PMC Farming Simulator 22 Playing Guide

FS22 Playing Guide

2024-03-10T03:42:00Z updated.

Join discussion in PMC Tactical Forum FS22 General area. Please read Farming Simulator 17 Guide and Farming Simulator 19 (FS19) Guide first as we do not repeat the same stuff in this tutorial unless it has been changed.


Cattle, cows, chickens, pigs, sheep and bees. Animal action all the way. But how do I even begin to learn how to tend and take care of all these animals in FS22? Smiley :o

No worries, PMC FS22 Animals Guide root page has all the info you need.


Contracts are for working on AI farmers fields either with borrowed or your own vehicles and equipment. For more details please read FS22 Contracts page.

Crops Best Selling Prices

For beginning players its always difficult to get good progress into your farm, to develop it further, buy better vehicles and more farmland, knowing the best crop selling prices is essential.

For more details please read FS22 Playing Guide Crops Best Selling Price.

Build Mode

Build mode is feature under which placeables, landscaping and all related items are listed. For more details please read FS22 Playing Guide Build Mode.


If you want full yield from the crops you seed/plant there must be 100% fertilization. You can fertilize using solid fertilizer spreader, liquid fertilizer sprayer, manure spreader or slurry spreader/distributor.

One nice way to get things done efficiently is to use multiple fertilizer sources, check Fertilizing With Manure And Slurry page for details.

Production Chains

Production chains are good old factories, where you produce your own goods. There is a long history in FS17 and FS19 for generating fertilizer, seeds, etc along with more complex goods which can then be further used in other factories.

For more details please read FS22 Playing Guide Production Chains.

Rock Picking

Back in FS19 ThundR created a mod for rock picking, now this is an in-game Farming Simulator 22 (FS22) feature. Giants call this "stone picking" but all real life youtube farming videos use rock picking terminology.

For more details please read FS22 Playing Guide Rock Picking.