PMC Farming Simulator 17 Stories

Farming Stories

These are various stories of game plays we had with Farming Simulator 17 (FS17). Time stamps I use here are UTC.

How I purchased North West Texas All The Fields and seeded them.

Goal is simple; purchase, plough, fertilize, seed and harvest every field in Newlin Texas terrain. This is that Newlin Texas All The Fields story.

Purchase Cornbelt All The Fields and plough them, seed too if possible.

The one and only original Start From Zero FS17 Cornbelt story page that started it all (see: FS19 Stories and FS22 Stories) Smiley :D

Parkers Prairie All The Fields

PMCTODO I can't remember the specifics now as it was so many months back, but I believe I used money cheat and purchased all the fields at start of this savegame, then I ploughed, seeded and harvested all the fields in Parker's Prairie FS17 terrain. This was summer of 2018.