HOWTO Fix meadowUS.xml Warning Farming Simulator 22 - PMC Farming

Warning In The Log

FS22 v1.2.0.2 mapUS terrain source files give you editor and in-game warning in the log:

Warning (performance): Foliage lod 1 mesh 'meadow' 'cut' 'cut' is much larger than lod 0 mesh (min/maxY (-0.175/0.082 vs -0.125/0.103).

HOWTO fix this is easy. Open your TERRAIN.i3d file and string search for "meadowUS.xml":

<File fileId="234" filename="$data/foliage/meadow/meadowUS.xml"/>

Then change it to:

<File fileId="234" filename="$data/foliage/meadow/meadowDLC.xml"/>

This will fix the warning in both Giants Editor v9.0.2 and in FS22 game log files.