PMC Farming Simulator 22 Map Making Tutorial

FS22 Terrain Editing Overview

2024-03-09T22:53:00Z updated.

Join discussion in PMC Tactical Forum Tutorials for FS22 topic. Please read Farming Simulator 17 (FS17) Map Making Tutorial and Farming Simulator 19 (FS19) Map Making Tutorial first because what you see below assumes you know all of that FS17 and FS19 stuff. If you have any corrections or questions please post to PMC Tactical Forum FS22 Editing area.

Common Errors

densityMap_fruits RGB Colors

densityMap, infoLayer Resolution mapUS

fieldGround.xml and InfoLayer Level GRLE

Field Texture Paintable

File Structure mapAlpine (Erlengrat), mapFR (Haut-Beyleron) and mapUS (Elmcreek)

Forests Tree Placement

HOWTO Create 45km Terrain

MeadowUS.xml Warning, HOWTO Fix


Terrain Overview Image mapUS

Terrain Overview Image RGB Colors

Placeables.xml and Placeables.xml Coordinates

User Interface Images