick those small fields right now without shuffling headers once more.

Decided to do this with one combine per field driving manually with GPS as there is not much point doing courseplay course for 4 hectare field.

1013 Started harvesting corn F93, manual driving using GPS.
1041 Finished harvesting corn F93

Well claas lexion 8900 was full before even half of the field was done, so not exactly just a quick little harvest heh. It took quite a while for such an small tiny useless field. Oh wow it was more like half an hour, how can that be... yeah next ones I'm doing two combines per field using courseplay.

1044 Started harvesting corn F94, courseplay ETA 14min, 2x tools.
1046 Started harvesting corn F95, courseplay ETA 14min, 2x tools.
1103 Finished harvesting corn F94
1108 Finished harvesting corn F95

Harvested those corn fields in complete darkness heh. Now my stomach is growling, time to eat...

1147 Feeding time over, back to harvesting.

Current in-game time 17/late-autumn 2029hrs, its pitch black dark. First time accelerated through the night to 18/late-autumn in-game 0735hrs. Then started to shuffle corn headers into grain headers. Then was combine refuel, two of them were really low on fuel. Finally aligned combines and grain carts next to F81 and then it was time acceleration until soil moisture dissipates so we can start harvesting.

1217 Started harvesting canola F81, courseplay ETA 2h 25min, 4x tools.
? Forgot to write down but time accelerated to 19/late-autumn, soil dried up soon after in-game noon time.
1651 Finished harvesting canola F81

1707 Called it a night, it was pretty good farming session.

2021-01-16T0220 Back to farming, gotta keep harvesting. This savegame now has 931hrs in it.

Yesterday I started to have a feeling that I want to finish this harvest season as fast as possible. Well doh, what have I done here for the who knows how many days now? Well yes sure but this feeling is now to "forget everything else in life, just get this task done" type of motivated attitude farming Smiley :)

Looking at the remaining fields... F08 is small corn, then F79 and F70 are medium to large size, finally F82 is HUGE. So if I have bad attitude to push harvest hard, it might be possible to finish F08, F70 and F79 today, dunno, I can try.

0302 Started harvesting corn F08, courseplay ETA 1h 12min, 4x tools.
0458 Finished harvesting corn F08

This corn field was so small no vehicles needed refueling, nice. Then I just hopped over to the next field and was ready to start harvest some canola.

0535 Started harvesting canola F79, courseplay ETA 59min, 4x tools.

This field work course had one of those courseplay bottle necks where vehicles collide with each other with multiple tools, so when that happened after headland and first row was complete, I decided to take a lunch break, also it was 19/late-autumn in-game 1800hrs so getting dark really quick, so good time to skip the night.

0618 Lunch break...
0659 Feeding time over

Then it was time acceleration until morning daylight, its kind of exciting to see how weather plays along as it gets so cold by this time of the year. At 20/late-autumn in-game 1337hrs soil was dry enough to continue harvesting, lets do it.

0744 Finished harvesting canola F79

Then relocated whole harvesting vehicle fleet into between F82 and F70, did the usual combine header shuffle and refueled vehicles except grain carts as fendt 1050s still had plenty of juice. Saved game and restarted FS19 as it was so easy to do now with no courseplay courses running etc, just in case that we have clear start for the next big field.

0837 FS19 booted back up, lets generate combine field work course and start harvesting some canola

0848 Started harvesting canola F70, courseplay ETA 2h 48min, 4x tools.

Night had fallen again in-game 1800hrs, so time accelerated until 21/late-autumn in-game 0926hrs, which left me with wet soil. Some more slower time acceleration until 1651hrs when soil got dry, but uh oh this only bought me not much more than hour or daylight, what an unfortunate rain. Or dunno if this soil moisture lasted this long just because of the season, I think it was because of the rain. Anyways, we continue.

1203 One of the semi trucks suddenly drove into all the way north of the terrain and hit the edge block. Strange.

Then night fell again, time accelerated until 22/late-autumn in-game 0823hrs, soil was wet, slower time acceleration until 1322hrs when it started to rain.

Once the rain finally ended it was night again heh. So time accelerated until morning daylight, then until soil is dry 23/late-autumn in-game 1343hrs. Hmm is it just me but I recall seeing this afternoon thirteen hundred hours often times when soil gets dry, hmm.

Weather is now (air/ground) +11/+7C and forecast predicts SNOWING tomorrow morning in-game 0600hrs! Smiley :evil:

I still have huge F82 soybeans to harvest and forecast already predicts snowing and below zero temperatures (-1C at in-game 0300hrs). Hmm is the 24 day seasons STILL not enough to harvest only half of 16.3 kilometer terrain, humm this is interesting. I cannot remember if seasons instantly kills any crops when it drops below freezing, maybe it needs to have ground temperature below freezing before that happens, cant remember.

When crops withered on me in PMC Texas Rowena 8km New Farmer game-mode using 9 day seasons, it was really wintery weather at that time.

Anyways soil is dry I'll keep harvesting until night falls again. I almost feel like I should push into the night as the freezing temperatures are coming and the snowing tomorrow. Heh dunno.

This is getting exciting! Smiley ;)

1346 Finished harvesting canola F70

Uuh that field was a bit exhaustive, well its been quite long day already guess that counts too. Decided to take at least a break but most likely will call it a night, have to edit current videos and if that takes very long, it might be that farming continues tomorrow, we'll see...

1505 FS19 booted back up, wasnt going to play but after a lunch got motivation to check out the big F82.

Was thinking that hmm could I harvest it with one single courseplay course using 4 combines, its a huge 636 hectare field so its a beast, in average terms that is crazy size, but this terrain terms that is just "large" hehe. Anyways I didn't want to go drive that split to four outline for it, so at least I'm going to try how many waypoints would single course generate.

Even if courseplay would do it... the actual harvesting for grain cart operator might be pure horror, the distance from that field from one edge to another is just, crazy. You can drive probably minute or two with a grain cart (dunno just guessing), so imagine driving that sort of distance back and forth like dozens of times (could it be hundred, dunno).

Courseplay did generate course, it came out as 17,868 waypoints which is pretty hardcore for harvest course. I really couldn't make up my mind if I should do it or not, I know for sure it will be torment for grain cart operator, which is me heh. At least minute I decided.. nah I will split this field to four sections.

I used Fendt 1050 without grain cart, driving using GPS to keep it straigt and recorded courseplay ouline for NW, SW, SE and NE sections. Then restarted FS19 (without saving, to save precious harvesting time) and was ready to begin harvesting F82.

1611 Started harvesting soybeans F82 NW, courseplay ETA 2h 14min, 4x tools.

1716 Dead tired have to call it a night, was really happy about todays progress. Great start on F82 too.

2021-01-17T0244 Back at PMC Gaming, lets finish this harvest season Smiley :)

This savegame now has 943hrs in it, getting closer to one thousand day by day.

Todays plan is to finish this harvest season heh. Not sure if I can do it, but I'll sure try. If one section in courseplay duration is 2h 15min... in real life game-play terms its more like 4hrs, well perhaps not that long but at least 3hrs. So 4 x 3 == 12 hours. That is doable... but I highly doubt it can be done in that time. Well later today we see how it goes, lets get started Smiley ;)

0447 Finished harvesting soybeans F82 NW

Shut down FS19 for a quick break. I'm short on time today but just have to take a break to watch PMC North Dakota Greendale 4km Farmer Klein video and do one chore without being stressed with grain cart driving.

Weather forecast did not change until now, its still in-game 0300hrs below zero degrees and 0600hrs snowing. That is really scary, I cannot recall if soybeans wither on that temperature.

0605 Started FS19 back up.

Time accelerated, at night it did start to snow but it ended before morning daylight, were now in 24/late-autumn in-game 0747hrs, weather -1/+6C. Forecast predicts snow/rain until noon today. So going to time accelerate some more hoping for the best...

24/late-autumn in-game 1019hrs it switched from snow to rain. No snow managed to accumulate on the ground. So we continue time accelerating... soil was wet unti darkness, so off to the next day we go.

01/early-winter in-game 0802hrs, weather -1/+6C and forecast predicts no rain but very cold. Oh my we are in winter now. More skipping ...

02/early-winter in-game 0910hrs, weather -3/+4C and forecast predicts dry but below zero values, tomorrow 1200hrs snowing. Drying potential is 0 up until the snow starting.

