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Maps / Terrains

Click the images to open large in new tab. Unless a specific map / terrain includes UTC time stamp on beginning of the text it has been reviewed on June 2017, which means by the time you read this there might be a new version available. Version numbers are included from modDesc as well for reviews done or updated since October 2018.

8km x 8km Maps / Terrains

Broad Acres

Farming Simulator 17 Map / Terrain Screenshot

Every single field is surrounded with fences that are tightly right next to the fields edge AND the fences have gates which you must open, gates where you cant drive Big Bud tractor through Smiley :(

Trees are also one type, oriented the same way.

Starting equipment lineup makes no sense, huge fleet of harvesters but no trailers to ferry the harvest and no plough, seeder, etc. Heh, hilarious. Of course players are free to sell this useless lineup and purchase their own, but anyone who wants to play this map as its developer intended is out of luck.

Railroad tracks that block access with harvester with header on tow (gets stuck) as are other vehicles too. The main farm or industrial area is like a prison, fences everywhere.


Farming Simulator 17 Map / Terrain Screenshot

v1.0.2 by Kastor_Ger. From modDesc: CornBelt. Willkommen im CornBelt.

Total of 65 fields. Has desert, sandy brown overall look near your farm, green else where. Map-view looks like it has no roads, cant tell how to drive from one place to another. Your farm is pretty nice and detailed, but has that brown dried up coloring on the ground. Field 35 (and who knows how many others) dont register to courseplay, you have to calculate the field edge yourself first.

A lot of fields in the sense that there is not much of wasted space, its all fields one next to another. Kind of a nice highway system. Huge bridge over very deep river canyon, although looks bit silly as the river is then like -1m deep heh. Few trees are dangerously close to the highway so driving along with Big Bud with Seed Hawk in tow... you need to drive in the middle of the highway for not to get stuck.

Overall pretty decent looking map, takes huge amount of time to get familiar because its so packed with fields and very large 8km map size.

2018-10-01 updated review

F35 has powerline poles in the middle of the field... however the terrain dev was smart enough to disable geometry on those so you can drive just straight through them. Not perhaps the most realistic option, but at least it prevents player frustration which I think its ultimately the better choice.

Roads are not painted into the mapview, this makes navigating this huge terrain very difficult. There is also slight issue of many fields being so close together that because of 8km terrain size and the image resolutions, the engine will draw the field status (growth, fertilization etc) without any border to the next field which is no fault of the terrain dev, just the nature of 8km terrains in FS17 engine (well okay he could have left more empty room between fields).

Highways have some invisible barrier you cannot across, this makes highways frustrating as you have to go around half the terrain just to drive one grain or whatever delivery loop. See also Rudeman53 Gaming comments.

Unfortunately this terrain is one of those glow in the dark ones, you can see clearly at the middle of the night, even when its cloudy. Sunrise is after 0430hrs, it starts to get light already at that time.

Mapview falsely shows you many gas stations... which are not traditional gas stations where you could refuel your vehicle, they are instead some modded crude OIL drop off points or something. Very frustrating if you are trying to find the next closest gas station to top of your running on fumes vehicle.

Train oil tanker cars some objects in the train yard are huge performance killers, FPS goes from 60 to 25.

Field 30 has some objects floating above it, looks ugly but does not cause game play issues. Field 17 has railroad tracks running across it, that is really odd which prevents you from proper field work.

On my "from scratch" savegame where I didn't own field 35, I got some bug in field 34 southern and f33 eastern edges as implements say "you dont own this field", you cant seed or harvest right from that edge. This will be fixed when you purchase field 35. This might not be an issue on original savegame files, but I would still consider it a bug. I'm thinking it must be too large field definition on F35 or something.

Same you dont own this field problem in field 35 south edge when field 32 has not been purchased (this is on stock default cornbelt files and savegame).

Field 37 will freeze courseplay if you try to calculate field edge, not sure whats wrong with that field. Or maybe I just didnt wait enough, I spent like probably 5min waiting and then killed FS17 from task manager.

Field 46 has been cut off by fence on purpose so that player has to go around the way terrain dev intended (same as the invisible barrier on the highways). Also the only road leading to this field is very curvy and bumpy, I bet courseplay driving trailer truck will get stuck or roll over.

Some of the fields are not setup properly for missions, you start a mission but it places you well outside the field area so the mission will fail. Few of these fields I checked and found are 62 and 9.

Overall Cornbelt is my favorite terrain at 2018-10-04 which is kind of funny how this one slipped under my radar even though I did check it out last year. This terrain is so huge as its 8km in size that you really have to play a lot in it to appreciate everything it has to offer, its not until you harvest one of those 50+ hectare fields and drive back and forth across the terrain that you start to realize how cool this terrain is. The more I played this the more I appreciated how excellent terrain this is, you just want to play and cant stop Smiley :)


Farming Simulator 17 Map / Terrain Screenshot

Just one insane large corn field with your farm (so to speak) in the middle of it with BGA and some stuff. Yes this is 8km map but unless you are some corn megalomaniac... this is not a normal terrain heh. All respect for making 8km terrain, of course, but just hoping there was at least few other fields available (not to mention animals etc).

Dakota 16 (version A3)

Farming Simulator 17 Map / Terrain Screenshot

Total of 126 fields registered (courseplay finds). View of the map looks very busy. Has airport. Feels like a huge place with many interesting locations. Some of the fields are bit off, like corn across a road etc. Overall though its a bit rough map and would need just a little bit of fine tweaking.

Has a highway which connects across the map nicely for quick travel, few bridges look a bit tight not sure if Big Bud with Seed Hawk can pass through.

4km x 4km Maps / Terrains

North West Texas

Farming Simulator 17 Map / Terrain Screenshot

North West Texas by Txzar

Looks pretty low res or rather quality when compared to official Goldcrest Valley terrain. But... I rather take low res large map than pixel porno tiny map Smiley :)

Does not have grain silo marked on the map, but its there so you have to find it. There are three silos and they hold incredible amount of crops, one time I managed to dump 700,000 liters there so not sure what the limit per silo is (and you have three of them).

Your farm is not properly lighted at night, very difficult to navigate on some parts. Nights sometime get pitch black, you cannot see a thing. This depends on the weather or clouds or something, sometimes you get like a moonlight scene and can see just fine for night environment.

Some trees have white flickering parts which move when you move, odd.

Lighting of sun comes from opposite direction. Looks odd though that sun is rising and shadows cast towards it heh.

Field 28 has fence around it which also has very narrow gate, so no way to drive large harvester through it, even semi truck has problems with higher speed. Field 34 has only route to it blocked by narrow fence entry which wont allow harvester to pass, well unless you drive it manually.

