PMC Farming Simulator 17 Stories

Farming Stories

These are various stories of game plays we had with Farming Simulator 17 (FS17). Time stamps I use here are UTC.

North West Texas All The Fields

I got FS17 in may 2017, played on goldcrest valley of course but my first user made custon terrain was North West Texas by Txzar. I played what I recall over 400 hours of it. After I discovered how useless grind the hard level is I started to play on easy level and my goal was to not use money cheats and buy all the fields.

Purchasing fields, from cheapest to the most expensive is my plan.

2017-06-07, F32
2017-06-08, F8, F25
2017-06-09, F3
2017-06-10, F13, F31
2017-06-14, F6
2017-06-15, F24
2017-06-20, F21
2017-06-22, F30
2017-06-23, F1
2017-06-24, F10
2017-06-25, F16
2017-06-26, F2, F4, F23
2017-06-30, F18
2017-07-01, F07
2017-07-02, F12
2017-07-03, F11
2017-07-04, F22
2017-07-05, F15
2017-07-06, F05 (forgot to buy it earlier heh), F17
2017-07-07, F19
2017-07-08, F26
2017-07-09, F27
2017-07-11, F9, F14. Today all the good fields (not blocked by narrow fence) purchased! I was so happy after ALL this work! Smiley :D

locked off by fence for even slightly wide vehicles (but you can go around in SE far corner):
212000, f34, 3.28
474000, f33, 7.32
520000, f35, 8.03

Did a lot of twitch live streaming while playing, a lot of Big Bud, SPSL9 and Seed Hawk usage with courseplay.

Parkers Prairie All The Fields

I can't remember the specifics now as it was so many months back, but I believe I used money cheat and purchased all the fields at start of this savegame, then I ploughed, seeded and harvested all the fields. This was summer of 2018.

Newlin Texas All The Fields

2018-09-18 was super bored of arma3 editing as I achieved so much in the past few weeks that had to take a break. Wanted to continue Newlin Texas (beta) farming, but wasnt really committed and didnt even use Saitek FarmSim Bundle wheel.

To recap the goals: purchase, plough, fertilize, seed and harvest every field in newlin texas. Today I own F15 through F22. I'm trying to puchase fields next to each other and if possible in sequential order (but that is often not possible as fields are scattered all over) however I want to save the massive F23 to last as its the crown jewel heh.

Started by harvesting corn from F16.

2019-09-18T0445 purchased F24, 20.65 hectares. It was cultivated state, need of ploughing so thats how I started.

The field was cultivated and I was using john deere flex disk plough slash cultivator... so when working on F24 I could not see the parts I had already done and had to check them from map view heh. Should have got the traditional plough for this job.

2019-09-18T0847 purchased F25, 6.01 hectares. This was all grass field and had bunch of trees in it which I was not interested of cutting down as you cant use scorpion king vehicle on them.

2019-09-18T0848 purchased F14, 54.85 hectares. Same as above. But boy is it a huge field 54 hectares heh.

2019-09-18T0850 purchased F31, 23.87 hectares. This field was cultivated so another annoying one to do with john deere flex disk.

2019-09-18T1151 purchased F11, 55.54 hectares. This field was cultivated so another annoying one to do with john deere flex disk, but I let courseplay handle it so no problem.


Later afternoon got sick and tired of the fences, trees and telephone poles blocking my vehicles which made courseplay use impossible, so I saved and quit. Few days later got enough motivation to continue and I was still on arma3 break heh.

2018-09-22 purchase
2018-09-22 plough
2018-09-22T1503 fertilize slurry
2018-09-22T1729 seed
* fertilize manure/spray?

2018-09-22T1200 purchase
2018-09-22T1200 plough
2018-09-22T1522 fertilize slurry
2018-09-22T1546 seed

2018-09-22T1200 purchase
2018-09-22T1200 plough
* fertilize slurry

2018-09-22T1711 purchase
2018-09-22T1747 plough
2018-09-22T1750 fertilize slurry <- no need, it was fertilized already (plough over crops hehe)
2018-09-22T1832 seed

2018-09-22T1923 purchase
2018-09-22T2008 plough
2018-09-22T2008 fertilize slurry <- no need, it was fertilized already (plough over crops hehe)
2018-09-22T seed

2018-09-22T2023 purchase
2018-09-22T2217 plough
2018-09-22T2217 fertilize slurry <- no need, it was fertilized already (plough over crops hehe)

2018-09-22T2100 purchase
2018-09-22T2246 plough
2018-09-22T2246 fertilize slurry <- no need, it was fertilized already (plough over crops hehe)

2018-09-22T2043 purchase
2018-09-22T2336 plough
2018-09-22T2336 fertilize slurry <- no need, it was fertilized already (plough over crops hehe)

2018-09-23T1014 purchase
2018-09-23T1028 plough

2018-09-22T2254 purchase
2018-09-22T2336 plough
2018-09-22T2336 fertilize slurry <- no need, it was fertilized already (plough over crops hehe)

Result: 2018-09-23T1030hrs discovered that the whole northern and NE edge of the map is cut off by fences, so decided to stop playing and deleted this savegame as it was so frustrating.

Cornbelt All The Fields

Idea was to buy (money cheat) and plough all fields, seed too if possible but it was not the requirement to accomplish one field task, basically I went after the RED color on the map.

2018-10-01T2315 Started to play. Sold all the existing equipment and bought my usual fleet of vehicles.
2321 started plowing F49. dont remember when finished and started F50 heh
2018-10-02T0035 started plowing F35
0046 finished plowing F50
0132 finished slurry fertilizing F49
0137 started seeding F49
0140 started slurry fertilizing F50
0213 purchased F01 and F02, started plowing F02
0225 finished seeding F49
0305 finished plowing F35
0318 finished slurry fertilizing F50
0323 started seeding F50
0340 started plowing F01
0427 finished seeding F50
0430 purchased F22 and F23, started plowing F23
0534 purchased F61 and F60, started plowing them both
0635 finished plowing F60 (was merged with F61)
0638 started seeding F60
0642 finished plowing F23
0644 started plowing F22
0655 finished plowing F01 and F02
0655 started seeding F01 (and F02)
0806 finished seeding F60
0839 purchased F03 and started plowing
0843 finished plowing F22
0847 started seeding F23
0904 purchased F29 and started plowing
0918 purhcased F62 and started plowing
0927 purchased F24 and started plowing
0948 finished plowing F62
0950 started seeding F62
1034 finished plowing F29
1035 finished plowing F03
1105 finished seeding F62
1140 finished slurry fertilizing F35
and finished playing for today at 1154hrs Smiley ;)
2142 finished plowing F24
2152 purchased F08 and started plowing
2208 started slurry fertilizing F24
2208 finished seeding F23
2210 started seeding F22
2217 purchased F63 and started plowing
2223 purchased F31 and started plowing
2240 purchased F25 and started plowing
2303 finished plowing F08
2307 purchased F07 and started plowing
2310 finished seeding F01
2332 finished seeding F22
2348 started seeding F03
2355 finished plowing F63

2018-10-03T0002 purchased F64 and started plowing
0038 finished plowing F64
0041 started seeding F29
0047 purchased F65 and started plowing
0051 finished seeding F63
0059 finished plowing F25
0102 finished plowing F07
0105 started seeding F64
0107 purchased F26 and started plowing
0109 finished plowing F31
0113 finished plowing F65
0114 purchased F06 and started plowing
0117 purchased F56 and started plowing
0122 purchased F30 and started plowing
0140 finished seeding F64
0146 finished seeding F29
0149 started seeding F31
0154 finished seeding F03
0210 started seeding F08
0314 started seeding F25
0333 finished seeding F08
0335 finished plowing F56
0339 finished plowing F26
0346 finished plowing F06
0347 purchased F05 and started plowing
0353 started seeding F07
0345 purchased F57 and started plowing
0401 purchased F21 and started plowing
0406 started to sow F65
0410 finished seeding F31
0430 finished seeding F65
0433 started seeding F56
0433 finished slurry fertilizing F24
0501 finished plowing F05
0502 purchased F04 and started plowing
0515 finished plowing F57
0517 purchased F58 and started plowing
0553 finished seeding F25
0600 finished plowing F58
0608 purchased F59 and started plowing
0618 started seeding F24
0629 finished plowing F04
0635 finished plowing F59
0639 finished seeding F07
0642 purchased F55 and started plowing
0653 purchased F15 and started plowing
0707 started seeding F06
0707 finished seeding F56
0737 finished plowing F30
0740 started seeding F58
0744 finished plowing F15
0746 finished plowing F21
0748 purchased F14 and started plowing
0756 started seeding F30
0806 finished plowing F55
0810 purchased F54 and started plowing
0815 purchased F20 and started plowing
0821 purchased F38 and started plowing
0840 finished seeding F58
decided to finish for today at 0853hrs, or at least take a break, got pretty exhausting already.
2208 finished seeding F59
2214 started seeding F57
2232 finished seeding F24
2251 finished plowing F14
2252 purchased F13 and started plowing
2302 finished plowing F54
2303 finished plowing F20
2305 started seeding F26
2320 purchased F19 and started plowing
2323 finished seeding F06
2324 finished plowing F13
2325 finished plowing F38
2328 purchased F12 and started plowing
2331 purchased F52 and started plowing
2333 purchased F39 and started plowing
2337 started seeding F05
2351 finished plowing F39
2352 purchased F41 and started plowing
2356 finished seeding F57

2018-10-04T0010 finished plowing F41
0011 purchased F43 and started plowing
0052 finished seeding F05
0054 started seeding F04
0107 finished plowing F12
0122 finished plowing F43
0123 finished seeding F55
0148 finished plowing F52
0157 purchased F53 and started plowing
0228 purchased F16 and started plowing
0234 finished seeding F26
0239 purchased F40 and started plowing
0319 finished plowing F16
0329 finished seeding F04
0330 purchased F17 and started plowing
0350 started seeding F16
0417 finished plowing F40
0426 purchased F42 and started plowing
0434 finished seeding F16
0435 started seeding F15
0445 finished seeding F54
0447 finished plowing half of the F17 (dont ask)
0452 started seeding F52
0502 realized F42 did not need ploughing, only fertilizing, so stopped plowing it
0540 purchased F37 and started plowing
0550 finished plowing F53
0558 finished seeding F15
0614 purchased F09 and started plowing
0627 purchased F48 and started plowing
0643 finished seeding F30
0704 finished seeding F21
0710 started seeding F20
0745 started seeding F38
0749 finished seeding F52
0754 started seeding F53
0817 finished plowing F48
0843 purchased F10 and started plowing
0846 finished plowing F19
0859 purchased F47 and started plowing
0906 purchased F11 and started plowing
0907 finished seeding F14
0922 started seeding F13
0929 purchased F18 and started plowing <- largest field in cornbelt, 601 hectares! Smiley :D
1006 finished seeding F13
1016 finished seeding F20
1020 started seeding F19
1059 finished seeding F38
Finished playing for today around 1100hrs, started to get pretty tired. Nice session from 2200 - 1100hrs heh.
1838 started seeding F39
1844 finished plowing F47
1900 finished seeding F39
1901 started seeding F41
1905 purchased F51 and started plowing
1925 finished seeding F41
1930 started seeding F43
1937 finished seeding F53
1938 finished seeding F12
1953 started seeding F09
2008 finished plowing F11
2039 finished seeding F09
2041 started seeding F11
2046 finished seeding F43
2049 started seeding F40
2125 started seeding F48
2221 finished plowing F51
2227 finished seeding F40
2231 purchased F44 and started plowing
2259 finished seeding F48
2314 finished plowing F44
2315 purchased F45 and started plowing
2331 started slurry fertilizing F42

2018-10-05T0006 finished plowing F45
0021 purchased F46 and started plowing
0023 finished seeding F11
0027 started seeding F17 (well this side of the tracks anyways)
0035 started seeding F47
0120 finished seeding F17
0128 finished plowing F46
0201 purchased F36 and started plowing
0211 purchased F34 and started plowing
0228 finished plowing F37
0238 started seeding F37
0247 finished seeding F47
0307 finished plowing F18
0344 purchased F27 and started plowing
0404 started seeding F51
0412 finished plowing F34
0414 purchased F33 and started plowing
0426 finished seeding F19
0502 finished plowing F27
0520 purchased F28 and started plowing
0600 purchased F32 and started plowing
0609 finished plowing F33
0641 finished plowing F36
0646 finished plowing F28
0808 finished seeding F51
2018-10-05T0816 finished plowing F32 <- NOW ALL THE FIELDS ARE PLOUGHED AND MANY SEEDED TOO! Smiley :D
0823 finished playing for today, felt great to accomplish my objective of plowing all the fields! Smiley :)

Used a lot of Big Bud 450, 747, John Deere Flex Disk 2623 50ft plough and Seed Hawk.

Cornbelt From Scratch

Cornbelt starting from scratch gaming idea

2018-10-04 We all know that the money and vehicle cost system is bullshit as they cost so much per day and getting more expensive each day that eventually you run into hundreds of thousands of vehicle costs, yes I have not forgotten that ...

However I had an idea to try Cornbelt terrain "start from scratch", edit the map to remove all owned fields, then create a savegame where you sell all your equipment, reset loan and money to zero, then start doing missions to earn money until you can finally purchase your first own field. Then the ultimate goal would be to earn money by harvesting your field and eventually get to purchase and harvest ALL the fields.

Yeah quite ambitious idea indeed heh, I'm thinking the bullshit vehicle cost money system doesn't work, but would be worth to try at least... how far I get before I lose patience for a bullshit game play.

Today when I'm getting real close of having plowed all the fields by using money cheat and best equipment, I sort of need a new challenge. Once I'm done plowing all the fields, then there really is not much else to do, well sure I could do animals and logging but dunno...

Note about the money, I started easy level and sold all the vehicles which amounts to 4,013,765 USD. Then I used the one billion money cheat and started to buy vehicle and fields, once I was really close to getting all the fields but didnt have other vehicles than the plough and seed stuff, my money was already down to 670 million so I had used around 330 million which mostly went to the fields. So yeah you are definitely looking a huge ordeal to play it without money cheat and to endure that bullshit vehicle cost crap. This game play style project would definitely not be completed until FS19 is released even if you play every day hehe.

So the idea is to get a clean start from scratch savegame without any vehicles, any loan, any money, any fields and any grains in the silos. I then must start doing missions until I get enough money to purchase my first field and then the vehicles.

For missions I'm not using GPS or Courseplay (let alone the courseplay cheat), until I've purchased my own vehicles and fields. The beginning missions will be manual hands on steering wheel action. Kind of like getting back to the roots Smiley :)

Going to record videos when doing this and uploading them to youtube on PMC FS17 Playlist. So no copyrighted music or twitch live streams on the background.

Vehicles and equipment for working on your first own field:


Then fertilizer liquid and seed placeables.

2018-10-06T0224 started a new easy level save game, sold all vehicles, paid off loan and saved, then edited savegame dir files to remove my money, grain in silos and owned fields.
0406 finished 1st mission, harvesting F63, got $201,000 its a start Smiley :)
0408 started 2nd mission, fertilizing F65
0427 finished 2nd mission, got around $28k
0457 started and finished 3rd mission on tiny F10, it was quick one and got only $2,500
0500 started to fertilize 4th mission on F61.
0520 finished 4th mission and got about $28k, budget now $262k
0521 started to harvest 5th mission on F60
0636 finished 5th mission and got about $80+33k, budget now $376k
0638 started to slurry fertilize 6th mission on F63
0659 finished 6th mission and got about $31+16k, budget now $424k
0758 started to seed 7th mission on F55, but I had to go to the toilet and let GPS run, it ran me off the field and mission failed Smiley :(
0837 started to fertilize 7th mission on F08
0859 finished 7th mission and got about $22+9k, budget now $455k
0904 purchased F10 for $110,278
0906 purchased steyr multi 4115, metaltech db 8 and sampo rosenlew with c6 14ft header
0933 purchased plough salford 4204, cultivator kverneland qualidisc farmer 3000, fertilizer amazone uf 1201, amazone ft 1001 and great plains 3P1006NT, budget now $35k
? started to harvest F10 but was so excited forgot to write it down haha. took one trailer full of wheat to HQ silos
1147 purchased metaltech db 8
1229 finished fertilizing F10, again forgot to write start down heh
1235 started to plow F10. it was pure hell using that salford 4202 2m plow Smiley :)
1404 finished plowing F10
1415 started cultivating F10
1436 had to call it a night, was falling a sleep in front of PMC Gaming. I left it running as youtube uploads were still ongoing.
2240 woke up and courseplay cultivating was finished for F10 and it was night time in-game hehe Smiley :)
2345 purchased front weight AGCO 650 to tractor as pulling the seeder was difficult to steer
2346 refilled seeds and money dropped to about $5k, didnt have enough to purchase fertilizer placeable
2350 started to seed soybeans F10 (again forgot to write down, but it was approx just before midnight. I'm too excited to play hehe).