Decided to time accelerate not with my usual 6000 speed but slower 600 just to make sure the soil moisture icon is not "lagging", I really do not want to miss my harvest window, that would be really bad.

Well 600 speed until in-game 1817hrs and soil is wet, cannot harvest. Okay lets skip the night and hope for the best, but I am already having scary memories from PMC Texas Rowena 8km New Farmer game-mode where massive amount of my soybeans withered due 9 day seasons being too short to harvest it all. If 24 day seasons is too short for HALF of 16.3km terrain like PMC Grange Gardens 16km ... oh my. Okay, positive thoughts ... Smiley ;)

03/early-winter in-game 0803hrs, weather -1/+4C and forecast predicts snowing at 1200hrs. Whole forecast is below zero degrees minimum temperature, ugh.

03/early-winter in-game 0920hrs it started to snow, more 600 speed skipping. In-game ?hrs it switched to rain (sorry forgot the time), at 1807hrs rain ended and it was dark, weather +1/+4C and forecast predicts dry but drying potential 0 for the next day. Lets skip the night...

04/early-winter in-game 0848hrs, weather -2/+3C and forecast predicts above freezing for afternoon but drying potential all zero for the next day. Also when time acceleration seasons sync was going on there was snow on the ground. Kind of weird as it didn't snow at the time but its fine, we call it winter time and its snow on the ground heh. I am now really REALLY scared, honestly if you ask me right now ... this harvest season is doomed, it wont dry up anymore and soon the soybeans crop withers. But never give up hope, so we continue ...

04/early-winter in-game 1620hrs soil is dry! Weather +9/+3C and forecast predicts dry weather, there is snow in the ground haha! Smiley :D

Alright now I'm going to harvest like a mad man even into the night, I cannot let any moments to be wasted because I'm having the feeling of living in borrowed time.

Hopped into Claas Lexion 8900s lead combine, generated four vehicle field work course, selected first waypoint and hit engage, FS19 froze. Courseplay does that sometimes although I havent seen it in many days now with latest versions. I had to task manager kill FS19 game task and start over.

0654 However now I'm hungry I want some chow, so time to take a quick break to feed.

0728 Lunch time is over, lets get back to it and hope we can get courseplay to co-operate.

When I loaded back into savegame the snow was gone, hmm odd. Then did the same courseplay start procedures and same thing happened, FS19 froze. Again task manager kill and restart all over again. It happened the same in third attempt as well. Next I need to switch the course starting location to different edge.

Finally it worked from the northern edge starting location.

0745 Started harvesting soybeans F82 NE, courseplay ETA ?min, 4x tools.

Night had fallen in-game 1754hrs, its basically pitch black dark now. Just got to keep harvesting until I cant. Few minutes after writing that I basically could not, I can't see squat in this field, I need to use ESC mapview (minimap is too cluttered/small) even to see which way I'm heading and to find the combines or semi trucks.

I'm currently watching johnshine4486 in twitch who is live streaming PMC North Dakota Greendale 4km, but once he goes offline I'll continue recording videos and time accelerate until morning daylight... when I'm afraid that soil moisture will halt our harvesting operation.

Oh and also combines need some fuel, number four is below 10%, three is below 20%. I hate to see the colored long display text in inspector mod heh.

04/early-winter in-game 1858hrs, weather +8/+3C and forecast pretty clear. I need to skip the night.

05/early-winter in-game 0806hrs, weather -1/+3C and forecast pretty clear, drying potential zero, soil is wet so cannot harvest. Now its the moment of truth, will the soil dry up before evening or not... in-game 1752hrs darkness has fallen and soil is still wet. This is not looking good. Lets skip the night...

06/early-winter in-game 0810hrs, weather -3/+2C and forecast pretty clear, day after tomorrow there is snow. Soil is wet of course and I'm having cold sweat that is today the day when soil will not dry up until full winter hits. In-game 1757hrs darkness, soil is wet. Another day without harvesting. Okay lets skip the night...

07/early-winter in-game 0758hrs, weather -2/+2C and forecast basically the same, soil is wet. Again 600 speed time acceleration hoping for the best... In-game 1757hrs darkness, soil is wet. Tomorrow is the last day of harvest season... I'm like a dead man walking here... Lets skip the night.

08/early-winter in-game 0818hrs, weather -2/+1C and forecast for TODAY is drying potential zero, soil is wet. Today is the last day of harvest season and I think its game over at this point, but of course lets 600 speed time accelerate until darkness and then skip the night. In-game 1800hrs darkness fell, soil is still wet. Okay skipping the night but I expect tomorrow morning our soybeans wither...

09/mid-winter in-game 0816hrs, weather 0/+1C. Time accelerated 600 speed to in-game 1804hrs darkness. Now or never the crops should wither when I skipe the night...

10/mid-winter in-game 0809hrs, GAME OVER, my soybeans withered Smiley :(

Unbelievable, twenty four frigging day season and its not enough time to harvest less than HALF of PMC Grande Gardens 16km Smiley ;)

So there you go. I guess I'm going to pack up my harvest fleet with somber feeling, this mood kind of reminds me of the movie Alien 3 ending when they shut down the prison colony hehe.

To be clear I am not really disappointed or sad that this happens, its seasons and huge terrain, its a new learning experience for me that there just ain't enough time. Yes of course I would have liked to have flawless execution that this last field was completed, but I guess in a way this will be another of those fond memories of farmsim in the future Smiley :)

My goal with this savegame now is to save it (doh), then continue editing this terrain and do huge number of good new edits, possibly take a quite long break from playing this savegame. Once edits are in and very nice version of this terrain is ready, then I continue this Start From Zero.

I don't know what I'm going to do with this F82, its now almost half way harvested. If we are black and white about this, it means this field is not harvested... I just wasted half a day harvesting these two sections of it for no reason because I could not finish it heh.

One lesson to come out of this is that you should harvest largest most difficult (endurance wise) fields first, its much better to let some tiny field wither instead of this kind of 600+ hectare monster.

1056 Starting to pack up harvesting fleet and park them to some safe spot for future terrain upgrade.

Then it was just one task left, park all the vehicles to fields in preparation of the next terrain upgrade. Reason I'm parking vehicles on fields is that if I edit objects, or road elevations, utility poles etc you cant be sure where in the roads or grass your vehicles are safe from new objects or elevations but on fields they most likely are safe because I cannot think of a edit I could do to a field which would cause issues with vehicles. Also seasons reset fields to harvest state on new career savegame creation, so there is no crop damage issue either.

I must say I really have somber and relieved feeling right now after this harvest season came to a conclusion, I was quite burnt out for harvesting and was doing it just with attitude. Feels so great now to have this over and most likely for a long time when I just edit and improve this terrain.

When I next time load PMC Grande Gardens 16km up with this Start From Zero savegame, it will look so good and will be awesome to farm on Smiley :)

This savegame has now 950hrs in it heh.

So now its time to sign off, until we return to PMC Grande Gardens Start From Zero Smiley ;)

1143 Saved game and shut down FS19...

After Three Months Break 2021

2021-04-16T0949 Back at PMC Gaming after a break to this Start From Zero savegame Smiley :)

Brought in PMC Grande Gardens 16km v1.1.9 terrain upgrade. Just finished getting the savegame ported with that simple starting a new savegame and copying over all XML files. Looks like some of the train zoom out distance edits did not port over like this, but its fine I won't be doing much driving with trains anyways.

I am extremely burnt out for FS19 terrain editing, well actually burnt out for any computer stuff really including ArmA 3 editing etc, seems like no editing interests me. Only thing for which I find any motivation is playing FS19.

I wanted to work on some fields in this savegame to get a bit more progress to it, even though there is not enough good edits in yet which I promised on the above few months ago when I "parked" this savegame. I am not happy that I continued playing this savegame now, but if I'm so burnt out that I just waste my days by watching "cat videos from youtube", its better to play this savegame for sure.

Decided only to take a small bite out of the progress now, we have bunch of fields to do, not exactly half the terrain left but somewhat close. We got like whole SW section and also south central. I want to snip out fields in area coverage order so to speak, not to jump around in the terrain to find suitable fields.