Fields 33 - 35 are cut off from wide vehicle traffic. No way to get wide harvester there because of only one narrow fence entry. Also semi truck trailer geometry clips on the railroad tracks which are just beyond the fence entry.

Tree planting (pallet saplings) with Damcon PL-75 does not work.

North West Texas Revisited Beta

Farming Simulator 17 Map / Terrain Screenshot

North West Texas Revisited Beta by Txzar

2018-07-06 this map is v0.9.2.1 and only available to download from "pinned post" in txzarmapping page.

Looks very much changed from the old version, I didnt recognize the old farm anymore, many more silos which use I'm not sure of (store grain? seeds? something?). Most fields were gone, they were grass now. I read Txzar saying that this is so players can plough the fields to their liking.

This map has low and high view distance versions for your to choose (downloads), the higher version requires more powerful hardware.

Sorghum and cotton crop types. Cotton is harvested with corn header.

Animated train (not the one that players can use). Railroad tracks run across the map in south from east to west direction. When train goes off the map it stays there quite while which is nice because if would be too much activity if it would loop back immediately. This train has geometry so you have to be really careful with courseplay routes when acrossing the railroad tracks not to collide with the train and have your vehicles go rolling around.

Large silos were added in the open gravel area next to field 5.

New fences were added around some of the fields, which I assume was made to match the blue lines in the PDA map image what I read Txzar saying being property lines.


Farming Simulator 17 Map / Terrain Screenshot

Newlin by Txzar

2018-07-06 this map is v1.0 and only available to download from "pinned post" in txzarmapping page.

Next terrain from Txzar the maker of North West Texas.

This map has low and high view distance versions for your to choose (downloads), the higher version requires more powerful hardware.

Skybox is animated meaning clouds move, well kind of, its the whole sky with everything thats moving. It is really fast too, very unrealistic looking.

Looks like almost every field is blocked by fence and narrow gate, this is devastating effect for enjoyable game-play as you cannot use large equipment and even small equipment gets stuck very easily Smiley :(

Field 17 is covered with fences. And because of the field shape and the fences, courseplay overloader just wont work. Field 17 has trees so close to the headland that harvester with its pipe out will get stuck.

Field 9 and 28 gate (same as any other?) is this standard model used on many maps, it barely and I mean just barely fits Big Bud through and you will get stuck if you are not really careful.

Field 32 has narrow gate and powerline pole right next to the gate.

Very nice digital elevation map (DEM) heightmap source was used, there are bumps and nudges everywhere and it looks very realistic.

Field 15 is so tiny and it has fence literally touching the crop so a harvester with 45ft header cant really work on it using courseplay, you have to drive it manually. When sowing with great plains 18.2m seeder it can barely fit on the southern edges, the field is so tiny.

Field 16 has telephone pole right next to the field in the south end, courseplay needs headland to avoid this.

Field 19 is 3.25 hectares, grass and has about dozen trees in it so if you purchase this one it requires some logging work and grass mowing (or just plow directly) before any normal harvest can be done. None of the tree types were supported by ponsse scorpion king of logging, but you could cut them down with a chainsaw.

Field 20 is 1.65 hectares, same as field 19. These two fields are separated by nothing more than barbed wire fence.

Nights are like glow in the dark, when north west texas was pitch black dark in cloudy nights newlin is like a light would shine from the sky and light up the place, it looks weird. Skybox at night the stars move in the sky the same speed as clouds in the daytime.

Sunrise 0600hrs. Sunset about 2100hrs. It starts to get dark at 1800hrs and it will take two hours at least to darken fully. Nights are as said "glow in the dark" at least in clear weather so you can see pretty easily at night time, its just "a bit dark" thats all. at 0500hrs completely dark, 0508hrs started to notice some fog type shading on the trees in the horizon. 0535hrs sky completely dark but horizon objects start to become increasingly "foggy" or hazed and that morning dew or whatever flying leafs etc is present. 0547hrs sky completely dark. at 0554hrs started to see slight shading on the sky.

Pigs and sheeps water trought is inside the fenced area and especially with pigs you have to reverse your tractor there.

Sorghum, cotton and feed corn crop types. Cotton is harvested with corn header.

Animated train (not the one that players can use) on south west corner of the map running diagonally. You can see the train beyond map edge when it turns around, actually flips around. The train passes through way too often, its like constant train traffic which will get really old when you play more than couple of hours and see the train go back and forth for like a thousand times heh.

Train has no collision so there is no issue with your courseplay etc driven vehicles. Traffic is quite nasty, as always, but it can be turned off from options so its not a big deal.

Your farm grain silo is located about middle of the map, between fields 12, 32, 9 and 28. Sale points are marked on the map as usual.

You can cut trees (tested few types in one of the big fields) and then plough some nice big fields, but also if you cut too many trees it takes away from the beauty of this map as well so be mindful of that.

Wheat is some new textures and maybe even model, it looks completely different what the stock game wheat, its very bright almost blinding bright color. Also it has really bad shimmering effect when its been harvested.

The dust effect is some odd white colored one. The ground dirt in general is not red but kind of reddish, unlike the dark brown as in stock game, no idea if texas ground dirt has such color shading but it kind of looks odd, reminds me of red dirt of vietnam heh.

Courseplay wont work in field 24, it just refuses to generate a course until you recalculated the field edge path from drive menu, this happens with some other fields as well.

Field 24 purchase point has access way to the field... except its so narrow you cannot properly fit big bud through and doubt smaller tractors with implements do any better. However you can pass freely to this field from the NW corner, its wide open there.

Field 14 has fence all around it and you have to go through F13 fence gate to get here.

Field 21 courseplay hits the fence near that electric box with a small road and a tree. And on the other side of that spot is a telephone pole where harvester gets stuck.

Fields that are not defined in giants editor properly, will simply not work. The fields will not register in the game even after you plough it using "allow create fields" option. So fields 1 - 5, 7, 8, 10, 14, 18 and 25 just wont never work.

Also field 41 is the last one you can access in NE, big bud cannot pass the gate between fields 41 and 38 rendering 38, 39, 40 and 42 out of reach as there is no other way to get them.

Overall Newlin is very bad with the fences, gates and trees so close to the fields, this is causing issues for courseplay use. Simply said, most fields are bad at best with courseplay, some just dont work at all like field 17 for example.

Rattlesnake Valley

Farming Simulator 17 Map / Terrain Screenshot

Looks OK but still has bit maze alike farm, very narrow roads with geometry blocks on the side so forget Big Bud. Looks like almost all roads have fences. North east edge has some rocky mountain side with "level" stuff.