2018-10-07T0120 finished seeding F10, my first own field seeding is done! Smiley :)
0145 sold two trailer loads of wheat in SE sellpoint for about 2x $14k, budget now $32k
0210 started to fertilize F10
0226 topped off fertilizer tanks at the shop
0239 finished fertilizing F10, now we again wait for crops to grow Smiley :)
0300 installed 5.3.25 version of courseplay and purchased solid fertilizer placeable to the shop
0355 soybeans crop has fully grown on F10, starting harvest! Smiley :)
0527 forgot to write down when harvest finished, as I quickly sent tractor with trailers to empty them in HQ
0550 started cultivating F10
0651 used train to haul a bit wheat and 29k liters of soybeans to SE sell point, budget now $147k
0704 finished cultivating F10
0714 started seeding soybeans to F10
0838 finished seeding F10

At this point its been a little boring as there is so much waiting going on when working with so few vehicles and only one field without any money so I cant do anything else, at all. But its been okay, I'm fully enjoying myself and being excited about developing my farm Smiley :)

All I can say is enjoy the peace and quiet, while you can ... because once you get the fleet of Big Bud's kicking some ass on the 10+ fields, there is no rest for you at that point hehe.

0858 started to harvest soybeans from F10

A LOT of free time at this point when courseplay if running combine or tractor, seeing the tractor go 43km/h or combine using 3m header is funny to say the least. Using these kind of vehicles makes you really appreciate the monster stuff you can buy with unlimited money like cr 10.90 harvester, brent 1596 auger wagon and big bud tractors with seed hawk setups... man that is different world compared to this smallest starter kit heh.

I'm thinking that any good new terrains get released I'll try this start from scratch method and farming simulator 19 does include such feature by default so I'm definitely going to do more of these as its so exciting to develop your farm from scratch Smiley :)

1008 finished soybean harvest on F10
1024 sold 27k liters of soybean using the train, got $106k out of them, budget now $249k
1026 started fertilizing F10
1115 finished fertilizing and started cultivating, again forgot to write time down.

It really starts to get a bit boring at this stage, this is now the third harvest for this little 3 hectare field and I'm still looking at least two if not three harvests before I can purchase my second field which would add much to my activity.

1215 finished cultivating F10
1219 started fertilizing F10
1235 finished fertilizing F10
1244 started seeding soybeans to F10
1419 finished seeding F10
1437 started harvesting soybeans F10
1454 was dead tired and had to go to sleep ...
2105 woke up and right back into harvesting soybeans in F10 Smiley :)

Even after a good nights sleep the task at hand seems quite overwhelming, I'm looking at ploughing again after this harvest and then the same usual routine of cultivating and seeding and harvesting before getting to see how much money I get from the next harvest.

I knew the job wasnt easy when I took it, but man... I'm really getting bored hammering this ONE field for the 4th harvest already...

Also it doesn't help that I'm recording youtube video series out of this and therefore cannot play copyrighted music or could I listen to some other youtube videos or twitch streams on the background to keep me entertained. I know it gets easy when I get one more fields and things really start to pickup after that, but its a long road it seems.

Hell I should have just done more missions, I mean if you spend one DAY doing missions you could rack up millions, but no... I had to get my OWN field hehe.

2204 finished soybean harvest F10, yield was pretty good this time, just over two full loads with metaltech db 8's (30,600 liters)
2211 dropped off 16k liters of soybeans to the farm

Checked market prices, seems if I sold all 30k liters now I would get mere $115k which is not nearly enough to buy me the next field... man this is starting to get really old Smiley :(

I quickly calculated that the field 45 costs $542k and I have now $243k so I need to do fucking THREE HARVESTS more to get that cash together, unless the market prices would suddenly go up a great deal but even if they did the difference aint that much, at best I could maybe manage it with two harvests then (maybe).

I am seriously losing patience and thinking about doing some missions which pay so much more, I mean what the fuck if I stare at the screen for two or so hours doing some task and then getting over two hundred thousand as reward...

I'm not giving up but these three harvests just feel like am I really going to waste today doing these, is my real life time so low cost that I'm willing to sit here and go through all that shit to buy the next field. I mean its so crazy to think that I could have that field if I EDITED ONE LINE IN ECONOMY.XML file hehe, but yeah, why not edit all the lines to get all the fields, oh wait, I already purchased AND ploughed all the fields on the other savegame... haha, sigh? Smiley :(

2222 started plowing F10...

2018-10-08T0014 finished plowing F10
0017 started mission to spray slurry on F57, same owner as the field I want to buy
0046 finished F57 mission, got $34+14k, budget now $292 and upcoming field price went down from $542 to $531
0047 started mission to slurry fertilize F45
0107 finished mission on F45, got mere $9500 heh, field price went down from $531 to $519
0112 started mission to slurry fertilize F60
0130 finished mission on F60, got $17+7, field price went down from $519 to $508
0131 started mission to sow F08
0213 finished mission on F08, got $38+14, budget now $380k and field price went down from $508 to $497
0215 started fertilizing F10
0246 finished fertilizing F10
0301 started cultivating F10
0409 finished cultivating F10
0412 started fertilizing F10
0430 finished fertilizing F10
0434 started seeding soybeans on F10
0605 finished seeding F10
0628 started harvesting soybeans on F10
0804 finished harvesting F10
0829 sold 65k liters of soybeans at SE sellpoint, got $201k, budget now $635k enough for me to purchase my second field Smiley :)
0901 started fertilizing F10
0917 finished fertilizing F10
0917 started cultivating F10 (forgot to write down but it was right after finishing fertilizing).
1013 purchased F45, my second own field! yeah buddy! Smiley :)
1017 purchased second steyr multi with 4115 engine and wide tires upgrade, 1000kg front weight and the salford cheapo 2m plough
1025 started to plow F45 Smiley :)

oh man I am happy now that I got some progress, great to have another field and more to do (yeah like 6hrs plow session HAHA). The boredom waiting for an damn hour for cultivating or plowing F10 was starting to test my patience, but now I hope that things start to really pick up with second field and especially after I get the harvest from the second field then I start to see some good money too Smiley :)

1028 finished cultivating F10
1031 started seeding soybeans to F10 and in my new field excitement forgot to fertilize heh
1211 finished seeding F10
1257 started fertilizing F10
1316 finished fertilizing F10
? started harvesting soybeans on F10
1501 finished harvesting F10
1517 started fertilizing F10
1545 finished fertilizing F10
1557 started cultivating F10
1706 finished cultivating F10
1710 was dead tired and had to call it a night...

2018-10-09T0059 woke up and back to Cornbelt, plowing F45 continues Smiley :)
0103 started fertilizing F10
0121 finished fertilizing F10
0121 finished plowing F45
0131 started seeding F10
0154 purchased seed, fertilizer and liquid fertilizer placeables for HQ, budget dropped to $1,896 Smiley :(
0203 started to fertilize F45
0219 took a train to sell soybeans in SE sellpoint at $127k, budget now $138k
0258 finished seeding soybeans on F10
0321 finished fertilizing F45
0330 started seeding soybeans on F45
0435 had to go refuel stayer multi #2, damn I need to refine crude oil to fuel for my farm HQ Smiley :(

Was planning on small equipment upgrade due plowing and cultivating taking so long time that seeder which could skip those phases would be real benefit for my real life gaming time. Was looking at vaderstad rapid a 600s which width is 6 meter, 180hp, price $52k. There are of course better ones but those prices start to skyrocket or the horsepower required to pull them that it will be several harvests later that I can even consider such things.

As for tractor the valtra n series with engine upgrade N174 and wide tires would have 185hp and cost $139k, so both combined $191k hmm.

For harvester the case ih 1660 axial-flow has 6340 liter tank and piece of shit 4.3 meter header, hmph, that is no upgrade because now I have 4200 liter tank with 4 meter header, the bigger tank makes no difference in harvesting time. Again any larger harvester the price will skyrocket so heh.

All I can say is beggars can't be choosers, heh. Damn its hard life being newbie farmer without cash Smiley :)

0923 finished seeding soybeans on F45
1033 started harvesting soybeans on F10
1153 finished harvesting F10
1207 started harvesting soybeans on F45, oh gosh courseplay timer says 4h 33min hehe! Smiley :)
1248 started to plow F10
1435 finished plowing F10
1439 started fertilizing F10
1456 finished fertilizing F10
1500 started to cultivate F10
1520 broke 100,000 liters of soybeans in farm silo. prices of course fluctuate but maplefield mill buys now for $4012 so looking at four hundred grand Smiley ;)
1607 finished cultivating F10
1610 started fertilizing F10
1640 finished fertilizing F10
1643 started seeding soybeans on F10

It was getting late for me in real life time, been up for like 16.5hrs, was thinking that this is pretty crazy to play FS17 so much, not only so much but using these newbie piece of shit equipment that one harvesting takes 4h 30min and plowing takes damn 6hrs. Its insane to play like this, I gotta stop or get better equipment.

Luckily now I have already 157k liters of soybeans and with the latest price it mounts up to damn $629k so I'm pretty good for tomorrows play time, I can purchase that better tractor and seeder and who knows maybe even better harvester or at least second one so the next harvest goes quicker.

As I said earlier, it ain't no fun to be a newbie farmer without cash heh.

1750 finished seeding F45 Smiley :)
1758 was dead tired and had to call it a night...
2353 woke up and was back in farming Smiley :)

2018-10-10T0020 finished seeding F10
0030 started fertilizing F45
0038 used train to haul 171k liters of soybeans to maplefield mill (SE sellpoint) for $361+317, budget now $800k Smiley :D
0055 was calculating upcoming purchases ...

$52k rapid a 600s
$139k valtra n174

$285k axial-flow 7130
$46k 3020 35ft

TOTAL: $522k (still leaves me $276k)

or with better seeder
$96k horsch pronto 9dc, width 9m, 270hp
$208k mf7700 engine 7726, wide tires, 280hp

TOTAL: $635k (still leaves me $163k)

0105 purchased massey ferguson mf7700 with engine 7726 and wide tires upgrade for $208k and horsch pronto 9 dc for $96k and case ih axial-flow 7130 for $285k with 3020 header for $46k, budget now $158k
0143 sold both metaltech db 8 trailers
0144 purchased two agroliner hkd 302's for $50,800, budget now $120k
0217 finished fertilizing F45
0220 started seeding soybeans on F45

Turns out that massey ferguson MF7700 with Horsch Pronto 9 DC was a great investment, this setup width is 9 meters and goes 19km/h which is great speed. Get another one of these and you'll do even larger fields like this. I am definitely going to get another seeder setup.

0401 finished seeding F45, gotta love that horsch pronto 9 dc, maaan! Smiley :)
0409 started fertilizing F45
0527 finished fertilizing F45
0610 started harvesting soybeans on F10
0632 finished harvesting F10, oh boy is that case ih axial-flow 7130 with 10.5m header great after playing for days with that piece of shit rosenlew 3m! Smiley :)
0642 started harvesting soybeans on F45
0648 started to fertilize F10
0714 finished fertilizing F10
0716 started seeding soybeans on F10
? finished seeding soybeans F10, forgot to write down heh, so exciting to harvest with axial-flow 7130 Smiley ;)
0852 finished harvesting F45
0853 started fertilizing F45
0908 took train with almost two cars full of soybeans to maplefield mill (SE sellpoint) for $450+399, budget now $950k Smiley :)
0921 purchased my third field! field number 44 for $873k, budget now $74k Smiley :)

Not sure if it was best business decision to purchase a new field when my budget dropped so low, maybe better equipment to run the two existing fields might have been more profitable on immediate days who knows. Oh well, the goal of this game play is to purchase all the fields and thats what I'm doing heh.

0932 started to plow F44, with two tractors on those puny 2m salford 4202 ploughs, courseplay timer shows like 3h 30min heh.

I cooked food while the plowing was going on, kept thinking that man these plowings with these beginner ploughs take so long time that this might be my last using salford 4202, I mean its crazy to spend 3-6hrs just ploughing. Now with these three fields and two right next to each other I'm going to make some good money and purchase better plough setup so I can get rid of this beginner equipment finally.

I cut my hair, shaved and took a shower while plowing was going on heh Smiley :)

Unless you are talking about some rare falling a sleep in front of the computer thing so you go take a nap, I would consider it almost cheating if you leave courseplay running overnight while you sleep. I have done it few times for 2-3hrs naps and just recently I left computer running overnight because youtube uploads were ongoing so I couldn't really shut it down, but those are the only reasons. Also going to watch tv and turning off computer monitor while courseplay is doing its thing is considered cheating in my opinion, you must PLAY in front of the computer to... well properly play.

1325 finished plowing F44
1331 started seeding soybeans on F45
1436 started fertilizing F44
1513 finished seeding F45
1516 had to call it a night, oddly enough wasnt exactly tired but got really exhausting playing after I took that shower, guess the shower "woke me up" from the virtual world of farming simulator hehe.

2018-10-11T0109 back at PMC Gaming and fired up FS17, farming continues.
0153 finished fertilizing F44
0159 started seeding soybeans on F44
0343 finished seeding F44
0354 started to fertilize F45

Courseplay says 1h 38min to complete, oh wow, again we wait heh. I think our fertilizer equipment needs and upgrade ... Currently I'm running crop growth on slow because got my third field, hopefully I can keep this setting, hopefully fertilizing has enough time to finish for all the fields, right now 45 and 44 has in first growth stage and 10 has not switched yet.

0514 finished fertilizing F45
0516 started fertilizing F44

This courseplay also states duration over one hour heh. Need more fertilization equipment real bad... hehe. Then I noticed half of the field is not yet switched growth stage so I had to move to fertilizing F10 while waiting heh.

0540 started fertilizing F10
0606 finished fertilizing F10
? finished fertilizing F44 forgot to remember when, it was manual work due growth stages being half the field already in crop destruction stage.
0758 started harvesting F10
0841 finished harvesting F10
0846 started harvesting F45
0913 started fertilizing F10
0939 finished fertilizing F10
0946 started seeding soybeans on F10
1035 finished seeding F10
1104 finished harvesting F45
1105 started harvesting F44, it was only half grown so had to speed up time a bit heh
1139 started fertilizing F10, forgot to write down when it finished
1202 started fertiling F45

Since I purchased F44 my budget dropped down to below hundred grand and even though I have not spent any money to buy anything equipment wise, just the vehicle maintenance upkeep, seed and both solid and liquid fertilizer costs had brought the budget down to $26k. I have over 200k liters of soybeans in farm silo so assets is not an issue in that sense.

I want to keep buffer money for bare minimum of $100,000 from now on. There is just no reason to let your budget to drop below that, no vehicle or field purchases unless I get left with that base budget.

1324 finished fertilizing F45
1339 finished harvesting F44
1340 started fertilizing F44
1500 finished fertilizing F44
1501 started seeding soybeans on F44
1552 been playing almost 15hrs straight, feel not so much tired but exhausted heh, I'm still loving this stuff though hehe. anyways time to stop for today.

2018-10-12T0207 back at PMC Gaming, FS17 booted up, we are farming Smiley :)
0310 finished seeding F44
0337 started plowing F45, two tools. well why not while we wait soybeans market prices to rise.

Courseplay timer with two 2m (or whatever tiny) tools shows 2h 20min duration, heh, like really dude... lets make this the last ploughing of this kind.

0425 sold three full and one less train cars of soybeans for $419k, $410k, $400k and $119k, budget now $1.3 million Smiley :)

I just become a millionaire, whee! Smiley ;)

So from now on, I won't let my budget drop to below $100k at any time for any reason what-so-ever.

I'm eyeballing my next field, there are some 1 and 1.1 million fields which I could buy near the shop town, but dunno maybe I should upgrade some vehicles and equipment first, like the already mentioned plough's or maybe replace that harvester sampo rosenlew with axial-flow 7130 so I could use courseplay for combine convoy.

Weakest link, hmm maybe that should be fixed the first. Right now plowing seems to be the weakest link as it takes forever to plough with 2m salford 4202 plow.

0605 started fertilizing F44
0727 had finished plowing F45
0727 finished fertilizing F44
0743 started fertilizing F45

Decided that I'm going to buy field 9 because its right next to 10 so logistics with vehicles and equipment will be very easy, just across the road. Also if I buy it now it leaves me over hundred grand of budget which is my ongoing goal.