Its kind of funny that when I return... my first set of fields are pretty massive monsters, F56 527.960 ha, F59 527.960 ha and F82 636.495 ha. That is huge amount of field work and gets pretty boring quick I know that from experience. But I rather do some productive savegame work while watching real life farming youtube videos instead of simply wasting time.

Since my last farming in this savegame I have moved into more realistic american farming equipment, no more four big bud 747s pulling biggest bourgault drills and I switched those unrealistic semi truck trailer end dump tipper/6 to realistic demco trailers. However now I'm faced dilemma should I finish this savegame using the existing equipment or switch to realistic stuff. Honestly... while it is cool to play with realistic stuff on small fields of PMC Iowa Garden City 8km... I think this savegame will be finished with these biggest and baddest equipment, it would just increase the playing time so much if we start to use smaller realistic equipment.

I'm probably going to bring in some equipment like john deere 4940 sprayer/spreader as its got that crazy 35 km/h speed which just shoots it through the field work. Also if I use landoll cultivator/plow I can skip my existing plow implement completely, saving time when switching implements.

But dunno, we'll see how this starts to run. Anyways.

Under those huge fields I mentioned there are smaller, quite small actually, F67, F68 and F69, however I think this time I wont rush it and just do these big fields now. Was thinking of putting soybeans for the biggest F82, canola to F59 and... corn to F56. That corn harvest will be just absolutely crazy if its anyway fertilized etc heh.

F82 is 33% fertilized. F59 needs lime but is 66% fertilized. F56 is 66% fertilized.

Dunno as I'm bored burnt out... maybe I'll just field work all these fields properly to max fertilization and lime that F59. I mean too much grind is not fun, but beats wasting time watching cat videos, right?

Started moving rubicons towards F59 and configured courseplay, it then froze whole game, nice start dude.

1043 Started fertilizing F59, courseplay ETA 1h 14min, 4x tools

Well here we go first field work over one hour Smiley :)

Was surprised how nicely courseplay worked on this field work, vehicles respected convoy settings and everything was running smooth on the headland. Good to see four rubicons spraying, big operation. I was watching youtube real life farming video queue, luckily had three videos to watch.

After these videos have been watched... there is still a lot of fertilizing to do so we'll see how quickly I get bored here. But as I already stated, I can be bored by editing computer or here actually getting some progress done to this savegame. Kind of sad to play when I'm not 100% enthusiastic about it, but what can you do.

1135 Lead vehicle dry, okay fertilizer refill time
1211 Finished fertilizing F59

1212 Time for a break, need to cook a meal and eat...
1304 Lunch break over, lets get back to field work...

On lunch break I drove case puma 240 cvx tractors with bredal k165 spreaders filled with lime into F59.

1309 Started lime spreading F59, courseplay ETA 7h 34min, 2x tools

Oh wow what was I thinking... SEVEN HOURS field work duration!? Smiley :o

I'm going to add john deere 4940 sprayer/spreader mod and run lime using it, four of those with larger tank size, wider working width and higher working speed... yeah that sounds good to me. Also going to add real dirt color, silo displays, landoll 7450VT and updated additional field info mods.

1321 Savegame and FS19 shutdown for new mods...
1324 Back up, mods loaded, now going to buy some vehicles

Purchased two john deere 4940 sprayer/spreader for umm some thousands and two dry boxes. Drove them to F72 where lime buy point was and filled dry boxes up, then drove them to F59 NE ready to start spreading some lime. Generated new headland field work course.

1347 Restarted spreading lime with 4940s now, duration 3h 24min
1513 Was watching youtube/twitch and then started bredal k165 spreader with GPS driving from the end of courseplay course, because, why not

PMC Grande Gardens 16km Terrain, Start From Zero Story

1700 Sold two case pumas and bredal k165 as I have no used for them due JD 4940 being so great spreader
1715 Finished lime spreading F59

We have a new king on lime spreading equipment: John Deere 4940 with L3030G4 drybox holding 19,200 liters of lime/fertilizer. Working speed 35 km/h and width 24m.

Then it was time to call it a night even though I wasn't tired yet but it was getting late, cant get up at decent time tomorrow to see planned twitch live stream if I stay up much longer. Got some good work done for F59 today, kind of nice farming day.

1717 Shut down FS19, more farming tomorrow for sure...

2021-04-17T0022 New farming day has started, this savegame now has 957hrs in it.

Feeling enthusiastic about farming to make some good progress, so guess I'll continue fertilizing. Also most likely will upgrade plows and cultivators to landoll 7450VT which does both plowing and cultivating at the same time, its a bit slower and narrower than flexicoil st820 but as said it plows with the same pass so you cant really compare them.

As I own all the land and have millions of money which I don't need anymore, there is no need to care for fields I should just air drill soybeans to every field without caring, but now I just want to farm properly for some reason, probably because haven't played this savegame for months. Also this current plan is quite short, just three fields, okay they are HUGE fields but still just three, it somehow makes it feel less so lets give good care to these three big fields Smiley :)

0039 Started fertilizing F56, courseplay ETA 1h 14min, 4x tools
0113 Had a lunch break here while rubicons were fertilizing, all done feeding now
0132 First rubicon is empty, its refilling time

10/mid-winter in-game 1737hrs, all rubicons are refilled but it is dark night has fallen, time accelerated to morning daylight. 11/mid-winter in-game 0829hrs, rise and shine, lets continue fertilizing.

Weather is pretty much just about to halt our operations, its -2/0C currently, what I recall when ground freezes up you cannot fertilize and I think spread lime etc. If we have time I'll fertilize F82 as well.

0208 Finished fertilizing F56

Our liquid storage tank site has 367.2k liters of herbicide and 623.6k liters of liquid fertilizer (after filling semi-truck liquid tanker for 120k liters).

Drove semi truck liquid tanker to our liquid storage tank site by F24 NW, filled it up (as you can probably tell from above heh), then drove it back down to F82 where rubicon's were already waiting. Refilled all of the rubicons so they are good to go.

0300 Started fertilizing F82, courseplay ETA 1h 37min, 4x tools

PMC Grande Gardens v1.1.9 upgrade has high voltage power towers in F82, courseplay nicely avoids these cultivator_density holes no problems with that... except some multiple tool vehicles take off to a random direction when they pass these pole avoidance parts of the route. This is so fucking infuriating you just want to yell and scream.

Overall courseplay v6.03.052 is great, its come long way since initial release... but yeah, there are still some issues like the above, random freeze on some course startups and that grain cart overloader mode just isn't working. I really hope that one day we see a FS19 courseplay which works flawlessly. Its just sad to think that this day might be around the time new farmsim game is released and we are again thrown back to square one.

Guess its one of those annoyances when using multiple tools. I have never had these issues with single vehicle courses.

PMC Grande Gardens 16km Terrain, Start From Zero Story

Anyways. Did first round of liquid fertilizer refill on that course. You know the field is large when FOUR rubicons ran out of fertilizer Smiley :)

0456 Finished fertilizing F82

Took rubicon number three (least engine hours) and manually fixed few spots courseplay missed like north side of the high voltage power towers and some corners (dunno why it missed these).

0509 Was so tired that at NW corner almost snoozed off, time to go take a nap...
0711 Nap time over, back to farming...

Then it was shuffling vehiles around, rubicons and liquid tanker truck out of F82 and john deere (I just call it JD for now) 4940s from F59 to F56 which is the next field... but because these fields are HUGE you have to use pickup truck 1978 to record temporary courseplay route for these vehicles so you don't have to slowly drive them one by one.

This pickup truck is my go-to vehicle for recording these routes. Only problem with this pickup truck is horsepower I think, its fine on roads/grass but once you enter a field its top speed drops from 110 km/h to mere 80 km/h which forces you to stay off the lawn err I mean fields. Been thinking of finding some mod vehicle which would maintain its speed on fields too. Okay perhaps not very realistic driving a pickup truck on fields at 110 km/h, well maybe if the field was real smooth and soil was hard, but yeah anyways.

Terrain as this size you really don't want to drive multiple not to mention slow vehicles by yourself, just record the route fast and let vehicles crawl through it slowly while you do something else.