Farming Simulator 17 Map / Terrain Screenshot

Insane 600ha field haha! On quick glance looks great. Huge mountrain edge "skybox" backdrop texture planes, looks massive. Large hillside on S-SW part. Extremely large forestry logging area in NW corner.

However this is same as pleasant valley that it uses goldcrest valley as copy pasted base and the map has just been extended around it. Greatfields is not goldcrest copy though, it only has small areas that are directly from it.


Farming Simulator 17 Map / Terrain Screenshot

Train tracks. Very nice map which includes large fields and level terrain. Airbase is also included where Tornado jets are taking off and landing, very cool.

Loess Hill Country

Farming Simulator 17 Map / Terrain Screenshot

A bit more narrower roads again, seems to have no missions. Extremely mild rolling hills theme going on. Some forest spots. Few odd fields with some sort of bush type trees there.


Farming Simulator 17 Map / Terrain Screenshot

Incredible 148 fields. Small rolling hills theme going on. A lot of forestry logging trees around. Train tracks. Some rocky small hills (very small spots). Very nice looking european terrain.

Pleasant Valley v17

Original goldcrest valley is on the center, but now its enlargened from 2048 (2km) into 4km map size. Many things have been added to the extra terrain space, looks nice. However it has quite hefty required mods list.

Missouri River Bottoms 17

Farming Simulator 17 Map / Terrain Screenshot

Have huge train tracks. Aircrafts, helicopters and blimps flying around (not really sure if that is cool as there are so many of them). Animated horses. Moving trains. Flicker on some of the skybox like "side panel" textures. Map feels little bit too "busy" if you know what I mean.

County Line FS17

Farming Simulator 17 Map / Terrain Screenshot

Animated horses. Moving train. Some forest logging areas. Dirt and paved roads. Very nice looking map, I would say top quality with a quick look.

Dondiego Map Ls17

Farming Simulator 17 Map / Terrain Screenshot

Map edges are covered with rocky mountain barrier. Total of 72 fields. Dirt and paved roads. Quite bit of forestry logging. Very nice open areas for Big Bud usage, not sure about some of the bridge choke points though. Overall flat terrain elevations. This is a good looking map.

Monchwinkel - Landkreis Oder-Spree

Farming Simulator 17 Map / Terrain Screenshot

Total of 91 fields. Many trees around the fields and some forests areas too, seems to have more of those "round" non-pine trees which name I don't know. Train tracks for players and animated trains in N edge and NW corner. Edges of the map has nice buffer area of sparse round trees. Feels very much like european germany terrain. This is nice looking map, perhaps more looking like a ArmA 3 terrain than FS17 farming map.

Sued Thueringen

Farming Simulator 17 Map / Terrain Screenshot

On the edges there are a lot of tree texture planes and behind them some low poly tree objects (I believe these are large forest blocks) to take up perfectly good space, some of the planes you can pass through, others can't. Especially in NW corner there is huge area of these low poly tree objects. Seems to me like otherwise perfectly fine looking 4km map was populated with these poor looking low poly tree objects.

The Moris Land

Farming Simulator 17 Map / Terrain Screenshot

Huge fields, definitely Big Bud country heh. Field 19 has incredible expandability. SW corner has insanely large forestry logging area. Quite flat terrain. Skybox ends too soon in SE and NW corners. This looks like very nice map indeed.

Wisconsin Illinois Border

Farming Simulator 17 Map / Terrain Screenshot

Moderately flat terrain, small bumbs here and there. Large forest logging area west central and north edges. Large fields and open areas, feels like a Big Bud country. This is very nice basic map indeed.

Cherry Hills 2017

Farming Simulator 17 Map / Terrain Screenshot

Nice "skybox" background after map edges. Edges have nice set of forest trees, many tree types and placed randomly which looks very natural. Large forestry logging area in NW corner. Little bit symmetrical map, train tracks and those concrete areas in the edges, not too bad though. Tiny amount of rolling hills mood on the fields (as name should suggest, hills). Few rocky spots with trees between the fields. This map definitely has a lot of trees to cut down if thats your choice. This is good looking map for sure.

Western Australia v1.1 Beta

No fields registered in the game. Very much work in progress at 2017 summer time.

Kernstadt 2017

Farming Simulator 17 Map / Terrain Screenshot

Small edge rocky mountain blocks but that is not too bad. Some forestry logging area in S-SW. Train tracks. Large forest area in N at some odd elevated terrain level. Very wild terrain in N-NE corner. Terrain elevations for rest of the areas is very smooth, only minor changes, looks good. This is overall good looking map if we forget the odd rocky corner area.


Farming Simulator 17 Map / Terrain Screenshot

Rolling hills terrain elevations. Huge amount of forest logging areas. This map looks like its made from satellite imagery, but half is unfinished. SW corner field also has some red transparent geometry block.

MIG Map MadeInGermany Celle

Farming Simulator 17 Map / Terrain Screenshot

Interesting name, not sure if that MadeInGermany should somehow be in the name, I bet this maps real name is just Celle, which is location in germany. Not very good off the map well texture I guess, transparent and looking bad. Large amount of 121 fields. Map made out of satellite imagery so it looks great, realistic map. Huge forestry logging area in SE, NE corners and trees cover most of the map edges and field edges. Great looking realistic map overall.

Parkers Prairie

Farming Simulator 17 Map / Terrain Screenshot

v1.4.2 by ChillyUK Modding (StrawChewer). From modDesc: Parkers Prairie. Parkers Prairie.USA.

Very nice large farm, lots of room to drive vehicles. Map edges are not usual rocky mountain block, but some grassy low hill. Bunch of trees around the edges and fields (trees are placed with variations and random rotation) which is nice. Train tracks which are not animated and don't appear to contain player drivable locomotive either. Readme stated that one of the fields (you own) is 114 hectares. This is very good looking map.

Unfortunately Parkers Prairie v1.4.2 still has the pig straw location trigger graphic missing, you have to know where the straw drop-off point is. It is located next to the fence just right of the gate. You just have to use telehandler and slowly drive back and forth with straw bale close to the ground to see where it disappears (or you could use the development mode and F5 to check the trigger location).

Night time in Parkers Prairie is fine, the light levels of the night change according to weather / clouds, sometimes its very dark and most of the time there is enough ambient light that you see to drive vehicles around larger obstacles etc. Very enjoyable night time.

Skybox is really tight around the terrain area meaning you can see the map edges easily, not a showstopper but still.

