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FS22 AutoDrive Combine Harvester Unloading


FS22 Autodrive HOWTO unload combine harvester using grain cart / trailer. Combine harvester and grain tractor has to have a same target point selected, harvester does NOT need to have autodrive "POWER" or "PLAY" button enabled, in fact it cannot have. Grain tractor has same target as harvester, then mode is combine unload mode, unload point is where ever you want the grain to be unloaded, your farm grain bin silo or maybe with harvest contracts its the delivery selling point.

Farming Simulator 22 FS22 AutoDrive Combine Harvester Unloading

Its recommended to put grain trailer / cart tractors in fields long edges where combine harvester is not turning, because often times if your grain trailer vehicles are parked on the edge where combine turns, it can cause collisions, not necessarily but I've seen this happen few times, always good the reduce any chance of vehicle collisions as they cause nothing but frustration.

Practical Unloading Experience


Been playing several days on PMC Farm Lab animal studies savegame with a single john deere x9 1100 combine harvester and fendt 724 tractor pulling penta db50 silage trailer (for grain hauling, yes I'm lazy to buy legit auger wagon as its not needed) and there has been NO, absolutely ZERO issues with autodrive driving this tractor and courseplay driving combine, not once have I need to untangle collided vehicles. I am truly impressed how autodrive path finds the grain trailer tractor, it is very impressive.


Just now was playing on PMC Farm Lab animal studies savegame, john deere x9 1100 combine harvester under courseplay and fendt 724 vario pulling penta db50 under autodrive combine unload mode, dunno what happened here when tractor turned in front of the harvester. The x9 first cut field open and just when it was about to breach the cut in the end, it got full and put out a pipe to call the grain trailer tractor, tractor came, drove into the fruit and started to unload combine, but then combine moved forward when grain trailer tractor moved forward as well but turned in front of the combine, this lead into collison obviously and eventually leaving tractor got stuck in harvesters header. Tractor was IN the fruit so if I'd disengage autodrive it would immediately destroy crop where tractor and trailer are located, but there was no option, had to do it to untangle this mess.

So there you have it, FS22 autodrive + FS22 courseplay combine unload is NOT perfect, even though its very good. There can be some cases when stars align just perfectly to make grain cart / trailer tractor to pull in front of the combine and everything goes to hell.

In this particular case I was able to avoid crop destruction by manually driving the combine and avoiding autodrive driven grain trailer tractor, turned out OK in the end (no crop destruction) but yeah as said, autodrive + courseplay automation did not work perfectly...


Oh wow, another collision, one of my grain trailer tractors was parked in headland and when combine came around... it stopped for traffic and then these dumb asses were just sitting there indefinitely Smiley :(

It starts to feel like this field / courseplay-gui garbage field work course is cursed, or that I was too hasty to celebrate "flawless combine unload" mode.


Getting more experience with FS22 AutoDrive and Courseplay-GUI Garbage now and yeah there are a lot of mishaps and collisions, the more I play with this the more these frustrations start to creep in as the whole scope of autodrive and courseplay-gui garbage functionality is revealed. I doubt this comes even close to the FS17 Courseplay overloader mode functionality. These just are not working good enough, you have to constantly babysit them as they are like brain-dead children on sugar rush running with scissors.

I have been updating to latest courseplay-gui garbage when there are significant github commits, maybe the latest ones are a total manure show now as seems like it fails every chance it gets, looks real bad, but hopefully its just a series of flukes in a single field work course.