0804 purchased F09 for $1.191 million

Was lucky as the field was fully grown canola! Yeah it was one of those fields that was not filled to the edges, not sure whats that deal, you can plough it to such but AI farmers wont fill the field up. Courseplay shows the field to be 20 hectares even though in-game menu showed only 14.

Anyways for the future field purchases its good to play some finance timing game, do not buy fields when they have nothing growing, this way you can win a lot of money by harvesting the field.

0833 started harvesting F09
0903 finished fertilizing F45
0944 finished harvesting F09
0946 started fertilizing F09
1038 finished fertilizing F09
1038 started plowing F09
1442 finished plowing F09
1446 started fertilizing F09 (yeah, again, the outer edge).
1451 started seeding soybeans on F45
1642 finished seeding F45
1643 finished fertilizing F09
1656 started seeding soybeans on F09
1851 finished seeding F09

It was almost like too perfect, all four fields fertilized and sowed when I hit 17hrs playing straight up and still not tired too bad heh Smiley :)

1950 shut FS17 down, got some slow terrain download and youtube upload completed, time to get some sleep Smiley :)

2018-10-13T0213 woke up, at PMC Gaming and started up FS17, back at farming.
0234 started harvesting F10
0301 finished harvesting F10
0303 started fertilizing F10
0322 finished fertilizing F10
0349 started plowing F10

Again with the tiny 2m salford 4202 plough's, so I was checking out what would be my plow upgrade purchase. Amazone Cayron 200 is 3m and not too expensive but my cheapo Steyr tractor don't have enough horsepower for it so if I want to use two plows its not going to happen and one 3m is less than two 2m ones. Lemken Titan 11 is 4.9m and smallest jointed/articulated plow with 240hp requirements. Salford 8312 is 6.9m and already 300hp requirement. And then we have our own work horse, the Big Bud dragged SPSL 9.

0439 finished plowing F10
0441 started fertilizing F10

Was just thinking that this start from scratch game-play is very diciplined because you do not have the big money to buy all the normal equipment you have gotten used to. It takes a lot of patience to work with these piece of junk beginner implements like the mentioned 2m ploughs.

0504 started harvesting F44
0507 finished fertilizing F10
0511 started seeding soybeans on F10
0531 finished seeding F10
0711 finished harvesting F44
0717 started fertilizing F44
0755 started harvesting F45
0837 finished fertilizing F44
0839 started seeding soybeans on F44
0953 finished harvesting F45
0953 started fertilizing F45
1034 finished seeding F44
? guess I forgot in my excitement to write down starting harvest of F09 ...

Getting a little bit frustrated with harvester and grain trailer setup of sampo rosenlew and steyr multi 4115 + agroliner hkd 302's as every damn time courseplay approaches harvester the tractor will get "in traffic". I'm hoping some other vehicles would work better (kind of wishful thinking but yeah).

1120 finished fertilizing F45
1122 started seeding soybeans on F45

Harvesting field 9 I already noticed that 42k liters of grain carrying capacity in agroliners with steyr multi is not enough when the distance is a bit longer. Had a desire for truck trailer and auger wagon for sure heh. Oh well I'm getting those soon with this rate I'm harvesting stuff, already over 300k liters of soybeans in my farm and the price per thousand liters is $4.5k heh nice.

1246 started fertilizing F44
1257 finished harvesting F09
1306 finished seeding F45
1321 took a train to pickup soybeans from external storage 2, got 181k liters from F09 heh
1337 eleet hehe, took train of 490k liters of soybeans into maplefield mill SE sellpoint. When I started to sell my budget was $106k so it dropped quite close to my new base limit. I sold $404k + $394k + $384k + $375k + $365k + $160k, budget now $2.192 million Smiley :)

I have always known that the price drops when you sell, we all do, but I was kind of surprised that even with this train method you have not enough time even to move the train forward one train car lenght when the price has already gone down. For some reason I had the impression that it drops several minutes after the sale but I guess not. When you look at first 404k the last full car was $39k less, now thats no chump change, you could buy nice small implements or even cheap vehicle with that amount already.

Anyways now I got 2.1 million DOLLAH, oh wow that is pretty cool, now I can really upgrade my vehicles and maybe this crazy 6hrs of ploughing era is finally over Smiley :)

1405 finished fertilizing F44
1412 started fertilizing F09
1416 purchased 2x Lemken Titan 11 ($59k) for $118 and 2x Fendt 724 Vario ($203.3k) for $406.6, budget now $1.666 million (six six six HEHE)
1423 purchased case ih axial-flow 7130 for $285k and 3020 header for $46k, budget now $1.355 million
1427 purchased metaltech pp 20 auger wagon $51k, lizard sx 210 twinstar for $125.3k and fliegl ass 298 for $61k, budget now $1.098 million

Nice purchases! Shopping! Shopping! HEHE Smiley :D

I was going to take the canola for sell by train, but quickly realized the train with its 90k liter per car capacity is way overkill for mere 53k sell and also that the best price for canola is on guntherwhatever sell point which is right next to the maplefield mills but cant be accessed with a train, it has to be a truck.

1450 sold fliegl load of 47k liters of canola for $200k, budget now $1.296 million.

It now really felt like getting out of the newbie beginner vehicle mode when I got overloader and truck trailer to haul the grain into silo, that steyr tractor was fine at start but its not capable of much more volume.

I was eyeballing my budget and F60 but it was growing corn so decided to wait more profitable crop before buying any fields, most likely when the crop rotation goes to such I have other plans etc (or millions more money hehe).

1524 started seeding soybeans to F09
1548 sold harvester comia c6 for $36k and header for $6k, she served us well but now bigger and better equipment has arrived, snif... hehe Smiley ;)
1609 finished fertilizing F09
1659 sold amazon sprayer beginner kit for mere $7k heh
1700 purchased KUHN pf 1500 for $8k and KUHN deltis 1302 mea3 for $30k

So I purchased Big Bud and KUHN DLC sometime last year, I've used big buds constantly but I dont recall ever using KUHN stuff, until now. Heh nick of time eh, FS19 release is about a month away and only now I break out the KUHN shizzle Smiley ;)

Anyways, the amazone kit started to get a bit small, needed an upgrade.

1716 finished seeding F09
1726 started fertilizing F45
1745 got my first auger wagon courseplay running (in this savegame, obviously) Smiley :)

Had huge problems getting combine convoy to work, I didn't get it to work actually on this F10 yet in darkness (not that light would magically fixed anything but still). First havester just wanted to drive circles around first waypoint and only way I got it to move was nearest waypoint... which of course was the wrong waypoint and it skipped headland parts completely, sigh. Oh well, first time trying combine convoy so lets get some practice on it.

Oh and forgot to write start/finished harvesting F10 also on the convoy mayhem.

1826 finished fertilizing F45
1835 started fertilizing F10
1858 finished fertilizing F10
1902 started seeding soybeans on F10
1908 started fertilizing F09
1932 finished seeding F10
2025 was dead tired after been up for 18 damn hours heh, so had to go to sleep, Zzz...

2018-10-14T0323 back at PMC Gaming, back at farming, as usual Smiley ;)
0328 finished fertilizing F09
0337 started harvesting F44
0356 started fertilizing F10
0418 finished fertilizing F10

Harvesting F44 was first medium sized field with new auger wagon and two combine convoy and it was working well, only had one in traffic incident. Things were flowing very smoothly.

0452 finished harvesting F44
0453 started fertilizing F44
0545 finished fertilizing F44
0553 started plowing F44

Feeling good with this plough update, lemken titan 11 seems like a decent plough. Although I'm not a big fan of the jointed/articulated implements as they always go funky on the corners, courseplay leaves many spots to fix manually. Even driving yourself it is very difficult to cover all corners properly. Its always dilemma whether you should just leave the field as-is after courseplay fieldwork has been completed or go fix the corners yourself which can be very tedious especially with slow Big Bud on those large fields.

Anyways gotta love the upgrade from 2m to 6.9m which gives great deal quicker ploughing sessions.

0728 started harvesting F45
0741 finished plowing F44
0745 started fertilizing F44
0847 finished fertilizing F44
0850 started seeding soybeans on F44
0856 finished harvesting F45
0901 started fertilizing F45
0907 started harvesting F09
1008 finished fertilizing F45
? finished seeding F44, sorry again forgot to write time down... ooh! look shiny!
1100 finished harvesting F09
1112 started fertilizing F09

Was making new farm business plans again, currently budget is $1.252 million and I have 505k liters of soybeans in my farm silo of which market price is below four thousand so I want to wait when it rises again, but buying a new field is on my mind and depending on the budget also fertilizer and seeder upgrade.

Field 46 would be really close to my farm and other fields, it costs quite a lot $2.152 million. F34 costs $2.392 million. F50 costs $2.065 million. F49 costs $1.977 million. Smaller fields around the shop are cheap, I could buy 60-62 and 65 right away. Hmm Hmm.

Hmm I'm looking for the next field purely has geographical thing so F34 looks right to me, next to my farm. Sure its quite expensive but I want to expand farm evenly out, for example there would be really cheap field on the SE corner but who wants to drive there and back until you split vehicles into regions hehe.

btw I'm going to call "$1.252 million" to just "$1.252m" from now on, so the abbreviations are "k" for thousand and "m" for million Smiley :)

1145 sold old implements 2x salford 4202 plows, cultivator and seeder, dunno what I got few thousands or something. I just had no use for them anymore.
1159 started seeding soybeans on F45
1235 finished fertilizing F09
1332 finished seeding F45
1339 started seeding soybeans on F09
1418 started harvesting F10
1434 started fertilizing F45
1436 finished harvesting F10
1447 purchased mf770 with engine and wide tire upgrade and horsch pronto 9 dc seeder as I was lacking in this capability, budget now $951k
1519 finished seeding F09
1527 started fertilizing F10
1539 finished fertilizing F10
1540 started seeding soybeans on F10
1553 finished seeding F10
1602 started fertilizing F45

I got sudden frustration about how damn long it takes real life time to play this savegame with these equipment. This came because I was having good time playing and realized that oh wow I have been up 13hrs straight playing.

Just earlier (well five hours ago hehe) I spoke about wanting to buy a new field to grow the farm business, but now I definitely want to upgrade and increase my vehicles and implements so the harvests roll through more quicker. Specifically I want to add more capability to fertilization spreaders as I only have single one now.

1702 purchased steyr multi 4115 with narrow tires for $90.1k, KUHN axis 40.2 m-emc-w for $24k and sb 1000 weight for $800, total $114.9k
1704 finished fertilizing F45
1707 purchased steyr multi 4115 with narrow tires for $90.1k, KUHN axis 40.2 m-emc-w for $24k and sb 1000 weight for $800, total $114.9k, budget now $704k
1715 started fertilizing F09
1724 finished fertilizing F10, yet again in my excitement forgot to write start time down
1735 finished fertilizing F09

I'm happy with the new solid fertilization spreaders, these two implements were enough to cover F09 and they were also 20km/h fast, nice.

Market prices for soybeans stopped rising on maplefield mill where the train goes, gunthersomething is like $300 higher price but its truck connection and I only have that crappy 47k liter trailer not to mention gunt sell point is other side of the terrain heh. So yeah I'm just going to take my soybeans with the train, I want some budget to buy some field Smiley :)

1758 took a train to maplefield mill to sell 533k liters of soybeans, market price was at $3897. Sold $350k + $341k + $331k + $322k + $312k + $281k, budget now $2.644m Smiley :)

Market price dropped to $3,279 btw. I feel now I'll start to play the market finance game and not sell when I need money but only when the price is right. I once saw the soybeans price as high as $5k so maybe thats too much to ask but at least I would not sell below $4k. There is no point of giving out results of your hard work for free, we need to keep some standard of cost heh.

1808 purchased field 34 for $2.392m, budget now $251k Smiley :)

Hmm maybe now I'll work hard and get budget to one million and once I reach that, then its going to be my new base buffer money, never to let budget drop below million. We'll see heh.

And damnit! in my field buying excitement I completely forgot the new tip that I should wait until the field I'm buying is actually seeded, heh oh well.

Okay, now back to work, we have new field to fertilize and plow, for starters Smiley ;)

1825 started fertilizing F34
? started harvesting F44, and once again forgot to mention... damnit
1929 finished fertilizing F34
1935 started plowing F34, ETA 4h 28min heh
1953 finished harvesting F44
1959 started harvesting F45
2006 started fertilizing F44
2033 finished fertilizing F44
2037 started seeding soybeans on F44
2126 finished seeding F44
2138 finished harvesting F45
2142 started fertilizing F45
? started harvesting F10, aand forgot... too tired Smiley ;)
2214 finished harvesting F10
? finished fertilizing F45, ... Smiley :o
2215 started harvesting F09
2223 had to call it a night, been up playing FS17 for 19hrs straight... uuh brain is shutting down... heh. more tomorrow Smiley ;)

2018-10-15T0450 back at PMC Gaming and FS17 firing up, back at farming Smiley :)
0515 started fertilizing F10
0540 finished fertilizing F10
0634 finished harvesting F09
0725 finished plowing F34
0728 started plowing F45
0731 finished fertilizing F09, guess another forgotten start time there and now I dont even have the "I'm tired" excuse heh
0737 started fertilizing F34
0754 started harvesting F44

Noticed that soybeans market price in maplefield mills had skyrocketed to $4958, so I quickly started to load train as I had already 513k liters in silos heh. Field 44 was half way harvested so I'm keeping an eye on the market price and if it doesn't start to drop I'll finish this harvest and then dump all of it for some big dollah Smiley :)

0838 finished fertilizing F34
0900 started seeding soybeans on F34
0905 finished harvesting F44
0911 finished plowing F45
0915 started fertilizing F44
0934 finished fertilizing F44
0936 train hauled 595k liters of soybeans to maplefield mill SE sellpoint, sold $446k + $436k + $426k + $417k + $407k + $398k + $240k, budget now $2.951m Smiley :)

I think its time to go shopping! Smiley :D

Thinking about the train selling, the price rises back up very soon after you sell that huge load, so maybe I should fill a train with expensive crops drive it to the sell point sell one car and then just wait until the price increases again, I mean the train is just a free storage place so why not. I mean there is no rule or any specific point of selling everything at once, especially trying to sell it quickly makes no difference as the price drops before you manage to move the train one car forward.

Having that $2.9m in my bank made me anxious to go Shopping! hehe, but was taking it easy trying to think whats the best course of action. Should I stay with these fields and just upgrade my equipment or buy new field and perhaps one or two equipment upgrades (depending on budget), dunno.

Continuing on that though more deeper, this from scratch game-play style is extremely long winded and hard work, I mean look at how many real life hours and days I have played already and while I do have basic vehicles and equipment with few fields... I still consider my assets being puny punk ass stuff compared to the unlimited money big bud MONSTA shizzle hehe.

Some math wizard should make correct table of the balance between number of fields / hectares and vehicles / implements, what is the perfect formula to quickest harvests. Obvious thing is that if one task takes more than one hour to complete, yeah you don't need to have many of those in a day and the day goes by in no time.

Anyways back to real world stuff... I was thinking of buying field 50 and enlarge is over the grassfield south of it. I guess that grass field might be nice to have, but its not like this terrain lacks grass so why not make big bucks soybean factory outta fifty hehe.

0950 started plowing F44
1123 finished seeding F34
1140 finished plowing F44
1151 started plowing F10
1202 started seeding soybeans on F45
? finished plowing F10, again no idea when this finished just noticed it later hehe, oh man maybe I should stop writing this "log" huh..
1248 finished seeding F45
1252 started seeding soybeans on F44
1322 finished fertilizing F45, sigh again forgot to write down starting time, heh, focus man, FOCUS!
1348 finished seeding F44
1351 started seeding soybeans on F10
1353 started fertilizing F44
1404 finished seeding F10
1443 finished fertilizing F44, took so long as had to wait for growth stage to switch heh
1446 started fertilizing F10
1452 finished fertilizing F10
1453 started fertilizing F09
1529 finished fertilizing F09
1531 started seeding soybeans on F09, ETA 55min, Zzz...
1635 finished seeding F09
1820 started harvesting F45, probably earlier I just guessed the time as I was at it a while and now its 1844hrs. damn this forgetting logging stuff.
1911 finished harvesting F45
1915 started harvesting F34

F34 is 29 hectares which doesn't sound too large but you can clearly tell that wow it is much bigger than my other fields or the standards I've been used to in this from scratch savegame. After I pull this harvest from all the fields, I'm definitely going to upgrade my vehicle and implements fleet to really speed up harvests.

2131 started fertilizing F45
2149 finished fertilizing F45
2154 started seeding soybeans on F45
2247 finished seeding F45
2318 finished harvesting F34, few corner patches need to be fixed tomorrow.
2320 dead tired, been up for uh damn 18hrs have to go to sleep, more farming tomorrow, Zzz ...

