User Guide: Cornbelt - PMC Farming Simulator

Basic User Guide for Cornbelt Map / Terrain

Some userful information about Cornbelt terrain, we do not list the obvious like for example what you can see from the map (animals and shop location etc).

Farm Silo Capacity

Farm silo capacity is 60,000,000 liters, yes sixty million liters Smiley :D

External Storage which is the NE near Mary's Farm silo capacity is 5,000,000 liters. External Storage 3 which is the SW location silo capacity is 8,000,000 liters. Grain elevator near the shop capacity is 10,000,000 liters. External Storage 8 just E of Stanton Sawmill silo capacity 5,000,000 liters.

Train grain car capacity is 90,000 liters.

Think twice before storing crops in closest external storage accessible through train, for example when I was harvesting field 9 I had pretty much the same distance to my farm and external storage 2 (near marys farm) and I took my crops to external storage 2. Well little I knew that going to pick the crops up with a train takes forever, in that time I would have damn hand carried the crops into farm's silo hehe.

Fertilizer / Seed silo capacity at your farm connected to the rail road tracks has 1 million liter capacity per type, so you can store 1 million liters of fertilizer and 1 million liters of seed.

Factory Capacity

Seed factory product (seeds) capacity is 350,000 liters.

Howto Use Cornbelt Seed and Fertilizer Factory

Quick overview:
Wheat and water == seeds
Crude oil and soybeans / sunflowers / canola == fuel and compost
Compost, slurry / manure == fertilizer

First take wheat with a train into the Stanton Sawmill. Unload the wheat into the middle silos (I dont think you can unload the other ones).

Then you need to use truck to load (R) the wheat and carry it to this locations eastern silos or right side ones how ever you wanna designate them, unload there. Now you can use the F1 menu to see some stats (which are in german).

Next take tanker truck and bring water from the water source into the big bio gas / oil storage looking round thing.

Unfortunately the language used in the graphics and menus is german, sigh, but cereal = grain and wasser = water.

Howto Make Fertilizer

Fertilizer is done with slurry / manure and compost.

Take a tanker truck with slurry to south west silo area, unload slurry into the bio gas / oil storage looking round thing.

Next load compost which can be found from the same location you are already (south side), then drop off the compost into the compost... umm place next to the slurry drop off point.

Once slurry and compost is in the factory automatically starts producing fertilizer.

Howto Make Seeds

Bring grain (wheat is recommended as it the cheapest) to the eastern silo which has sign "cereals".

Put water into the water tank which says "wasser". You can find water from the other side of the fence, look up you will see the water tower.

Once grain and water is in place the factory will start to slowly produce seeds.

Where To Find The Product

Then just pick up seed and fertilizer with the train, fertilizer is from the west/left side and seeds are from the east/right side and haul it to your favorite seed/fertilize silos Smiley :)

Then in your farm HQ there is the seed and fertilizer silo, you can move contents from the train unloaded silo to this one, not sure what the meaning of this is, I mean whats the difference, is the train unloaded silo smaller or whats the point of having two silos so close to each other?

btw you get slurry from HQ, umm somewhere there heh

Howto Use Cornbelt Refinery

Use tanker truck to pickup crude oil from some of the oil fields. Just drive next to the tank and use R to load the oil. Unload the oil to petrol station near center of the terrain. Drive the train into the same petrol station and load the oil. Unload the oil into the south west corner refinery petrol tanks.

Use trailer truck to load soybeans or canola etc, unload them to ... well damn heh... the slot that says to unload soybeans etc Smiley :) (I think this needs a screenshot or something).

Now you are producing fuel and compost. You can load compost just around the corner in the south from the tall silo thing under which you drive your trailer.

You can load fuel to the train from ... yeah, requires screenshot again to fully explain the location Smiley :) Then you can take the fuel with the train to your farm which has storage facility for fuel. The unload point is sneakily hidden in the rocky hillside, you cant see it from your farm when driving a tractors, you only spot it with a train.

Use tractor / truck tanker to load fuel in your farm from the south west corner where the tanks are. Drive the fuel into about center of your farm where another set of fuel tanks are located and unload the fuel there. Now all your vehicles can refuel here, isn't it great!

One fuel tank location is by the sheeps and chickens, another by the south at the grain silos which btw is excellent place to refuel your vehicles working on the southern fields.

Quick summary - HOWTO make fuel for vehicles
1) Pickup crude oil with a tanker truck from the oil fields
2) Drop off crude oil with a tanker truck to railroad petrol stations (one example south of Mary's Farm). Crude oil will transfer from train side over time (several minutes).
3) Pickup crude oil with a train tanker cars from petrol stations
4) Drop off crude oil with a train tanker cars to Stanton Sawmill refinery
5) Truck dump soybeans or canola or sunflower into right next to the train crude oil unload point
Now if you get out of your truck to walk next to the tipping point, your F1 menu will show statistics about fuel and compost being produced. Optionally you should haul this refined fuel into the fuel stations across the terrain.

Howto Use Cornbelt Sawmill

Sawmill accepts wood logs, then produces wood planks and wood chips.

Wood planks are sold in Mary's Farm in the north west. Drive between the two big warehouses to sell.


Field numbers, hecatres and cost in US dollars.

Field ID, Hectares, Cost (millions)
01, 124, 10
02, 48, 3.9
03, 54, 4.4
04, 51, 4.1
05, 38, 3.1
06, 92, 7.5
07, 74, 6
08, 15, 1.2
09, 14, 1.1
10, 1.3, 0.112
11, 48, 3.9
12, 55, 4.5
13, 15, 1.1
14, 83, 6.7
15, 28, 2.2
16, 23, 1.8
17, 26, 2.1
18, 601, 48.7
19, 337, 27.3
20, 74, 6
21, 106, 8.6
22, 33, 2.6
23, 80, 6.4
24, 48, 3.7
25, 69, 5.6
26, 95, 7.7
27, 94, 7.6
28, 75, 6.1
29, 24, 2
30, 254, 20.1
31, 64, 5.2
32, 71, 5.7
33, 50, 4.1
34, 29, 2.3
35, 86, 6.7
36, 144, 11.6
37, 492, 38.3
38, 75, 6
39, 10, 0.857
40, 49, 4
41, 9, 0.758
42, 220, 17.8
43, 40, 3.2
44, 10, 0.873
45, 6, 0.542
46, 26, 2.1
47, 63, 5.1
48, 40, 3.3
49, 24, 1.9
50, 25, 2
51, 43, 3.4
52, 40, 3.2
53, 82, 6.6
54, 34, 2.8
55, 12, 0.961
56, 34, 3.8
57, 26, 2
58, 21, 1.7
59, 13, 1.1
60, 13, 1
61, 14, 1.1
62, 13, 1
63, 24, 1.8
64, 16, 1.3
65, 13, 1

Note that some of those prices are bit lower than fresh start as I did some missions for few of the owners.


There are 4 trains in this terrain and they are usable for players (make sure your in-game options allow TAB to trains or you have to walk up to the train and hit E otherwise).

Manure, Slurry Purchasing

I believe Marys Farm has manure and slurry purchase points, also animal dealer is here.