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Maps / Terrains

2019-02-13 This page is work in progress.

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8km x 8km Maps / Terrains

No 8km terrains have been released yet.

4km x 4km Maps / Terrains

Paradise Farms

Farming Simulator 19 Map - Paradise Farms

v1.0.0.3 by Tinman. From modDesc: The land is fertile and the days are long.

This terrain has a lot of

Error: Blocked area map is wrong size for terrain (1024 x 1024) vs (2048 x 2048)

in the log, FPS drops (due blocked area map errors?).

Terrain doesn't use the whole area, in south there is a large part cut off by water and north has a large mountain range. You could perhaps use that mountain range to plant trees, maybe.

Quite flat terrain and nice square fields. Has some buildings, shop area seems very small. West edge has a huge dam, it looks cool but serves no purpose in farming terrain.

Farmland for purchase cheapest 74k, so will be good for those start from scratch savegames.

Got my first courseplay and guidance steering mod testing done in Paradise Farms, it has some issues on v1.0.0.3 but I'm sure Tinman will fix them. Overall I like this terrain a lot, one of the most enjoyable 4km terrains so far.


Farming Simulator 19 Map - Fruitland

v1.0 by Walter. From modDesc: Fruitland

Terrain edge has fake mountain range which can be seen from any distance, makes you free claustrophobic like you live in a prison with walls. Edge also has forest texture plane blocking movement, just absolutely horrible looking thing.

Career start in new farmer mode does not include other than one tractor + trailer and pickup, what are you supposed to do with these heh. But thats not really a big problem because you can sell these, start doing missions and earn money and buy your own, or just go with the money cheat route.

Terrain heightmap looks completely flat. Trees have various object types and they are randomized in orientation and size/scale like they should, stupid that you have to mention it this way, but so many terrains out there just have one type tree copy pasted million times without andy randomization.

Ridiculous looking castles and church or something on the center of the terrain, what is this farm sim or world of warcraft? :)

Industrial zone and some grain silo was fenced off, felt again like a prison.

Map marker locations are in german, of course.

One town in south west looked somewhat well not so good, however it was fine as-is I rather take not so good looking city with proper streets than some fenced of pixel porno horror.

All fields are square and quite large.

A lot of trees relatively speaking, even though there is no real forest. The trees are quite sparse but they are almost everywhere, around roads you have trees on both sides, which looks okay.

Roads are all made out of either paved with center line or plain concrete and the edges are covered with cobblestones which looks weird.

Overall I like this terrain, its solid there is nothing extremely bad in it and I can definitely see myself doing some large scale big bud harvests there. I will keep this terrain on my 4km terrain list for sure.

Wisniowo 2019

Farming Simulator 19 Map - Wisniowo

v1.0 by wisnia. From modDesc: Wi?niowo 2019 v1.0. Autor: wisnia | Testy: Mateusz, Kamil, wisnia, Atrix

A lot of vegetation and terrain looks very busy (in a good way) because of it. Meaning you cannot see very far as view distance is blocked with vegetation, looks good, natural. Pine trees seem to be rotation randomized but their scale and type is the same so they are somewhat repeating, not too bad but adding random types and scale would greatly improve the landscape.

Great number of large tall bushes, these cut visibility. After a while browsing around the terrain those bushes started to feel... feel like... they were suffocating me, as you really cant see more than few meters among those bushes.

Map view is plain lime green color, heh I mean come on dude it doesnt take much to google some grass or such image which you could pattern fill tool into the background instead of this hideous color.

One gas station is fenced off with a tall fence and the opening part is way too narrow to fit big bud through, heh. Another grain silo is fenced off. Almost every map location seems to be fenced off with a tall fence, some having very narrow gate/openings. Guess this terrain dev loves his fences, huh?

I found one gas station without fence.

Map locations are with some puta language.

Terrain edges are buffered with high mountains (heightmap) and trees, wasting perfectly good space.

