Equipment And Vehicle Prices PMC Farming Simulator

Equipment and Vehicle Prices


Its always a struggle to grow your farm as quickly and efficiently as possible, I often ask myself what is the best starter vehicle fleet possible. This page should list the most basic setups for bare minimum vehicles you need to run your farm, prepare the field, plant, harvest and transport the grain to a selling point.

Note that this list is vehicles only, no placeables for bin silos etc. Also this list is with in-game vehicles without any required mods (other than optional 15k GPS). Prices are listed as "k" thousands and "m" millions.


Cheapest vehicles list for Start From Zero or otherwise money limited careers (I don't do from zero anymore btw, hah). Make sure you understand that these are the cheapest, smallest and slowest, the most painful vehicles you could ever buy heh.


- plow 85hp 12km/h 2m salford 4204 13k
- cultivator 100hp 15km/h 3m rau polymag 300 7k
- tractor 110hp 40km/h valtra a series with guidance steering 85.6k
- seeder 85hp 15km/h 3m amazone d8 30 13k
- sprayer kuhn pf 1500 tank 8k
- sprayer 12km/h 21m kuhn deltis 1302 mta3 30k
- spreader 20km/h 24m 3200 liter kuhn axis 40.2 m-emc-w 20k
- harvester 5600 liter new holland tx 32 with guidance steering 115k
- header 10km/h 4m new holland tx 32 header 32k
- trailer 10.7k liter fortschritt hw 80 8.5k


Medium vehicle fleet is something you would upgrade to or perhaps buy with farm-manager type game-mode, perhaps. These vehicles are smallest / cheapest possible but still enjoyable and powerful enough to get the job done within reasonable time.


- plow 300hp 12km/h 4.9m lemken titan 18 59k
- cultivator 300hp 15km/h 6m horsch tiger 6dt 39k
- tractor 300hp 50km/h john deere 6250r with guidance steering twin wheels and engine upgrade 263k
- seeder 270hp 18km/h 9m 5000 liter horsch pronto 9dc 104k
- sprayer 12km/h 36m 6000 liter hardi navigator 6000 115k
- spreader 20km/h 18m 18.9k liter bredal k165 with extension and 6m spreading unit 76k
- harvester 14.1k liter john deere s790 with guidance steering 415k
- header 13.7m john deere 645fd 89k
- trailer 52k liter strautmann aperion 3401 65k


Now this is where we start to have some fun and do large scale farming with biggest, most powerful and widest vehicles possible.

When you got to do big boy large scale farming you absolutely should get some mods which increase your farming capability big time.


- plow 550hp 12km/h 10.5m gregoire besson spsl 9 130k + trailed lifter 15k
- cultivator 500hp 15km/h 24m flexicoil st820 186k
- tractor 692hp 40km/h case 620 quadtrac with guidance steering and engine upgrade 536.5k
- seeder 640hp 18km/h 25.6m seed hawk xl toolbar 290k
- seeder 34.5k liter seed hawk 980 air cart 185k
- sprayer 25km/h 48.5m 9000 liter hardi rubicon 9000 with guidance steering 504k
- spreader 20km/h 18m 18.9k liter bredal k165 with extension and 6m spreading unit 76k
- harvester 17.1k liter ideal 9t with guidance steering and engine upgrade 534.5k
- header 12m ideal agco powerflow 81k (but you REALLY need to get mod midwest durus 18m)
- trailer 59k liter krampe sb ii 30/1070 78k
- truck 80km/h lizard roadrunner 161k

Do yourself a favor and download mods, Platinum Edition Claas DLC has the largest combine, Bourgault DLC has the largest seeder and air cart. Then various free user made mods for plows, tractors, trucks, trailers etc you name it. With mods possibilities are endless.