Next I took one of the JD 4940s and spread lime on the edge of F56, outside field definition. This outside field definition is a thing always after terrain upgrade, its a nuisance and could be avoided if you never upgrade terrain versions heh, well we all know that'll never happen Smiley ;)

This sort of detailed work on fields when savegame is at this stage where you own all the fields and crop yields don't make any difference... is quite waste of time, but I just simply want to do it. I remember other times and there definitely will be those times too in the future where I'm ready to vomit when even thinking about doing such waste of time work, this is not one of those times Smiley :)

0754 While spreading lime to field edge I got hungry, lunch break (GPS vehicle keeps going)...
0759 Finished edge liming F56
0817 Feeding time over

Then drove JD 4940s by F73 SW and refilled lime. After that it was a long drive down to F82 where I wanted to spread lime to the field edge. Yep completely insignificant task wont make any difference in the long run, well other than taking away my time... but as said, I just want to do it.

Most likely after these three fields are harvested and I finally get those promised "good edits" in, then we are back on rock'n'roll and blast through remaining fields just air drilling soybeans directly without care in the world Smiley ;)

0831 Started spreading lime to F82 edge, manual GPS driving

Wanted to live stream but kind of was undecided about everything. Continuing this savegame yesterday feels like... almost like doing a bad thing, "naughty" like I should not be doing this, difficult to explain. Guess I treat this game-play right now like if I suddenly decide not to continue I can just delete temporary savegame and this text and poof it was like it never happened Smiley ;)

Guess this overall burnout bleeds through to this game-play as well, dunno.

0850 Finished spreading lime to F82 edge

Next was to fix the field edge plow issue due terrain upgrade... except I don't even know where john deere 2623 plow is located so wont go hunting it with dead slow big bud 450 which I use to pull it. Yeah lets forget about fixing those edges, they are good enough.

So then... well nothing left to do other than to time accelerate several days to next year and in there to planting temperatures. This will take a really long time to get done as 16.3km terrains are notoriously slow with the seasons desync screen after 6000 speed time acceleration. Man do I wish there was some easier way to skip days (and no I wont temporarily switch season length as its such a cheaty way).

0906 Its now 11/mid-winter and I'll start time accelerating until next year...
0936 Well I have now time accelerated for HALF AN HOUR instead of playing the game Smiley :(
0938 Reached next year, its now 01/early-spring

That long time to just time accelerating seasons days, uuh... I should have just changed the seasons length to 3 days and quickly skip those then turn it back to 24 on new year. Oh well.

Next we need stable +6C soil temperature for canola planting season, then we need to wait until +10C for corn and soybeans. This will be two part planting season.

Feels like these seasons sync dialogs after time accelerating take few minutes each... its just really bad to skip this many days, should be avoided as much as possible.

0957 Its 08/early-spring, weather +6/+4C and forecast does not predict less than +6C which is good for our canola planting.

Now just have to probably time accelerate one more day to soil temperature to reach +6C and then planting season kicks off. So I'm starting to haul big bourgault air drills to F59 where we plant the canola.

Bourgault air drills were parked on F75 NE, so took pickup truck and recorded courseplay route for big bud 747s to drive into F59 NE. Looks like lead big bud 747 needs a diesel refuel and seed refill, while second only needs diesel refuel. Odd setup to see second one full of seeds while first is not, cant remember at all how the planting season last in-game year went.

1010 Big bud 747s with bourgault 3420-100 air drills arrived to F59 NE

Now I need to find my seed semi truck and fill it with seeds, got no recollection if I just used one of the grain trucks or did I have dedicated seed carrying trailer heh.

PMC Grande Gardens 16km Terrain, Start From Zero Story

Brought diesel fuel semi truck tanker to F59 NE and topped off big bud 747s. Quick scan on garage owned vehicles revealed that I only have four tipper/6 trailers which are connected to grain hauling, so guess I'll borrow one of them and fill it with seeds. That also leaves me with dilemma what to do with those great plains corn planters because those cannot refill from grain trailer, they need that "top down" refill method which is auger wagon. So not only I need to borrow one end dump trailer but also fendt 1050 with elmers haulmaster auger wagon.

No big deal, but just a bit of work. For both canola/soybeans and corn there is no shortcut, seeding/planting 500+ hectares requires SEVERAL seed refills so forget about trying to get field done with one seeder/planter tank Smiley :)

Bought silo display large and placed it next to... umm farm 2 I think it was, silo. It has 7.7k liters of seeds and its full of soybeans. Oh right I remember now, it was one of the big fields F20-22 when this silo got full, it still is, heh I'm in no rush to sell my grain Smiley :)

Bought another silo display large and placed it to farm 1 bin silo. It has 28.9k liters of sunflowers, 51.5k liters of soybeans, 2.558m liters of seeds (heh) and 563.3k liters of lime. Okay so guess here is where we get our seeds Smiley :)

Bought third silo display large and placed it to farm 3 bin silo. It has 7.1k liters of seeds only. Almost makes me want to go pick up these leftover seeds but we'll let them be.

Took a semi truck which is used for grain hauling, unhooked the second trailer, then drove it to all the way to north to farm 1 to load seeds. Actually now that I think of it... why did I unhook the second trailer, who would it hurt if it was on this ride, yes of course we cannot refill seeder from the first trailer when second is connected but that would be real quick to unhook it for the duration of refilling, assuming we get to refill all 70k liters. Well ok we cant also backup the truck to seeders auger shovel with two trailers so in second thought guess it was just easier to go with the one.

PMC Grande Gardens 16km Terrain, Start From Zero Story

1049 Finished hauling seeds and refilled lead big bud 747 bourgault 71300 air cart

Uuh its no small route to drive basically across 16.3km terrain into farm 1 bin silo and back. While I was doing this prep work I realized that F56 which is going to be corn... requires cultivating because great plains planters cant plant on harvested ground (is it "no til" or something they call it). So I drove big bud 450s with flexicoil st820s into F56 NE.

Going to wait until I start seeding canola as when courseplay is doing its long field work courses, why not do several at the same time, there is no reason to do cultivating for who knows how many hours now, then time accelerate until seeding temperatures and then again do seeding for few hours. Lets merge both field works into one gaming session. Yes sure 4 cultivators and 2 big seeders means probably 20FPS performance, but who cares as long as the job gets done.

So I time accelerated until soil temperature increased to +6C so I can start to seed canola. 10/mid-spring in-game 0836hrs, weather +10/+6C and forecast now shows +5C as possible minimum temperature for four days from now, but hmm heck I'll risk it, it wont get that cold and even if it did... it would be really bad luck if soil temperature actually dropped one degree because of it.

Lets get to work! Smiley :)

1123 Started cultivating F56, courseplay ETA 3h 56min, 4x tools
1127 Started seeding canola F59, courseplay ETA 5h 7min, 2x tools

PMC Grande Gardens 16km Terrain, Start From Zero Story

Field work time is hilarious again Smiley :D

Son, if you want to play with little girlie toys go back to ravenport, and if you do don't bother coming back, you're no son of mine... Smiley :D

Yeah well I think for the next season after that terrain upgrade we need to upgrade our seeding fleet, these two biggest bourgault air drills wont cut it anymore. I'm probably going back to the good old seed hawk with optional fertilization mod so we can use for seeds that full 34k liter capacity (bourgault only allows 25k).

Seed hawk is not so wide sure, but also bourgault mod sucks as if you have the air drill ON but lifted UP, it still digs into the ground when you drive around so you must turn the whole drill off when you turn if you absolutely must avoid those diggings. For me they are extremely annoying if using GPS driving manually as it basically constantly seeds. I don't understand how giants made such a buggy air drill mod. But anyways.

And with my move towards more realistic american farming I'm thinking of getting some large commonly used tractor instead of this unrealistic unique big bud 747, I mean currently this is purely cartoon nonsense to have two tractors on the field which only has one unique model in real life. Most likely I'll go with some four wheel drive tractor, challenger mt900, new holland t9 or similar, not sure.

But we'll see how things look when that time comes, I feel its going to take a while before those promised terrain edits are done and I'm ready to continue for SW section of this terrain.

For now... we cultivate and seed for rest of the day haha. Its probably going to be tomorrow before this is finished, I got several hours game-play time left today... but this boring as current tasks are, I do wonder if I manage to sit here and fiddle my thumbs for that long.

