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FS22 AutoDrive Refill Vehicle


HOWTO refill spreader, sprayer or seeder under courseplay control using autodrive network target waypoint?

Autodrive is "loading trailer" mode, target point is side of the field you are fertilizing / spraying, loading point is fertilizer / herbicide refill point and product is whatever your spreader / sprayer is using. Then courseplay button is highlighted / toggled / selected. Autodrive is NOT engaged. Courseplay does not need any specific settings, just normal field work course, autodrive seems to grab control automatically once spreader / sprayer runs out of product and then hands control back to courseplay once vehicle has been refilled and driven back to the field target point.

Farming Simulator 22 FS22 AutoDrive Refill Vehicle


When you are recording waypoints to manure / slurry refill station, do it with a largest ever tractor and trailer / tanker you plan on using in that refill point. Why? Well if you record waypoints with a narrow tire small tractor but then put steiger 620 with twin wheels and brochard 60k liter manure spreader on it, that setup will NOT fit into the parameters of narrow tire small tractor without a trailer I'll promise you. So give much free space when recording those waypoints. Recording in tight spaces tip: turn on developer F5 command geometries and triggers, this will show how far a manure / slurry refill point trigger will reach, how close do you have to get your autodrive network waypoint route.

Farming Simulator 22 FS22 AutoDrive Refill Vehicle