Field hectare sizes:
F01: 45.774 ha
F02: 21.440 ha
F03: 75.590 ha
F04: 32.094 ha
F05: 43.386 ha
F06: 45.602 ha
F07: 73.724 ha
F08: 53.038 ha
F09: 49.797 ha
F10: 114.556 ha
F11: 32.718 ha
F12: 36.470 ha
F13: 18.837 ha
F14: 6.302 ha
F15: 3.104 ha
F16: 1.232 ha
F17: 3.222 ha
F18: 21.056 ha
F19: 15.947 ha
F20: 2.179 ha
F21: 7.121 ha
F22: 2.184 ha
F23: 8.143 ha
F24: 11.029 ha
F25: 7.698 ha
F26: 26.085 ha
F27: 15.919 ha
F28: 41.543 ha
F29: 8.620 ha
F30: 20.228 ha
F31: 31.216 ha
F32: 5.293 ha
F33: 12.457 ha
F34: 7.996 ha
F35: 33.015 ha
F36: 19.148 ha
F37: 16.800 ha
F38: 8.851 ha
F39: 32.727 ha
F40: 11.319 ha
F41: 55.291 ha

2018-07-15 Parkers Prairie is my go to map. I initially played goldcrest valley obviously to learn how to play, then I spent over 400 hours in North West Texas and now I have around 100 hours in Parkers Prairie. I really like this terrain, there is nothing that annoys me greatly or that would prevent me from playing. Highly recommended map Smiley :)

Rocky Valley

Farming Simulator 17 Map / Terrain Screenshot

All but N side of the map blocked out by odd rocky mountains and most of the S side as you can see from the ugly german cowboys big-fat-cow logo. Also rocky mountains at the center of map too. Anyways there are lot of forestry logging possibilities for those who are interested in this map.

Plains and Simple Seasons 4km by Stevie

Farming Simulator 17 Map / Terrain Screenshot

Square fields which is always easier for stuff like courseplay. Animals require special foods like sheeps need something called lucerne and cows need something called proteinSilage.

Overall very solid and nice map.

Lincoln Creek

v1.5.0.1 by RAND0Msparks. From modDesc: Lincoln Creek. Lincoln Creek, York County, NE.

This was terrain under private testing and then leaked to the public, also according to nasty comments this project has been abandoned or just never finished (speculation, also I found no official release of this). Update; 2019-06-11 Rand0mSparks stopped developing this due the leak.

This is very nice looking American state of Nebraska 4km x 4km terrain.

2km x 2km Maps / Terrains

Maps / Terrains listed below are default 2km size, same as original games Goldcrest Valley and Sosnovka, standard size. Small Smiley ;)

Version numbers are not listed because these maps often times get updated very frequently, so listing a version number is kind of outdated very easily. Also as the FS17 mod download sites are such a garbage its sometimes difficult to find latest version of released mod when the mod description is only a changelog.

American Outback

Fictional looking place, very narrow roads like fence right at the road, heh.

Chellington 17 v2

Very claustrophobic, feel depressed on mission start in the farm, ugh. No chance whatsoever to operate any large vehicles in this terrain.

Coldborough Park Farm

Claustrophobic, BRITISH terrain with bad hedgerows.

American Farm

Bit odd as the fields cost like 100's of millions euros, eh?

Black Mountain, Montana

I guess its okay, some parts look quite tight, dunno.

Small Town USA

Looks okay I guess.

Alberta Canada

Farming Simulator 17 Map / Terrain Screenshot

Nice and clean simple map, open smooth areas and large looking fields, no large hills in fact the map is almost completely flat which is not a bad thing.


Broxton. According to readme its based on 70's Broxton/Duckington area in south west Cheshire England.

Farming Simulator 17 Map / Terrain Screenshot

Pre placed sheep models. Custom fruits. Artificial barrier on the map edges, not even close to the real end of the map but like 200 coordinates earlier, so 2km map has been made intentionally smaller. Its OK looking I guess.

Crampton Isle

Farming Simulator 17 Map / Terrain Screenshot

What the heck is this? Smiley :o Developer didn't want to make even 2km sized map so he made this tiny spot? hehe, damn man...

Dutch Polder

This map is based on an existing area in the Netherlands, where developers father has a farm.

Farming Simulator 17 Map / Terrain Screenshot

Quite flat area as Holland should be heh. Artificial border on the edges. Otherwise nice decent looking map.

FS17 Farming Legend

This is map ported from FS11 apparently.

Farming Simulator 17 Map / Terrain Screenshot

Little bit odd map with the high hills and the water.


This is map ported from FS13 apparently.

Farming Simulator 17 Map / Terrain Screenshot

Many rocky hills / mountains, seems like tons of geometry blocks for larger vehicles. Many different elevation plateaus, this is not for large vehicles.


Farming Simulator 17 Map / Terrain Screenshot

What an creative name, hoh. This is actual island with water around it even though you cannot see it from the map overview. Large forestry area in NW.

Lone Star

Farming Simulator 17 Map / Terrain Screenshot

Texas Lone Star, nice Texas flag to keep the spirits up. Many trees so great logging forestry possibilities. Lakes with ducks and fishes is a nice touch. Only 17 fields but they are quite large. Very nice looking map.


Yes the name is with underscore.

Farming Simulator 17 Map / Terrain Screenshot

Tropical palm tree islands connected with bridges. Talking about farming equipment out of place, wow. It would feel so weird farming in this environment.

New Bartelshagen

Farming Simulator 17 Map / Terrain Screenshot

Very large fields, field 6 is 47 hectares. Map is surrounded by water but it doesn't feel like island, there is artificial edge where the water starts but that is almost on the real map coordinate edge already so its not that limiting factor.


Farming Simulator 17 Map / Terrain Screenshot

Field 2 is 50 hectares. Horrible looking rows of trees as they are copy pasted without any rotation variation so they look so bad. Also train tracks are very symmertical.


Farming Simulator 17 Map / Terrain Screenshot

Umm what? Looking at the map overview... err do I need to say more? Smiley :) Anyways the tiny map area is surrounded by rocky mountains which block you from moving further out.


Farming Simulator 17 Map / Terrain Screenshot

Oh wow another one with tiny area for map, why not just create full 1km map instead? Otherwise it looks OK, lots of trees and basic map in the tiny area surrounded by rocky mountain block.

Northern Alberta

Farming Simulator 17 Map / Terrain Screenshot

Very flat terrain, no hills, which is totally OK. Nice looking map. Feels eerily like "Alberta Canada, Alberta_Farms" map but maybe its just me.


Farming Simulator 17 Map / Terrain Screenshot

Uses the default goldcrest valley starter area, but only few buildings or small area. Surrounded by rocky mountains, also bit rocky on the basic areas. No real roads, only dirt paths in otherwise grass area. Two train tracks. Probably usable map for Big Bud DLC.