2018-10-16T0503 back at PMC Gaming, fired up FS17, we are farming again Smiley :)
0526 started fertilizing F34

New day of farming has begun. Got the F34 harvest finished last night and now I got over 600k liters of soybeans in farm silo but cannot sell them yet as market prices are really bad. I'm eyeballing that field 50 and noticed there is either odd behavior in the game itself or cornbelt terrain is buggy as the field almost like flickers on/off as growing and cultivated, I only noticed that as I'm trying to buy the field when its growing. For example I see it on the mapview as growing but once I get to the field... its empty, kind of looks seeded, then I check map again and its cultivated, like err huh? heh

0628 finished fertilizing F34
0633 started seeding soybeans F34
0636 started harvesting F44
0642 started fertilizing F45
0740 finished harvesting F44
0750 started harvesting F10
0802 finished fertilizing F45
0803 started fertilizing F44
0810 finished harvesting F10
0813 started fertilizing F10
0825 finished fertilizing F10
0829 finished fertilizing F44
0845 purchased man tgs 18.480 with trailer hitch upgrade for $165.7k and tank tech ft44 tanker with trailer hitch and wide tires (us) upgrade for $47.3k
0904 purchased F50, finally after pondering it for so long (kinda), for $2.065m, budget now $450k
0906 started plowing F50

I decided to trust courseplay and the AI drivers to plow enlarge F50. First I drove the field edge myself, then generated course from it for two tools (lemken titan 11 pulled with fendt 700) and activated plough past field edge which should then enlarge the field. I'm ploughing over the dirt road and the grass field just south of F50 as there is plenty of grass to go around elsewhere.

For some reason ploughing past field edge didn't work, I had to activate it from the F1 menu normally.

0921 finished seeding F34
0929 started seeding soybeans on F44
0948 purchased tank tech ft44 tanker with trailer hitch and wide tires (us) upgrade for $47.3k and dolly ea with wide tires ugprade for $9.2k, budget now $392k
1019 finished seeding F44
1033 purchased tank tech mt44 tanker with trailer hitch and wide tires (us) upgrade for $56.3k, budget now $329k

At 1116hrs was about half way done plowing F50 and courseplay timer shows about 2hrs more to go, heh. Yeah, plow setup upgrade is following right after the next big crops sale Smiley :)

1204 brought some crude oil by tanker truck from the oilfields to marys farm petrol station and then oil train from there to stanton sawmill refinery.
1317 finished plowing F50

F50 looks good, came out nicely with courseplay field edge thing. Also market prices for soybeans hit again $5,000 ! whoah, I'm going to make some serious coin Smiley :)

1332 started fertilizing F50
? started harvesting F09, again forgot the time

At 1408hrs soybeans market price per thousand liters hit $5,300 and still kept rising!

? finished fertilizing F50, new field and soybeans market price excitement, sigh
1426 started seeding soybeans on F50
1449 took train of 718k liters of soybeans to maplefield mill, sold $483k but decided to wait as the price dropped and continued to climb again.

When I sold that train car 90k liter of soybeans the market price was $5,375 which was crazy. So now I'm waiting until the price climbs again and then I sell some more. There is a risk that what if it drops and keeps dropping, maybe even back to the low $2.5k or something. Well yeah there is that risk...

I have to say that I like more of the massive BOOM hammer drop sale where I sell everything as quickly as possible, but hopefully I can get more price for the crops by juggling with the market prices like this. Interesting to see how many times the price bounces back up before really starting to come down. If this method works then obviously I'm going to use it in the future, but if it doesn't... well then I keep using the massive one time sell method.

1454 sold another train car 90k liter of soybeans $483k
1459 sold another set but something acted up and the unloading interrupted like three times, but I assume I got the whole car sold
1503 sold another $483k
1513 sold another $483k (did I sell one in between here, got confused as I had to go untangle courseplay auger wagon too hehe)
1517 sold another $483k
1521 sold another $474k which was the last car and that was not full, budget now $4.158m Smiley :D

That was awesome as market price kept bouncing back up! hehe. While I was selling the truck trailer kept dumping soybeans from F09 and ended up having 188k liters, so as the price is still high I'm racing back to farm with the train and pickup everything that is on the silo as you cant pass by such $5.3k per thousand liter opportunity Smiley :)

1530 finished harvesting F09
1534 sold another $483k
1538 sold another $483k
1542 sold last remaining 8k liters for mere $43k, budget now $5.165m Smiley :D

Too bad I didn't have more soybeans heh, like close to a million liters ain't enough haha.

One important change I'm going to make into Cornbelt terrain config files is to increase the train car capacity from 90k to 143k liters because realistically thats much grain train cars can carry. It is not a cheat just to be clear on that, sure its kind of crossing the barrier when starting to edit a terrain but its overall good and realistic edit, very transparent to the other functionality so its all good.

1601 started fertilizing F09
1612 took my first grain load to stanton sawmill refinery to begin fuel and compost production.
1624 finished seeding F50
1634 finished fertilizing F09

Then shopping list again, note that this is just a PLAN of what I maybe buy, not a list of what I did buy:
- harvester new holland cr10.90 $430k
- header new holland superflex draper 45ft $62k

- auger wagon brent avalanche 1596 $118k
- tractor fendt 939 vario with wide tires $319.8k

- lizard tx 415 barrelcore with trailer hitch and wide tires $173.5k
- bsm semi-tipper 70000/6 with wide tires and design $69.5k

The whole list above: $1.172m

2x cr10.90 + headers $984k + rest is total: $1.664m

- sprayer new holland sp.400f, width 36m $237k
- sprayer kuhn metris 4102, width 36m, needs tractor to pull it $84k
- seeder amazone condor 15001, width 15m, 270hp $224k

seeder plan: 3x condor 15001 $672k + mf 7700 to pull one $208k total: $880k

I was really struggling to make a decision about the equipment to buy, was not even considering any field purchases because the existing ones yield already so much stuff that the equipment is the weak link in the chain now.

$1476k 3x cr10.90 + headers
$880k 3x condor 15001 $672k + mf 7700 $208k
$437k auger wagon setup
$243k truck trailer
$406k 2x plough setup
$474k 2x sprayer

1900 started fertilizing F09
2000 finished fertilizing F09, no, I'm actually not joking with the times heh.

Edited the terrain train tanker and grain cars to 143k liter capacity.

2020 started fertilizing F50
2026 started fertilizing F10
2049 finished fertilizing F10
2130 finished fertilizing F50
2137 started fertilizing F34
2146 started fertilizing F44
2203 took train car of only 28k liters to maplefield mills SE sellpoint for $150k, budget now $5.271m
2241 finished fertilizing F34
2241 finished fertilizing F44
2308 started fertilizing F09
2340 finished fertilizing F09
2347 was dead tired after been up 18.5hrs straight playing FS17, oh man this is crazy, if I wasn't doing it I wouldn't believe it... off to sleep, Zzz...

2018-10-17T0636 back at PMC Gaming, firing FS17 up and we are back farming Smiley :)
0640 started harvesting F45
0712 massive purchase operation begun, it will take a while to buy all this stuff, link up and drive away from the shop yard.
- 3x harvester new holland cr10.90 $430k
- 3x header new holland superflex draper 45ft $62k
- auger wagon brent avalanche 1596 $118k
- tractor fendt 939 vario with wide tires $319.8k
- lizard tx 415 barrelcore with trailer hitch and wide tires $173.5k
- bsm semi-tipper 70000/6 with wide tires and design $69.5k
- 2x sprayer new holland sp.400f, width 36m $237k
- 3x seeder amazone condor 15001, width 15m, 270hp $224k
- 3x mf 7700 + engine + wide tires
- 2x lemken titan 11
- 2x fendt 724 vario
0745 all done purchasing, budget now $771k
0757 started harvesting F44
0801 finished harvesting F45
0810 started harvesting F34
0825 started fertilizing F45
0851 finished fertilizing F45
0924 finished harvesting F44
0929 started fertilizing F44
1000 finished fertilizing F44
1000 forgot to write down seeding wheat with new condor 15001 planters, also did wheat by accident as in my new seeder excitement forgot to change seed type Smiley :)
1022 soybeans market price started to drop, I frantically started to load train for sale...

So yeah market price started to drop just as I was harvesting last row of F34 after which I already intended to go sell soybeans. Now I'm in rush to get train loaded and driven over there before the price drops too much. I'm thinking that because the price is dropping, now I'm not going to be able to play any financial market game so when I get there, I just start to sell, Sell, SELL.

1030 train sold $761k + $736k + $712k + $687k + $510k, budget now $4.170m

I didn't have time to see how much the price dropped while I drove train there, but quick calculation shows that first car sell was with $5,321 and seeing the last full car being only $4,804 so yeah there was definite market price drop going on. I'm just glad to manage sell as quickly as I could now.

Can't wait for the next time price skyrockets on soybeans, then I'll be ready with one million liter train load hehe.

1030 finished harvesting F34
1058 started fertilizing F34
1108 took train with 66k liters of soybeans to maplefield mills SE sellpoint for $340k, budget now $4.511m

That small tiny 66k liters was just to clear my silo and complete the transactions heh, still the price was over $5k so always worth to sell stuff with that kind of prices.

1155 finished plowing F44, yeah forgot to write down starting time. I wonder why do I have a such an hurry that I cant keep proper log? Hmm, good question...
1217 finished fertilizing F34
1225 started fertilizing F44

Field 11 is oddly done by the terrain developer as only a small square of otherwise a very large field is registered with the game. The registered square is 48 hectares and I bet the surrounding non-registered area is probably 20 hectares heh. So I'm thinking business wise should I buy more vehicles or this field as it is also fully grown wheat, so I could get the money from that harvest as well. After thinking and marveling the size and location of the field, I decided to buy it.

1245 finished fertilizing F44
1246 purchased F11 for $3.959m
1250 started harvesting F11
1415 finished fertilizing F45 which I forgot to mention I started... sigh.
1440 started seeding soybeans on F34
? finished harvesting F50, forgot to write when started, can't help myself hehe
1616 finished seeding F34

When I was harvesting F11 I checked the actual size using courseplay and I bursted out laughing as it was 99.98 hectares, whoah yeah a bit over "20" then hehe. Also getting over 400k liters wheat harvest from this "for free" as well, currently price is $1905 so it will bring down the field price roughly $750k heh nice.

1643 finished harvesting F11
1654 started harvesting F10
1700 started fertilizing F11
1712 finished harvesting F10
1733 started fertilizing F10
1737 started seeding soybeans on F44
1757 finished fertilizing F10
1827 finished fertilizing F11
? finished seeding F44, yup..
1833 started plowing F11, with four 5m plows it takes 4h 15min according to courseplay.
1915 started seeding soybeans on F10
1928 finished seeding F10
2002 finished fertilizing F50, aand forgot to write down starting time, what else is new
2006 started seeding soybeans on F50
2053 purchased fiegl UAL trailer with trailer hitch and wide tires for $18.3k
2120 finished seeding F50
2123 finished fertilizing F34, guess I forgot to mention this again, hehe
2130 started harvesting F09
2136 started fertilizing F10
2138 started fertilizing F50
2151 finished fertilizing F10
2232 finished fertilizing F50
2313 finished harvesting F09
2340 damn tired so have to go to sleep, been a long day farming so feeling good about that. we continue tomorrow.

2018-10-18T0609 back at PMC Gaming, new farming day has started Smiley :)
0625 started fertilizing F09
0725 finished fertilizing F09
0829 finished plowing F11
0834 started fertilizing F11
0838 started seeding soybeans on F09
0906 started harvesting F45

Yesterday I bought the univeral auto loader truck trailer so I can carry seed/fertilizer pallets, it worked out quite well, not sure if I can setup courseplay to work with that, not purchasing the pallets obviously but at least that my seeder and fertilizer vehicles could refill from the field edge and not drive down all the way to the nearest refill station placeables, this could be avoid by spamming the terrain with these placeables but heh come on now. Also I read that the refill station is more expensive than pallets so dunno what kind of saving this might give.

On the long run I can use refinery to produce seeds and fertilizer, so hopefully once that tool pipeline is running my refill station usage is over.

Today I purchased some pallets and brought them to F09 for the two seeding vehicles, had to manually refill them as my courseplay course was not tweaked enough, also I noticed that the refill radius is extremely small, not sure if its the vehicle or the pallet (or both).

Anyways all in all it feels much nicer and realistic (kinda) to haul those pallets to the fields with a flatbed truck trailer where our planters and fertilizer sprayers can refill.

0944 finished seeding F09
1017 finished harvesting F45
1024 started fertilizing F45
1057 finished fertilizing F11
1104 started seeding soybeans on F11
1112 finished fertilizing F45
1115 started plowing F45
1241 finished plowing F45
1244 started fertilizing F45

Soybeans market price was again high $5,037 so decided to take what I have now and go sell, my budget is low as $273k so I want some buffer money (andBuyFieldsAndVehicles HEHE). Hopefully market price does the bounce again.

1307 finished fertilizing F45
1345 took train (143k liter per car) with soybeans to maplefield mills and sold 4 x $720k + $238k, budget now $3.252m
1354 finished seeding F11

Selling that crop one train car at the time worked out just like previously, price bounced up to the level it was. I started to tell at 1345hrs but sold last car like half an hour later, it takes several minutes for the price to bounce back up, just didn't want to write play by play for every train car sold.

Decided to sell the wheat what I got from F11 and the accidentally planted F45, all 709k liters of it. Maplefield mills gives $1,921 and I have no idea if that is a good price or not, it also has red down arrow so it looks like its dropping but very slowly.

1433 took train of wheat for sale $274k and waited, price started to rise again after my sale. Then sold $273k + $272k + $272k + $261k, budget now $4.607m
1512 started harvesting F44
1552 finished harvesting F44
1558 started harvesting F34
1615 started fertilizing F44
1619 started fertilizing F11
? finished fertilizing F44
1802 finished fertilizing F11
1825 finished harvesting F34
1830 finished seeding F44, and again forgot...
1834 took train with soybeans for sale, sold 4 x $720k + $46k, budget now $7.458m Smiley :)
1904 completed selling, wow takes a while to play this market finance game.

Was thinking about that market finance game where you wait for the prices to go back up again, well obviously you don't need to sit on your hands and wait, you can do other farming tasks, but that at least for me has the risk of me losing focus and just keeping doing something else and one hour later go like "oh yeah the crop selling" heh.

What I mean is this is another kind of ... well not grind but like useless time wasting task in FS17. Now don't get me wrong I do like that the prices change, if they would be hardcoded to X or Y it would not be so nice. Anyways, maybe its me just right this moment but I feel like I'm not going to play this market finance game many more times as its just way too time consuming, I assume that once I get train full of grain (dunno how many cars it has?) and still have plenty in farm silo, then it doesn't really matter if I just mass sell whole damn train load.

Anyways, seven and a half million dollars, that is a nice sum of money to go shopping with Smiley ;)

1917 started harvesting F10
1930 started harvesting F50
1940 finished harvesting F10

While I did the quick harvest of F10 I was again pondering how should I grow my farm, $7.4m dollah in the bank and I can't decide which is the best course of action.

When I'm playing with unlimited money its so easy to buy just fields that are next to each other after done ploughing one, but now I have to consider so many factors like too many fields stretch out my vehicles too much and having some big bud's on small fields is overkill (not that I really had big bud money yet but anyways). I'm thinking about expanding to the NW corner which has nice round fields, vehicle would be easy time operating there (with the exception of that invisible barrier on the highway).

1955 started fertilizing F10
1958 started fertilizing F34
2014 finished fertilizing F10
2112 finished fertilizing F34
2124 finished harvesting F50
2140 started fertilizing F50
2147 started plowing F34

At this time I was still trying to decide what to buy with my new money, damn decision making is hard Smiley ;)

2220 finished fertilizing F50
2258 purchased F33, it was corn, budget now $3.291m

After hard decision making what to do with my money I decided to buy the next closest field to my farm and what better timing as it was fully grown corn too. This also is field which is actually much larger than what the game registers, so I'm getting tons of hectares after I harvest that corn and plow the field.

As for the rest of my budget, I'm going to upgrade the case ih axial-flow harvesters, auger wagon with tractor and truck trailer to better ones, I'm really fed up with the axial-flow and steyr multi + pp20 wagon setup, I need some quality equipment. Oh and if my budget lasts, I'm also going to buy my first Big Bud with seed hawk setup.