PMC Grande Gardens 16km Terrain, Start From Zero Story

I switched to chill mode, going to check editing computer if anything news worth are there, going to grab a bite to eat, watch twitch/youtube and well just chill... at least until bourgault air carts need a refill, which actually might not be that many hours away as lead air cart is already down to 86% full while writing this.

Oh and as expected FS19 performance is 20FPS, haha ... uuuh Smiley :(

PMC Grande Gardens 16km Terrain, Start From Zero Story PMC Grande Gardens 16km Terrain, Start From Zero Story PMC Grande Gardens 16km Terrain, Start From Zero Story

1349 Lead bourgault air cart is empty, refill time!

PMC Grande Gardens 16km Terrain, Start From Zero Story

1354 All done, bourgaults are back seeding, courseplay ETA 2h 53min now Smiley ;)

PMC Grande Gardens 16km Terrain, Start From Zero Story

1540 Finished cultivating F56

1623 Lead bourgault air cart is empty, refill time!
1627 All done, bourgaults are back seeding, courseplay ETA 20min now Smiley ;)
1648 Finished seeding canola F59

My gaming day is not over yet but cant really figure out what could I get done today, so decided to call it a night here.

1651 Shut down FS19 for today

2021-04-18T0136 Back at PMC Gaming, lets farm. This savegame now has 972hrs in it.

10/mid-spring in-game 1413hrs, weather +17/+6C and canola got seeded yesterday, today we move bourgault air drills to F82 and break out great plains corn planters in preparation to plant corn on F56 when soil temperature is right.

This means getting more seeds from farm 1 bin silo with semi truck, probably needs to take fendt 1050 with elmers haulmaster to the same seed pickup. Lotsa hauling.

Picked up 70k liters of seeds from farm 1 bin silo, now seeds left 2.418m liters, still plenty to go. Drove them to bourgault air drills and filled them up and sent them into F82. Drove semi truck to pick up its second trailer, then drove it to farm 1 bin silo and again loaded it up with seeds, now full 140k load. Farm 1 bin silo has seeds left 2.307m liters.

PMC Grande Gardens 16km Terrain, Start From Zero Story

Then it was time for a lunch break, funny as haven't got to do any field work yet heh, logistics of large terrains man, it ain't no joke...

0219 Lunch break...
0301 Feeding time is over, back to logistics

Then drove semi truck with full 140k load into F82. Thinking about just taking the shortcut and refill great plains corn planters from the seed buy point at F72 SE because otherwise would have to drive slow fendt 1050 with auger wagon all the way to farm 1 and back, plus once again to go dump leftover seeds.

Time accelerated to 11/mid-spring in-game 0826hrs. Refilled diesel fuel on four case optum 300 cvx tractors which pull great plains yp-2425a corn planters.

Time accelerated to 14/mid-spring in-game 0836hrs. Alright lets refill great plains yp-2425a corn planters as we are slowly getting closer to corn/soybeans planting temperatures. Hmm F56 is a monster size so hmm guess I need to take BOTH fendt 1050s with elmer haulmasters, record courseplay routes to and back from farm 1 bin silo so they can go pickup seeds from there.

Used pickup truck 1978 to record courseplay route from F82 to farm 1 and back, uuh such long driving. Then sent fendt (sentfentwhat? huh) 1050s there to get some seeds, I will not buy seeds when our own farm has over two million liters to use. Elmer haulmasters pickup up full loads of seeds, bin has now 2.167m liters left.

Once back at F56 refilled great plains planters. And then we just time accelerate waiting for corn/soybeans planting temperatures.

PMC Grande Gardens 16km Terrain, Start From Zero Story

18/late-spring in-game 0816hrs, weather +13/+10C and forecast doesn't show anything below planting temperatures, we are good to go.

0452 Started seeding corn F56, courseplay ETA 5h 10min, 4x tools
0457 Started seeding soybeans F82, courseplay ETA 6h 10min, 2x tools

PMC Grande Gardens 16km Terrain, Start From Zero Story

Corn and soybeans planting season has begun, aayeah! Smiley :D

Well only single field per crop so not much of a "season" there but anyways. Also check out those crazy 5-6 hours seeding times, plus any refill and turning delays we get on top of that, oh my.

This is large scale farming, get on with the program or get the hell out, we got not room for wussies! Smiley :D

Now only question is how many refills for each field, hmm I think those great plains will take... uh oh, 5 refills, at least? Bourgaults on this 636ha field... two was already on the previous smaller field so clearly three, dont think it requires fourth one, we'll see.

So just like yesterday, now I'll just chill and watch youtube farming videos etc Smiley ;)

PMC Grande Gardens 16km Terrain, Start From Zero Story

0526 Lead great plains corn planter is empty, refill time!

PMC Grande Gardens 16km Terrain, Start From Zero Story

0529 All great plains planters refilled, off they go
0603 Lead great plains corn planter is empty, refill time!

PMC Grande Gardens 16km Terrain, Start From Zero Story

0607 All great plains planters refilled, off they go

PMC Grande Gardens 16km Terrain, Start From Zero Story

0632 Lead bourgault air cart is empty, time to refill the big boys
063? Both bourgaults refilled, more soybeans into the ground
0641 Lead great plains corn planter is empty, refill time!
0649 All great plains planters refilled, off they go

PMC Grande Gardens 16km Terrain, Start From Zero Story

First elmers haulmaster ran out of seed, had to bring in the second one. After refilling was complete I sent first one back to farm 1 bin silo to grab some more seeds, we're gonna need 'em ...

0720 Elmers haulmaster picked up 70k load of seeds, bin remaining now 2.097m liters
0722 Lead great plains corn planter is empty, refill time!
0727 All great plains planters refilled, off they go
0801 Lead great plains corn planter is empty, refill time!
0805 All great plains planters refilled, off they go
0812 Lead bourgault air cart is empty, time to refill the big boys

Semi truck trailer got empty, now need to switch into the second trailer which has dolly attached to it. Swapping the dolly off and then take second trailer was a pain, would have been much nicer to just use single trailer and send it to pickup more seeds while air drills are seeding. Using courseplay to have the semi drive that seed loop every time its seeds are less than 51k would have been just fine, well basically it would mean that one refill one pickup trip, but yeah I just don't like that dolly swapping. Maybe having two trucks with single trailers would have been even more efficient.

Now both fields look about half way seeded, we are slowly getting there. And now I'm going to grab lunch, I'm starving...

0817 Both bourgaults refilled, more soybeans into the ground
0838 Lead great plains corn planter is empty, refill time!
0842 Elmers haulmaster is empty, switching to full one...
0845 All great plains planters refilled
0852 Send second semi truck grain trailer to farm 1 bin silo to pickup seeds (bin silo left with 2.027m liters now)
0905 Oops forgot to send fendt 1050 elmers haulmaster to go pickup more seeds too, stay focused!
0918 Lead great plains corn planter is empty, refill time!
? All great plains planters refilled
0934 Elmers haulmaster picked up load of seeds, remaining in bin now 1.957m liters
095? Lead bourgault air cart is empty, time to refill the big boys
1002 Both bourgaults refilled, more soybeans into the ground
? Lead great plains corn planter is empty, refill time!
? All great plains planters refilled, off they go

Heh guess I have forgotten to write down refill start/end times big time here, ouch. Watching youtube real life farming videos on the second monitor and I'm easily distracted. Hey come on now, its been already a long day planting and how many damn times I've already refilled, this is getting old so don't judge me too harshly Smiley ;)

As of writing this we are getting to the last few passes on these huge fields, its not over yet but we'll get there.

1041 Lead great plains corn planter is empty, refill time!
1045 All great plains planters refilled, off they go
1116 Finished seeding corn F56

Refilled great plains seeds and also diesel fuel for puma optums, now they are nicely parked away and ready to go in next planting season.

1132 Finished seeding soybeans F82

Uaah all finished. Great feeling to get planting season wrapped up Smiley :)

Drove fendt 1050 elmers haulmaster into farm 1 bin silo and overloaded remaining seeds there, then send tractor back to F82 where its harvest fleet buddies are. Also semi truck did bring remaining 21k liters of seeds back to farm 1 bin silo, our planting season is now officially over.

After semi truck dumped seeds to bin silo, its seed amount is now 2.032m liters.

1158 Shut down FS19 for short break...

But that wasn't a break as I had to call it a day, just had no mental energy left to put any effort for farming game-play. We'll get to harvest season next time.