Central Ohio

Farming Simulator 17 Map / Terrain Screenshot

Large forest area in SE. Quite flat terrain. Some yellow trigger areas floating in the air above the west-central forest. Basic nice map.

Kendle Farm

Farming Simulator 17 Map / Terrain Screenshot

Oh man one of these tiny maps again... and super claustrophobic farm where you can barely walk out without getting stuck to some geometry blocks. Sigh. Why not make this as 0.5km map haha. What is this, farm sim or pac-man hehe.

Mustang Valley Ranch

Farming Simulator 17 Map / Terrain Screenshot

Dry brownish desert looking map. Only five fields but largest of them are 104 and 80 hectares. Interesting map, might be some work in those large fields for Big Bud. BTW I heard from somewhere that this a large map, it is not, this is default 2km map.

AGRO Moravany V2

Farming Simulator 17 Map / Terrain Screenshot

Not the absolutely tiniest map, but yeah its right up there. Looks like it has large forest area on the edges but its fake, only small rows of trees and rest is "skybox" texture planes. There is only one field which is registered by the game and its far off the tiny map area, its located on the NW corner and looks like its kind of bugged or maybe even forgotten there. I believe this map is very heavily work in progress or just, really odd heh.

American Wood Map

Farming Simulator 17 Map / Terrain Screenshot

Kind of sandy colored brown, dryish map, has forest logging as the name says. Has kind of large town. Moving train. Name suggests more of a woodland forest map which this definitely is not.


Farming Simulator 17 Map / Terrain Screenshot

Yes name with lower case c heh. Config copy paste from SampleMap setup, no preview images or anything. No fields registered in the game. Another map with edges covered with rocky mountain barriers and trees copy pasted so they all look the same. Quite bad stuttering in this map, no idea why as it doesnt look super detailed, maybe the models are just so bad, no idea. Anyways no fields so this is obviously work in progress map.


Farming Simulator 17 Map / Terrain Screenshot

No fields registered in the game. Looks like very work in progress map.

National Park the dutch Biesbosch

Farming Simulator 17 Map / Terrain Screenshot

Fake forest texture planes in middle of the map, which you cannot pass through, I don't get it. Trees by the road on middle of the map look very repeating. Otherwise it might be decent looking map.


Farming Simulator 17 Map / Terrain Screenshot

Oh please with these tiny maps. To top that off its got super claustrophobic farm. Roger that, skip this one.


Some tiny claustrophobic SampleMap stuff. Map background image from goldcrest valley. Config is copy paste from SampleMap, including the name for crying out loud Smiley :(


Farming Simulator 17 Map / Terrain Screenshot

Map overview text is in Ukrainian, non english language is always short sighted. Nice "skybox" on the edge horizon, not seen many of these. Has some rough elevations and elevation changes in general. The farms look dirty and used which is nice.

Valley Crest

Edited goldcrest valley, so crap, skip this.

Goldcrest Mountains

Farming Simulator 17 Map / Terrain Screenshot

Mountains indeed. Impassable insane large mountains, playing area very small. Basically that huge NW brown area which extends to center of the map is off limits as there is no way to drive vehicles there and its just rocky mountains. Sorry to say but this is not usable farming map.


Farming Simulator 17 Map / Terrain Screenshot

Tree placement is nicely random. Quite flat terrain. Okay looking map.


Farming Simulator 17 Map / Terrain Screenshot

Well here is genuinely great name for a map, sigh. If you cant come up with a name for your project, don't do the whole thing. Well looking at the map overview, you can immediately tell the dev had as much patience to make a map than to pick a name for it ... Useless, just useless...

Space Valley

Copy paste of goldcrest valley, just useless...

Stiffi 2017

Copy paste of goldcrest valley, just useless...


Farming Simulator 17 Map / Terrain Screenshot

Another one of these with wasted space on the edges. SW edges mine is copy paste from some other map. Tiny map area edges are covered with small hills which you can pass into the nomans land. Otherwise map has bit of rolling hills feeling and quite bit of forest tree areas.

Westbridge Hills

Farming Simulator 17 Map / Terrain Screenshot

Little bit of rolling hill mood. Edges have rocky mountain blocks and some rock hills in center of the map too. Nice looking rolling hills map, not too much wide open spaces.


Farming Simulator 17 Map / Terrain Screenshot

A lot of vegetation, feels quite busy place, claustrophobic tight spots (dont bring Big Bud here). Animated train. Huge amounts of empty wasted space on NW, N, NE and SE, which is really a shame.


It says "15814.57 Acres big bga mais" on the mod name, huh what? But that is a moot point because the whole map doesnt work, nothing shows up in-game. Good job on this release, double thumbs up!

Hobbs Farm

Farming Simulator 17 Map / Terrain Screenshot

Rock wall barrier at the edges. Forestry logging area in SE corner. Odd "levels" in the terrain, doesn't look nice, but major fields are on the flat terrain area.


Farming Simulator 17 Map / Terrain Screenshot

Why? Just, why? Smiley :(

Woodside Farm

Farming Simulator 17 Map / Terrain Screenshot

No fields registered in the game. Huge area cut off by artificial mountain barrier. Blah.

The River

Farming Simulator 17 Map / Terrain Screenshot

No fields registered in the game. Small part of southern edge blocked off for unknown reason. Flying hot air balloons. Ugly looking map edge "skybox" texture planes. Small hills. Many trees around fields. Two rocky hill spots in center of the map.

Agri Ouest Cotentin

Farming Simulator 17 Map / Terrain Screenshot

Oh man what is this again. Not only its tiny, its super claustrophobic no chance of driving harvester in the farm or roads. OK, no thanks.

Belgique Profonde

Farming Simulator 17 Map / Terrain Screenshot

Yet another tiny map, sigh.

Autumn Tree Farm

Farming Simulator 17 Map / Terrain Screenshot

Another one of these tiny ones and some odd flowers on the PDA map edges, hehe.


Farming Simulator 17 Map / Terrain Screenshot

Not the largest but nice looking farm area, this is one of the largest and nicest farm areas in these 2km size maps I have seen. Few small forestry logging areas. Totally flat terrain elevations (I could not quickly find any hills or even bumbs). Very nice looking map.

Emerald Valley Logging

Farming Simulator 17 Map / Terrain Screenshot

No animals. No fields registered in the game. Play area is restricted by water, heh. A lot of forestry logging trees and water.

Smokey Mountain Logging

Farming Simulator 17 Map / Terrain Screenshot

No animals. No fields registered in the game. Super rough forestry logging area, no fields no animals no farming, just logging in this tiny limited area.

Lechlade Manor Farm

Farming Simulator 17 Map / Terrain Screenshot

Tiny area once again, which is truly a shame. Could not exit the game, it just returned back to game heh.