2308 sold fiegl ass for $38k, truck for $78k, 3020 header for $9k, case axial-flow 7130 for $59k, another for $86k and header $13k
2312 sold steyr multi for $12k and pp 20 for $20k, budget now $3.611m

So there we go, sold all my beginner farmer vehicles which I kind of used in the end as the northern vehicle set.

2340 purchased the following:
- new holland 3x cr10.90 for $430k, 3x superflex draper 45 header for $62k, 3x quasar hs 16 header for $52k
- brent avalance 1596 for $118k
- fendt 939 vario with wide tires for $319k
- semi-tipper 70000/6 with wide tires and design for $70k
- lizard tx 415 barrelcore with trailer hitch, wide tires and design for $175k
- new holland 3x cr10.90 for $430k, 3x superflex draper 45 header for $62k, 3x quasar hs 16 header for $52k
- new holland 3x cr10.90 for $430k, 3x superflex draper 45 header for $62k, 3x quasar hs 16 header for $52k
- semi-tipper 70000/6 with wide tires and design for $70k
- lizard tx 415 barrelcore with trailer hitch, wide tires and design for $175k
- dolly ea
- semi-tipper 70000/6 with wide tires and design for $70k
Budget now $969k

So yeah went crazy with that stuff, second truck with a dolly and trailer behind the trailer hehe, so 2x70k liters of capacity. My first time trying that setup, I'm not sure how auger wagon courseplay will unload there... does it understand the second trailer or not.

2018-10-19T0022 started harvesting F33
0121 finished plowing F34
0226 finished harvesting F33
0208 dead tired again after been up for 20.5hrs heh, oh my. Time to sleep, more farming tomorrow, Zzz...

0910 back at PMC Gaming, starting up FS17, we are farming again Smiley :)
0922 started seeding soybeans on F50
0955 started harvesting F09
1002 started plowing F33
1034 finished seeding F50
1049 finished harvesting F09
1119 took train with corn (market price was $2,538) to sale, sold $362k after which market price kept rising again. sold $362k and $216k, budget now $1.831m
1144 started seeding soybeans on F34
1220 started fertilizing F09
1240 finished fertilizing F09
1249 finished plowing F33
1254 started fertilizing F33

That damn F35 is causing problems for every direction, I have to buy it next just so I own it which makes those "you dont own this field" problems go away. So annoying to try to work on a field which clearly is yours but game is telling you its not, also planters and fertilizers waste a lot of product when courseplay runs on those areas. Its only $6.1m heh, let me count my pennies one sec ...

1337 purchased:
- bug bud 747 with triple wheels $429k
- gregoire besson trailed lifter $15k
- gregoire besson spsl 9 with slatted moldboards $132k
- seed hawk xl toolbar 84ft $290k
- seed hawk 980 air cart with rear twin wheels $190k
- flexicoil st820 $186k

Yeaah buddy! Big Bud time! Smiley :D

1346 finished fertilizing F33

Man do I love Big Bud, that SPSL 9 plow which is 10.5m width just decimates those fields when you are used to these puny plows I've had in this savegame for many many real life days of playing. My plan is to get at least pair of Big Bud's working together, we'll see how manageable it is to have three or four, for those huge fields I'm sure its fine but medium or small sizes the huge vehicles just get into each others way I believe. But yeah ploughing anything over 50 hectares using few SPSL 9's pulled with Big Buds... oh my, that is sweet farming porno right there Smiley :)

? finished seeding F34, sorry was so excited about big bug hehe, also plowed F10 as well
1425 started fertilizing F10
1428 started plowing F09
1439 finished fertilizing F10
1447 started seeding F33
1602 finished seeding F33
1614 finished plowing F09
1627 started fertilizing F09
1645 started harvesting F11
1704 finished fertilizing F09
1718 started harvesting F44
1754 started seeding soybeans on F09, first Big Bud Seed Hawk seeding Smiley :)
1800 finished harvesting F44
1804 started harvesting F45
1841 finished seeding F09

I was surprised to see truck trailers with dolly ea and another trailer working OK with courseplay, the truck moves one trailer worth forward when the first one is full, when second is full well obviously truck continues the course. Great stuff.

1905 finished harvesting F45
1913 started seeding soybeans on F10
1922 finished seeding F10
2109 finished harvesting F11

Now the farm got 1.691 million liters of soybeans in the silos hehe. Have to wait for market prices to get better as its on red listing $3,777 now. I'm going to load that stuff to the train in preparation for the price to be right for sell.

2207 took train full of 1.647 million liters of soybeans to maplefield mills sellpoint to wait for market prices to increase.

With my 143k liters per train car edit that is how much the train holds now, or close to it.

2235 started fertilizing F34
2240 started fertilizing F09
2249 noticed that soybeans price is already $4,400 and is increasing rapidly, whee! I'm like a kid in a candy store when I get that money! Smiley ;)
2316 finished fertilizing F09
2337 started fertilizing F50
2354 finished fertilizing F34, but had to abort courseplay as the stupid sp.400fs were just circling around like dogs sniffing their butts Smiley :(
2357 started fertilizing F44

2018-10-20T0000 I actually shut FS17 down as it had been running since 0910hrs and seemed like courseplay had some hiccup with the sp.400fs circling. oh and the 0000hrs is not a joke, it just happend to be exactly at that time heh.
0026 finished fertilizing F44
0035 finished fertilizing F50
0037 started fertilizing F45
0040 started fertilizing F11
0100 finished fertilizing F45
0107 started fertilizing F33
0120 started plowing F44
0201 finished fertilizing F33
0220 finished plowing F44, well kinda as courseplay was done but I need to manually fix the edges. but thats for tomorrow.
0232 finished fertilizing F11
0240 was dead tired, been a long farming day again, time for some sleep Zzz...

0830 back at PMC Gaming, back at farming, those fields won't buy themselves, lets get back to work Smiley :)
0836 the market price for soybeans is $4,890 and rising, really exciting to see where it ends up
0844 started seeding soybeans on F11
0851 purchased 2x brent avalance 1596 for $236k

These two new 1596 auger wagons are to be used as seed/fertilizer tenders for Big Bud Seed Hawk, they are so perfect for it as all you need to do is to drive next to the air cart and zoc! its refilled, I love it.

0858 started seeding soybeans on F45
0912 sold agrosomething db 8 trailers for $13k and $13k
0922 plowing the F44 edge fixes are now done
0945 finished seeding F45
0952 started fertilizing F44
1014 finished fertilizing F44
1015 started seeding soybeans on F44

Soybeans market price stopped increasing at $4,944 so its time for me to sell. Train was already at the maplefield mills sellpoint filled with 1.647 million liters of soybeans so lets start to sell one car at the time.

1017 sold train car of soybeans for $707k, price dropped and started to increase again, so we play the market finance game once again
1026 sold train car of soybeans for $707k, and going to list rest here: 7x $707k and last three cars were smaller so 3x $593k, budget now $8.363m
1113 finished seeding F44

Didn't realize the last train cars which were some open ones had less capacity than the umm grain cars, maybe I missed the xml config when I edited them, need to go back and check. Or maybe I just loaded them somehow, wrong... dunno.

Anyways, nice 8 million DOLLAH, that will get me some nice toys Smiley ;)

Not sure if I pour all that into Big Bud vehicle upgrade or should I buy the problematic buggy field 35 which causes havoc to F34 and F33, it pisses me off so much that I'll most likely buy F35 and I'm also curious to see if its such a bug. The field costs $6.1m so I still have plenty of left for some big bud love.

1212 finished seeding F11

I'm looking at field 35 and its a 86 hectares which is fairly large but at the moment there is nothing growing there, the price will come down a lot when the AI farmer plants something there after which I buy the field and harvest the crops. Although sometimes you have to wait a while before AI plants which is odd (happened with F50 I think).

1223 purchased 2x tech tanker multi tanker with trailer hitch and wide tires for $56.3k and dolly ea with wide tires for $9.2k, budget now $8.241m
1311 picked up all the crude oil and took it to marys farm petrol station, now all we need is some grain to make fuel in refinery
1355 fertilizing fixing for F34 because the courseplay hiccup with circling vehicles previously. I was completely blind just using GPS because it was on last growth stage so I could not see the soil heh
1406 I should have know, growth stage changed for ready to harvest just when I was fertilizing it hehe, HOWEVER still half of the damn field was NOT ready, sigh.
1418 started harvesting F34
1434 started harvesting F50
1554 started fertilizing F11
1624 finished harvesting F34
1629 finished harvesting F50

Was quite frantic harvest again as I was checking out the market prices for soybeans and they still were $4,944 so I started to load the train. Harvest completed and I was keeping my eye on the prices while the last truck was traveling to farm silos.

1640 had train loaded with 920k of soybeans, off to sell them.
1645 sold first car for $707k, then continued after price increased, 5x $707k and change $310k, budget now $12.781m Smiley :D

Oh wow over ten million DOLLAH in bank already, that is a nice amount of money. Hmm what should I buy, couple of fields and fleet of Big Buds? hehe Smiley ;)

1740 started fertilizing F34
1759 finished fertilizing F11
1804 started fertilizing F50

Rebooted FS17 and added Big Brute sprayer mod as I wanted to try it out for a long time and it would fit perfectly for this huge terrain and Big Bud madness. Then it was time to spend some money Smiley ;)

1838 purchased F35 for $6.189m and F51 for $3.441m, budget now $3.108m
1842 purchased:
2x big brute 425/100 $195k
2x bug bud 747 with triple wheels $429k
2x gregoire besson trailed lifter $15k
2x gregoire besson spsl 9 with slatted moldboards $132k
2x seed hawk xl toolbar 84ft $290k
2x seed hawk 980 air cart with rear twin wheels $190k
2x flexicoil st820 $186k

Budget now $218k Smiley :)

1858 finished fertilizing F34
1905 finished fertilizing F50
1915 started plowing F50

Started Big Bud SPSL 9 three tool ploughing setup heh, nice Smiley ;)

1935 started fertilizing F44
1938 changed crop growth rate to SLOW and I intend to keep it there, its just so much easier to get used to it and hopefully not have half grown fields etc.
2004 finished fertilizing F44
2005 started fertilizing F45
2024 finished fertilizing F45
2039 finished plowing F50, well courseplay part, still need to fix those edges

Hmm I noticed that as the terrain was a bit elevated, the SPSL 9 plow made a little bit of mess, quite few small streaks here and there, not too bad when you think about the mass volume these guys actually ploughed for me.

2107 plow fix for F50 done
2107 started fertilizing F50, testing new Big Bud Brute 425/100 Smiley ;)
2122 started plowing F35

Even with three Big Bud SPSL 9 ploughs it says to take 2h 15min, damn... we need more plough powa! heh

2138 started seeding soybeans on F34
2200 finished fertilizing F50
2213 drove the big bud brute 425/100's back to shop and sold, they sound horrible I just cant use vehicles like this.

BTW Cornbelt is buggy with the F35 definition as once I bought it, all the problems with F33 and F34 went away. The dev has not seen this obviously because F35 is owned by player and therefore the bug wont show up until you edit your savegame (not Cornbelt files).

This was actually the first time I got... well not bored but kind of, frustrated I guess, dunno really. I was disappointed about the brute being so bad sounding and also when I ran three big bud plough and massey ferguson seeding courseplays I got the performance loss where FPS dropped from 60 to like below 25 at worst situations. No I'm not going to stop but just wanted to mention that after all these days for playing non-stop minimum of 16hrs / day I had nothing but 110% enthusiasm and motivation, but right now I wouldn't shed much tears if I stopped. Or something.

That performance loss is really a bad thing, I mean when you've gotten used to 60fps, how can you play when it dips to low 20's? You can't.

2310 finished seeding F34
2348 finished plowing F35

It was odd as it started to rain in-game and visibility was very poor, heh kind of reflected on my mood Smiley ;)

Now after finishing plowing F35 I actually felt like taking a break when even thinking about starting to fix those plough edge missed spots... and I did, gotta take a small breather and watch some TV, check discord which I've ignored for week+ etc. Although I had youtube video upload going for more than an hour so couldn't shut down the computer.

So I spent rest of the evening of watching TV and catching up rss news / discord chat a bit, guys were already worried what happened to me as I disappeared for almost two weeks hehe.

2018-10-21T1107 back at PMC Gaming, starting up FS17, farming continues if we just can get through that low visibility rain Smiley :)
1245 started harvesting F33
1305 started harvesting F10
1323 finished harvesting F10
1325 started harvesting F09
1335 started fertilizing F34
1352 started fertilizing F10
1414 finished fertilizing F10
1425 finished harvesting F09
1435 started harvesting F11
1527 finished harvesting F33
1534 finished fertilizing F34

There is a huge logistics problem harvesting F11, three cr10.90's put out so much soybeans that the one auger wagon and truck can't keep up with them. I'm running the 70k liter truck trailer into farm HQ which is a long way, the courseplay route has been recorded with 68km/h speeds so that also slows the lizard tx 415 barrelcores capability which is 82km/h I think it was. Sure I can set it to max speed but then it runs off road on corners heh. I am looking at the grain silos on both near marys farm and the shop, but I dont think either one of those distance is any shorter, hmm not sure, would have to almost time the route.

I need a new truck trailer, using dollys to attach two of the 70k liter semi-tippers which gives nice capacity for one run. Then I also need to record new courseplay course as current one puts the truck even with a one trailer into too tight spot, the course was made for the puny metaltech db 8 for crying out loud heh.

Also thinking about buying a new truck but also second auger wagon, would set them up to the other side of the field so hopefully the auger wagons with courseplay operated would not run into each other so much, slim chance of that but who knows, gotta try it.

Currently I only have $455k budget so cant buy expensive stuff, I have to drive the other auger wagon and truck trailer "from down south" into F11.

1827 started fertilizing F35
1932 finished harvesting F11

When the F11 was harvested I had 1.5 million liters of soybeans again, too bad the market prices were not so good, well they were just over $4k but even though I earlier said its my bare minimum, I think the next time sell time comes it has to be over $5k heh.

And with finishing up this harvest I didn't feel like playing at the moment, just didn't have the motivation like just few days ago so I'm going to take a break again and unless I get some sudden inspiration this will be it for today.

2018-10-22T1042 back at PMC Gaming, time for some FS17 farming action Smiley :)
1111 finished fertilizing F35
1114 started fertilizing F09
1119 started fertilizing F33
1150 finished fertilizing F09
1155 started fertilizing F11
1207 started harvesting F45

Our farm has 1.5 million liters of soybeans and their market price just started to increase, its already $4,341 going to be another nice pay day soon.

1221 finished fertilizing F33
1309 finished harvesting F45
1320 started seeding soybeans on F50
1326 started harvesting F44
1356 finished seeding F50
1359 finished fertilizing F11
1406 started seeding soybeans on F11
1417 finished harvesting F44
1430 started fertilizing F44
1456 finished fertilizing F44
1457 started fertilizing F45
1505 started seeding wheat on F44, we need wheat for the refinery to make our own seeds
1530 finished fertilizing F45
1532 finished seeding F11
1534 started seeding soybeans on F09
1558 finished seeding F44
1600 started seeding soybeans on F45
1502 finished seeding F09
1607 started seeding soybeans on F10
1616 finished seeding F10
1641 finished seeding F45
1658 started seeding soybeans on F33
1755 finished seeding F33
1803 started seeding soybeans on F35

Took a train full of soybeans to maplefield mills to be ready for sell once price hit highest, it was $4,684 with up arrow to increase but it stalled there, few moments later it actually had dropped one dollar even though it still had the up arrow. Hmm I'm not happy to see with that price, I'd like it to break $5k but we'll see what happens. Train is parked in there now and it wont cost me a thing so I can wait, my farm silo still had like 150k liters so for immediate budget problems I could take out truck trailer and sell some.

1904 finished seeding F35

Got everything planted, only F34 is on growth stage two, if you recall I set the options plant growth rate to slow so now it will take a while for stuff to grow. Sometimes this is a problem that you don't have anything to do but wait well mostly this was a problem early in the savegame, but now it is really nice breather in the far when you just wait, relax and chill while the crops grow Smiley :)

So I went to pick up all the crude oil and took it to marys farm petrol station.

Field 51 has potatoes and should be harvested... except that I hate potato harvesting, the harvester is incredibly slow with stupid narrow header so I assume harvesting that field takes ages. Not only that but it produces huge loads of potatoes and I have no place to store them. I do have placeable for 300k liter storage capacity but yeah dunno... it is just a drag to harvest potatoes, you should only do them on a small field which would produce more than enough for your pigs to feed.

Budget is really low after the seed and fertilize costs, only $184k right now, but train full of soybeans is sitting at maplefield mills so millions are available at any moment.

Unfortunately the market prices stopped at $4,681 which while is pretty nice, its not nice enough for me. I wanna $5k before I sell my hard work.