Biogas plant location is completely fenced off, there is no way to drive in or out of there, guess the fence loving terrain dev forgot to add opening :)

Honey Dew farms XL

Farming Simulator 19 Map - Honey Dew Farms XL

v1.0 by Tinman. From modDesc: Welcome to Honey Dew Farms XL

From Tinman: I'm looking for a few people to help me test out my newest 4km map. It is a fairly huge map so it's hatd fro me to test everything in solo. I have tested all the sell points and the bga. Yes before you download it (it is a flat map). I still have a little work to do to finish it. Mostly cosmetic stuff. Just looking for some advice and pointers as to what you might like to see.

A large square fields (two fields are irregular but still simple 90 degree angle corners). No fences around fields which is great. Huge amount of free space around the fields, not all of them but there is definitely a lot of room to plow your fields larger or use the space for placeables etc.

Port grain elevator buildings at the center has been copy pasted straight out of ravenport as you can immediately recognize the layout.

Shop yard is moderately sized, should be no problem purchasing large equipment one by one.

Roads are gray gravel-ish, I guess they are asfalt but without any center lines etc, they are just painted textures instead of road objects. Nothing wrong with them, actually gives more big bud space to drive.

Lime station marked on the map (havent tested how well it works though). Easily accessible even with larger vehicles. Central gas station map location teleport will get you stud inside the building.

Southern gas station and grain elevator east locations have water / seagull sounds. Spinnery building and walls makes it look almost like a castle.

Sawmill location by magic has cuttable trees around it when nowhere else in the terrain you find such heh, how odd :)

Land prices seem a bit high, also one land slot is bugged as its kind of "everything I forgot to assign farmland IDs" land. Not too bad, especially with money cheat no issue.

Terrain edges has magical forest plane, in the distance you see mountains, a huge amount of wasted space on the terrain edges which includes around the fields long before the forest plane. Has large areas for your farm placeables, a lot of freedom to build your farm.

New farmer starter equipment is quite odd, two axial flow 9240s, nice truck trailer, powerful tractor with cultivator and seeder. I would expert starter equipment to be much less expensive and capable. However I always prepare my own savegame with completely fresh start or with money cheat still sell the starter vehicles anyways.

First impressions are that high performance simple terrain. Big Bud suitable. Overall looks pretty OK for a basic 4km terrain. I rather play on this than any of the 2km garbages floating around.

Clover Greek

Farming Simulator 19 Map - Clover Greek

v1.0 by Kastor_Ger-Converting_By_Yazu. From modDesc: Clover Creek is an American style map that is based off farm country where the midwest meets the northeast.

Many errors in the log:

Error: Blocked area map is wrong size for terrain (1024 x 1024) vs (2048 x 2048)

Flusstal XXL 19

Farming Simulator 19 Map - Flusstal XXL

v2.0.3 by ole22143/edited_parzival. From modDesc: A Hugh Modmap with lagre Fields

Terrain is very mountain heavy, has busy looking sea port.

Ag Vitkov

Farming Simulator 19 Map - Ag Vitkov

v1.0.0.1 by Ledy. From modDesc: Agrodružstvo Vítkov Open Beta. Map for Extreme Farmers.

From mod author: Map of size 4x4. The map is predominantly hilly to mountainous and is not suitable for lower class machines (they can not handle certain terrain modifications). You will find 16 fields of varying sizes with diverse terrain, a few meadows covered with forest, the need to cut and adjust for hay and grass. There are plenty of trees and land to harvest the wood. On the map there are about 16 purchases and about 4 shopping areas such as horticulture, agri, feed mixer.Where can you buy all fertilizers, seeds, herbicides, lime, cow feed and pork. Most bulk matters have their particles, for example: fertilizer, manure, and no liquid seed. There are two BGAs each loaded with a different capacity and price, the original BGA can handle 150000 liters of buckets and straw, bales and the digestate is 2 million liters. The second is without silage and the 300 pounds can fit into the bung, and the digestate is up to 4 million liters.

The map does not include road traffic, trains or boats and not many roads, but it is more likely to be addressed by the main roads of which are slow and more field roads that have different rises are differently inclined and are connected to the main roads.

While its 4km terrain oddly I dont feel like its large terrain at all, there is no way I could imagine driving a big bud here as here are so much trees and unrealistic mountains. Edges of the terrain are covered with mountains in the distance.

