Terrain densityMap_fruits RGB Colors mapUS PMC Farming Simulator 22

densityMap_fruits RGB Colors mapUS Farming Simulator 22 (FS22)

2021-12-22T07:40:00Z updated. Game engine v1.1.1 used.

FS22 densityMap_fruits RGB Colors mapUS for the GIMP painted PNG image. Its much easier to paint fruit_density aka densityMap_fruits using GIMP than Giants Editor (GE). With GIMP you have access to various very advanced brush/pencil painting tools so creating nice looking grass, bushes, flowers and shrubbery is very easy and enjoyable.

It is important to note that these are Elmcreek mapUS RGB color values, other giants terrains should have different RGB values (haven't checked but this is how it was with FS19). If you are not using mapUS as your terrain source, then these colors will not work.

Common example is to paint bucket fill grass everywhere except fields and roads.

69,0,0 green small
101,0,0 green middle
133,0,0 harvest ready
165,0,0 cut ? (transparent in GE)
197,0,0 cut ? (transparent in GE)

33,0,0 smallDenseMix
65,0,0 smallRumex
97,0,0 apera
129,0,0 whiteTallWeed
161,0,0 greenTallWeed
193,0,0 cirsium
225,0,0 papaverRhoeas
1,1,0 rumex
33,1,0 grassSmall
65,1,0 grassMedium
97,1,0 daylily
129,1,0 coneflower
161,1,0 longDryGrass

34,0,0 big branches pure
66,0,0 small branches pure
98,0,0 chantarelle mushroom
130,0,0 boletus mushroom
162,0,0 white tip mushroom
194,0,0 fly cap mushroom
226,0,0 cover foliage
2,1,0 ground poplar leaves
34,1,0 ground elm leaves
66,1,0 ground maple leaves
98,1,0 dry branches
130,1,0 thimble berry
162,1,0 maiden fern
194,1,0 stinging nettle

35,0,0 Small
67,0,0 Medium
99,0,0 Big
131,0,0 Super Big
163,0,0 Blueberry Short
195,0,0 Blueberry Small
227,0,0 Blueberry Medium
3,1,0 Blueberry Big
35,1,0 Blueberry Tall
67,1,0 Boxwood Small
99,1,0 Boxwood Medium
131,1,0 Boxwood Big
163,1,0 Hazelnut Small
195,1,0 Hazelnut Medium
227,1,0 Hazelnut Big

68,0,0 green small
100,0,0 green middle
132,0,0 harvest ready
164,0,0 cut