2026 was really tired which was odd feeling after all these days of playing without taking a nap, so decided to take a nap to refreshen myself up.

2018-10-23T0016 woke up and back starting up FS17, farming continues after refreshing nap.
0026 picked up 154k liter of crude oil from marys farm petrol station by the oil tanker train, I got now 221k liter of crude oil in refinery

There was definite lul in the action as crops were growing, most in their first stage and I only had 184k budget so could not buy any new toys while I was waiting for market prices to go up again (not satisfied with $4.6k sell price).

I would want to get animals started, sure this savegame goal is to buy all the fields so why waste time with animals, but heh animals are a big part of FS17 so yeah got to have some animals. First I need is water and grass, well I have a huge water truck tanker but no mower or forage wagon to collect that stuff. I don't want to spend my last budget of buying those, also I want to go for the expensive krone big m or whatever it was which really cuts down grass quickly.

Oh also the potato field needs to get harvested but the damn harvester costs like almost half a million dollars.

0240 started fertilizing F35
0244 started harvesting F34

While harvesting F34 and things were rolling smoothly, luckily no harvester traffic accidents on the narrow northern part of the field, was thinking about purchasing a fourth harvester which actually was my plan all along, nice round number heh. So when the next batch of crops are sold, then I'll be purchasing two new holland cr10.90 harvesters and oh yeah one more semi-tipper trailer truck for the "harvesting team" that doesn't have two now. Like said, the weak link is the lack of two trucks for me on that team, the harvesters just pull in so much grain that one truck cannot keep up.

0339 started fertilizing F11
0348 started fertilizing F10
0401 finished fertilizing F10
0420 finished fertilizing F35
0421 started fertilizing F33
0456 finished harvesting F34
0517 started fertilizing F09
0531 started fertilizing F34

I really need to get fertilizer tender thing going, its too long journey for these tractors to drive from fields 9 through 11 into shop to refill. I gotta have brent avalance 1596 filled with solid and tech tank 40k liters of liquid fertilizer by the fields. Because I have to support Big Bud courseplay courses (ie driving at the middle of the road), the tractors also always get stuck in traffic when they go refill at the same time.

Maybe increase the steyr multi with KUHN EMC spreader setup to 4 tractors, they usually don't collide much on the field so 4 would be quite nice fast setup.

0557 finished fertilizing F33
0605 finished fertilizing F11
0627 started fertilizing F45
0642 finished fertilizing F09
0652 started fertilizing F44
0653 finished fertilizing F45
0716 finished fertilizing F44
0725 finished fertilizing F34
0727 too tired, naps mess me up, time to sleep Zzz...

1313 back at PMC Gaming, FS17 booted up, we are back farming.
1336 after time accelerating through the night (only used 960x now) market prices started to drop. I guess my dreams of millions are again further away.
1346 started seeding soybeans on F34

Overnight running vehicle costs are $28k so with the latest seed/fertilizer purchases my budget is now only $71k so it dropped below the one hundred thousand base limit I set. Guess its time to send truck trailer to sell one batch of soybeans into closest sell point. No I don't want to sell anything from my "money train" which sits there waiting for good market prices heh, yeah call me weird but thats how I want to sell the train contents.

1449 finished seeding F34
1548 took 70k liter truck trailer load of soybeans to gunther sell point, budget now $314k
1719 took 70k liter truck trailer load of soybeans to gunther sell point, budget now $553k

With those two truck loads I can now purchase potato harvester and get to work on F51.

1724 purchased grimme tectron 415 for $429k, budget now $124k
1738 started harvesting F51, potatoes

Potato harvesting is pain, you have to manually drive some sort of trailer to pick up the potatoes and drive to where you need them to go, I mean you cannot use overloader for potatoes.

F51 is huge and I know from experience and this size field will produce incredible amount of potatoes far more than I ever need heh, so I doubt I'm going to harvest all of it. Now I just started to chip away from the western edge and thinking about proceeding as much as my patience allows heh.

Seriously potato harvesting must be the most time consuming and boring work in FS17 because of the narrow header and super slow harvester plus that you cannot use auger wagon for potatoes.

I didn't want to use courseplay to generate field work course for the whole field because it is massive within scale of this vehicle, so what I did was to drove myself a small box edge at the western edge of the field recording course and used that to generate field work course which must have been like 5% of the field. Then I let courseplay drive the vehicle and I drove the semi-tipper truck to unload the harvester.

1829 purchased root crop storage placeable for $90k, budget now $34k

This placeable is nice, but it only holds 300k liters which I consider to be low amount, of course you can place more of these but heh yep dunno. On the other hand I don't know how much potatoes pigs eat so maybe one storage full lasts for years in-game time who knows heh, maybe I'll find out in this savegame Smiley :)

After doing the potato thing a while it was kind of, relaxing I guess (just like FS17 in general), was thinking that I'll keep chipping away this huge field every time there is some lul in the usual farming action like right now. Crops are growing and they still take a while to get to harvest stage and without money I have not much else I could do, other than going to pick up crude oil which I assume there is very little as I just picked it up.

Only thing I'm wondering is do I have to go sell another truck load of soybeans for money as I don't have enough to buy more root crops placeables...

2151 took semi-tipper 70k liter load of potatoes to gunther sell point for $92k, budget now $126k
2156 purchased root crops storage placeable for $90k, budget now $36k

Whee I got another root crops placeable to store more potatoes Smiley :)

Was harvesting potatoes and watching MN Millennial Farmer from youtube, kind of relaxing but I did kind of wonder how damn long time does it take for next growth stage which is harvest, it felt like ages.

2018-10-24T0201 took semi-tipper 70k liter load of potatoes to gunther sell point for $93k, budget now $129k
0313 took semi-tipper 140k liter load of potatoes to gunther sell point for $93k + $91k, budget now $313k
0410 took semi-tipper 70k liter load of potatoes to gunther sell point for $93k, budget now $406k
0458 night was setting in-game time it was getting dark, I was getting tired in real life time, decided to call it a day when about 20% of F51 was done heh

1340 back at PMC Gaming, back at farming,
1438 took semi-tipper 140k liter load of potatoes to gunther sell point for $93k + $91k, budget now $591k

So at this point I had 600k liters of potatoes in placeables, had sold many truck loads already and the field wasnt even half way harvested yet Smiley :)

Plan now is to keep harvesting when I have nothing else to do and haul these 140k liter truck loads to gunther for sale. I mean its free money, right?

1454 started fertilizing F34

Oh btw, soybeans market prices still holding at "white" $3,957 I guess in-game time not much have passed but it feels like a forever in real life time.

1629 took semi-tipper 140k liter load of potatoes to gunther sell point for $93k + $91k, budget now $756k
1640 finished fertilizing F34
1838 took semi-tipper 140k liter load of potatoes to gunther sell point for $92k + $91k, budget now $910k
1946 took semi-tipper 70k liter load of potatoes to gunther sell point for $89k, budget now $999k

2008 soybeans market prices are increasing everywhere except maplefield mills heh. and still fields are not ready for harvest, takes forever heh
2106 took semi-tipper 140k liter load of potatoes to gunther sell point for $80k + $78k, budget now $1.159m whee back to the millionaire club (kinda)

Managed to put together working courseplay course for selling the potatoes, now all I need to do is manually load the trucks.

2154 F51 was harvested about 40-45% almost half, heh all this time and only a half done hehe huge or slow task
2300 took semi-tipper 140k liter load of potatoes to gunther sell point for $68k + $66k, budget now $1.294m
2320 soybeans market price started to increase, YES! I'm like a kid in a candy store hehe, now lets see how high it goes this time, crossing fingers! Smiley :)

... except that market price had green up arrow yet the price was decreasing, huh what?

2018-10-25T0041 took semi-tipper 140k liter load of potatoes to gunther sell point for $65k + $63k, budget now $1.422m
0112 took semi-tipper 70k liter load of potatoes to gunther sell point for $65k, budget now $1.487m
0126 soybeans market price had now increased couple of dollars as it just earlier decreased with green up arrow, hmm. but, at least its increasing.
0214 now we have harvested approximately half way through F51, man that field is huge for potato harvester heh
0239 took semi-tipper 140k liter load of potatoes to gunther sell point for $65k + $63k, budget now $1.616m
0304 soybeans market price now $4,018 and increasing and FINALLY all the fields, all at once, turned into ready to harvest stage (except F34 which was fresh)
0316 started harvesting F33
0337 took semi-tipper 70k liter load of potatoes to gunther sell point for $65k, budget now $1.681m
0351 started harvesting F10
0408 started harvesting F09
0410 finished harvesting F10
0416 started fertilizing F10
0439 finished fertilizing F10
0501 finished harvesting F09
0505 started harvesting F11
0510 started fertilizing F09
0517 purchased brent avalanche 1596 for $?k, budget now $1.561m

brent 1596 comes to solid fertilizer tender usage, we can't have our spreaders run back and forth to shop all the time.

0533 finished harvesting F33
0538 started harvesting F35
0543 finished fertilizing F09
0819 been playing 18hrs straight dead tired again its time for some sleep, Zzz...

1504 back at PMC Gaming, starting up FS17, lets harvest...
1540 soybeans market price for maplefield mills is increasing but the other sellpoints already stopped, its now on green $4,609 and increasing

I'm writing this several days since I drove the "money train" into maplefield mills to wait until the price is right so feels like ages for me. Now I already have two million liter of soybeans in farm silo and the biggest fields are like half way harvested and then I still have F44, F45 and F50 left to harvest heh, I'm scared to think how many liters I end up.

What that means is when the price stops increasing and hopefully its above $5k I'm starting to sell doing the market finance game, when the train is empty I race back to farm fill it up and going back to maplefield to sell some more as long as I have grain and the price is high.

If I manage to pull this off... like said I'm scared to even think how many millions I end up with heh. Exciting times Smiley :)

1624 soybeans market prices unfortunately seems to have stalled to $4,672 as it takes extremely long time to increase one dollar

I'm little bit worried that the price has again stalled to this same 4.6k level, if so, then I have to sell because it was such a torture to live this one game-day without money.

1636 finished harvesting F35
1655 started harvesting F45
1702 well looks like soybean price does increase although extremely slow, it feels like its on the stalled state but it does increase, its now $4,699
1712 finished harvesting F11
1736 soybeans market price in maplefield mills stopped increasing at $4,700 even

Damn shame I wished over $5k... damn damn damn Smiley :(

Well also I have 2.9 million liters of soybeans in farm silo and I haven't even started harvesting F50, oh my that is some serious load of crops Smiley ;)

I really really hate to sell my crops with less than $5k but the price has twice now stalled to around $4.7k as its now so after the potatoes madness day+ I really do not wish to sit on my hands waiting for price to be right, I think its time to start selling and getting some PROGRESS on this field purchasing farm business.

It is time...

1745 started to sell "money train" soybeans contents, sold first car for $672k, damn so low money Smiley :(
1750 started harvesting F44
1752 finished harvesting F45
1753 sold soybeans train car for $672k
1757 hit 3 million liters of soybeans in farm silos heh
1804 sold soybeans train car for $672k
1811 sold soybeans train car for $672k
1713 started fertilizing F11
1819 sold soybeans train car for $672k
1827 sold soybeans train car for $672k
1835 sold soybeans train car for $672k
1843 sold soybeans train car for $672k, I assume as I couldnt see due courseplay helper whining about fertilizer tank is empty text
1852 finished harvesting F44
1853 sold soybeans train car for $672k, assuming. this was the last regular closed grain car, next is the three open cars
1901 sold soybeans train car for $564k, this was the first open car
1908 sold soybeans train car for $564k
1912 started harvesting F50
1932 sold soybeans train car for $564k, budget now $9.252m

Immediately started train and raced to farm silos to load another 1.647 million liters of soybeans for sale before the market price plummets again

On F50 I tried six (6)! combine harvester setup... which went, excuse my language, completely to SHIT. I mean the first harvester sped off without combining and used wrong course lane, then soon after first harvesters collided and soon there after it was one big stinking mess. It was much like watching The Benny Hill Show when these harvesters were goofing around.

Hmm I think in order to run such numbers of harvesters you need to have 300+ hectare field to have the benefit and ROOM for them to maneuver, anything less and you should use less harvesters, I mean whats the point of throwing more than 4 harvesters to a 20 hectare field.

1950 train loaded, back to maplefield mills
1950 finished fertilizing F11
1955 sold soybeans train car for $672k
2008 sold soybeans train car for $672k

F50 harvesting went to totally ridiculous, harvesters started to finish their tasks even though half the field was undone heh, like I said it was one big stinking pile of mess.

2018 sold soybeans train car for $672k
2027 sold soybeans train car for $672k
2034 sold soybeans train car for $672k
2052 sold soybeans train car for $672k
2054 finished harvesting F50
2101 sold soybeans train car for $672k
2108 started fertilizing F33
2110 sold soybeans train car for $672k, this was the last grain car that is closed
2118 sold soybeans train car for $564k
2126 sold soybeans train car for $564k
2132 sold soybeans train car for $564k, budget now $16.963m Smiley :)

When I was done selling second train load of soybeans for $4,700 market price, I again raced back to farm silo to load a third train load because I have 1.7 million liters left heh, lets see and make some money! Smiley ;)

2156 sold soybeans train car for $672k
2205 sold soybeans train car for $672k
2208 finished fertilizing F33
2211 started fertilizing F35
2212 sold soybeans train car for $672k
2220 sold soybeans train car for $672k
2228 started fertilizing F50
2229 sold soybeans train car for $672k
2244 sold soybeans train car for $672k
2251 started seeding soybeans on F33
2254 sold soybeans train car for $672k
2301 sold soybeans train car for $672k, this was the last grain car that is closed
2303 finished fertilizing F50
2309 sold soybeans train car for $564k
2318 sold soybeans train car for $564k
2324 sold soybeans train car for $564k, budget now $24.705m MUHAHAH! Smiley :D
2333 finished seeding F33

2018-10-26T0010 finished fertilizing F35
0021 started seeding soybeans on F35
0039 purchased 2x dolly ea for $9.2k and 2x semi-tipper 70000/6 with wide tires for $70.7k, budget now $24.515m
0049 purchased lizard tx 415 barrelcore with trailer hitch and wide tires for $175.2k and dolly ea for $9.2k, budget now $24.331m
0051 purchased 2x semi-tipper 70000/6 with wide tires for $70.7k, budget now $24.191m

Upgraded my truck fleet, now I have two semi-tipper double trailers for both "harvesting teams" to haul that grain, should not be a bottle neck anymore. Now the problem is, where do I park these monsters... Smiley ;)

0108 started plowing F44
0140 started seeding soybeans on F10
0147 finished seeding F35
0152 started seeding soybeans on F50
0153 finished seeding F10
? finished plowing F44, damn completely forgot to write this down
0300 started fertilizing F45
0305 finished seeding F50
0333 truck load of 140k liter potatoes to gunther for $99k + $97k, budget now $24.275m
0337 finished fertilizing F45
0339 started plowing F45
0357 started plowing F11
0407 started fertilizing F44
0428 finished fertilizing F44
0440 finished plowing F45
0511 took truck load of 140k liters of wheat to stanton sawmill, dumped into the eastern silo with the water tank

When you dump water and wheat to this location, you'll get seeds overtime. I don't know how long it takes, but I got my first 2500 liters of seeds in the time I was writing this farming log entry.

You have to pickup the seeds by train, you can't access them with truck.

0540 took another truck load of soybeans for the other side of stanton sawmill to produce fuel and compost.
0601 took another truck load of wheat for making seeds. at this time I already had 25k liters of seeds done, cool!

Seems like the days of purchasing seeds are over as the factory produces so high quantity of seeds. Hopefully the fertilizer side of things works the same.

0621 took truck load 140k liter of potatoes to gunther for $99k + $97k, budget now $24.464m
0640 purchased slurry tank placeable for $8.5k, placed it to stanton sawmill for easy access
0645 finished plowing F11
0714 used tanker truck to bring 80k liter of slurry into fertilizer factory, it immediately started to produce fertilizer as I had a bit of compost there already
0814 quite tired but more like exhausted, so shut down FS17 and continue tomorrow.