Farming Simulator 17 Map / Terrain Screenshot

Nice name, hehe. Another map where useful landscape ends with empty area. Also has many geometry block fences etc. Yup, skip this one too.


Farming Simulator 17 Map / Terrain Screenshot

Damn, another one, sigh.


Farming Simulator 17 Map / Terrain Screenshot

Hehe this is getting old, man...

Knaveswell Farm

Farming Simulator 17 Map / Terrain Screenshot

Haha yeppers...


Farming Simulator 17 Map / Terrain Screenshot

No fields registered in the game. Maybe this is work in progress, at least I hope it is even though file name says "final"...

Ls17 Great Country

Farming Simulator 17 Map / Terrain Screenshot

Large forestry logging areas in map edges, especially in E. However all trees are copy pasted without rotation in perfect rows which looks extremely repeating. Roads are all perfectly even terrain elevation but all fields have rised smooth elevations which looks like they are bulging, very bad. Other than that, guess its OK looking map.

Norways Mountain Farm

Farming Simulator 17 Map / Terrain Screenshot

Nice difference there in mod name and file name. No fields registered in the map, not that there are many, three I think hehe. Interesting looking mountain terrain, but not really useful for farming. Also like half the map is empty blocked off stuff.


Broken map, what is the point of releasing useless thing like this?

Realna Polska Wies

Broken map, what is the point of releasing such crap.

Rolniczy Zakatek

Another broken map, what the hell is the point of releasing useless files?


As the name says SampleMap, so what did you expect.

Serenity Valley

Farming Simulator 17 Map / Terrain Screenshot

Flat terrain. Trees around fields. Train tracks. Rocky mountain "skybox" backdrop arount the map. Basic nice map.

Srednia Wies

No fields registered in the game. Work in progress, maybe check this after a couple of new releases.

The Farmer Live

Farming Simulator 17 Map / Terrain Screenshot

Flat terrain. Train tracks. The large light brown area you see on west side of the map, is NOT a field, its water in-game. Its a shame that half of the map is not used as the one that is, does show some promise. Maybe the dev will finish the west side in future releases, we can only hope...

TJ Farms 2017

Farming Simulator 17 Map / Terrain Screenshot

Small forestry logging area in SE corner. Trees around the roads / fields are copy pasted without anykind of randomness, so they look very repeating. Also the tree 3D models have something wrong in the level of detail's (LOD) as they aren't drawn until very close, so trees pop up very badly. Map edges blocked with texture plane of horizon, which is kind of okay but this texture don't look so good, hopefully the plane at least block vehicles from passing. Flat terrain with couple of ditch exceptions. Overall OK looking map except the LOD popping trees.

Wassel Regional

Farming Simulator 17 Map / Terrain Screenshot

Flat terrain. Empty space in NW and SE corners. Hot air balloon(s), aircraft and few birds (swans?) flying. Odd rocky mountain tips in N and S. Many trees, lot of forestry logging options. Animated pre placed cows, pigs and sheeps. Kind of large town, but some buildings are without road access so they stand out a bit. Few cars driving off map in S and some object floating there too. Overall OK map I guess.


1.89gb release zip. Includes two zip files (yes, inside the release zip) and which are two different maps. The actual map zip's together are only 1.01gb in size. Two dev log text files which start with hijo de puta language (big surprise) with english later. Includes donate txt file, sigh. To be fair to the dev it says on capital letters that it is work in progress and beta, but still use your frigging head before making stupid release packaging like this. Also the release zip includes, get this, 890 megabytes of screenshots in BMP format! oh my, effort has been put to make this suck so bad...

Farming Simulator 17 Map / Terrain Screenshot

Says to be XL farm but still is only 2km map haha. Flat terrain. Badly pasted repeating trees. Some odd water areas with wind turbines.

Farming Simulator 17 Map / Terrain Screenshot

Same as above but this is 4km map, so more odd water and wind turbines.

Zlotow TV

Some work in progress, tiny map and no fields registered in the game, etc.


Uses Rolniczy Zakatek preview image, work in progress broken map.


No fields registered in the game. Nice looking map obviously made using satellite imagery, however its work in progress as there are buildings outside the map edge and water creeping through terrain on few spots. Totally bizarre why such WIP map was submitted to mod contest heh.

Tiroler High Mountains

Ridiculous mountains, no farming.

Welker Farms

v1.0 by Mappers Paradise. From modDesc: Welker Farms Inc. Welcome to the real Welker Farms Inc. Welker Farms is located in North Central Montana and has been around since 1912. Now it's your turn to run this Farm.

Very nice looking terrain with Big Bud capability for larger scale operations, only issues if not plain bugs are that the vehicle shop yard is way too small, farm silo capacity is ridiculous 100,000 liters and there are no animals besides chickens.

Freezes on map loading with, log shows error something about "cow" value being assigned nil or something.

Overall map at first impression looks nice, wide open spaces for that Big Bud love and most importantly, no fences. No animals, only chickens which doesnt require any tending.

Shop has items spawned very close and facing the fence so you cannot get tractor to pickup equipment other than to push them around. Not a showstopper but really annoying anyways. Coolamon Mother Bin the biggest one cant be properly spawned at the shop, it clips on top of the fence.

Welker grain elevator trigger is very poorly placed, no way to setup courseplay to catch it. Not that it would do much good as the grain silo has 100,000 liter capacity which is filled with two truck loads.


Untested Terrains

v12.3.1.1 by MoslessNeo. From modDesc: XLFarms X3 Final Edition. This is the XLFarms X3 Final Edition. Birkenhof

v1.0 by FalPos. From modDesc: Birkenhof. Anyone who sees the work and does not press it is crazy!

v1.0 by Gimcio. From modDesc: Agro Gorale. This is a map located on the Kujawy in Poland

v1.0 by Boje93 / Desperados93 / Domenik D. / Nils G. From modDesc: Agrovation Knezmost. Kn most is a municipality on the southern edge of the Bohemian Paradise in the Okres Mlad Boleslav, Czech Republic. In addition to the former market spot called Kn most, there are 14 surrounding villages.

v1.0 by Tomix & mati7766. From modDesc: AgroVation. Knezmost

Obviously the modDesc was all but useless when it comes to description of this terrain. Looking at the file name... might (AgrovationKnezmost and AgroVationKnezmostTM) terrains be related? Who knows.

v1.0 by Mappers Paradise. From modDesc: Ballymoon Castle Map. Welcome to Ballymoon Castle Map by Mappers Paradise.