Overall I get the feeling that this terrain dev really loved placing detailed objects, its not british map claustrophobic detailed but there sure are a lot of trees and a big city etc. Fields are quite large so in that sense large scale farming is possible. This is a basic nice looking farmsim "map" even though its not a terrain which I would use in my big bud farming operations.

Western Australia

Farming Simulator 19 Map - Western Australia

v1.0 by oliba DecanKane dasAlex. From modDesc: Western Australia.

Huge fields from one edge to the other, no empty space between roads and fields, flat feeling terrain and it just feels really large. You can definitely do some large scale farming.

2km x 2km Maps / Terrains

Maps / Terrains listed below are default 2km size, same as original games Ravenport and Felsbrunn, standard size. Small ;)


Farming Simulator 19 Map - Baldeykino

v2.0 by Tautvis, Edit By Tomi098. From modDesc: Baldeykino Edit V2 By Tomi098

Some russian theme, not very good but much better than ravenport garbage.

American Outback

Farming Simulator 19 Map - American Outback

v3.0 by somethingonmyshoe2. From modDesc: A map located in the American Outback.

Big Fields

Farming Simulator 19 Map - Big Fields

v2.0 by zoltanm. From modDesc: Big Fields BETA

Note! download from states this is "v4.0" but modDesc.xml shows clearly it is v2.0, so dunno who to believe here, FS19 community at its best :)

Big fields naming somehow indicates that this would be 4km or larger terrain, unfortunately it is not, this is just a standard 2km terrain.

Sunrise Farms

Farming Simulator 19 Map - Sunrise Farms

v1.0.0.2 by Tinman. From modDesc: Welcome to Sunrise Farms

Rolling Hills

Farming Simulator 19 Map - Rolling Hills

v1.0 by DR Modding. From modDesc: FS19 Rolling Hills BETA V.01. Welcome to the Rolling Hills of the United States Midwest.

Michigan Farming

Farming Simulator 19 Map - Michigan Farming

v2.0 by Taylor Farms and Daze Farms. From modDesc: Farming Michigan Style

A lot of the trees are just same model without anykind of randomization, looks bad. Some object texturing is quite bad, for example restaurant parking lot asfalt is just pure grayish black, no grime no nothing in it, same for some fuel or similar tanks, looks like they were made out of brand new spotless plastic.

Fenton Forest

Farming Simulator 19 Map - Fenton Forest

v1.0.0.1 by Stevie. From modDesc: Fenton Forest By Stevie.

Estancia Lapacho

Farming Simulator 19 Map - Estancia Lapacho

v1.0.1 by GIANTS Software. From modDesc: Welcome to the Estancia Lapacho!

Welcome to the Estancia Lapacho - completely remastered for Farming Simulator 19! Introduced in the Platinum Edition for FS17, you can now play this South American map featuring over 30 fields in Farming Simulator 19 - enjoy!

Official terrain (mod, heh) by Giants Software.


Richland County

Farming Simulator 19 Map - Richland County

v2.0 by Dairyland Maps. From modDesc: Richland County V2. This is Richland County, WI. By Dairyland Maps.

From mod author: This is Richland County V2. Located near South West Wisconsin.

This location has high hills and low valleys. This is a good map for smaller farming operations, but still can use larger equipment. It has up to 10 farm possibilities, to which gives the option to do what you like.

Check out Dairyland Maps on facebook for more future maps.

Very nice looking terrain, getting that american feeling out of it. I could really enjoy playing here if it was 4km.

Hardin County Kentucky

Farming Simulator 19 Map - Hardin County Kentucky

v2.0 by Farmerjon9660. From modDesc: Hardin County, Kentucky

Apparently this author "Farmerjon9660" is a real life farmer in kentucky, he has youtube channel as well

Trees are copy pasted all without randomization. Huge forests that take a lot of farming field space. Irregular shaped fields, looks like they are made out of google maps or earth satellite image. However no fields registered (field definitions broken or missing). Only one field is registered and its well off, it stands out where it shouldnt be like across forest.

Definitely getting that nice american feeling. Hopefully this terrain will get further tweaks as it has potential for nice american 2km terrain.

Untested Terrains