2213 New farming day has started. This savegame now has 982hrs in it.

2224 Started fertilizing F82, courseplay ETA 1h 31min, 4x tools

And again in this field the courseplay infuriating bug where vehicle takes off to a random direction, this happened by the power pole avoidance spots. Just... NNNGGGH! makes me so angry Smiley :(

Actually not true, it was not so bad, more like shrugging it off "oh well its courseplay", or that its so early in the day that I'm not going to be bothered to be frustrated, yet, I just want to enjoy some good large scale farming.

But again, I hope that some day we have a courseplay just simply... works.

2317 Lead rubicon is empty, refill time
2324 All rubicons full of liquid fertilizer, we continue
2339 Again at one power pole lead rubicon took of to random fucking direction, ok NOW I'm pissed off Smiley :(

What fucking good does software that automates field work but you cannot trust as it randomly messes up vehicle routes Smiley :(

Basically I should discard courseplay anytime it fails like this without any logical reason, same as I have zero tolerance policy for log errors, I should have zero tolerance policy for courseplay bugs.

The honest truth is that if you want stress free FS19 game-play you need to drive manually using GPS, there is no if's or but's about it, courseplay is great but doesn't work 100% all the time. Of course its pointless to play driving manually with single vehicle on terrain of this size, unless you want to spend a WEEK working on single field.

On last pass lead rubicon again shot off to random direction but I was on top of things and corrected it immediately. Didn't need to get angry as I was expecting it.

2021-04-19T0015 Finished fertilizing F82

Now all three fields are 100% fertilized, next is to herbicide spray them once field stages switch and they accept herbicide. This should have already happened on F56 and F59 so I'm moving sprayer fleet there now.

0059 Started herbicide spraying F56, courseplay ETA 1h 13min, 4x tools

PMC Grande Gardens 16km Terrain, Start From Zero Story

0149 Lead rubicon is empty, refill time
0154 All rubicons topped up, we continue
0217 Nap time...
0700 Yawn, now that was a long nap, now back to farming
0709 Finished herbicide spraying F56
0719 Started herbicide spraying F59, courseplay ETA 1h 14min, 4x tools

PMC Grande Gardens 16km Terrain, Start From Zero Story

Off they go, another one hour field work. Semi truck liquid tanker has 32.2k liters of herbicide, next refill will pretty much empty it as if all rubicons were completely dry it would take 36k liters to fill them up. As seen from F56 you can get this field done with single refill, lets hope whats left in the tanker is enough. I just try to avoid unnecessary trips all the way across the terrain.

0810 Lead rubicon is empty, refill time
0817 All rubicons topped up, we continue

Lead rubicon only got 6.7k liters out of 9k capacity, I don't think she will reach the course end. Oh well I'm driving semi truck tanker now to liquid storage site to pickup another full 120k load of herbicide, we don't need it all but no point driving such distances for "this should be enough" type loads. Okay off we go.

Its now in-game 2042hrs, night is falling quickly. Liquid storage tank site has 252.1k liters of herbicide and 643.9k liters of liquid fertilizer. Then I picked up full 120k load of herbicide.

0843 Semi truck tanker reached F59 just moments before lead rubicon finished its course
0847 Finished herbicide spraying F59

18/late-spring in-game 2108hrs, weather +23C/+10C and night has falled, its dark. Time to skip the night when hopefully F82 also germinates and we get to herbicide spray it.

19/late-spring in-game 0719hrs, weather +14/+11C, gooooood moooorning gaaaardens! Smiley ;)

It was one of those foggy days, this kind of weather kind of sucks, I don't like the grayish gloomyish weather.

Drove semi truck liquid tanker and rubicons to F82, then refilled them. All good to go now.

0910 Started herbicide spraying F82, courseplay ETA 1h 37min, 4x tools
1003 Lead rubicon is empty, refill time
1008 All rubicons topped up, spraying continues
1055 Started live streaming in twitch and youtube
1103 Finished herbicide spraying F82

Parked rubicons and semi truck liquid tanker, then it was just a lot of time accelerating until our crops are ready for harvest.

1234 Started harvesting canola F59, courseplay ETA 7h 54min, 4x tools.
1428 Feeding break is over
1656 Time to call it a night, 6hrs live stream done, shut down FS19

2021-04-20T0953 Another harvest day has started. This savegame now has 995hrs in it.

1326 Shut down FS19, live streams were dead and I was bored...

2021-04-30T1841 Back at PMC Gaming, lets harvest some canola. This savegame now has 999hrs in it! Smiley :D

PMC Grande Gardens 16km Terrain, Start From Zero Story

Upgraded courseplay to v6.03.058 which is the latest and introduces new course file formats, this is very scary that are there going to be any bugs. I took of course backups of savegame and courseplay courses, even copied them to editing computer as well.

Upgraded to PMC Grande Gardens v1.1.10 which is pretty cosmetic update to change selling point and railroad silo map label names to "SP" and "RS" style, some other changes too which I can recall now.

Had some issue with courseplay settings, when I used the general menu scan fields automatically it froze FS19 for a long time, usually I just task manager kill the task and try again, but this time I decided to wait. I remember from long time ago that F40 or some other big field in PMC Grande Gardens 16km takes really long time to scan, the thing is I cant recall if it was 10min or something ridiculous like half an hour. I wouldn't need to scan any fields, but it would be kind of nice to have courseplay settings turned on, I guess.

Also preparing to start a live stream, but first I'm getting this new courseplay version configured properly. No point streaming frozen screen heh. I'm hoping that today friday prime time UTC and very eary US east coast there might even be some viewers, all my recent streams has been extremely late UTC and somewhat late US east coast time. Overall my live streams have been almost without viewers recently, which is odd as back in 2020 when I streamed PMC Texas Rowena 8km my stream was in top-3 on FS19 category at peak moment (ie "middle of the night" hehe).

While waiting I searched this page through and sure enough there was several mentions of F40 scan freezing game for 15 minutes, so yeah guess I'll turn off the field scan after this. Its just something all courseplay players have to live with when using large terrains. Field scan option is convenience and causes no hassle when you have it disabled and scan fields manually when driving your vehicle to it. No big deal.

1915 Finally game fully loaded and we are ready to continue harvesting

PMC Grande Gardens 16km Terrain, Start From Zero Story PMC Grande Gardens 16km Terrain, Start From Zero Story

1942 It started to rain in-game, harvest is halted, noooo

PMC Grande Gardens 16km Terrain, Start From Zero Story PMC Grande Gardens 16km Terrain, Start From Zero Story PMC Grande Gardens 16km Terrain, Start From Zero Story

2009 Finished refueling all vehicles except semi trucks (field crop blocking)

Time accelerated skipping the night and rain.

2011 Crop is dry, back to harvesting

PMC Grande Gardens 16km Terrain, Start From Zero Story PMC Grande Gardens 16km Terrain, Start From Zero Story PMC Grande Gardens 16km Terrain, Start From Zero Story PMC Grande Gardens 16km Terrain, Start From Zero Story

2037 Started to rain again

PMC Grande Gardens 16km Terrain, Start From Zero Story

2052 Time accelerated but then night fell, now need to skip the night
2054 12/mid-summer in-game 0710hrs daylight and crops are dry, we continue harvesting

PMC Grande Gardens 16km Terrain, Start From Zero Story PMC Grande Gardens 16km Terrain, Start From Zero Story PMC Grande Gardens 16km Terrain, Start From Zero Story PMC Grande Gardens 16km Terrain, Start From Zero Story PMC Grande Gardens 16km Terrain, Start From Zero Story PMC Grande Gardens 16km Terrain, Start From Zero Story

2347 Time to call it a night, ended live stream on 4h 28min mark

Took a break to cook and eat a nice meal. I was ready to call it a night as seen above... but after the meal I felt great and wanted to continue farming. Not so much live streaming but just farming and listening to music and watching twitch/youtube etc.