v1.0 by Sukaz and MarcoLs. From modDesc: De Terra Italica. Contains: This map represents the area of the central-northern part of Italy. A land that expands on the hills, on the border of two beautiful Italian regions: Emilia-Romagna and Tuscany. A map that represents the mediterranean landscapes of these areas, with its gentle slopes and the typical vegetation that characterize the surrounding area.

v1.0 by Profarmer40 and Yorkshire Dano. From modDesc: Dowland Farm. Welcome to Dowland Farm. This map is based around actual farms in Yorkshire surrounded by fictional picturesque views. This map includes the following:

  • Includes four farms, which include a pig farm, cow farm, sheep farm and a contractors farm.
  • All crops have visually realistic textures.
  • A total of seven sellpoints which allows the user to sell many different types of crops.
  • 30 fields Plus 2 Grass Fields
  • Moving clouds.
  • The map contains areas which include a Lumberyard.
  • Includes many animated objects and ambient sounds to make the map feel more lifelike.
  • Chopped straw

I hope you enjoy the scenic views around this map. -Profarmer40 & Yorkshire Dano.

v1.0 by DustyDave. From modDesc: Dusty Cove. Welcome to Dusty Cove.

v1.0 by Trax. From modDesc: East Coast Hills. Welcome on the east coast of Canada.

v1.0 by E.A Ben Nathan_6930. From modDesc: Eng Agri Farms. Eng Agri Farms is a fictitious English style map made for English Agri Contractors and made to my preferances, there are a variety of field and yard sizes and a variety of accesability so choice your equiptment carefully. Thanks to Nathan_6930 for converting the map and OxygenDavid for map objects. I recomend that you disactivate other maps to aliminate conflicts.

v1.0.1 by Husky_SMF and Gr3enBik3r. From modDesc: FarmPolder. Welcome in the beautiful landscape of the Netherlands.

v1.0 by Redi90. From modDesc: Forgotten valley. The forgotten valley

Your grandpa has left your court to you. Because of his age, he simply did not manage to manage all the fields. That is why he has sold his fields gradually to two fields and a meadow.

Now it is up to you to let his farm blossom again and to realize his dream of sustainable agriculture. 2 tracktoren, 1 thresher and smaller attachments Still left, with which you can but already a beginning. So get up and live the dream of your grandfather.

The map is suitable for small to medium sized machines as well as for singleplayer as well as for 2-3 people. You are expecting all LS17 standarts - except for the moveable train, which is on such a smaller map is superfluous.

v1.0 by Lucas. From modDesc: Fuchsbau. This is the Fuchsbau by Lucas.

v1.0 by will. From modDesc: Hall Farm. Welcome to Hall Farm a real life family farm in the heart of the Yorkshire Dales.

  • This map includes:
  • 28 fields most are small.
  • Mud Mod (pc only)
  • Wood sell point and forest.
  • 1 main yard and 2 small yard with silage pits.
  • 4 silage pits in total.

Hope your all like it -Will65

v1.0 by Farmerads. From modDesc: AGROVATION. AGROVATION.

Judging by the modDesc.xml alone without seeing this in-game, looks like some newbie wanted to make a terrain but had no clue what to do. As you can see release file name is for "Horsh" but moddesc clearly says its agrovation (upper case I might add) and the german language version still had the SampleMap texts in place.

v1.0 by Johndeerestefano. From modDesc: ITALIA MAP by Johndeerestefano. Map based on Italian landscapes. Thanks to the modders who created the buildings.

v1.0 by Stefan_LS. From modDesc: HORSCH Knezmost. This is the HORSCH Knezmost map.

v1.0 by Ferme de la Souche. From modDesc: La Jeune Souche. La Jeune Souche.

Again judging by modDesc.xml alone the author was working on with his/hers first terrain and wasnt very good at it when there are SampleMap text left in place etc. I cannot believe such stuff has been submitted to any kind of competition hehe.

v1.0 by FS15_Mapping. From modDesc: Le bout du monde. Welcome in bout du monde. Here you will find all the default crops plus oat, rye, and alfalfa. The map includes 3 farms, an ETA and production of alfalfa pellets for cows "PowerFood" at Semence de france factory. I hope you will enjoy on this map. you can find me on facebook

v1.1 by Maca. From modDesc: MCmap. Welcome to the new MCmap map.

  • in map there are 24 different large fields
  • standard animals and crops
  • animated doors, lights, loading ramps.
  • Food mixer
  • Fermenting silo
  • Sawmill

v1.0 by MrHector. From modDesc: Slovak Village. Welcome to Slovak Village map. This map is fictional but it is based on real life location in SLovak Republic.

  • This map includes all Farming Simulator 17 features.
  • 11 sell points,BGA etc.
  • 36 fields small/medium/large.
  • Did you like square fields friendly for AI worker or field that have tier own specific shape? On this map can be found both of them for everoyne.
  • Lot of models made by myself, also contains models from other autors.
  • Forestry and missions all included.
  • Animated objects

This is just a base version. I have a lot of plans for future updates, many more features and activities will be added. For example: There will be quarry, where you can dig stones and crush it to gravel which can be used in concrete plant to make a concrete blocks.

I Hope you like this map and you will have a lot of fun.

Wow "myMod" hehe.

v1.0 by El Cid. From modDesc: OnTheHills. Wellcome On the hills. Run a farm surrounded by woods, hills and moor.

v1.0 by AGROPiotrmosz. From modDesc: PGR BRUZDA. Welcome to PGR Bruzda.

v1.0 by hocks23. From modDesc: FS17Contest_SouthernCrossStation. This is My SouthernCrossStation_FS17 map.

v1.0 by Agrigamer15 (BluFireModding). From modDesc: The Italian Farm V1 Modcontest. This is the The Italian Farm V1 Modcontest. This is The Italian Farm V1, a map that reproduces the Italian territory. In this map you can find various things, such as compost master,sawmill by marhu and more. This map is partially flat and partly hilly, with 2 large forest areas.

v0.9.5 by LouTenant-Nico Jensen. From modDesc: Vanilla Valley V3 - A Photorealistic map. I welcome you to Vanilla Valley V3 for Farming Simulator 2017! Countless new features, fruits and gamemechanics are waiting for you to discover them! This map is an attempt at recreating everything as accurately as possible in order to get one step closer to a completely realistic experience. Vanilla Valley V3 comes with support for several popular mods (f.e. chopped straw and farming tablet, which is a personal recommendation of mine as it keeps everything clearly structured!) Additionally, you can install a shader-mod, which is based on the well known Reshade-shaders. Instructions for installing it are included in the download.

v1.0 by Team Wild (Max Wild, STR Modding). From modDesc: Windsbach. The Map "Windsbach" is a real place which is in Franconia and was newly built for Farming Simulator 17. You can operate agriculture and forestry. Beside the default functions of a map you are able to enjoy some newer features. New features:

