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FS22 AutoDrive Recording Network Waypoint Routes

2024-03-10T00:16:00Z Updated.

Below is a snippet from Start From Zero PMC Cereal Region 32km story from 2023-01-07:

When recording autodrive waypoints I got to think pros and cons of doing that in real "live" savegame. Well pros are that you just do it without needing to save game and reload to your autodrive MASTER savegame, when courseplay is running vehicles you have nothing else to do so whats better than go record some waypoints. Cons are performance, at least my computer in 4k resolution will get laggy when autodrive waypoints are visible and with courseplay running good 4+ vehicles it can dip as bad as 30FPS, semi-truck you use is slower than in the autodrive MASTER savegame where you obviously use empty wilson pacesetter trailer and some customized semi-truck with added horsepower and speed. When I was now recording this stock mack 6x4 felt so sluggish it was unbearable slow. Another con is that when you are playing savegame all you want to do is get the job done, you don't have time to record some stupid waypoints. Autodrive network should be recorded on dedicated savegame with plenty of time to get it done right.

Farming Simulator 22 FS22 AutoDrive Recording Waypoints

I definitely would recommend recording autodrive network waypoint routes in the dedicated autodrive MASTER savegame.

Farming Simulator 22 FS22 AutoDrive Recording Waypoints

On another savegame I purchased small, fast and nimble pickup truck 1986 to record AutoDrive waypoints, however this is tricky as you have to count into large vehicles driving this route instead of this small flimsy pickup truck. It is very fast and light weight feeling to record those waypoints using this kind of fast vehicle, but you definitely need to consider "all the angles" when driving.

Farming Simulator 22 FS22 AutoDrive Recording Waypoints

AutoDrive Target Point Names

Never ever use special characters in directory or file names; Courseplay-gui garbage in its stupidity has field work course and directory names written as-is into hard disk drive, this means if you write "My Fertilizing Course" as a course name, it will be written as such in HDD as well, spaces and all. However autodrive target points and directories are saved into a single XML file, so those names can have special characters in them as they are NOT file names or directory names.