1613 back at PMC Gaming, firing up FS17, we continue farming...
1627 started fertilizing F50
1634 started fertilizing F33
1714 finished fertilizing F50
1717 started fertilizing F10
1730 finished fertilizing F10
1734 finished fertilizing F33
1738 started fertilizing F35
1753 checked factories; seed 140k liters, fertilizer 67k liters, fuel 114k liters and compost 21k liters, nice Smiley :)
1803 started seeding soybeans on F11
1911 finished fertilizing F35
1924 finished seeding F11
1926 started seeding soybeans on F09
1930 started seeding soybeans on F45
1953 finished seeding F09
1955 took truck trailer 140k liter of potatoes to gunther for $98k + $96k, budget now $24.586m
2007 started seeding soybeans on F44
2006 finished seeding F45
2030 used train to pickup 67k liter of seeds and 200k liter of fertilizer from the factory, whoah nice load of fertilizer heh
2104 finished seeding F44
2154 started to dump potatoes into the far edge of F51

Its so painful to haul the potatoes so far to gunther for sale, so I decided to disconnect the second semi-tipper trailer, use the first 70k liter one only which makes the truck more easier / faster to drive and then I'm going to dump all the remaining potatoes at the edge of F51 where they are in nobodys way and I can access them whenever I want lateron. I can use conveyor belts to load them into trucks when the time comes.

2202 purchased F08 for 1.135m, F46 for 2.152m, F47 for 5.173m, F48 for 3.309m and F49 for 1.977m, total of $13.746m, budget now $10.827m
2211 purchased:
- john deere 7030 with front linkage, front loader, 7530 and rear twin wheels $135k
- lely splendimo 320 fc $12k
- lely splendimo 900 mc $49k
- pottinger hit 12.14 t $27k
- lely hibiscus 1515 cd profi $62k
- new holland bigbaler 1290 $102k
- kuhn fbp 3135 $135k
- strautman tera-vitesse cfs 5201 do $131k
- siloking trailedline duo 1814 $41k

2242 purchased 3x great plains yp-2426a each $142k, budget now $9.707m
2257 purchased 2x bredal k165 each $67k, budget now $9.573m
2309 purchased 2x new holland cr10.90 $430k, 2x new holland superflex draper 45ft $62k and 2x quasar hs 16 header for $52k, budget now $8.483m
2317 purchased big bud with plow + seedhawk + flexicoil setup for $1.218m, budget now $7.265m
2322 purchased F15 for 2.266m and F16 for 1.867m, budget now $3.130m

2018-10-27T0020 started fertilizing F49

Tried out the new bredal 20k liter spreader trailer, it was odd, courseplay complained that I need seeds for it. So I had to fake the course as normal route and slow down the speed so its not unrealistic like these losers you see in twitch streams with 21km/h speeding harvesters with 1000 meter heads etc.

? finished fertilizing F49
0125 started harvesting F34, harvesting now with 4 combines Smiley ;)
0131 started plowing F49, plowing now with 4 big bud 757's and SPSL 9's hehe
0205 finished plowing F49
0219 started fertilizing F49

Now bredal fertilizer spreader trailer works OK with courseplay. Go figure, must have been some hiccup and needed game restart, very rarely I see that happen.

0259 finished fertilizing F49
0330 finished harvesting F34
0413 purchased brent avalance 1596 auger wagon for $118k, budget now $2.971m
0416 started fertilizing F44
0440 finished fertilizing F44
0451 started fertilizing F45
0459 started fertilizing F11
0511 started harvesting F48
0522 finished fertilizing F45
0539 started seeding soybeans on F49
0623 finished fertilizing F11
0635 finished seeding F49
? finished harvesting F48

Then I used new holland bigbaler to make bales out of the straw

0908 dead tired again, had to stop playing for tonight, more tomorrow, Zzz...

1847 back at PMC Gaming, starting up FS17, farming continues Smiley :)
1905 purchased man tgs 18.480 with trailer hitch for $167.3k and tech tanker multi tank with trailer hitch and wide tires (us) for $57.6k, budget now $2.746m
1908 purchased dolly ea for $9.2k and semi-tipper 70000/6 with wide tires for $69.6k, budget now $2.668m

This truck and tanker/trailer is to be used in stanton sawmill factory to carry grain, slurry and water.

1923 finished collecting all the square bales from F48, placed them in NE corner of the field as there was good remote empty space there
1927 started fertilizing F34
1946 did compost and water runs at stanton sawmill. compost to fertilizer and water for seed factory.
2025 purchased john deere 7030 with bells and whistles for $135k
2038 drove a fertilize edge courseplay route for F48
2042 started fertilizing F48, inside the edge as this was weird field by the terrain dev
2053 finished fertilizing F34
2104 finished fertilizing F48
2117 started plowing F48
2136 started plowing F46
2225 finished plowing F48, except still need to manually fix the corners and rough elevation plow mis-haps
2237 plow fixes done for F48, well, most of them
2259 finished plowing F46
2301 started fertilizing F09
2322 started fertilizing F48

2018-10-28T0003 finished fertilizing F48
0013 started cultivating F48
0038 finished fertilizing F09
0054 finished cultivating F48

First time in a long time that I used cultivators in a larger scale, it might be that I've never used the big bud flexicoil before this I just can't remember.

0215 started plowing F47
0300 finished plowing F47, but enlarge and corner fixing still to do.
0449 plow fixes done for F47, uuh painstakingly slow work.
0442 started fertilizing F47
0520 started seeding wheat on F48
0522 finished fertilizing F47
0553 finished seeding F48
0556 started seeding wheat on F47
0658 finished seeding F47

After a meal and watching some welker farm youtube videos, somehow I felt... not ready to continue with F33, F35 and F50 harvests because I expected to get tired soon, had that semi tired / exhausted feeling. Hmm and only been playing 13hrs straight, thats nothing, I should have at least 3-4hrs more hours left in me Smiley ;)

Oh and also I was hesitant to start harvests as weather indicator shows rain, odd thing is that its the current weather indicator, but I see no rain hmm.

0819 yeah didn't feel like continuing with the harvests so shut down FS17 for today (judging by how many hours I've been at it today), won't go to sleep yet but have to stop short today, if someone could call 13hrs straight a "short" heh. Anyways more farming tomorrow.

1743 back at PMC Gaming, starting up FS17, we have three big harvest to do Smiley :)
1805 started harvesting F33
1815 started harvesting F50
1851 well now it started to rain, all harvesters stopped. I guess we wait for clear weather then...

When it was raining I did some maintenance, refueled vehicles, refilled stanton sawmill factories, hauled seeds and fertilizer with a train etc.

2043 edited CornBelt a bit, translated few german words to english and tweaked train car woodships from 120k liters to 143k same as grain.
2145 plowing fixes for F46 done.
2327 started fertilizing F46
2331 purchased F60 for $934k and F61 for $1.173m, budget now $209k

Purchasing these fields was quick decision as I had the money and the fields had crops fully grown which is money in the bank. Sure I dropped below one million base budget limit but it was a good deal and I have plenty of crops to sell in my farm silo all I need to do is to haul that stuff to sell point.

Currently I'm lacking liquid transport, I have that one MAN truck which I use for fuel and multi liquid tankers, it is a lot of swapping tanker trailers when you hop from multi to fuel because often times the multi one is not empty for example at the moment of writing this multi is filled with fertilizer but this would be perfect time to go haul some crude oil, but I cant as the tankers are not empty.

2359 finished fertilizing F46

2018-10-29T0023 had to take a nap as rain kept falling in-game heh
0351 woke up and firing up FS17 back up, lets see how quickly that rain will pass now.
0510 started plowing F34
0544 finished harvesting F50
0601 started harvesting F61
0603 started harvesting F60
0631 finished harvesting F33
0636 started harvesting F35
? finished harvesting F61
0700 finished harvesting F60
0727 started plowing F08
0810 finished plowing F34
0825 finished plowing F08
0903 started harvesting F10
0920 finished harvesting F10
0942 started harvesting F09
1041 finished harvesting F09
1048 finished harvesting F35

After semi-tipper unloaded to farm silo I had liters there 116k wheat, 250k barley and 2.2 million soybeans.

1110 shut down FS17, time to take a break for today, more farming tomorrow.

1959 back at PMC Gaming, firing up FS17, harvest continues...
2009 started harvesting F11
2116 started harvesting F45
2206 finished harvesting F45
2207 started harvesting F44
2255 finished harvesting F44

2018-10-30T0017 finished harvesting F11

Started to feel a bit not really exhausted but and I hate to use this word but, bored. Right now all but one field has been harvested, several plough tasks in front of me and still with all these millions and big buds and mumbo jumbo, I feel like I'm only 20% progress for buying all the fields, dunno maybe more but yeah the light at the end of the tunnel is so small I can barely see it hehe.

0210 finished harvesting F51 potatoes, uuh what an ordeal... no more, never again! haha Smiley ;)

So first I purchased those two 300k liter placeables, then I started to haul 140k truck loads to gunther and once that got old I started to dump the potatoes into back end of the field into a huge mountain of potatoes. It is clear to me that the grain (at least potatoes) pile on the ground does not even come close to the actual liter amount as the pile is super small compared to the endless truck loads I dumped there. Oh well its FS17 for you.

If I only feed the potatoes to my pigs (which I purchase soon), it will last me for two life times hehe, I highly doubt I'll be planting more potatoes in this savegame, there just is no need after this monster mountain of potatoes.

0234 started fertilizing F51
0235 plow fixes for F08 done
0319 finished fertilizing F08, forgot to write start time heh
0322 started plowing F15

I was ploughing F15 which was in the corner of wide open landscape without anything on the horizon and I realized how good I felt to break into this north west section of this terrain which has large square fields, I think I'm going to like farming here Smiley :)

Most likely I try to purchase fields in this area now before expanding elsewhere, this NW is like the mirror image of the NE which has the smallest fields of this terrain and probably the most busy area.

I just love so much of the large open areas without objects for your vehicles to collide into or lack of parking space. Now don't get me wrong I don't want an objectless flat terrain, oh no, but like the most horrendous piece of garbage you can find are these claustrophobic BRITISH terrains where I would never ever imagine myself farming.

0418 finished plowing F15
0439 plow fixes for F15 done
0443 started plowing F16
0447 started fertilizing F15
0504 finished fertilizing F15
0504 finished fertilizing F51
0519 finished plowing F16
0547 started fertilizing F16
0601 finished fertilizing F16
0624 started fertilizing F33
0718 finished fertilizing F33
0959 finished harvesting F49

F49 was accidentally planted with soybeans and wheat, it happened when I started courseplay courses using new seedhawk planter which was used the first time and obviously it defaults to wheat.

But this accident brought in some new information, I had two rows side by side soybeans and wheat, the wheat row would yield roughly twice as much grain than soybeans. So even as soybeans is pretty much twice more value on the market wheat still gets you a lot of money because you get so damn much of it (yield).

1022 shut down FS17 for today, quite exhausted of playing already, I think it finally starts to wear me out, heh we'll see. More farming tomorrow.

1951 back at PMC Gaming, starting up FS17, farming continues.

Guess I was really tired as didn't even realize last night that now all my fields have been harvested, farm silo status is: 79k wheat, 250k barley and 3.576 million liters of soybeans (plus the placeable 600k of potatoes).

2011 started fertilizing F35
2014 started plowing F33
2141 finished fertilizing F35
2154 started fertilizing F44
2203 started fertilizing F09
2217 finished fertilizing F44
2218 finished fertilizing F09
2225 started fertilizing F10
2231 started fertilizing F45
2237 started fertilizing F11
2239 finished fertilizing F10
2242 started plowing F09
2244 finished plowing F33
2254 finished fertilizing F45
2316 started plowing F51
2336 finished plowing F09
2342 finished fertilizing F11
2351 started plowing F10

2018-10-31T0004 finished plowing F10
0006 started fertilizing F50
0019 started harvesting F48
0034 finished fertilizing F50
0213 finished baling straw on F49
0304 finished harvesting F48
0315 started seeding canola on F50

Damn 4 big bud seedhawk setups is nasty with courseplay, you have to separate them far apart when you send them on their way that they won't collide with each other. Seems like in the headland corners with seedhawk courseplay wants them to do 360 turn which takes time. In this time the trailing vehicle can catch up to him and... "is in traffic" hehe.

0347 finished plowing F51
0401 finished seeding F50
0418 started fertilizing F49

After the next crops sale I'm going to upgrade those steyr multi 4115's with KUHN EMC sprayer because its so limited capacity only 3200 liters, I'm going to get two new tractors and bredal 20k liter tank spreaders. It would be fun to spread one field with one pass instead of doing couple refills.

0433 finished fertilizing F49
0437 started baling straw F48
0625 started harvesting F47
0726 shut down FS17, wasn't really tired but felt just exhausted of playing and wanted to try out Elite Dangerous Chapter 4 beta Smiley ;)

1934 back at PMC Gaming, started up FS17, harvest continues.

Wheat gives so much yield its crazy, that F47 was rather large and I had two 140k liter trucks and brent avalance 1596 auger wagons running constantly and still the 4 harvesters got completely full quite often heh.

2216 started seeding canola on F49
2218 finished harvesting F47
2246 finished seeding F49

Decided not to finish baling straw on F48, or any field in fact. I have enought of straw bales already, several 16 bale piles in north side of F49. Those will last me for a long time to be used as animal bedding and cow food.

2252 started fertilizing F48
2303 started seeding canola on F10
2304 started seeding canola on F09
2312 finished seeding F10
2319 finished fertilizing F48
2323 started fertilizing F60
2326 started fertilizing F61
2339 finished seeding F09
2343 finished fertilizing F61
2344 finished fertilizing F60

2018-11-01T1028 started fertilizing F47
0140 started fertilizing F10
0155 finished fertilizing F10

Did some maintenance on stanton sawmill to refill wheat and soybeans to seed and fuel factories. Took a nice train load of that stuff.

0200 started fertilizing F09
0217 started fertilizing F49
0220 started seeding canola on F11
0228 started seeding barley on F45
0230 started seeding barley on F44
0237 finished fertilizing F47
0247 finished fertilizing F49
0302 finished seeding F45
0303 started fertilizing F50
0318 started seeding canola on F51
0336 finished fertilizing F09
0347 finished seeding F11
0403 finished seeding F44
0404 finished fertilizing F50
0520 finished seeding F08, forgot to write down start time
0701 finished seeding F51
0704 started fertilizing F44
0705 started fertilizing F45
0727 started seeding barley on F15
0729 started seeding barley on F16
0740 finished fertilizing F45
0741 finished fertilizing F44
0757 finished seeding F16
0800 finished seeding F15
0820 started seeding canola on F46
0923 started seeding canola on F34
1019 finished seeding F46
1101 finished seeding F34
1109 started fertilizing F11

Been a long day, I should move the four Big Bud's down south to F33 and F35 for some heavy duty seeding, but I'm quite exhausted and don't have "energy" to drive one of them down there (and rest would come after using courseplay).

Just finishing fertilizing F11 with the old shop refill system using only two steyr multis heh. Maybe tomorrow market prices are better so I could sell some crops to get money and upgrade those spreaders.

Anyways been very nice day today, been playing almost sixteen hours now heh, very nice day indeed Smiley :)

1128hrs dropped to NEGATIVE budget hehe. Its now -$23k, wow how did that happen? Smiley ;)

Alright lets bring the budget now above one million and then keep it there. Seems like my "but this was a good deal to buy these two fields" brought the budget to negative side, ouch. And to remind you, my budget the CASH flow might be on minus but I have millions of liters crops in farm silo so I could get millions in cash by just hauling them for sale, so its not like I'm broke heh.

1329 finished fertilizing F11
1348 shut down FS17 as I started to get tired after playing for 18hrs straight Smiley :)

2353 back at PMC Gaming, FS17 already running, lets continue farming...

2018-11-02T0007 wasn't feeling the desire to farming, but gotta do it man. I drove first Big Bud from F16 to F33

Was thinking that at least for today I'm going to try to split up my four Big Bud's into two teams, north and south. I do have to take good care not to have them collide each other on seeding or fieldwork mode so maybe this split up makes them easier to manage. Also the traveling between north and south is just pain with these slow 32km/h monsters like I just did right now. We'll see how it feels to work with only two of them, maybe the seeding/ploughing times increase to several hours again who knows.

Yesterday while seeding I learned a lesson that never ever start seeding or fertilizing until you have refilled the vehicle seed/fertilizer tanks and seed/fertilizer tender auger wagon standing by. Otherwise you most likely will run out of products and then your vehicles are standing idle on the field while you hurry up to get auger wagon from where ever it might be. This is especially bad on seeding because long seeding times might cause first growth stage to switch on the headlands while you are still seeding.

0125 started seeding canola on F33
0151 started seeding canola on F48
0159 started fertilizing F08
0207 started fertilizing F51
0225 started fertilizing F15

I set the two steyr multi 4115 with KUHN EMC spreaders to empty their fertilizer tanks in F15 and then I'm going to drive them back to shop and sell them. Just wanted to drive them dry so no fertilizer is lost when selling.