  • Additional terrain angles
  • Chopped Straw Support
  • A lot of new Buildings
  • Individuel Street network
  • Switchable Lights
  • Open Doors
  • Lot of Details
  • Original Height Model
  • Real Landscape
  • Three original Biogas plants

Welcome to Windsbach! Enjoy the beautiful scenery of this Map. You can decide what you want. You want to keep everything like it is? Or you want to enlarge the farm and your machinery? It's your decision!

v1.2.1 by Hiijinx. From modDesc: Kleinhau. Continue my Father's legacy on our old farm.

v1.2 by Niggels - VertexDezign. From modDesc: Lossberg. Lossberg is a map for agriculture and forestry. Lead the business successfully and economically.

v1.0 by Maverick. From modDesc: MavericksfarmV1.

v1.2b by SvapaAgro. From modDesc: Svapa Agro. Welcome in Svapa Agro.

v1.0 by JamieFeterl. From modDesc: EastRiver-WestRiver, SouthDakota V1.1. Two very dissimilar regions... One state... Divided by the Missourii River... Put simply, this is a confusing, huge map. People not familiar with my maps might need to consult the manual. There is not enough room here to explain it all, but if you know how to properly use the PDA, the chart below, the road signs, and common sense, you should be fine. You start owning four state of the art farms, a large dairy, chicken complex, hog confinement, and a sheep ranch. Farm your 4000+ acres, do jobs outside the farm for extra cash, and buy out the smaller farms since they are retiring.

River Valley XXL

v1.0.4 by ole22143. From modDesc: Flusstal XXL. This is the Fusstal XXL.


Mills County

v2.0 by Blueweb. From modDesc: Mills County. Mills County map for FS17. Welcome to Mills County. You initially own 3 fields near a small farm. There are 10 fully functional farms with their own storage to play on. They range from very small to very large (buildings available and grain storage). All bin systems are expandable and many of the farms have seed/fertilizer/lime storage that need to be replenished. These are the Meridian bins are some of the farms. Your options for crops are the default ones plus millet (sorghum), oats, and rye. The Mills Coop and CPS provide provisions for seed, fertlizer, and lime sales. Most of the farms also have a vehicle shop trigger in their sheds to allow for vehicle customization. This is especially useful when playing with Seasons mod as there is a maintenance requirement which can only be accessed at this trigger. Included are working pneumatic lifts. There are a few sell points around the map that accept various crop types.There is also a large dairy farm, hog farm (with manual ventilation), and sheep farm. All important points should be marked on the PDA. This map is made to play with Seasons mod. When using this mod, the trees and ground foliage will change dependant on the season and temperature. There is a snowmask in effect on road and in buildings (sheds are safe storage points for bales). The climate is customized for the midwest United States, so you will experience warm summers and cold winters. Please see the Seasons mod help text in game for all the changes and requirements...there are many!

RDAllen mentioned mills county has few troubles and even more troubles with courseplay, hmm.

Golden Valley

v1.0 by C_A_N_b_O_K. From modDesc: Golden Valley 4km. Welcome to the Golden Valley 4km!

Oklahoma USA

v1.0 by Regularguy. From modDesc: oklahoma. This is the sample mod map 1. OklahomaRevised.

Note: modDesc german language states "oklahomav1" heh. Also as you can see modDesc still has samplemap text so, there is that. This size is 1.7gb with huge amounts of mods used for factories / production, with such terrains there is always the fear of bloated savegame files which cause performance issues, hopefully its not the case with this one (difficult to find out as it requires extensive testing). Apparently is 4km terrain and has 51 fields.

Oregon Springs 17

v1.0 by Richard - NLD Farmers. From modDesc: Oregon Springs 17. Welcome to Oregon Springs. The base of the map is made from Google Earth and changed a bit to make it more enjoyable for the game. This is my first American styled map and originally built for Farming Simulator 15, but it was released in the last 2 weeks before Farming simulator 17 came out. So i decided to bring the map to Farming Simulator 17, i hope you all enjoy the map and feel free to give me some feedback to improve the map. All the base functions from the game are in the map, the only thing is there is only 1 field where you can use the missions system and this is field 5. This is because of the shapes of the fields. This version is for PC only because of the script. I would like to thank all the modders for there objects that i used, and the people in our team for testing the map. The map has all the base fs17 functions. Custom crops with new textures, Multi Terrain Angle added, Changed environment.xml and Chopped Straw is added. There are 3 different farms for the animals. 4 crops selling points. 2 Contractor areas and one of them has an extra storage for crops. Biogas. gardencenter. chicken farm where you can sell grass, hay and straw. Sawmill and on the same terrain you can sell your wood chips. Live stock market. Vehicle shop. And next to the ''trainstation'' you can sell your logs and wood.
Welcome in Oregon Springs! Here you can be the farmer that you always wanted to be. Harvest all the fields or take care of the animals, and if you need a break go out to the forest and be a lumberjack.

Oregon Springs (from someones twitch stream) doesn't look like 4km one or any way capable of big bud. Also it has spring colored trees here and there which look like crap.


Factory Farm

v1.4.4 by Nightcop34. From modDesc: factoryFarm.

4km terrain. factoryFarmV1.4.4 includes all kind of ZIP files, I guess this dev never heard of required addons, sigh. Anyways from the description this terrain sounds like some bloated production script ridden lag fest, much like the release packaging.

Kootenay Valley

v1.0 by Poncho. From modDesc: KootenayValley. Welcome to KootenayValley.

  • This map includes all Farming Simulator 17 features
  • Custom crop, ground, and foliage textures
  • Animated Gates, Doors, and Lights
  • Custom sky textures, Multi Terrain Angle added, and Chopped Straw added

2km forest terrain. Includes 9 mods in "Contents_to_Mods_folder" directory, which is in the actual terrain zip, so either players will use it as is just having bloated and possibly not properly working terrain packet or you have manually unpack, move the zips and then repack the terrain again, sigh.

Glenvar Map 2018

v5.0 by FLYBRASIL - Gabriel F.. From modDesc: GLENVAR 2018 MAP v5. Welcome to the Glenvar Farm in Western Australia near Wongan Hills. Huge Fields are in the Wheatbelt of Western Australia. Enjoy the High Performence Farming Equipment.

Has Thumbs.db files in many directories.

Apache Hills

v1.0 by Apache141. From modDesc: Apache Hills. Welcome to Apache Hills.

  • This map includes all Farming Simulator 17 features
  • Custom crop, ground, and foliage textures
  • Animated Gates, Doors, and Lights
  • Custom sky textures, Multi Terrain Angle added, and Chopped Straw added