When I loaded this savegame up it had 1003hrs in it, wow one thousand hours in a single savegame, now that is badass Smiley :D

PMC Grande Gardens 16km Terrain, Start From Zero Story

2021-05-01T0227 Surprisingly this day still continues, lets harvest some canola Smiley ;)

PMC Grande Gardens 16km Terrain, Start From Zero Story PMC Grande Gardens 16km Terrain, Start From Zero Story PMC Grande Gardens 16km Terrain, Start From Zero Story

0355 Finished harvesting canola F59

Across several days and several hours... I finally managed to finish F59 canola harvest Smiley :)

PMC Grande Gardens 16km Terrain, Start From Zero Story PMC Grande Gardens 16km Terrain, Start From Zero Story

Emptied all vehicles to railroad silo 9, not sure how much canola is in that bin silo now but our farm own total of 17.548 million liters Smiley :)

PMC Grande Gardens 16km Terrain, Start From Zero Story PMC Grande Gardens 16km Terrain, Start From Zero Story PMC Grande Gardens 16km Terrain, Start From Zero Story PMC Grande Gardens 16km Terrain, Start From Zero Story

0417 All vehicles refueled, now we just time accelerate until corn and soybeans harvest season

Railroad silo 9 has liters of; wheat 1.686m, canola 9.236m, soybeans 5.747m, corn 2.507m, seeds 79k.

PMC Grande Gardens 16km Start From Zero with one THOUSAND hours of game-play has 30FPS performance when you load it up, it dips as low as 20FPS when four combines and two grain trucks are running under courseplay. I have theory that crops in farm bin silos could cause giants engine to lag, yes it sounds stupid but when you unload from auger wagon to a truck trailer there is performance drop during unloading, maybe this extends to the huge numbers of grain liters in our various bin silos.

Wanted to sell some grain to see if performance increases while its sold off, but we have so insane amounts of grain stored that it would take probably a full day of game-play to sell all of it, so that will have to be another day, now I want to get into harvest season.

01/early-autumn in-game 0820hrs, alright now we are in corn and soybeans harvest season. Our crops are still growing. 02/early-autumn in-game 0840hrs, now soybeans are ready to harvest but corn is still growing. This means we will drive combines with midwest durus headers on into this field, harvest it and once we drive back to F56 SE we can change to corn headers.

PMC Grande Gardens 16km Terrain, Start From Zero Story

0518 Transferred harvest fleet to F82 NW

Now I'm wondering should I try to do this whole field as single courseplay course or same way as last year when I ran out of time, in four sections. Hmm Hmm. It sounds better to do it in small pieces because on previous canola harvest driving back and forth with grain cart tractors got really tedious as that field was so long, same as F82.

I'm thinking of doing all four sections individually starting from NW section. Semi truck grain transport goes to railroad silo 8 which is just east of F82.

0529 Started harvesting soybeans F82 NW, courseplay ETA 2h 29min, 4x tools.

PMC Grande Gardens 16km Terrain, Start From Zero Story PMC Grande Gardens 16km Terrain, Start From Zero Story PMC Grande Gardens 16km Terrain, Start From Zero Story PMC Grande Gardens 16km Terrain, Start From Zero Story PMC Grande Gardens 16km Terrain, Start From Zero Story PMC Grande Gardens 16km Terrain, Start From Zero Story PMC Grande Gardens 16km Terrain, Start From Zero Story PMC Grande Gardens 16km Terrain, Start From Zero Story PMC Grande Gardens 16km Terrain, Start From Zero Story

0713 Lunch break...
0741 Feeding time over, back to harvesting

PMC Grande Gardens 16km Terrain, Start From Zero Story PMC Grande Gardens 16km Terrain, Start From Zero Story

0849 Time to call it a night, for real this time, so tired right now

2015 New farming day has started. This savegame now has 1009hrs in it.

Todays plan is to continue soybeans harvest on F82 and twitch/youtube live stream it, go on as long as I get bored/exhausted.

PMC Grande Gardens 16km Terrain, Start From Zero Story

2051 Finished harvesting soybeans F82 NW

PMC Grande Gardens 16km Terrain, Start From Zero Story

2122 Started harvesting soybeans F82 NE, courseplay ETA 2h 38min, 4x tools.

PMC Grande Gardens 16km Terrain, Start From Zero Story PMC Grande Gardens 16km Terrain, Start From Zero Story PMC Grande Gardens 16km Terrain, Start From Zero Story PMC Grande Gardens 16km Terrain, Start From Zero Story PMC Grande Gardens 16km Terrain, Start From Zero Story PMC Grande Gardens 16km Terrain, Start From Zero Story PMC Grande Gardens 16km Terrain, Start From Zero Story PMC Grande Gardens 16km Terrain, Start From Zero Story PMC Grande Gardens 16km Terrain, Start From Zero Story PMC Grande Gardens 16km Terrain, Start From Zero Story

There had been no viewers other than 1-2 and besides friend of mine nobody in the chat, neither twitch or youtube. I therefore decided after some consideration over several weeks (recent times, streams) that I will not live stream anymore. Why stream when there is nobody watching, its a waste of time. I'll focus now on website and 4k high bitrate videos for youtube.

In a bizarre way I was hoping there is no viewers and nobody chatting so I can without hesitation call it quits for live streaming. If by a miracle there was 10+ viewers on both twitch and youtube then of course I would continue streaming. But the first 2h 45min was completely dead, nobody watching nobody chatting.

Around 3h 53min mark of live stream still nobody chatting or even watching, so I thought that fuck it and started to watch someone elses stream muted while still playing and streaming FS19. I'll let this stream go now as long as it goes, like last chance of anyone watching, but I'm not going to waste my time monitoring chat.

2021-05-02T0055 Finished harvesting soybeans F82 NE

PMC Grande Gardens 16km Terrain, Start From Zero Story

After finishing F82 NE section it was perfect time to end live streaming as I was starving. Live stream duration was 4hrs 33min and as said zero activity.

Was going to take a lunch break here but also thinking... unless I get sudden burst of motivation this will be it for todays farming.

Cleaned OBS so wanted to right away test that 4k 60fps video capturing works flawlessly, so going to start harvesting F82 SE section.

0240 Started harvesting soybeans F82 SE, courseplay ETA 2h 42min, 4x tools.

PMC Grande Gardens 16km Terrain, Start From Zero Story PMC Grande Gardens 16km Terrain, Start From Zero Story PMC Grande Gardens 16km Terrain, Start From Zero Story

0510 Time to call it a night, have to do canada terrain source files for Runsliketurtle Smiley ;)

2021-05-06T0408 New farming day has started. This savegame now has 1017hrs in it.

Spent few days of just editing PMC Iowa Garden City 8km placing some trees, its been slow progress but did not want to come to play FS19 on Gaming computer at all as I consider it waste of time. Today however... I just stood up and started Gaming computer so here I am, hmm okay, I guess...

0507 Finished quick lunch break, now back to harvesting

Night had fallen so I had to skip until morning daylight. 03/early-autumn in-game 1042hrs, weather +11/+18C forecast clear. Lets continue harvesting.

PMC Grande Gardens 16km Terrain, Start From Zero Story

0626 Finished harvesting soybeans F82 SE

Now that F82 SE section was done I was also done playing for today, this was just a quick nice farming session to finish this section, now I'm going back to edit PMC Iowa Garden City 8km terrain until time comes to return into F82 harvest.

0632 Shutdown FS19 for today

2021-05-10T0800 Back at PMC Gaming, lets continue harvesting F82. This savegame now has 1019hrs in it.

Didn't need to refuel vehicles this time, preparations to get F82 SW started took a while, I actually was on the background 15 or so minutes.

PMC Grande Gardens 16km Terrain, Start From Zero Story

0836 Started harvesting soybeans F82 SW, courseplay ETA 2h 41min, 4x tools.

PMC Grande Gardens 16km Terrain, Start From Zero Story PMC Grande Gardens 16km Terrain, Start From Zero Story PMC Grande Gardens 16km Terrain, Start From Zero Story PMC Grande Gardens 16km Terrain, Start From Zero Story PMC Grande Gardens 16km Terrain, Start From Zero Story

1229 Finished harvesting soybeans F82 SW
1240 Finished harvesting leftover corners

PMC Grande Gardens 16km Terrain, Start From Zero Story

Alright F82 all 636ha is now harvested. As written previously this field was the one that winter ruined, but another try and had plenty of time to harvest it. Feels good to have it done.