0231 finished seeding F33
0236 finished fertilizing F08
0243 finished seeding F48
0246 sold steyr multi 4115 tractor, KUHN EMC sprayer and some tractor weight
0252 started seeding canola on F35
0257 sold steyr multi 4115 tractor, KUHN EMC sprayer and some tractor weight
0303 john deere 7030 with bredal 20k liter spreader tanks continued what the sold steyr multis started on F15
0318 finished fertilizing F15
0321 started fertilizing F16
0338 finished fertilizing F16

Decided to take my 250k liters of barley for sale, it had the best price of non soybeans crops now. This was just to clear myself out of the negative budget and perhaps if it gives me enough money then buy those bredal spreaders (probably not).

0405 took train load of 250k of barley to sell in maplefield mills, market price was $2,160, sold for $309k + $233k, budget now $496k
0406 finished fertilizing F51
0415 started fertilizing F46
0426 finished seeding F35
0457 finished fertilizing F46
0531 started fertilizing F34
0646 finished fertilizing F34
0747 installed commodity prices mod so I can monitor soybean market price without going back and forth with the sluggish ESC map and price page

Now I'm kind of just waiting for market price to go up so I can sell and get some progress to this savegame.

It was 2018-10-28 in real life days when I purchased the last fields, the goal of this savegame is to purchase all the fields. So I have spent all these days, oh my had to actually double check but its been 3-4 days depending how you count them since that purchase... no new fields in four real life days of playing?

Umm what am I doing here, how does this drag for this long. I mean you have to understand that I'm playing all day every day, check the times in this "log" and you'll see... all that playing results to what? Sure I have large amount of soybeans in my farm silos but as the price kind of sucks... I'm just spinning my wheels here.

Well okay not spinning wheels as I'm working on the fields constantly, I don't just sit by idle while time goes by, I guess eventually as the soybeans market price goes up I have mega amounts of it to sell. But yeah getting a 20+ million payday after every so many days... uh man this is taking way too long.

I'm not smart enough to calculate or imagine what would the long term game-play difference be if I just sold ANYTIME the market price settles to a decent amount, like lets say over $4000, I mean if you sell 1.647 million liters of soybeans for $4k and then $5k its $6.588m vs $8.235m so damn $1.647m difference. One and a half million dollars go up in the smoke, poof. That is not good, why on earth would you sell your crops with such a lower price. Imagine how many vehicles could you buy with that difference, that lost money?

Currently I have 3.290 million liters of soybeans and 1.255 million liters of wheat in farm silo (plus most fields planted with canola heh), if I would sell all the soybeans as current market price is stable at $4273 it would get me mere 14,058,170 million.

On the other hand, in this savegame I saw the $5300 market price just ONCE and would have to scan the log up to see if I ever sold above 5k since, so who knows how many in-game days when market prices change I would have to wait for optimum prices.

Hmm dunno, just dunno man...

0827 started plowing F60
0828 started plowing F61
0941 finished plowing F60
0946 finished plowing F61
1022 purchased grimme sl 80-22 quantum conveyor belt for $12k

Used tractor to pull the grimme conveyor belt to stanton sawmill, there I purchased manure shop where this "filltrigger" conveyor belt works to buy manure. Yes slurry and manure placeables are borderline cheating, but it is impossible to get that many animals that they would produce enough of shit to last for a large farm.

Now I get to supply my fertilizer factory with slurry and manure so I have good supply for resources as the compost from crude oil and grain just ain't enough.

Also this manure shop will supply manure spreader implement for south west region once I buy Big Bud 450 and that bouchard 70k liter manure spreader.

1202 started fertilizing F33
1215 started harvesting F49
1257 finished fertilizing F48, forgot to write down start heh
1302 finished fertilizing F33
1319 finished harvesting F49
1321 started harvesting F50
1329 started fertilizing F49
1349 finished fertilizing F49
1458 started fertilizing F35
1530 finished harvesting F50
1626 took train full of canola and wheat to maplefield mill for sale, sold canola for $642k
1635 sold canola for $642k
1644 sold canola for $642k
1649 finished fertilizing F35
1651 sold canola for $642k

Market prices were canola $4495 and wheat was increasing then stabled to $2397.

1659 sold canola for $642k
1701 sold wheat for $342k
1706 sold canola for $308k, this was not 100% filled train car
1708 sold wheat for $342k
1716 sold wheat for $342k
1723 sold wheat for $342k
1731 sold wheat for $342k, budget now $5.651m
1735 dead tired as been up for 17hrs straight, gotta get some sleep, Zzz...

2018-11-03T0115 back at PMC Gaming, started up FS17, lets see what we can get done today.
0139 sold wheat for $342k, yeah decided to take a bit more wheat for sale
0148 sold wheat for $342k
0156 sold wheat for $342k, budget now $6.680m
0233 finished cultivating F49

Didn't write down cultivating start as it was just manual GPS mod work with one Big Bud and Flexicoil ST820, just wanted to use that beast of a combination.

0234 its in-game time night time and weather forecast shows SNOW, heh ouch. oh well time acceleration fixes all that but still somehow gray mood hehe.
0246 started fertilizing F49
0308 finished fertilizing F49
0330 started fertilizing F50
0409 finished fertilizing F50
0413 started plowing F50

Oh man two Big Bud's with SPSL 9 plough's take 1h 30min to plow that F50 heh

0425 started harvesting F10
0432 it started to snow, damnit could not manage to harvest small F10 before the snowfall, oh well, lets wait.
0605 finished plowing F50, but still another Big Bud is fixing the field edges using my courseplay course
0621 started fertilizing F50
0701 finished fertilizing F50
0721 started seeding canola on F50

I made the decision to stop playing for now tonight as its been exactly one month (four weeks) since I started on oct 6th. I have ignored my real life duties so much over this month that I have huge backlog of stuff to do, also on few days as you can read above I have gotten pretty frustrated / bored of playing 16hrs straight every day.

I will continue this savegame, unless farming simulator 19 which is to be released on 20th this month, is so great that I never will start up FS17 again. But for that to happen from what sneak peeks we have seen so far... it would be rather surprising. Anyways thats far too long into the future, what happens, happens.

This decision was few days in the making, I was first planning on oct 6th to nov 6th as one month even, but actually its been four weeks today ie one month so this decision today came quite quickly as I was expecting to have few more days to play. Sort of sudden feeling that uh oh am I really ready to let go Cornbelt from scratch so quickly hehe. But nah, its good to stop now. And hey I still have a long day ahead of me, so lets keep farming until the cows come home (or something) Smiley ;)

0837 finished seeding F50
1027 took 140k liter truck trailer of fertilizer to gunther for sale, sold $844k

Now this is really interesting issue... stanton sawmill refinery area has fertilizer factory, it uses compost or manure and slurry to produce fertilizer. Gunther sell point will buy fertilizer for very high price, on this savegame the lowest it ever was were $10.8k and highest $12k. Compost is a produced on the refinery as you put in crude oil and canola/soybeans/sunflowers, manure and slurry is produced by animals.

Now everybody who has played FS17 knows that the balance is off somehow, the animals just do not produce enough manure/slurry to cover even smaller farm. Therefore we have to use manure/slurry sell point mods. The price of manure/slurry on these mods is extremely low as it should be, I mean it is SHIT, who would pay any good money of it hehe.

So I setup a manure and slurry sell point mods into south side of stanton sawmill, added conveyor belt for the manure sell point. Then I use truck to haul that stuff into the fertilizer factory in stanton sawmill area. And now, fertilizer is produced for me.

Again to iterate that manure/slurry is extremely cheap, a 70k liter truck load of manure costs few hundred bucks, 40k liter slurry tanker costs the same. I have not tracked down how much fertilizer can be produced from one liter of each of the shit materials, but if thousand liters pays like $12,000 dollars... oh my, that is indeed quite the crazy stuff.

I do not want to cheat and this almost feels like turning your urine into champagne and shit into cocaine hehe. But I am not cheating, I am not using anykind of editing of files or exploits... this is made by the Cornbelt terrain developer as a factory and I am simply using it as intended.

But yeah I can see that over time it can mount to millions of dollars of profit when I haul the shit to the factory, train carry fertilizer to the silo and finally truck trailer to haul the fertilizer for sale in gunther sell point. So yeah, good money indeed.

One thing I am afraid is that it might be so good money that my soybeans profits feel like chump change, now that would be horrible, I don't want FS17/Cornbelt to turn into some retarded Factory Simulator, I want the farming of crops being the main focus. But time will tell what sort of money can be made with this fertilizer factory.

1040 sold 70k fertilizer for $843k, budget now $8.325m


1043 snowing was over, harvesting F10 continues in regular schedule
1051 finished harvesting F10
1053 started harvesting F09
1103 sold 70k fertilizer for $843k
1115 sold 70k fertilizer for $843k, budget now $10.012m Smiley :)
1115 started harvesting F45, but this was manual work because mistake of seeding TWO crops into same field with different seeders Smiley :(
1153 finished harvesting F09
1156 started harvesting F11
1204 sold 70k fertilizer for $843k, budget now $11.699m
1320 canola went on high demand on maplefield mills, price was $4800 but unfortunately it was dropping. I went to help auger wagon F11 to speed things up
1345 took a train with few cars of canola, sold $680k + $680k + $622k, budget now $13.679m
1418 sold 70k fertilizer for $843k
1434 train cars sold 663 + 663 + 566? Sorry forgot to check, eh.
1434 sold 70k fertilizer for $843k, budget now $17.258m
1445 soybeans market price started to increase, but I have been disappointed so many times that I wont have high expectations this time...
1545 train cars sold $640k + $640k + $600k, budget now $19.136m
1554 finished harvesting F11
1652 sold 70k fertilizer for $843k
1708 sold 70k fertilizer for $843k, budget now $20.822m
1847 finished harvesting F45
1855 shut down FS17 after ONE MONTH of playing all day every day Smiley :D

Took a few days break to play some Elite Dangerous and actually wanted to take longer break as there seems to be no end to this savegame in the near future, but Farming Simulator 19 is upon us in couple of days so I want to do a goodbye gaming sessions with FS17.

2018-11-17T1920 fired up FS17 after playing only elite dangerous. lets do some farming, lets buy the next field. hopefully I'll be farming now until farming simulator 19 is released on next tuesday Smiley :)
1937 canola was on high demand, so took train to sell, sold $600k and $181k, budget now $21.603m
1945 started harvesting F44
2105 finished harvesting F44
2120 started harvesting F08
2123 started harvesting F51

Damn its feels good to be back farming Smiley ;)

2304 finished harvesting F08
2305 started fertilizing F11
2325 started harvesting F15

Grain transport will unload into north west railroad silo, this silo as I understand it does not show up in the ESC prices menu, so have to remember to transfer the contents into farm silo or directly to the maplefield mills sell point.

2018-11-18T0038 finished fertilizing F11
0048 started fertilizing F09
0110 started fertilizing F10
0115 finished fertilizing F09
0117 started fertilizing F45
0120 finished fertilizing F10
0147 finished harvesting F15
0153 finished fertilizing F45
0154 started harvesting F16
? finished harvesting F16, forgot to write down heh
0311 started fertilizing F44
0335 finished fertilizing F44
0403 finished harvesting F51
0407 started harvesting F48
0458 started harvesting F46
0630 finished harvesting F48
0641 finished harvesting F46
0645 had to call it a night, dead tired already. Was a good comeback to cornbelt from scratch after several days. More to follow tomorrow Smiley :)

1427 back at PMC Gaming, starting up FS17, lets get some farming done Smiley :)
1455 started harvesting F34
1710 finished harvesting F34
1713 started harvesting F35
1912 started fertilizing F48
1931 started fertilizing F51
1953 finished fertilizing F48
2134 finished fertilizing F51
2137 finished harvesting F35
2204 I have like 3 million liters of canola and market price is not the highest but decent $4,335 so decided to go sell 1.716 million liter train load of it.
2227 started to sell, sold 12x $619k, budget now $28.877m.

Man what a pain selling those train cars were as you waited until the price went up again. I just kept watching FS19 live streams while doing it heh. Was done at 2359 (nice time heh).

2018-11-19T0003 decided to take even more canola for sale as still had 1.3 million liters in farm silo and the price is pretty decent indeed.
0015 started to sell, sold 5x $619k, budget now $31.976m.

Its funny to think that wayy wayyy back how many days ago already when I was still playing the first month marathon here, I said to wait until soybeans prices go up... and I am STILL waiting, feels like forever hehe.

0437 Was somehow super tired so went to take a nap and totally forgot to write it down, anyways woke up and started PMC Gaming back up at this timestamp.
0520 started harvesting F33

Right now I'm thinking about logistics, I want a big square fields without bridges or other narrow places between them where I would have to unpack harvester headers. This means the NW corner and south of my farm. F32 is growing barley and it can be plowed to much larger than the owner is selling it for (71 hectares).

I want to place a big harvester and big bud setup into these regions so they don't have to be driven back and forth as harvester header unpacking gets old real fast and big buds are so damn slow.

Harvesting some of those smaller fields is pretty much over in this savegame, I mean what is the point of harvesting F10 which is ridiculously small when you have monster fields like F33 and F35 next to it and the new F51 which get you huge loads of grain with one go. Also the F44 and F45 combo is pretty bad because it literally is locked between two bridges.

Obviously buying big bud setup next to a every two or so fields is overkill, but the NW corner and south of farm is excellent setup locations.

0547 purchased F02 for $3.836m, F03 for $4.441m, F06 for $7.515m, F07 for $6.005m and F32 for $5.775m, total $27.572m, budget now $4.401m Smiley ;)
0613 started fertilizing F08
0629 purchased lizard tx 415 barrelcore for $175k, 2x semi-tipper 70000/6 for $70k and dolly ea for $9k, budget now $4.074m

This tx 415 barrelcore truck is painted white, its my COCAINA truck to haul fertilizer from the SW silo to gunther sell point for that big DOLLAH Smiley ;)

The SW silo has capacity of 5 million liters, I can only imagine what kind of money train it will be to get fertilizer from the factory to the silo and from the silo with a semi truck to gunther to sell. It is going to make just insane amount of money. It is borderline cheating but as I said before I am not editing any files, not exploiting any game bugs etc, this is how Cornbelt developer intended it to be, fertilizer factory in work heh.

? finished fertilizing F08, forgot to mention what time
0811 started fertilizing F03
0830 finished harvesting F33
0857 finished fertilizing F03
0900 started fertilizing F02
0936 Fertilizer market price started to increase a while ago, it was at rock bottom so interesting to see how high it will get
0949 finished fertilizing F02

Could not fertilize F07 as it was bought from the AI owner as-is in some weird state, happens often with AI fields. I need to really queue my field purchased and only buy them when they are seeded so I can have money from the crop and then fertilizing works without plowing first.

1133 was dead tired and went to sleep, my sleeping schedule is really bad now with two 4hrs "nights", hopefully I can restore it with FS19 release Smiley ;)

1724 back at PMC Gaming, fired up FS17, lets continue farming Smiley :)
1731 started plowing F07
1737 started fertilizing F06
1740 fertilizer market price broke 10k barrier, its now $10,040. cant wait to start running my cocaina white truck money train into gunther Smiley ;)
1808 started fertilizing F34
1855 finished fertilizing F06
1913 started fertilizing F15
1925 finished fertilizing F34
1926 started fertilizing F35
1937 finished fertilizing F15
1939 started fertilizing F16
2002 finished fertilizing F16
2016 finished plowing F07
2108 finished fertilizing F35
2113 started fertilizing F33
2135 started plowing F06
2208 soybeans market price started to increase in maplefield mills, but I've been disappointed so many times that I wont hold my breath of getting a good price now.
2213 finished fertilizing F33
2323 started fertilizing F07
2359 fertilizer market price stopped increasing at $11,662 which is not the highest but pretty decent for my purpose

2018-11-20T0012 took semi truck of fertilizer for gunther to sell, sold $816k the first 70k liter trailer, after price went back up sold another for $816k.
0024 finished fertilizing F07
0039 fertilizer sold trailer for 2x $816k, budget now $7.255m

Had to bring another truck to help as the one is way too little, I had over 1 million liters fertilizer on the SW silo and train almost full (1 million liters) and manure/slurry tanks stocked up for further fertilizer manufacturing, hehe.

2018-11-20T0100 Farming Simulator 19 released! Smiley :D
0110 fertilizer sold trailer for 2x $816k, budget now $8.887m
0111 finished plowing F06

Selling that truck load of fertilizer concluded this play session as Farming Simulator 19 had been downloaded, I'm going to start install and play that now. Remains to be seen if this log entry was the last for this savegame and who knows, maybe for FS17 all together... Smiley ;)