Now there is still the 525ha of corn in F56, that is no joke either, it will take couple of real life days to harvest because I doubt I'll be pushing any 17hrs days anytime soon, for example right now I have no plans at all to start harvesting that, probably going to take few days break again. We'll see how it turns out.

PMC Grande Gardens 16km Terrain, Start From Zero Story

1254 Shut down FS19, felt great to have finished F82 harvest but now its time for a break

2021-05-30T0433 Back at GARDENS, this savegame now has 1024hrs in it.

Here we are back at it again after 20 days break, got some editing work done and idling too, but today feeling like its time to continue this harvest season again.

Plan is to get vehicles relocated to F56 and prepare for the huge corn harvest.

PMC Grande Gardens 16km Terrain, Start From Zero Story PMC Grande Gardens 16km Terrain, Start From Zero Story

So I relocated harves fleet vehicles to F56 SE corner, then switched grain headers to corn headers for combines and refueled all vehicles. Then recorded semi truck grain hauling courseplay course. Now I was ready to start time accelerating until corn harvest time (corn is now growing stage).

PMC Grande Gardens 16km Terrain, Start From Zero Story

03/early-autumn in-game 1723hrs, weather +19/+18C, started time accelerate until corn is ready to harvest. 10/mid-autumn in-game 0827hrs, weather +9C/+16C forecast is clear skies until tomorrow morning. But now I'm starving and have to take a lunch break.

PMC Grande Gardens 16km Terrain, Start From Zero Story

0553 Lunch break...
0621 Feeding time is over, harvest begins!

This field had no courseplay split section outlines recorded so I decided to just do as one single field work course. It will be quite bad driving back and forth with grain carts but I'm just too lazy to start recording those outlines now.

0629 Started harvesting corn F56, courseplay ETA 11h 29min, 4x tools.

PMC Grande Gardens 16km Terrain, Start From Zero Story PMC Grande Gardens 16km Terrain, Start From Zero Story PMC Grande Gardens 16km Terrain, Start From Zero Story PMC Grande Gardens 16km Terrain, Start From Zero Story PMC Grande Gardens 16km Terrain, Start From Zero Story PMC Grande Gardens 16km Terrain, Start From Zero Story PMC Grande Gardens 16km Terrain, Start From Zero Story PMC Grande Gardens 16km Terrain, Start From Zero Story PMC Grande Gardens 16km Terrain, Start From Zero Story PMC Grande Gardens 16km Terrain, Start From Zero Story PMC Grande Gardens 16km Terrain, Start From Zero Story PMC Grande Gardens 16km Terrain, Start From Zero Story PMC Grande Gardens 16km Terrain, Start From Zero Story PMC Grande Gardens 16km Terrain, Start From Zero Story PMC Grande Gardens 16km Terrain, Start From Zero Story

1222 Dead tired, time to call it a night

2021-05-31T0020 New farming day has started, this savegame now has 1032hrs in it.

You already know what todays plan is; continue corn harvest from F56 Smiley :)

After upgrading to latest courseplay before starting to play there was now some issue with combine nearest waypoint startup, combines did not respect their sideways "lane" position in the convoy at all, they just started to harvest in the middle of the course waypoints. So I needed to revert back to last stable version, which was yesterdays v6.4 upgrade.

So restored that version and combines were starting up just nicely, alright back in business.

0241 Lunch break...
0308 Done eating, back to corn harvesting
0411 First lexion combine is low on fuel, need to refill vehicles
? Refill operation complete, harvesting continues

10/mid-autumn in-game 1952hrs, weather +17/+16C, night has fallen need to time accelerate until tomorrow morning. 11/mid-autumn in-game 0955hrs, weather +8C/+15C, soil is dry lets continue harvesting corn.

0546 Time to take a quick break...
0615 Break over, back to harvesting

Courseplay was randomly acting up sending semi truck hauling grain into west direction, it was always on the same location coordinates wise but not on every run, no idea why it did that there was no errors in the log. Very annoying, but luckily PMC Grande Gardens 16km has terrain edge blocks so vehicles wont fall off the terrain.

0722 Lunch break...
0753 Done eating, back to corn harvesting

PMC Grande Gardens 16km Terrain, Start From Zero Story

1016 Felt quite exhausted so decided to call it a night, actully its been a long day about 10 hours of harvesting.

2016 Back at PMC Gaming, lets continue F56 corn harvest. This savegame now has 1041hrs in it.

PMC Grande Gardens 16km Terrain, Start From Zero Story

2225 So tired cant keep my eyes open, have to take a nap
2021-06-01T0116 Nap time over, back to farming

I'm going to edit current captured videos before starting FS19 back up because Gaming computer cant really run video editing and FS19 at the same time.

Oh and month changed to june as well Smiley ;)

0155 Video edited and verified, FS19 started back up, corn harvest continues

PMC Grande Gardens 16km Terrain, Start From Zero Story

0315 Lunch break...
0407 Done eating, back to corn harvesting

PMC Grande Gardens 16km Terrain, Start From Zero Story

I left FS19 running with stopped vehicles when going to cook food and eat it, now that I came back... its 11/mid-autumn in-game 1900hrs, weather +13/+15C ... raining Smiley :)

Uh oh raining, oh right this is the rain that was forecasted... or was it, hmm this seems like sudden random rain shower as the forecasted rain is now for tomorrow in-game 1200hrs all the way to midnight (weather menu slot after 2100hrs which is empty, ie midnight).

Looking at drying potential indicator it looks like tomorrow morning 0600hrs and 0900hrs its + but then again at 1200hrs the new rain starts. Interesting to see of nightly ground moisture dissipates and we get to harvest before new big rain front arrives.

Time accelerated through the rain and night. 12/mid-autumn in-game 0856hrs, weather +10C/+15C, no rain, forecast now shows rain from 1200hrs to 2100hrs (midnight no rain). Lets continue harvesting as long as possible.

So continued harvesting by first driving grain cart tractor to unload combines, then started off lead combine... and I kidd you not, it got like 20 meters done when it started to rain in-game 0903hrs Smiley :D

Forecast now shows 0900hrs to 2100hrs raining oh maan Smiley :)

Time accelerated through the night, it stopped raining and one point then continued againg before ending before morning daylight. 13/mid-autumn in-game 0830hrs, weather +8C/+14C, no raing (soil is wet though). Forecast now shows clear skies for couple of days, plenty of time to finish F56 corn harvest, alright we are good to go.

Time accelerated slowly at 600 speed waiting for ground soil to dry up for harvest condition... however it didn't happen before night fell at in-game 1933hrs. When I hit key 7 to reset time scale to real time THEN soil moisture icon disappeared Smiley ;)

13/mid-autumn in-game 1934hrs, weather +18C/+14c forecast clear skies. But its dark, need to time accelerate until morning daylight. 14/mid-autumn in-game 0800hrs, weather +9C/+14C, soil is dry, lets harvest some corn! Smiley ;)

PMC Grande Gardens 16km Terrain, Start From Zero Story PMC Grande Gardens 16km Terrain, Start From Zero Story PMC Grande Gardens 16km Terrain, Start From Zero Story

0555 First combine low on fuel, its refueling time
0606 All vehicles refueled, back on harvesting corn
0922 Finished harvesting corn F56

Harvest season is done! Hooyah! Smiley :D

PMC Grande Gardens 16km Terrain, Start From Zero Story

Great feeling to have this done because now I'm free of this savegames pressure that "need to get season finished". Now I can again concentrate on editing PMC Grande Gardens 16km without any consideration for savegame porting like field work being undone etc. Just awesome refreshing freeing feeling, cant wait to start add some new edits soon.

PMC Grande Gardens 16km Terrain, Start From Zero Story

Then I moved harvest fleet to F56 SE corner and parked them there into the field. Took a screenshot too of course heh.

PMC Grande Gardens 16km Terrain, Start From Zero Story

Went through all other vehicles and parked few of them into fields so next upgrade goes without vehicles colliding into possible newly added objects.

Felt that emotional somber feeling again as this is another mile stone in this terrains and savegames history, stuff parked, going to savegame and then its all done Smiley :)

0946 Saved game and shut down FS19, we are done for this season and terrain version Smiley :D

Then took backups of savegames and only thing left to do is to edit captured videos. So I'm going to sign off here for possible long time when doing edits before I return to a re-designed terrain to have some more Start From Zero fun Smiley :)